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Global capacity  interconnections drive business- ptc2013 ben edmond cro
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Global capacity interconnections drive business- ptc2013 ben edmond cro


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  • 1. InterconnecBons  Drive  Business:  One  Marketplace  Access  Exchange  Enables  Ubiquity       Presented  by  Ben  Edmond,  Chief  Revenue  Officer   PTC’13:  Capacity,  Capability,  CollaboraBon   January  20,  2013  
  • 2. About  Us  Quick  Facts:   •  Founded  in  2006  through  a  series   of  strategic  mergers:   •  Combined  companies  represent  over   14  years  of  opera=ng  history  and   Products & Services: more  than  $400  million  of  invested   ü  One Marketplace – TDM And Ethernet capital   •  Acquired  by  Pivotal  Group  in  2011,   ü  Remote Management and Network privately  held   Monitoring Services •  First  automated  on-­‐line  access   network  marketplace   ü  Engineering Services •  Provides  innova=ve  solu=ons  to   ü  Automated Network Pricing and purpose-­‐built  integrators,  global   carriers,  managed  service  providers   LATTIS - Tariff pricing database and  enterprise  customers  globally   •  Headquartered  in  Chicago,  IL  with   offices  in  the  US  and  Europe   Solutions that streamline the network delivery process Extending Network Reach |
  • 3. Scalability  One  Marketplace  Access  Exchange  •  One  Marketplace  allows  users  to…   •  Automate  pricing  and  quo=ng  of  network   access  solu=ons.   •  Exponen=ally  expands  off-­‐net  access  reach   to  a  marketplace  of  providers.   •  Streamlines  the  en=re  off-­‐net  process  from   quota=on  to  provisioning.   •  Provides  market  intelligence  on  all  price   quotes  to  iden=fy  the  strength  of  suppliers,   availability,  demand  based  on  region,  price   compe==veness  and  inventory  through   repor=ng  plaUorm.   •  Tailor  unique  business  rules  to  ensure  a   compe==ve  advantage.   •  Carrier  specific  rates  and  rules  loaded  and   managed  within  plaUorm.     One Marketplace Access Exchange connects customers (demand) and providers (network suppliers). Extending Network Reach |
  • 4. Total  Value  ProposiBon   Ubiquitous Reach Automation Superior Customer Experience Extending Network Reach |
  • 5.  Accessibility  Pricing  in  Seconds     •  System Integrators •  Managed Service Providers •  Regional Carriers•  Local and Rural Service Providers •  Automated Access Pricing•  Regional / Metro Service Providers •  Network Interconnection•  National and Global Carriers •  Market Intelligence Extending Network Reach |
  • 6.  CapabiliBes  Site  Search  Using  Geo-­‐loca9on       Extending Network Reach |
  • 7. Full  DLR  Designs  for  Each  SoluBon   Extending Network Reach |
  • 8. InterconnecBon  Technology  CapabiliBes  –  TDM  &  Ethernet  •  Facili=es  Based  Architecture  to   •  Full  Suite  of  TDM  Services  from  DS1  to   Aggregate  and  Meet  Demand  Effec=vely   OC-­‐192  hubs  and  private  line  services  •  Combined  Cisco,  Telco  Systems  and   •  Ethernet  Access  Products   Overture  based  network     •  Hubs  &  End  Links   •  Hubs  -­‐  1Gig  and  10  Gig  ENNIs   •  EVCs-­‐  star=ng  at  2  Mg  scaling  to  5Gig   •  E-­‐Line,  E-­‐LAN,  E-­‐Tree  and  E-­‐Access   Services   •  Survivability,  One  Marketplace  Access  is  installed   over  a  resilient  architecture.   •  Compe==ve  SLAs,  One  Marketplace  Access    Services   are  backed  by  service  credits  for  outages.   •  Fully  Managed  Solu=on.,  One  Marketplace  Access   service  s  are  proac=vely  monitored  24x7.  •  Highly  scalable  Ethernet  architecture   •  Cost-­‐Effec=veness.  Global  Capacity  offers  flexible   with  network  and  products  focused  on   bandwidth  and  pricing  op=ons   MEF  compliancy.     •  Scalability.  Global  Capacity  will  meet  your  current   and  future  bandwidth  requirements  •  Over  42  Ethernet  Suppliers  available  in   One  Marketplace   Extending Network Reach |
  • 9. Network  Managed  Services   Real Time Network Management – People, Process, and Systems for Excellence•  Real-­‐=me,  end-­‐to-­‐end  network  management,  including  fault   and  performance  management,  and  integrated  trouble   =cke=ng  and  repor=ng.  •  Network  Management  Services   •  Provide  comprehensive  fault  and  network  performance   management  and  monitoring     •  Proac=vely  monitors  and  manages  end-­‐to-­‐end  network   performance     •  Automates  trouble  =cke=ng  and  problem  resolu=on     •  Predic=ve  analysis  tools     •  Advanced  repor=ng  func=onality   Extending Network Reach |
  • 10. Network  OperaBons  Center   RMS Service Features Service  Details  •  Call Management •  Tier II and Tier III Network Issues•  Case Management •  Service Summary Report•  Customer Issue Follow-up •  Post-Mortem Analysis•  Escalation Management •  Chronic Problem Assessment•  Vendor Management •  Device Integration•  Troubleshooting and Diagnosis •  Event Correlation Engineering•  Planned Event Notification Monitoring •  Operations Process Development and Analysis Intervention Data Provisioning Management•  Installation Coordination •  OSS Database Management•  Circuit Data Administration •  Asset/Configuration Management•  Physical Capacity Assessment •  Customer Operations•  Device Configuration •  Vendor Operations•  Integration Testing •  As Built Database •  Service Requirements Files •  Planned Event Records Extending Network Reach |
  • 11. Network  OpBmizaBon  Network optimization analysis aggregates access network,reducing cost and identifying excess capacity that can be monetized   Case 1 - Global Carrier Integrator •  Analyzed inventory of 10,700+ circuits •  Identified 28% cost reduction •  Identified 46% excess capacity Location Facility Allocated Capacity Available Capacity Available Capacity Atlanta OC12 225 111 33% Chicago OC12 227 109 32% Pittsburgh OC12 256 80 24% LA OC12 260 76 23% New York OC12 181 155 46% 1149 531 32% Case 2- US Managed Service Provider PoP •  Analyzed US network inventory •  Identified optimized design •  Implemented network migration, achieving 92% cost reduction •  Created 32% excess capacity Extending Network Reach |
  • 12. Benefits  of  One  Marketplace  •  Compress  sales  cycle  and  Bme  to  sale  with  streamlined  quo=ng  •  Move  quoBng  process  closer  to  decision  makers  (i.e.  Sales,  Opera=ons,   Engineering)  by  automa=ng  the  process  with  a  single  interface    •  Increase  close  %  by  delivering  compe==ve  off-­‐net  access  pricing  •  Improve  billing  resoluBon  with  ability  to  track  quote  to  bill  and  ensure  the   correct  design  was  ordered  •  Increase  visibility  into  network  demand  both  on  and  off-­‐net  with  market   intelligence  reports  leveraging  data  from  quote  to  bill    •  Improved  market  intelligence  for  network  planning    i.e.  forecast  poten=al   new  hubs,  increase  bandwidth,  new  NNIs  •  Improve  efficiency  with  automated  management  of  off-­‐net  to  on-­‐net   migra=on  planning  •  Manage  and  reduce  costs  by  scaling  business  with  less  opera=ng  expense   Extending Network Reach |
  • 13. Global  Capacity  Proof  Points  •  Global  Capacity  collects  and  maintains  market  informa=on  on  over  2,000   carriers  in  195  countries.  •  Global  Capacity  has  automated  current  pricing  for  over  19,000  unique  rates   from  444  carriers  in  75  countries,  represen=ng  over  95%  of  the  world  GDP.  •  Global  Capacity  maintains  loca=on  data  for  more  than  27  million  validated   sites  in  132  countries.  •  Global  Capacity  Processes  over  450,000  price  quotes  per  month,   represen=ng  over  $8  billion  annualized  demand.  •  Global  Capacity  proac=vely  monitors  and  manages  over  10,100  circuits  for   faults  and  performance  using  automated  event  correla=on  and  integrated   =cke=ng.  •  Global  Capacity  Services  over  275  customers.   Extending Network Reach |
  • 14. TesBmonials  and  Awards   “Global Capacity offers us a reliable, automated platform that gives us access to competitive network quotes in real-time. This allows us to be more responsive and accurate in supporting our customers, while also increasing the conversion of quotes to orders. Furthermore, we have reduced our costs to quote, achieving greater ROI for our overall business.” - Beth Tyebjee, Vice President of Marketing, MegaPath "Global Capacity’s One Marketplace Access Exchange allows us to migrate from an inefficient manual pricing process that was dependent on our own information and supplier relationships to now utilizing an automated process that leverages access to an entire marketplace of knowledge about network location and pricing. This solution saves us time and money while ensuring we receive accurate pricing on a variety of viable network solutions for our customers, which improves our revenue stream by winning additional business.” - President of Sales & Marketing, FiberLight “Sidera Networks continues to look for ways to improve speed, flexibility, and cost control in our off-net strategy. The One Marketplace Access Exchange platform offers all three, with the significant added benefit of leveraging Global Capacity’s network optimization tools and intelligence to drive cost out of our existing business.” - Mike Sicoli, CEO of Sidera Networks Best Technology Partner by Capacity Magazine Capacity Magazine’s editor, Alex Hawkes, “This award pays tribute to Global Capacity’s One Marketplace and its ability to help carriers buy and sell more competitively. The judging panel was highly impressed with the platform’s huge growth in the last 12 months. I would like to congratulate Global Capacity for winning the Capacity award for Best Technology Partner.” Extending Network Reach |
  • 15. Thank  you | Follow us @Global_Capacity