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Tropical rain forest
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Tropical rain forest


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Animals in the Tropical Rainforest.

Animals in the Tropical Rainforest.

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  • 1. Tropical Rain Forest ~Zoologist ~Lexyc123
  • 2. Tropical Rainforest Animals South America
  • 3. Spider Monkey
    • Eat mostly fruit, nuts, seeds, insects, and bird eggs.
    • Most are black, but can be colors like brown, red, golden, and buff.
    • Spider monkeys are very social animals, they gather in groups of 2-3 dozen animals called troops
  • 4. Capybara
    • As adults they weigh about 100lbs.
    • As adults they stand about 2ft tall.
    • They eat mainly grasses and aquatic plants.
    • They are highly social and live in groups controlled by the dominate male.
  • 5. Electric Eel
    • Can be as long as 8ft.
    • Can weigh up to 60lbs.
    • Is not really a true eel, it is an electrical fish.
    • They are not aggressive, but may produce a damaging shock when surprised or stepped on.
  • 6. Piranha
    • Range in color from yellow to steel-gray to bluish to partly red to almost black.
    • Have many razor-sharp teeth.
    • As adults they eat meat, they eat aquatic and land animals that are in the water.
  • 7. Caiman
    • They swim very well using mainly there tails.
    • Can be about 20ft long.
    • They are most active at night which is when they hunt.
    • They have about 75 long sharp teeth they use to catch their pray but the do not chew it up they swallow it whole.
  • 8. Tropical Rainforest Animals Australia
  • 9. Duck-billed Platypus
    • Babies hatch from eggs, but also drink mothers milk.
    • Have a life span or 10-17 years.
    • Are about the size of a pet cat.
    • Males are venomous they have poisonous spikes on there back legs which they use for self defense.
  • 10. Echidna
    • Uses its long sticky tongue to catch ants, termites, other insects, and earthworms.
    • Is an egg laying mammal.
    • There are long nosed and short nosed Echidna
  • 11.
    • Is a nocturnal animal.
    • Eat leaves, fruits, and other such food sources.
    • They stick to trees very well because of there cushioned feet.
    Tree Kangaroo
  • 12. Dainty Green Tree Frog
    • Are normally forty-five millimeters in length.
    • Will squeak if scarred or disturbed.
    • Feet are webbed, with large round toe discs.
    • Eyes are normally black with orange.
  • 13. Frilled Lizard
    • Love the sun.
    • When startled frill puffs out from the neck and shoulder area.
    • Length can be 70-95cm long.
    • The males are brighter than the female.
    • Are not poisonous or harmful to people.
  • 14. References
    • http:// /capybara/