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iPad Kiosks for the Financial Sector
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iPad Kiosks for the Financial Sector


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All business sectors can benefit from the deployment of tablet kiosks and ipad enclosures, especially those within banking and finance. imageHOLDERS range of E.POS tablet kiosks can be integrated with …

All business sectors can benefit from the deployment of tablet kiosks and ipad enclosures, especially those within banking and finance. imageHOLDERS range of E.POS tablet kiosks can be integrated with any OEM device such as credit card readers, barcode scanners, RFID readers and printers. Say hello to the modern till systems of the future!

Published in: Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Increase customer loyaltywith multichannel bankingand iHOLD tablet enclosures“”Financial and Corporate Sector Media PackimageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  • 2. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsThe banking and financial landscape has changed dramatically over the lastfew years. ImageHOLDERS understands that it’s more important than everto instate new strategies that encourage customer loyalty. One of the bestways to do this is the integration of tablet technology and iHOLD enclosures,which provide interactive tools and payment solutions for customers andstaff alike.iHOLD is a brand of Secure Tablet Kiosks and Enclosures which arewell equipped to deal with any business environment, including thosewith the corporate and financial sectors. As software developers createapps to aid customer service and promote marketing strategies, ourtablet kiosks and enclosures allow any tablet device to be accessible tousers, thus providing an extremely powerful sales, marketing, POS orE.POS tool.Competition amongst financial institutions and corporate businesses isfierce. ‘Multichannel banking’, ‘engagement banking’, NFC (Near FieldCommunication) solutions and Mobile Payment Devices have become anecessity rather than a trend. Analysis and research on customer behaviourhas highlighted that many are likely to move to another bank due to a lack ofcustomer service or branch facilities. By providing interactive solutions thataid the customer in their banking experience has proven to increasecustomer satisfaction, loyalty, and drive new business.Benefits of iHOLD Deployment• Empower customers and staff• Modernise financial branches and department facilities• Cost effective solution that boosts ROI and new business• Multichannel marketing campaigns• Increased user engagement and customer loyalty• Gather feedback through surveys and data capture• Digitally promote financial information and marketing with the use of videos• Provide real-time information• Secure any tablet device within lockable enclosure• Giving your infrastructure a virtual team member• Paperless solutionsAbout iHold
  • 3. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsThe era of NFC (Near Field Communication), mobile payments andengagement banking is here. imageHOLDERS range of secure E.POSenclosures are designed to make customers’ banking experience easier.Seamless multichannel banking will empower the busy, tech savvypopulation, increase customer loyalty and boost ROI.This cost effective solution is simply achieved by installing iHOLD tablet kiosks inbranches. Furthermore, imageHOLDERS ability to integrate any device with theiHOLD gives users the freedom to use this technology in a variety of ways.• Credit Card Swipe Reader• Printer• ID Reader• Chip and Pin• OCR Reader• Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA)• Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)• Keyboard shelf• Literature dispensersSecurity is paramount in the design and application of theiHOLD E.POS and tablet enclosure range. That’s why all unitscan be secured to floor surfaces, walls, counter tops andshop-fittings for added security measures. Tablet devices aresafely locked within the enclosure creating a tamper proof andtheft proof solution for use within any corporate or financialenvironment. imageHOLDERS can deploy 1 to 50,000 unitsinto any organisation, which makes iHOLD the only choice forcorporate level establishments.Integrated iHOLD Solutions for Financial and Corporate Environments
  • 4. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsApplications of iHOLD E.POS Tablet Kiosks & Enclosures• Self service kiosk• Interactive Point of Sale (POS) display• Customer surveys and data capture device• Information points• Provide location based offers to customers• Providing customers with real time information• Queue busting• Showcase corporate website, promotional videos and marketing material on new savings accounts or social offers for new customers• Display digital content and signage• E.POS – Integrated Kiosk with Card Reader and Printer• Modern cash register or till for staff• Access to internet banking in-branch• Schedule a utility bill payment for a later date through internet banking and reschedule or cancel it using a mobile• Money transfers, bill payment and ATM services• Sign up for a new price plan, bank account or mortgage over the internet• Set up direct debits• Paying-in device – cheques or cash• Print receipts or information• Management tool – Access and analyse date from CMS and CRM’siHOLD tablet kiosks and E.POS Interactive enclosures can bedeployed in any financial or corporate environment:• In-branch• Foyers and receptions• Private offices for consultations and appointments• Outside and inside meeting / conference rooms• Specific departments or facility areas• Cafes and waiting roomsIntegrated iHOLD Solutions for Financial and Corporate Environments
  • 5. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsThe entire iHOLD range incorporates a patented tablet tray, which means weare able to securely display ANY tablet device on the market. This gives youand your organisation the ability to have a real choice of tablet - and one thatfits the requirements put in place by the specific business needs within yourinfrastructure.imageHOLDERS universal tablet tray is shatterproof and future-proof. This means that if yourorganisation wishes to change or upgrade their tablet device, only one minor alteration needs totake place - a highly cost effective solution, as there is no need to purchase a new kiosk orenclosure. The ABS material used in the design of the tray is durable and easily cleaned, makingit ideal for use within any sector or environment.The universal iHOLD tablet, patented tray system truly sets imageHOLDERS apartfrom any other tablet and kiosk manufacturer. We have the skills, expert knowledgeand forward thinking that drives innovation and ROI throughout across sectors.Patented Universal Tablet Tray
  • 6. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsThere are a variety of ways in which iHOLD Tablet Kiosks can be used as apractical and interactive tool that can save time and money whilst driving userengagement and promoting brand awareness. imageHOLDERS clientsinclude a number of multinational corporations, blue-chip companies andfinancial organisations including, Oracle, Bosch, RBS and Santander.BoschWorld renowned blue-chip company, Bosch, commissionedimageHOLDERS to design and manufacture a range of bespokeand future-proof interactive kiosks, exhibition displays andilluminated signage."The team at imageHOLDERS did an excellent job from concept throughimplementation. The quality and innovation of the displays was a great matchfor our products and corporate image. imageHOLDERS is a true businesspartner – they consistently deliver quality products and unparalleled serviceeven with tight deadlines."- Robert Bosch, GMBHSantanderSantander, one of the world’s largest banks, are currently trialing image-HOLDERS iHOLD Tablet Kiosks in Portugal. The iHOLD units are usedin-branch as interactive, self service kiosks - teamed with a data collectionapp which gathers customer feedback.Digital Solutions for the Financial Sector
  • 7. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsOracleimageHOLDERS have worked alongside multinational software company,Oracle, to produce 35 of our iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosks for use within32 regional sales offices. The function of these kiosks allows visitors and clientsto the premises to browse through Oracles’ website and products whilst waitingfor meetings and appointments. In order to help enhance brand recognition andawareness, imageHOLDERS customised these tablet kiosks with Oracle’s logoand corporate colours.RBSThe Royal Bank of Scotland have recently launched a new, two tiered marketing strategywhich sees our iHOLD Tablet Kiosks rolled out across a number of branches, and at RBSrecruitment fairs. Their strategy hopes to encourage user interaction whilst promoting amore modern brand identity through the implementation of tablet technology.Digital Solutions for the Financial Sector
  • 8. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsThe standard iHOLD range includes secure Floor Standing, Wall Mounted, Counter Top andCounter Mounted Enclosures and Kiosks. However, imageHOLDERS are able to customise therange to securely mount onto any surface or shop-fitting. Standard, off the shelf features for theentire range include:• Rotating Bezel in black or white (portrait or landscape orientation)• Available in shapes of - Square, Rectangular, Circular, Speech Bubble, Cloud• Secure & lockable bezel• Cables and wires concealed down vertical stand• Concealed or Revealed home button• Lightweight ABS and aluminium materials• Ergonomic• Stylish• Secure• Versatile• Compatible with iPad 2,3 & 4 as standard, any other tablet device on requestiHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Curved Graphic PanelRRP: £599.00 ex.VATThis versatile freestanding Kiosk with curved graphic display panelis both stylish and functional. Ideal for use as a self-service kioskand interactive branch information point. The branding space onthis iHOLD unit allows additional promotion or marketing cateredtoward your financial institution or corporate brand identity - furtherreinforcing customer loyalty and engagement.iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Straight Graphic PanelRRP: £599.00 ex.VATA versatile, freestanding kiosk, which can be secured to thefloor if required. The straight graphic panel is both eye catchingand functional. Financial environments can choose to display amessage of their choice, or simply have the company/sectorbranding visible for users.iHOLD Tablet Kiosk and Enclosure Range Overview
  • 9. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsiHOLD Counter Mounted Tablet EnclosureRRP: £249.00 ex.VATThis secure tablet enclosure is ideal for desk-top and countertopinteraction. The unit is available with two bases – the first allowsthe enclosure to be secured to the countertop surface permanently- making it a highly secure unit. Alternatively, this iHOLD comeswith a ruggedized base that allows for durability, yet movementand mobility - ideal for boardroom, conference and in-branch use.iHOLD Wall Mounted Tablet EnclosureRRP: £249.00 ex.VATimageHOLDERS wall mounted unit is perfect for a number ofapplications, including self service and information kiosks.The iHOLD is securely mounted onto a wall via a VESAmount. The screen can be rotated and tilted for ergonomicpurposes and viewing comfort. Additional branding on thebezel is also available.iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Round BaseRRP: £399.00 ex.VATCustomers and staff can use this simple and stylish iHOLD kiosk in avariety of ways. Power cables and extension leads are discretelyhidden within the vertical stand, which is ergonomically designed forcomfortable used by a standing adult. Customisation and heightalterations can also be catered towards wheelchair users and children.iHOLD Floor Standing Tablet Kiosk with Curved BaseRRP: £399.00 ex.VATThis secure iHOLD tablet kiosk boasts a simple and sleekdesign. The lightweight unit can be easily moved andtransported from one area to another, or can be securedto the floor permanently depending on the requirementsof it’s specific environment.iHOLD Tablet Kiosk and Enclosure Range Overview
  • 10. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsHere at imageHOLDERS, you can rest assured that your orders and products are in safe handsthanks to our asset management and end of life policy.Barcoding and Product NumbersWe have a unique barcoding system and unique part numbers for all ofour products, which come in DIY Kit form, or pre-assembled for yourconvenience. If there happens to be a problem with one of the parts, weare able to replace it immediately.Each product order will also have a unique Sales Order Reference so thatwe can track your order throughout the design, manufacturing anddelivery process. This allows the end user to gather vital information onlead times.Liaison & DeploymentImageHOLDERS will liaise with third parties who may be involvedwith your order process. For example, if you have ordered one ofour iHOLD Tablet Enclosures with Printer and Swipe Card Reader,we will ensure all external parts are deployed and tracked so thatyou dont have to. We then assemble the unit and ship it direct toyou, anywhere in the world!Stock HoldingimageHOLDERS products are designed andmanufactured in the UK. This allows us tostock a number of units and parts, resulting inspeedy lead times and product turnaround.Security & Key ReplacementAs our iHOLD Tablet Enclosure range incorporates a lockand key for added security, imageHOLDERS have deviseda key code system. We issue one key for each individualunit - this comes with a unique 3-digit number, whichshould be registered upon receipt of delivery. Once regis-tered, we can issue multiple sets of keys to suit yourspecific security requirements.Asset Management & End of Life Policy
  • 11. 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERSTablet, Kiosk and Enclosure SolutionsCare & SupportOur objective of providing exceptional customerservice means imageHOLDERS are on hand tohelp in any way we can. If there is a problemwith your product, or if you would like anyadvice, insight@imageholders.comiHOLD Future-Proof Designs for LifeThe entire imageHOLDERS product range was developed not only to be visuallyappealing but with sustainability in mind. Unlike certain plastics or cardboard thatends up in landfills shortly after its use, our adaptable and versatile products canbe used over and over again to suit changing business and display needs.The modular components are manufactured from high quality anodised aluminiumand fit together with slide and lock functionality. Our easy to change graphicsystem allows you to change signage in moments so that your information andimages stay current with minimal waste. When you want to change the functionof your displays or retail fixtures you don’t need to purchase another unit you cansimply reconfigure or enhance your existing one.Why dispose of a display when it can be recycled? While there are short-termfinancial benefits to purchasing disposable displays, purchasing a sturdy, lastingand adaptable display is a far better investment environmentally and financially.With the imageHOLDERS system, lost or broken components can be readilyreplaced without the need to purchase a new display, which greatly reduceswaste and cost to consumers.End of Life PolicyAll imageHOLDERS products have been designedwith the environment in mind. Thats why all materialsused in the manufacture of our items are easy todispose of under the direction of WEE Standards.This denotes that the application of non-destructivetesting to mechanical engineering materials andcomponents, including the non-destructive testing ofmetallic welds has been upheld.Asset Management & End of Life Policy