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EC General Meeting - 2010.09.06

EC General Meeting - 2010.09.06






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  • Who you are: Synthetic Biology Research Group.
  • Who you are: Synthetic Biology Research Group. Wetlab and Software Tools teams. 12-30 core members. 5-8 core advising professors. Lab space in IGB. MCB, IB, AgE, BioE, ChemE, CS, PhysE. Also glad to have any engineering discipline, business majors, and more.Synthetic Biology = application of engineering principles to molecular biology.  BioBrick parts like GFP or another gene that will allow a cell to float by producing gas vessicles. iGEM is an international competition. Universities from across the world put together teams of undergraduates to compete at the annual jamboree at MIT. Last year was 120 teams and over 1300 participants. This year we expect ot have ~180 teams.What you do: Synthetic Biology projects. Classic examples include: Hello World, E. Chromi, Bacterial Decoder.
  • Plan to succeed: In terms of being a stable RSO, we will continue to recruit a strong team and pass on lab experiences and research from year to year. We will continue to request funding and support from the IGB, SORF, Design Council, and possibly ACES. Though it has varied from year to year, we have a strong officer board with two directors, a treasurer, secretary, science director, technical directors, and an outreach/publicity director.Why does your society want to join Engineering Council? Synthetic Biology is essentially the application of engineering principles to biology. Our membership is usually half engineers and half MCB, IB, Agricultural, or other majors. Many of the engineers have already experienced the benefits of being part of an EC society. All members within iGEM who have non-engineering majors also realize the importance of engineering and would appreciate being part of the engineering community at UIUC. In terms of membership benefits, we would particularly enjoy participating in events like E-night, being able to advertise events to all of engineering, and the opportunity to receive funding.

EC General Meeting - 2010.09.06 EC General Meeting - 2010.09.06 Presentation Transcript

  • general meeting
    September1st, 2010
  • Societies on Suspension
    *Currently eligible to come off of suspension
    Suspension means loss of all EC benefits, including funding and awards.
    Stay off of suspension by coming to general meetings!
  • Officer Announcements
    Vice President
  • Vice President
    Zach Tratar (vp@ec.uiuc.edu)
    Feedback so far: Less Rain, More Pizza
    More feedback?
    Update Executive Member Contact List
  • EXPO
    Gillian Wyman (gwyman2@illinois.edu)
    September 20th-22nd9am – 4pmIllini Union Rooms A, B, C
    • Volunteers Needed for Setup and During EXPO
    • Sign up at http://expo.ec.uiuc.edu/students_volunteer.php
  • Awards
    Jimmy Kryger (awards@ec.uiuc.edu)
    • Monthly Awards
    • Committee Member of the Month
    • Society Member of the Month
    • Society of the Month
    • Check Awards Website for Deadlines and Applications
    • http://awards.ec.uiuc.edu
    • Questions?? E-mail: jkryger2@illinois.edu
  • 1st Mass Mail
    Email all of your submissions by Sept 9th at 5pm to publicity@ec.uiuc.edu
    September 12 @ midnight
  • Social
    Courtney O’Connor (social@ec.uiuc.edu)
    - September 11th
    - Free Food!
    - Games
    Look out for flyers with the time and location
    Charity Golf Scramble Tournament:
    - Sunday October 10th
    - Top 3 teams donate to charity of their choice
    - Prizes
    - Free Food
    There will be sign-up sheets online at http://social.ec.uiuc.edu
  • Knights of St. Patrick 2010
    Marlo Goldstein
    KSP 2010-2011 Chair
  • KSPOverview
    History of the Knights
    Significance at UIUC
    Nomination Process
    Important Dates
    Knights Tradition
  • Significance at UIUC
    Started in 1950 at Illinois
    8– 15 juniors and seniors chosen who demonstrate:
    Academic Excellence
    Exceptional Contribution and Devotion to the College of Engineering
    One of the Highest Honors in the College
  • Nomination Process
    Each of the Following Receive Two Nominations:
    EC Societies in Good Standing
    Each Department Head
    Deans & Assistant Deans
    Nomination Pool
  • Important Dates
    10/6/2010: Nomination packets distributed at General Meeting
    10/22/2010: Society presidents must email name(s) of nominee(s) to mgoldst3@illinois.edu
    10/25/2010: Nomination pool open – must email additional names to KSP chair
  • Important Dates
    11/16/2010: Applications due by 5pm, 103c Engineering Hall
    1/22/2011: Interviews with committee
    February 2011: Class of 2011 Knights announced
    3/12/2011: Knights of St. Patrick Ball
  • Traditions at UIUC
    Knighting Ceremony – Ball after EOH
    Take place from when Knights are announced to night before EOH
    Service Project
  • Questions?
    Marlo Goldstein
  • Funding Presentations
    Conference Fund
    Program Fund
  • Conference Fund
    Bridge to China
    Tau Beta Pi
    Material Advantage
  • Paomaping Village Bridge Construction
    Presented by Chuan Li of Illinois Bridge to China Team
  • About 300 farmers and 48 schoolchildren need to cross this river
  • Participants
    Total of 60 volunteers
    33 from China (2 professionals)
    20 from Hong Kong (4 professionals)
    1 from Taiwan
    6 from US (1 UIUC Staff)
  • Thank you, EC, for help making this trip possible.
  • Tau Beta Pi District 8 Conference
    Tau Beta Pi – Illinois Alpha Chapter
  • About
    When: April 9-10, 2010
    Where: University of Illinois - Chicago
    Why: To strengthen IL-A and encourage communication among chapters.
  • Activities
    • Collaboration with other chapters
    • Projects
    • Initiation process
    • Member involvement
    • Training for executive board transition
    • Semester overview
    • Important dates
    • Incoming and outgoing board discussion
  • Pictures
  • Pictures
  • American Society for Engineering EducationNational Conference Report
    Thomas Frankie - PresidentBrian Schertz - Vice PresidentElizabeth LeMay - Secretary
  • ASEE 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition
    Thank you for providing EC funding for the ASEE 2010 Annual Conference.
    The ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition is committed to fostering the exchange of ideas, enhancing teaching methods and curriculum, and providing prime networking opportunities for engineering and technology educations.
  • ASEE 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition
    In attendance: six student chapter officers & members (5 GRAD, 1 UG)
    Members attended informational presentations and group discussions
    Elizabeth LeMay gave presentation on starting a local ASEE chapter
  • ASEE 2010 Annual Conference & Exposition
    The ASEE Student Chapter appreciates the EC funding for the ASEE 2010 Annual Conference
    The ASEE Student Chapter will continue to engage Illinois students in engineering education discussion/topics
  • 2010 National Conference
  • We won Most Well Networked and Programs of the Year and also had a team compete in an academic tech bowl
  • Our chapter help put on an informal Science fair for some of the kids in Toronto.
  • Science, Engineering, and Technology Congressional Visit Days
  • Overview
    April 28-29, 2010 in Washington D.C.
    Brought awareness to the funding of science and technology
    Attended seminars regarding current funding
    Promoted the America COMPETES Act
    Met Rep. Bill Foster and aides of Rep. Tim Johnson and Sen. Dick Durbin
  • More Pictures…
  • Thank You EC!!!
  • By: American Society of Professional Engineers
    April 8-10, 2010
    St. Louis University
    Student Professional Development Conference
  • St.Louis University
    3 days of events (social and professional)
    2 entrants in the Old Guard Oral Competition
    Communication on hosting upcoming conference
    Network with national speakers and other chapters
    The Conference
  • Competition Results
    First place in oral competition
    Third place in “student section competition”
    Information for upcoming conference
    Plans to enter future design competition
    What Happened
  • Program Fund
  • BMES & ANSPaintballing
    Biomedical Engineering Society
  • The What
    April 10th 2010
    1:30 PM
    Paintballing with ANS
    22 in attendance
    12 BMES
    10 ANS
    Develop a working relationship with ANS
    Hoping to plan another event with ANS this year
    Also were are going to try to lose less footwear this year…
    Mud+Untied Shoes=wearing socks the rest of the day
  • Photo
  • HKN Initiate Barbecue
    Alpha Chapter
    April 1st, 2010
  • What was it?
    One of the many initiate events run each semester.
    Groups of initiates work with members to organize events.
    Initiates planned and ran a lunch stand.
    Took place in between Eng Hall and Everitt.
  • What Happened?
    Initiates learned organization and teamwork skills.
    Helped provide exposure for HKN and let people know what we do.
    Cheap lunch for everyone!
  • THANKS EC!!!!!!
  • New Society Instatement
  • Mission
    Illinois Robotics Organization serves to bring together students of different disciplines at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to partake in the education and research of the multi-disciplinary field of Robotics. IRO's main purpose is to be an organization without a particular departmental home; a middle ground for all engineers and non-engineers who are interested in Robotics. 
  • On Campus
  • Representing
    Competitive robotics teams representing University of Illinois
  • Community
    STEM education
    FIRST Robotics
    FIRST Lego League
    4H Robotics
    Robotics/Technology Awareness
  • Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Research
    Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Research Team
    International Genetically Engineered Machines
  • More Info
    • Plan to succeed: In the 2009 competition, our Bioware team received a silver medal and our Software-Tools team received a gold medal and won Best Software Tool. This year both teams are shooting for a gold.
    • Why you want to join Engineering Council: Synthetic Biology is an engineering discipline, and it would be encouraging to members to be a part of the engineering community at UIUC. We would also enjoy being able to participate in events like E-night and the opportunity to receive funding.
  • Questions?
    E-mail: illinoisigem@gmail.com
    Contact Meagan at musselm1@illinois.edu
    Bioware WIki: http://2010.igem.org/Team:UIUC-Illinois
    Software Wiki: http://2010.igem.org/Team:UIUC-Illinois-Software
  • Constitution UpdateVote
  • EXPO Constitutional Changes
    Andrew Zwicky (president@ec.uiuc.edu)
    Constitutional Amendment 2010.09.01.1
    Introduces Co-Corporate Director
    Distributes workload among two directors
    Does not change funding structure
    Each Co-Corporate Director will serve for two EXPOs
    There will be an additional election at the October General Meeting following Fall EXPO to replace the departing Director
  • Other Announcements?
    • If you have any upcoming events or announcements, send them to vp@ec.uiuc.edu
  • PIZZA!