Designing A Library In Second Life For April 8 2010 Fla
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Designing A Library In Second Life For April 8 2010 Fla



We have been working to establish a new Tampa Library on Second Life on one of the USF Islands. Our main audience is faculty who are using Second Life to explore teaching and learning in virtual ...

We have been working to establish a new Tampa Library on Second Life on one of the USF Islands. Our main audience is faculty who are using Second Life to explore teaching and learning in virtual worlds. We want our library to fit with the environment while providing enough space for changing exhibitions and tools so that faculty can learning about library resources and services to enhance their instruction. This slide presentation was put together for a Florida Library Association Poster Session, April 8, 2010.



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  • Thanks for the comments 01archivist! I get what you are saying. I guess our intentions weren't clear. As you note, we didn't attempt to cover everything that libraries are doing in SL. This was part of a presentation to describe our thinking as we design our particular space. So... we're not a Moodle institution, we aren't planning on hosting professional meetings... There are plenty of great things going on in SL that aren't part of our specific plans.
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  • This presentatioln really misses the boat by covering only the basics.

    What's not discussed?
    * Library presence in Second Life is not limited to Info Island
    * Professional organizations in Second Life such as ALA & ACRL are not mentioned
    * Full-text: Recreating public domain books, serials, and Gov Docs in Second Life
    * New Liteature: Self publishing in Second Life; items not available elsewhere
    * Careers: Job Centers, Employment, Training, and University courses in Second Life
    * Audiovisual: Complete podcasts and audiobooks (not just links) in Second Life
    * Machinima library and educational videos
    * Archival materials & Oral Histories in Second Life
    * 3d immersion and interactivity with materials
    * Surveys and studies (user behavior, technology, etc.)
    * Linkage to educational tools like SLoodle (Moodle for Second Life)
    * National and international library conferences and symposia held in Second Life or as 'mixed reality' events
    * International collaboration, networking, and idea sharing

    ...and much, much more!
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  • Based on Wikipedia entry, Richard Bartle, Sarah Robbins

Designing A Library In Second Life For April 8 2010 Fla Designing A Library In Second Life For April 8 2010 Fla Presentation Transcript

  • Designing a Library in Second Life Joe Floyd & Ilene Frank Tampa Library, University of South Florida
  • To Begin with… What’s a 3D virtual world?
    • A computer-simulated world modeled on the “real world” with gravity, topography, locomotion, and actions.
    • A virtual world is persistent.
    • The world is shared – i.e. multi-user
    • Users are represented by an avatar
    • Avatars can make persistent changes in-world and communicate in real-time.
  • What is Second Life?
  • Second Life is….
    • A 3D virtual world where residents can do… anything they’d like.
    • Allows residents to create and own their environment, their own avatars.
    • Not a “game” - Nothing to win!
    • A place to explore, play, build, work, learn, shop, socialize…
  • Resources for Educators in Second Life
  • Some Libraries in Second Life
    • See and
    • American Library Association
    • Bradley University
    • College of DuPage
    • Florida State University
    • Glenview Public Library
    • Internet Public Library
    • McGill University Library
    • McMaster University Library
    • Norgesbiblioteket (Norway)
    • Orange Country Public Library
    • Otis College of Art and Design
    • SJSU School of Library & Information Science
    • Stanford U
    • Topeka and Shawnee County Public Lib. (Kansas)
    • University of Florida
    Ilene’s avatar visits McGill Univ Library site in Second Life
  • What other libraries are doing
    • Exhibits
    • Marketing library resources and services
    • Reference
    • Instruction
    • Meetings
  • Steps to set up a library in Second Life
    • Get approval to plan and build
    • Decide on intended uses and audience
    • Consider the site we are using
    • Decide on library design and construction
  • Getting Approval to Set Up a Library
    • Tampa librarians had permission from administrators to explore Second Life starting in June 2006
    • We were able to make developing a library in Second Life part of our job assignment.
    • We had a free building and very cheap “land” from 2006 - 2009
    • Once we decided to request a move to a USF island, we discussed a partnership with Center for 21 st Century Teaching Excellence – the group on campus running some USF islands.
    • We haven’t been asked to submit a formal, written proposal - but that could happen.
    • We will meet with C21stTE and library administrators to finalize plans
  • What is the Audience for the Tampa Library in Second Life?
    • We are partnering with the Center for 21 st Teaching Excellence.
    • Center for 21 st Teaching Excellence mandate for Second Life space is university faculty and getting them interested in using Second Life for teaching. (Their purpose is not to attract new students to the University.)
    • Therefore, our library audience is university faculty.
  • Our Intended Use for the Tampa Library in Second Life?
    • The mission of our library is to provide faculty with information about USF library resources and services that would support their classroom instruction and research. Working in partnership with Center for 21st Century Teaching Excellence, we will introduce faculty to Second Life and the ways it can be used for teaching and research.
    • Highlight Special collections
    • Link to library resources: catalog & databases
    • Provide contact with Reference Librarians
    • Highlight library services such as: document delivery, library instruction sessions, new book lists, bibliographies, etc.
  • Examples of What Other Libraries are Doing in Second Life
  • Exhibits
    • Central Florida Memory Project
    • Alliance Book of the Month Display
  • Book Displays
  • Highlighting special collections (L) Japanese Art: UNC (R) Stanford Library Virtual Archive
  • Linking to Library Resources
  • Providing Guides to Resources
  • Highlighting Free Digital Collections
  • Providing Reference Service
  • Teaching Information Literacy
  • Give Quizzes
  • Hold Meetings
  • How can we do the same kinds of things? Tools for the Job!
    • Joe has been busy collecting tools we might need for our library on Second Life
  • Mailbox : Click to contact librarian
  • Slide Viewer: Show Powerpoint Slides, Pictures, etc.
  • Landmark Giver - used to provide users with links to other places on Second Life
  • URL Giver: Used to provide users with links to resources outside of SL
  • Notecard Giver: Used to provide written information
  • What about Design & Construction?
    • Will you rent or buy land?
    • How much space will be available?
    • Will you buy building or create your own?
    • How will the library fit in with the environment?
    • How will the building be furnished?
  • Some Libraries try to recreate their real life libraries….. Shimberg Library at USF – in Real Life above.  Shimberg Library in Second Life
  • USF Health Sciences USF Health Sciences in Second Life USF Health Sciences in real life 
  • Bradley University Library
  • FSU Library
  • Some libraries use buildings that are NOT like real life…. Sci Fi and Fantasy Portal
  • University of Florida : Library West
  • The site we will use on one of the USF Islands
    • Our building needed to fit in with existing beach theme at USF islands run by the Center for 21 st Century Teaching Excellence
  • Buildings Near Our Site
  • Prefabs by Mudshake Under Consideration Advantages: Buildings are available for little money – and ready to be set up
  • Joe and Friends: Building Ideas Joe and his friends played with 2 beach themed ideas for our building. Advantages: These buildings use fewer “prims” – the units that make up objects like buildings. Using fewer prims means more prims for other things.
  • Library Building 1
  • Library Building 2
  • Where we are now with our project?
    • We have been promised a site on one of the USF islands
    • We have several choices of buildings.
    • We have ideas for services to provide.
    • We’re waiting for approval to proceed!
  • For Additional Information..
    • Contact us:
    • Joe Floyd
    • [email_address]
    • Joe Cupola on Second Life
    • Ilene Frank
    • [email_address]
    • Ilene Pratt on Second Life