Tablet Kiosks for the Automotive Sector


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All business sectors can benefit from the deployment of tablet kiosks and ipad enclosures - and the automotive industry is no different!

imageHOLDERS have worked alongside some of the biggest names in the automotive sector, including Chevrolet, Peugeot, Ford and Honda. All of which have increased customer engagement and boosted sales figures through the deployment of tablet kiosks in showrooms and dealerships.

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Tablet Kiosks for the Automotive Sector

  1. 1. “Boost Sales and ROI with Interactive Tablet Kiosks at your Dealership” imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions
  2. 2. About iHold 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions iHOLD is a brand of secure tablet kiosks, iPad enclosures and interactive POS displays which are engineered and styled for use within automotive dealerships, showrooms, offices, garages and events. imageHOLDERS have worked alongside a number of manufacturers and automotive companies to help provide engaging and interactive solutions that help drive sales, boost brand awareness and increase customer experience. Clients have included Peugeot, Honda, Ford and Chevrolet. When teamed with a data collection app, presenta- tion app or point of purchase application, the iHOLD becomes an extremely powerful sales, marketing, POS or E.POS tool with endless possi- bilities.
  3. 3. Benefits of iHOLD Deployment 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions • Cost effective solution that boosts ROI and generates new business • Empower customers and sales staff • Modernise dealerships, showrooms and department facilities • Multichannel marketing campaigns • Increased user engagement and customer loyalty • Gather feedback through surveys and data capture • Digitally promote company information / website • Play videos and promotional material on specific car models • Provide real-time information and stock check • Secure any tablet device within lockable enclosure • Giving your infrastructure a virtual team member • Paperless records and solutions Multichannel retailing with iHOLD Tablet Enclosures Competition within the automotive sector is fierce. Discounted deal- erships and online companies are beginning to emerge on top – which is why it’s more important than ever to implement multichannel marketing strategies and engage customers in new, exciting ways.
  4. 4. Case Study Peugeot 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions The automotive sector could dramatically benefit from the deployment of interactive POS displays and tablet enclosures throughout the enterprise. In September 2012, Peugeot dealerships across the UK began a nationwide roll out of wall mounted iHOLD tablet enclosures. These were used in conjunction with a ‘showroom presenter app’ that show- cased the Peugeot 208 model. Customers were able to explore the app and view the features of each car whilst visiting a dealership or showroom. The app, which has been a year in the making, is now ready for a full-scale launch. In order to utilise this app to full effect, dealerships are urged to deploy iHOLD tablet enclosures, which will ensure the tablets and iPads are secured within a lockable and ergonomic unit. Teaming the Peugeot ‘208 Presenter iPad App’ with an iHOLD Enclosure results in a more streamlined approach to sales and marketing. The iPad is securely locked within the enclosure, allowing customers are able to interact with the unit at their own leisure. Alternatively, sales staff can use the iHOLD to demonstrate the app on the tablet or link it to a larger, flat screen television via the HDMI cable or Apple TV option available on iPad. This method can be built into a sales pitch and creates a more visual and impressive presentation for prospective customers.
  5. 5. Applications for the Automotive Sector 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions As software developers create apps to aid customer service and promote marketing strategies, our tablet kiosks and enclosures allow any tablet device to be accessible to users, thus providing an extremely powerful sales, marketing, POS or E.POS tool. The automotive sector can use a variety of apps available on iOS, Windows and Android, which can perform the following functions: • Display and promote the features of specific car models • Real-Time Stock Check • Customer Information Points • Customer Surveys & Data Collection • View online material such as store website, online catalogue • Payment point – E.POS • Facility & In-store directions • Virtual Test Drive • Product Ordering
  6. 6. iHOLD Tablet Kiosk and iPad Enclosure Customisation 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions imageHOLDERS can deliver a solution that is tailor made to suit your specific requirements. We can deploy as little as one iHOLD enclosure, up to twenty thousand customised POS Kiosk solu- tions at a time! Branding imageHOLDERS offers a range of branding options so that your iHOLD is customised to suit specific requirements or taste. We can add your logo or corporate colours to bezels and graphic panels to create brand awareness and impact. These customisa- tions can be permanent or replaceable, which means you can change your branding to suit a specific marketing campaign and a cost effective price. • Full colour replaceable vinyl • Semi-permanent vinyl • High impact gloss plastic panel • Full colour foamex printed panel Furthermore, imageHOLDERS ability to integrate any device with the iHOLD gives dealerships the freedom to use this technology in a variety of ways. • Credit Card Swipe Reader • Printer • ID Reader • Chip and Pin • OCR Reader • Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) • Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) • Keyboard shelf • Literature dispensers
  7. 7. Patented Universal Tablet Tray 020 7354 6250 imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions The entire iHOLD range incorporates a patented tablet tray, which means we are able to securely display ANY tablet device on the market. This gives you and your organisation the ability to have a real choice of tablet - and one that fits the requirements put in place by the specific business needs within your infra- structure. imageHOLDERS universal tablet tray is shatter- proof and future-proof. This means that if your organisation wishes to change or upgrade their tablet device, only one minor alteration needs to take place - a highly cost effective solution, as there is no need to purchase a new kiosk or enclosure. The ABS material used in the design of the tray is durable and easily cleaned, making it ideal for use within any sector or environment. The universal iHOLD tablet, patented tray system truly sets imageHOLDERS apart from any other tablet and kiosk manufacturer. We have the skills, expert knowledge and forward thinking that drives innovation and ROI throughout all sectors.
  8. 8. imageHOLDERS Tablet, Kiosk and Enclosure Solutions imageHOLDERS entire product range also include: • Audio Visual Displays • Exhibition Stands • Graphic Displays & POS • Shop-fittings • Literature Dispensers • Shelving • Countertop Sign & Menu Holders Tel: +44(0) 207 354 6250 Email: 52 Dame Street, Waterside Studios, Islington, London N1 7FR Contact Us imageHOLDERS Patented iHOLD Kiosks Display Any Tablet Device Square BlackWhite Rectangular Circular Speech Bubble Cloud Bezel Options