Streamlining Testing with Visual Studio 2012


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This is an overview of the Visual Studio 2012 ALM testing tools, including using Microsoft Test & Lab Manager to manage your testing and using test automation to automate your UI testing. The use of Test Lab will be discussed as a means of automating the creation of virtual environments for testing purposes. Deploying to VM environments during build will be demonstrated and facilitate a robust developer/tester lifecycle. Come join us for this free Live Web Workshop!

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  • Streamlining Testing with Visual Studio 2012

    1. 1. Streamline Testing with Visual Studio 2012 Imaginet Resources Corp.
    2. 2. Agenda• Software Quality Assurance Practices• Opportunities to Streamline QA• Tools in practice• QA Reporting• Review
    3. 3. Overview• Software Testing: an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software under test.• Software Quality: – Functional Quality: how well software complies with a given design, based on functional requirements or specifications. – Structural Quality: how well software meets non-functional requirements (e.g., maintainability). Credit to Wikipedia for these definitions
    4. 4. How do we test?• Product owner gathers requirements• Developers write code based on requirements• Software is built/packaged• Test environment is prepared• Testers verify software• As needed, testers report bugs• Developers fix bugs• Testers verify fixes• Software is declared ready for production
    5. 5. Opportunities?• Do you have dedicated testers?• When do your testers start working?• How do they know what they’re testing?• How do you prepare the test environment?• Can you speed up test execution?• Can you reduce wasted cycles working bugs?• How do you select the right set of regression tests?• How do you know it’s ready for production?
    6. 6. Streamlining Planning• Test based on requirements! – Involved testers early in the process – Tests are developed along side software – Tests are ready to run when code is ready to test – Testers know what they’re testing
    7. 7. Streamline Environments• Automate Build (Compile and Packaging) – Track specifically what is in the build• Simplify Test Environment Setup – Use virtual test environments – Create environments based on a library of machines – Deploy environments from a library – Share environments or not, based on your needs• Automate Deployment
    8. 8. Streamline Testing• Manual Testing – Modularize reusable test components – Automatically replay manual steps• Regression Testing – Only re-run tests that are impacted by code changes• Automatic Testing (where it makes sense) – Automate manual tests – Integrate automated tests into builds
    9. 9. Streamline Bug Tracking• Capture ‘Rich bugs’ during testing Data collection for your test environment during testing makes it easier for developers to troubleshoot.• Simplify bug tracing – Know which bugs are resolved in a build – Easily verify bug fixes
    10. 10. Tools for Streamlining• Microsoft Test Manager – Included in Visual Studio 2012 Premium, Ultimate –or- Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 – Supports streamlining: • Test Planning • Test Environments (via Lab Management) • Manual and Regression Testing • Exploratory Testing • Bug Tracking• Visual Studio 2012 Premium or Ultimate – Coded UI Tests and other automated tests• Visual Studio 2012 Team Foundation Server – Requirements Management – Automated Build (and Deploy/Test via Lab Management) – Bug Tracking
    11. 11. DEMONSTRATION• Test Planning• Test Case Development• Test Case Execution• Exploratory Testing• Bug Tracking• Test Automation• Environment Management• Automated Build/Deploy/Test
    12. 12. Quality Dashboards
    13. 13. And Reports
    14. 14. Summary• Quality Assurance – Current State – Opportunities• Tools in action – Test Planning – Test Case Development – Test Case Execution – Exploratory Testing – Bug Tracking – Test Automation – Environment Management – Automated Build/Deploy/Test• Tracking and Quality Metrics
    15. 15. Questions?
    16. 16. Want to know more...?
    17. 17. Imaginet’s New Visual Studio 2012 Website!Visit Imaginet’s new Visual Studio 2012 website, your one-stophub for all your Visual Studio 2012 needs!
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    19. 19. For questions or more information, please contact us or (972) 607-4830
    20. 20.