Adventurers in nature ( Kamjel)


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One of my newest campaign which lunch in Iran and more than 16000 it's member follow it.

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Adventurers in nature ( Kamjel)

  1. 1. Adventurers in nature SUMMER 2013 DESIGN BY SADRA SHARIATMADARI
  2. 2. Social Responsibility campaign Adventurers in nature Location: Kamjel- Mazandaran Providence Excavate in heart of nature
  3. 3. Extreme and Campaign vision Culture Extreme sport Marketing and PR New marketing activity Awareness Social Corporation
  4. 4. More than 16000 person follow us directly Quiksilver opening day
  5. 5. 64% men 36% women Quiksilver opening day
  6. 6. More than 24 idea room and 10 brain storming room Idea designing PR Marketing Rock climbing Video and Audio Visual Web Rescue
  7. 7. Study on idea Idea ProjectionCampaign strategy Financial SWOT Analysis
  8. 8. Introduction And Inviting people Training and excavating Documentary Plan divisions Part A Part B Part C
  9. 9. Introduction And Inviting people Part A Quiksilver opening And introducing plan with website and PR activities to its fan club and create world of mouth WOM between our target group In less than two week REAL SHOCK Press conference in Milad tower Online marketing by persianblog group WOM in Cinema gholhak cermony Milad tower’s event ATL advertising by Navand
  10. 10. Trust company Fast growing audience Using existed media Why we started with Quiksilver?
  11. 11. SMART Starting= Fast growing Before Now Just a simple plan No audience No budget No PR and online activities No ATL or BTL No material to present Powerful armies More than 16000 direct audiences Powerful PR and On- Line marketing We have more than 80 ATL and BTL We have the richest materials now
  12. 12. Successful campaign need to have powerful army Quiksilver’s stores Adernalin’s stores Gholhak cinema Milad tower ‘s club Direct marketing Persian blog group Bartarinha group More than 65 websites Online marketing Newsletter Social media Online marketing Navand ADS Agency ATL Oxygen Royal Fix Adernalin GYM
  13. 13. See what happened for Quiksilver and simulate what will happen to you? Increase awareness Media coverage ATL advertising Change ranking Change brand positioning Press conference Great opening Perfect documentary Brand adaptation ALL IN ONE
  14. 14. Press conference Milad tower VIP room
  15. 15. Gholhak Cinema Cermony
  16. 16. Local flight in Iran with brand’s flag
  17. 17. Adaptation photography in Tehran
  18. 18. Campaign in Milad tower
  19. 19. Opening day
  20. 20. Opening day
  21. 21. Opening day
  22. 22. Do you like origami? Plane paper will transform into many shapes Our plan is so similar to an origami You decide which shape will useful for your organization
  23. 23. Our next step Practice in GYM And in Nature ATL ADS Press Conference And Media coverage Video before Event 36 episode Online marketing Daily newsletter Adventure in website By Lottery plan Night in Milad Tower And Nights in stuff’s home Night Before Journey
  24. 24. In the road 3 days In canyon 5 Nights Show!!
  25. 25. Thanks for your time and your attentions