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What Is Social Media

What Is Social Media






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    What Is Social Media What Is Social Media Presentation Transcript

    • ‘What is social media?’
      By Emma, Sian, Mike and Rinqueche
    • Social Media
      Social Networking Sites
      Online Photo books i.eFlickr
      YouTube/Video blogs
      Micro Blogging
    • What Makes Media Social?
      Media is made social by the way we communicate with each other
      Social Media is something which is interpersonal way of connecting with friends from a distance
      This can be done with various different types of social media
      Although media such as Television can be social when watching in a group, using a social networking site such as Facebook is a more independent
    • Social Networking Sites
      ‘Social Networking Sites 'are a way we communicate with all our friends and family in one space
      You can check friends statuses to feel connected with them even though you are not in physical contact with them.
      You can browse and upload photos/videos.
      You can add and browse information pages which holds personal information about that person, and contact information.
    • Social Networking Sites
      You can also use them as a event diary, inviting people to events such as birthdays.
      They have become a necessity for users that they are becoming available on mobile devices.
      Some examples of Social Networking sites
      Ning (Can create your own Social Network)
      Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.’
    • YouTube/Video Blogs
      Video Sharing sites is a social media, the most popular of these is YouTube
      Users can upload their own videos to share with friends and the entire world
      These videos can be homemade movies, camera footage of an event anything, and it enables users to generate videos of whatever they want and socialise at the same time
      People also use YouTube to create video blogs to document to their users/subscribers
    • Micro Blogging
      Micro Blogging is the newest type of social media.
      Twitter, a Micro Blogging site, is an example of these sites. Twitter was founded in 2006 and has become one of the top 50 websites and has created a huge popularity in a short time
      Twitter enables you to post blogs or ‘Tweets’ that can be used to communicate with their followers so that they can see what they are tweeting about
      This creates a social environment and a way we can connect and feel close to the persons post we are viewing
      Businesses and popular websites use twitter to create news updates to their followers, which enable them to view the rest of the story on their site.
      This shows the convergence of social media.
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