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Cross River Fiber Overview

  1. 1. A b out C r os s R i v er F i berCross River Fiber, Inc., founded in 2011, is a leading New Jersey-based CLEC (Competitive LocalExchange Carrier) and boutique dark fiber solutions provider that designs, constructs and maintains itsown independent fiber-optic network infrastructure. Designed around a company’s unique requirements,Cross River Fiber provides the most effective and scalable high-speed fiber optic network to meet thestringentbusiness requirements of today’s business needs.
  2. 2. Executive biosName BackgroundVincenzo (Enzo) ClementePresident & Chief Executive Officer• Founded Cross River Fiber in 2011• Brings more than 15 years of management,network design, right of way, and constructionexperience to the companyMichael SevretExecutive Vice President & Chief StrategyOfficer• More than 15 years experience in salesleadership and executive management• Leads the strategic vision and businessdevelopment functions of the organizationJames MartiniChief Financial Officer• Over 20 years of experience in private accountingpractices as well as telecom companies• Brings tremendous insights, accountingleadership skills and strong managementexperience to his role at Cross River Fiber
  3. 3. Cross River Fiber has a unique and customized discipline to deploying Dark Fiberinfrastructure. Our comprehensive approach to network service design andimplementation concentrates on the current fiber landscape offered by othercarriers and our method of bettering it.Benefits• There is an ever growing demand for ultra-low latency data transport betweenkey hubs, data centers and financial exchanges• Dark fiber provides an alternative connectivity solution• Private, custom networks ensure longevity and growth• Ultra scalable with unrestricted bandwidthFlexibility• Long term fiber lease and IRU options available• Specifically designed to a client’s requirements and needsWhy dark fiber?
  4. 4. Why Cross River Fiber?• Cross River Fiber is a New Jersey based telecommunications service providerspecializing in constructing and operating Tier 1 dark fiber optic networks.Whether you are seeking a specific network solution or your business demandssecurity, diversity, scalability, ultra-low latency, unlimited bandwidth, and/orincreased data speed, etc. – we have you covered.• Cross River Fiber advantageously interconnects to carrier hotels, data centers,financial exchanges, and customer locations. Designed around your companysunique requirements, we provide the most effective and scalable, high-speednetwork solutions for your business.• Cross River Fiber is laser focused and owner operated. Our executive team hasover 25 years of combined experience building new fiber assets within the Stateof New Jersey and we strive to create and deliver unsurpassed solutions for ourclients.
  5. 5. Verticals We SupportCarriersWe understand that ourpartnerships with carriers areabout cost, time to market, and theability to get the project done.Cross River Fiber’s carriersolutions enable you to set andprioritize your business objectiveswithout having to concentrate toomuch on what network will takeyou there.Enterprise & FinancialFrom diversity to ultra-lowlatency our Enterprise Solutions &Financial Data Network clientsneed alternative choices fromservices providers. Cross RiverFiber’s dedicated dark fibernetwork promotes businesses toutilize their internal IT resourceshaving full control over costs andflexibility within their network.Government & EducationWhether it’s interconnecting local municipalbuildings or schools & libraries we have aprivate network service solution that will serviceeveryone from students to public works.HealthcareCross River Fiber recognizes thatsecurity and redundancy areextremely critical criteria forHealthcare IT departments. WithCross River Fiber’s dedicateddark fiber, you will have thehighest level of reassuranceknowing Cross River Fiber builtyour Medical IT solutionsnetwork.
  6. 6. New Jersey Network Map
  7. 7. ON-NET Key Data Center Locations• 3003 Woodbridge Ave, Edison NJ (IO DATA CENTER)• 101 Possumtown Rd, Piscataway NJ (DuPont Fabros)• 3 N. Corporate Place, Piscataway NJ (SAVVIS/DRT)• 365 S.Randolphville Rd, Piscataway NJ (DRT)• 125 Belmont Ave, Somerset NJ (DataPipe)• 755 Secaucus Rd, Secaucus NJ (Equinix/NY4)• 165 Halsey St, Newark NJ (Carrier Hotel/MMR)• 1400 Federal Blvd, Carteret NJ (Verizon OCC/NASD)• 300 Blvd East, Weehawken NJ (SAVVIS)• 100 Delawanna Ave, Clifton NJ (Telx)• 2 Peekay Drive, Clifton NJ (Telx)• 1700 MacArthur Blvd, Mahwah NJ (NYSE)“In addition to the above On-Net locations Cross River Fiber’s robust network is NEAR-NETwithin a half a mile to hundreds of enterprise buildings which consist of multi tenant, single tenantand data center end user customers. We are constantly expanding our on-net building list, so pleaseinquire to determine proximity to Cross River’s network.”
  8. 8. Financial Vertical Latency Matrix300 JFK Blvd,Weehawken, NJ755 SecaucusRd, Secaucus, NJ100 DelawannaAve, Clifton, NJ1700 MacArthurBlvd, Mahwah NJ165 Halsey Street,Newark, NJ1400 FederalBlvd, Carteret,NJ3 CoroporatePl, Piscataway,NJfiber kms fiber kms fiber kms fiber kms fiber kms fiber kms fiber kms300 JFK Blvd,Weehawken, NJ5.94 22.54 48.70 36.98 34.55 62.55755 Secaucus Rd,Secaucus, NJ5.94 16.44 42.54 30.88 30.98 58.98100 Delawanna Ave,Clifton, NJ22.54 16.44 35.68 14.44 37.65 65.801700 MacArthur Blvd,Mahwah NJ48.70 42.54 35.68 47.40 69.89 97.60165 Halsey Street,Newark, NJ22.54 30.88 14.44 48.98 23.25 51.351400 Federal Blvd,Carteret, NJ34.55 30.98 38.05 36.08 23.25 28.103 Coroporate Pl,Piscataway, NJ62.55 58.98 65.80 97.6 0 51.23 28.10
  9. 9. • Cross River Fiber Expands its NJ Fiber Optic Footprint to Mahwah, NewJersey. To read the release in its entirety click here• Cross River Fiber Completes Ultra-Low Latency Route BetweenWeehawken and Secaucus, New Jersey Cross River Fiber’s focus is onaccessibility, diversity, redundancy and flexibilityTo read the release in its entirety click here• Cross River Fiber Partners With Telx For Network Access ServicesTo read the release in its entirety click hereIn The News
  10. 10. Market talk…“Cross River Fiber plays a key role in theenablement of Atlantic Health System’shealthcare mission, providing a dark fiber-based network to support large datatransfers required by new medicaltechnology“As Cross River Fiber is also a New Jersey basedcompany with proven technical capabilities,selecting their network services for the new routewas an easy decision for our team. “-Kathy Perone, COO, Hibernia Atlantic“Customers are not only seeking connectivity to theprimary exchanges, but they also require thenecessary infrastructure support to deliverincreasing data volumes at thelowest latencies possible.”-Brett Diamond, President,Hudson Fiber Network"Working with one of New Jerseys leadingfiber optic solution providers strengthensour ability to offer global connectivityservices to our customers both in NewJersey and around the globe"-Eric Shepcaro, CEO, Telx
  11. 11. THANK YOU!For more information visit:www.crossriverfiber.comStay Connected: