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Respect Portfolio Doc


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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Published in: Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. Respect Preparation Diligence Persistence Perseverance Collaboration E arlier in my life, my father once asked me, After rising to my father’s challenge on that quot;Would you sign that, Tommy? Are you proud earlier occasion, I still hear his words when I consider enough to say that you gave it your all?quot; anything I've done. The experience of studying at Rochester Institute Thanks to both of my parents, Respect has of Technology and learning from the late/great always been very important to me, and that has master architectural photographer Terry Bollman paid a lot of dividends. My father is undoubtedly was grueling and mind blowing. Then, after a few responsible for the development of my innovative years of striving for excellence with Getty Images, thinking process. A commitment to Preparation the incredibly talented masters of the world of before taking on even the smallest projects is imagery accepted me as a peer and pushed me another thing I give him credit for; through his into developing the Ewasko Style. Over time, I’ve guidance, it became an integral part of my come to love rubbing elbows with the greatest of creative process. In my world, Diligence, and 150% the great. There's the late Henry Wolf, who gave efforts, are standard. Settling only for Excellence the world new ways to experience photography requires Persistence, and the ability to make that and design, the constant creative force and top-notch effort consistently requires constant inspiration Pete Turner, the zany and ever innovative Perseverance to achieve the goal at hand. And Mitchell Funk... and a long list of others to whom I finally, when it comes to Collaboration, there are am constantly aiming to prove myself worthy. many dedicated individuals who have contributed to the creations you'll find in these pages and on my To that commitment, I am very proud to sign my website. The imagery would not have been name. possible without the sometimes painstaking efforts of many teammates. I tip my hat and give heartfelt Sincerely, thanks to all, particularly Michael Ewasko, the resident digital expert of E Studio who designed, concepted and executed this book.