Personal Logo Design for 5th grade
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Personal Logo Design for 5th grade

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Step by step process and vocabulary for creating a personal logo

Step by step process and vocabulary for creating a personal logo

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  • 1. Logo Design
  • 2. Design a logo • Your own logo • New World Cup Logo • Summer Olympics Logo
  • 3. Vocabulary • Logo- A visual symbol for a person or a company • Graphic Design- a form of visual art in which artist combine text and pictures for books, magazines, packaging • Design Process- a step by step process used by artist and designers • Typography- art and technique of choosing and arranging fonts
  • 4. 1. Define the problem 2. Collect information/research 3. Brainstorm and analyze ideas 4. Develop solutions/ build a test model 5. Present and receive feedback 6. Improve your design
  • 5. Process Day 1 Define the problem Hwrk Research and collect information Day 2 Brainstorm, develop solutions,sketch ideas Day 3 Present ideas to peers Day 4 Improve design Day 5 Share with peers and final work day
  • 6. Day 1 Define the problem What are you trying to show the audience? What can your logo tell us about your problem? How can you make a logo that is beautiful? How can you make a logo that gets people’s attention? How can you make a logo that is simple and easy to remember? Would somebody be able to describe your logo to another person after seeing it a few times?
  • 7. Homework- Research On your own time use the website to help you. Look at successful logos for ideas. Find pictures you can use in your work. Choose or create a font. Bring the paper and work to the next class.
  • 8. Day 2- Brainstorm and sketch Fill the entire page with ideas You can put idea for all three problems Don´t worry about if you like it or not, just do it. Once you run out of ideas look through your work, combine ideas you like, find new ideas
  • 9. Day 2- From sketches to rough draft Once you have finished sketching and planning start a rough draft You will share your sketches and draft with friends next class
  • 10. Examples from Thomas Elementary and Professor Zach Stoller
  • 11. Day 3- Share ideas and feedback Peer to peer review TAG! T ---Tell something you like A ---Ask a question G ---Give a positive suggestion
  • 12. Peer critique art critique