Operations Management in the Application Lifecycle


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Application Lifecycles start when the software is envisioned and lasts until it is retired. Most of that time is generally spent in maintenance and upgrade, after an application is deployed into production but before it is retired. This session will describe how to optimize this segment of the application's lifecycle with new Microsoft Visual Studio tools.

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  • Having established that the issue is at the application layer the administrator sends the issue to the development team through the integrated connection with Team Foundation Server.
  • Following the triage of the issue by the product owner the issue is passed to a member of the development team.The work item includes rich and actionable data for the developer (environmental data, stack trace, AVICode telemetry …) letting them rapidly identify the issue and jump directly to the related line of code with a single click!
  • First, show an exception or issue with IntelliTraceCopy:Source: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\\Common7\\IDE\\CommonExtensions\\Microsoft\\IntelliTrace\\11.0.0Create Trace folder at rootCopy to Server Trace folderPrepare:Expand "IntelliTraceCollection.cab" -F:*.* c:\\TraceCreate Log subdirSet permissions on the subdir to allow IIS APPPOOL\\DefaultAppPoolTurn onOpen PowerShellImport-Module c:\\Trace\\Microsoft.VisualStudio.IntelliTrace.PowerShell.dllGet-Command *IntelliTrace*Get-Help Start-IntelliTraceCollectionStart-IntelliTraceCollectionDefaultAppPool c:\\Trace\\Log c:\\Trace\\collection_plan.ASP.NET.trace.xmlCaptureGo to web site and generate an errorGet-IntelliTraceCollectionStatus -ApplicationPoolDefaultAppPoolTurn offStop-IntelliTraceCollectionDefaultAppPoolReview resultsCopy log file back from production to devGo to devDouble-click on iTraceDrill in…
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  • Operations Management in the Application Lifecycle

    1. 1. Imaginet Live Webcast: Operations Managementin the Application Lifecycle Imaginet and ALM… Efficiently Build Better Software www.Imaginet.com
    2. 2. Upcoming Class – Tester Training with VS 2012This four-day instructor-led course provides students with theknowledge and skills to use the latest testing tools provided by VisualStudio 2012 to support a variety of different testing needs (manualand automated).
    3. 3. Agenda• Overview Dev/Ops• SCOM 2012 – Monitoring applications – Integration with TFS• PreEmptive Analytics• IntelliTrace in Production
    4. 4. Application Lifecycle Management in 2012• SCOM Integration• IntelliTrace in Production• PreEmptive Analytics Operate Define •Monitor •Requirements •Support •Validation •Upgrade •Prioritization •Release Plan Develop •Iteration Plan •Develop •Test
    5. 5. A day in the life…Hello, Help desk? Ok… We‟ll getThe application is right on it… broken… again. Hmmm… Server looks fine. Network is good. Must be the app… Hey Development? Your app is broken again. Please fix it. WTF??? Here we go again…
    6. 6. Agenda• Overview Dev/Ops• SCOM 2012 – Monitoring applications – Integration with TFS• PreEmptive Analytics• IntelliTrace in Production
    7. 7. “The App” in the world of Infrastructure• Operations/IT supports Infrastructure & Applications – Infrastructure supports applications – The Cloud is shifting focus to the application• Applications aren‟t inherently easily monitored – Application instrumentation is an afterthought – Instrumentation is inconsistent• IT can‟t be an expert on each application
    8. 8. What is System Center?• System Center is a family of operations management applications• Historically used to monitor system and network health• SC 2012 Supports: – Infrastructure management and monitoring – System deployment and configuration automation – Application Management• Application Performance Management (APM) – Integrated in 2012 – Leverages AVICode purchase from October 2010 – Supports .NET and Java
    9. 9. .NET APM with SCOM 2012
    10. 10. Bridge the Gap between Ops and DevAPM with System Center Hmmm… It looks likeOperations Manager: an application problem. Let me send you some actionable information• Out of box App Discovery and so that we can resolve Monitoring the issue quickly!• Help IT isolate and triage application issues• No noticeable impact on throughput of the app• Less than 5% CPU impact for Wow… This is enough the managed server useful information that I might be able to fix this today!• No need to write custom SC management packs or instrument the code• Useful information for efficient escalation to development
    11. 11. DEMONSTRATIONSCOM 2012 and TFS• Capturing application events in SCOM 2012• Assigning to Development• Reviewing issues in TFS• Closing the loop
    12. 12. Agenda• Overview Dev/Ops• SCOM 2012 – Monitoring applications – Integration with TFS• PreEmptive Analytics• IntelliTrace in Production
    13. 13. What is PreEmptive Analytics?• PreEmptive Solutions has been know for their Dotfuscator obfuscation tools• PreEmptive Analytics (PA) Runtime Intelligence Service was released in 2010: – What features are people using – Where in the world are they – When are they using it – What are their machines like• PreEmptive Analytics (PA) for TFS provides incident tracking for Team Foundation Server
    14. 14. PreEmptive Analytics for TFS• Runtime data transmitted from instrumented applications – Binaries are instrumented after the compilation process – Instrumentation supports existing and emerging platforms – Integrated into optimization and security platforms as needed – Built-in support for personal privacy and opt-in policy enforcement• Data is filtered and aggregated based on rules and forwarded to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server as work items – Aggregates and analyzes exceptions and automatically creates work items based upon your rules and operational thresholds. – Can respond within seconds or in cadence with your development sprint.• Intelligent, feedback-driven development – Understand how the app is behaving in production – Developers can prioritize fixes based on quantitative data• Community Edition – Free and out-of-the-box with TFS 2012
    15. 15. A day in the life… with PAHmmm… The application is throwing someexceptions – I should let the development team know.
    16. 16. PA for TFS Installation• Install: – Log into the TFS Application Tier and Access TFS Admin Console – Click the installation link and walk through the wizard – Provide an account used to create/sync Work Items – Provide an endpoint (e.g., VSALM:8000/message/EndPoint.ashx)• Configure: – Add a TFS and collection – Apply team project(s) • Create the Incident Work Item Type • Creates the All Incidents Work Item Query • Adds two reports – As needed, modify exception sets
    17. 17. Configuring Assemblies for Instrumentation• Optionally, add the PreEmptive functional attributes in the source code – Reference the PreEmptive.Attributes assembly – Add a Setup attribute to a startup method: [PreEmptive.Attributes.Setup(CustomEndpoint=“vsalm:8000/message/EndPoint.ashx”)] – Add a Teardown attribute to a shutdown method: [PreEmptive.Attributes.TearDown()] – Build the .NET solution• Create and build a Dotfuscator project – Select the input assemblies – For each assembly to report on… • Add an ExceptionTrackAttribute • Add a BusinessAttribute with the CompanyKey GUID • Add a ApplicationAttribute with the Application GUID • Optionally, add functional attributes to setup and tear down – Build the project
    18. 18. PreEmptive Analytics Incident Reports• Available as “Incident” work items in TFS – Work Item type and query installed with server – Uses a custom work item control to display details• Provides standard reports for viewing summary data: – Incidents Over Time – Open Incidents• Incident data includes: – Applications – Businesses – Components – Faults – Chain of exceptions – Stack trace
    19. 19. DEMONSTRATIONPreEmptive Analytics• Installing and configuring the server• Instrumenting the client• Reporting on incidents
    20. 20. PA for TFS - Community Edition Restrictions• Community edition is limited to: – On-premises data repository – One TFS Instance – Two Team Projects – Three rules per Project – .NET Only• Professional (paid) edition includes: – Customizable exception rule types – Thrown and caught exception processing – Custom data support – Java, Win 32/64 C++ or JavaScript – SSL Support – Technical Support
    21. 21. Agenda• Overview Dev/Ops• SCOM 2012 – Monitoring applications – Integration with TFS• PreEmptive Analytics• IntelliTrace in Production
    22. 22. What is IntelliTrace?• “Application flight recorder” – Captures events during application execution• Dynamically instruments code – Can capture selected events – Can also capture call information (more intensive)• Records program execution flow• Records program data – parameters & return values• Supports analysis and replay of the logs from within the Visual Studio debugger
    23. 23. What is IntelliTrace? Without IntelliTraceWith IntelliTrace • Record • Playback • Rewind
    24. 24. IntelliTrace in 2010 and 2012• In Visual Studio 2010 – Highly configurable • Capture selected events • Can capture call information – Can be used in development, directly from Visual Studio – From a test environment, log files can be captured and replayed in Visual Studio• In Visual Studio 2012 – All of the above – Can be used in production – No “installation” required – Uses PowerShell scripts: • Start Collection • Get Collection Status • Stop Collection
    25. 25. DEMONSTRATIONIntelliTrace in Production• „Install‟ IntelliTrace• Prepare the server• Turn on IntelliTrace• Capture the events• Turn off IntelliTrace• Review the results in development
    26. 26. Summary• One of the next gaps being bridged by Microsoft with Visual Studio 2012 is Development  Operations• Visual Studio 2012 integrates with Microsoft System Center 2012 – System Center supports Application Performance Management – Issues reported in TFS directly from operations and SCOM• Microsoft partner PreEmptive has released PreEmptive Analytics for TFS which will allow your applications to “phone home” directly without IT involvement• Microsoft has expanded IntelliTrace so that actionable logs can be captured in production and then consumed by developers for troubleshooting.
    27. 27. Questions?
    28. 28. Want to know more...?
    29. 29. Imaginet‟s New Visual Studio 2012 Website!Visit Imaginet‟s new Visual Studio 2012 website, your one-stophub for all your Visual Studio 2012 needs! http://visualstudio.imaginet.com
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    32. 32. More Webcasts on ALM / TFS / Visual Studio 2012 Upcoming ALM Workshops & Webcasts:• Top 10 Business Benefits of • Upgrading to TFS 2012: What You Application Lifecycle Management Need to Know! (ALM) • February 7 (1:00-2:30pm CT) • January 22 (1:00-2:00pm CT) • February 21 (1:00-2:30pm CT)• Operations Management in the • Getting Started With Coded UI Application Lifecycle testing: Building Your First • January 31 (1:00-2:30pm CT) Automated Test • February 14 (1:00-2:30pm CT)• A Day in the Life: Developer • February 28 (1:00-2:30pm CT) Enhancements with Visual Studio 2012 • Lean, Kanban, and TFS • January 24 (1:00-2:30pm CT) • March 7 (1:00-2:30pm CT) • March 21 (1:00-2:30pm CT)• How Microsofts ALM Tools Can Improve Your Bottom Line • Using Lean and Kanban to • February 4 (1:00-2:00pm CT) Revolutionize Your Organization • March 11 (1:00-2:00pm CT) • The newest of the new with Visual Studio and TFS 2012 • March 14 (1:00-2:30pm CT) • March 28 (1:00-2:30pm CT)
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    35. 35. http://www.imaginet.com