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Using GeoServer with NASA WorldWind
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Using GeoServer with NASA WorldWind


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Using GeoServer with NASA World Wind Ilya Rosenfeld October, 2012
  • 2. outline● GeoServer overview● download● install and run stand-alone● install as Java web app● log into admin, explore● load and style data● publish WMS● use WMS in World Wind● beyond basic WMS
  • 3. GeoServer overview● Java-based server for spatial data sharing, editing and analysis● extensively based on GeoTools library● widely deployed, commercially supported● reference implementation of OGC WMS, WFS and WCS● supports wide variety of vector and raster inputs● produces standards-based spatial web services and data formats● multi-platform, only requires a JVM, runs on cloud or on-premise● enterprise-grade security (container-level, LDAP integration, etc)● extensible using a variety of mechanisms● configuration and management REST API● caching capability using GeoWebCache● recently added processing capabilities using GeoScript● currently at version 2.2● free and open source, licensed under GPL 2
  • 4. downloadselect a release ● a distribution ● get the .war file ● get the native OS installer for your OSget it ● save locally ● unznipextensions ● how about WPS?
  • 5. install and run stand-aloneassuming Mac OS X:go to GeoServer admin app:● http://localhost:8080/geoserver
  • 6. install and run as Java web appprerequisites● servlet container (Tomcat 7 in this example)● admin user added to manager-gui role in tomcat-users.xml● Tomcat home directory mapped to /Libraryrun Tomcat, deploy GeoServer web app● in terminal > /Library/Tomcat/bin/● in browser: http://localhost:8080/manager● map context, point to WAR file and click "Deploy"● run GeoServer contextgo to GeoServer admin app● http://localhost:8080/geoserver
  • 7. admin interfacelogging in● credentials: admin/geoserverquick overview● status● service capabilities● data● services● settings● tile caching● settings● security● demos
  • 8. load and style dataGeoServer data directory● use /Applications/ or● set GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR variable to desired location or● create a database or file data storeexamine some Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) files ● simple_roads ● population
  • 9. publish WMSlayer settings ● data ● publishing ● tile cachingWMS Capabilities● http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ows?service=wms&version=1.3.0 &request=GetCapabilities● review
  • 10. use WMS in World Windrun World Wind WMS Layer Manager app●● if prompted, install Java run-time and accept defaults● .jnlp file will get downloaded and executed● find the layer window and hit +● add GeoServer WMS Capabilities URL ○ http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ows?service=wms&version=1.3.0 &request=GetCapabilities● select desired layers ○ example: tiger-roads ○ zoom in.. or consume KML ● get KML via WMS .... &format=application/ ● run ● browse to KML file
  • 11. beyond basic WMSWorld Wind SDK● existing support for multiple services and formats GeoServer already produces: GeoRSS, WFS, GML, GeoJSON, GeoRSS● OGC WPS support needed!GeoServer extensibility ● any input and output drivers can be developed ● low level GeoTools implementation options ● higher level GeoScript implementation optionsDDS/BIL extension for GeoServer ● download and usage instructions:
  • 12.