Internet marketing-review Issue 2


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Internet marketing-review Issue 2

  1. 1. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis your big why answer on paper. Go ahead reason WHY. You are very likely to failInternet Marketing and do it now, I will wait... to achieve it. It is imperative for yourGoal Setting - Part I outcome to be specific, positive, and Welcome back. Well done. Now, have timed. Just think about it. a look at what you have written. First of all, is it positive? If you written that your boss is an arsehole and you want to In the next part we will discuss how make money to quit your day job, guess to create a compelling goal for yourself what? It is negative. If you have written and how to set yourself up to success in something like "I want to buy a Porsche achieving it. For now, your homework and fly a private jet", thats positive. Put is to rewrite your answer in a way it is a big plus on a paper if you answer is positive, specific and has a time frame. positive and a minus if it is negative. And remember, Internet marketing review is a business. Talk soon.Today we are going to cover Next step is to read your answer againsomething very important for yourInternet marketing review business. The and see if it specific or not. For example, Internet Marketingmajority of Internet marketers ignore "I want to make more money than I am making now" is not specific. It is Goal Setting - Partthese matters and you know the results.It is not a secret that ninety five percent actually total crap. I mean, you can make IIof people do fail to make any significant one cent more money and it will still be This is a second articles in a seriesmoney online. As far as I remember, more than you are making now. Specific of articles about Internet marketingan average Internet marketers "income" answer would sound like "I want to make review business goal setting. By usingis something like one or two thousand $93123.23". Check your answer. If it is the methods of goal setting that I amdollars. Per year! Now, you definitely specific, put a big plus on paper, if it is about to uncover in this article youdo not want to be part of this crowd. not, put a big minus. will set yourself apart from the ninetyIf you truly desire to make a full time five percent of other Internet marketersincome online you have to listen to me and, in fact, any other people on thevery attentively now. Now, check if your answer has any time planet. Yes, the majority of the Earth frames for completion. If you answeredIf you are to succeed online or in population never sets any goals in life "I want to quit my day job", it is doubleany other significant endeavour in your and in business and, as a result of this crap. First, it is negative and second,life you have to set goals. If you are neglect, achieves nothing. it has no time frame. By when do youanywhere like me, you have probably want to quit your day job? Or better,read a lot of self-help gibberish about They do not have money, power, and how much money will you make by whenpositive thinking, goal settings and alike. relationship they so desire and they so you can do whatever you want. OrAnd do not get me wrong, positive drift aimlessly in life in a hope that much better, how much money will youthinking and other self-help methods someone else (governments, charities, make by when so you can go skydiving inwork wonders if applied properly. church, their grandma) will take care of New Zealand (because "whatever" is notHowever, today we are going to execute them or that things would magically turn specific enough). Does your answer havea bit different goal setting plan. Grab a out good for them. Their biggest dream a time frame? If yes, big plus for you, iffew sheets of paper and a pen and read is to win the lottery of life but they never no, big minus.on. It will be fun, I promise. even buy a ticket. You are not one of them, are you? Well, even if you are,First step for you will be to write down you are in good hands. We are going toyour WHY. Just kinda stop and start Have a look at your sheet of paper fix it all right now. Grab a few sheetsthinking about why you are doing all this now. If you have less than three pluses of paper and a pen and be ready to beInternet marketing stuff. There must be you have a problem. If you have less transformed.a big and compelling reason why. Go than three pluses, what you have writtenahead and spend a few minutes writing is not a goal and is not a compelling 1
  2. 2. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisLet us quickly go over the top major quit you day job because you want it. Gotcharacteristics of the well defined goal. it? That is why you need to drop this crapIf you remember from the previous and start moving TOWARDS what you The second point to consider is, they are positivity, specificity and want now. Yes, article spinning is a kind of a greytimeliness. We will start with the first hat technique in the eyes of the searchone. I would like you to just stop and So, go ahead, take a sheet of paper engines but it is still very important.start thinking about what do you want and rewrite your goal in a way it There are few new rules you must followout of your business. Write it down on is towards the desired outcome. Take to succeed in article spinning nowadays.paper and when you finish go over it and a minute and write it down in asread it out loud. It must sound positive. much details as possible and when you The most important task is to spinFor example, "I do not want to go to my are ready, come back. Done? Welcome you title as much as possible. I suggestday job anymore" is negative, "I want to back. How did you go? Read over writing at least ten, maybe twenty ormake one million dollars" is positive. your Internet marketing review business more, different unique versions of you goal and check for all the importand title. After that, spin as many words inHowever, there is one more very points. It must be positive, towards the these tittles as you can. Lastly, combineimportant characteristic of the well desired outcome, specific and timed. all spun titles into one bigger spunformed goal. Please, please, pay close Have you got everything covered? If yes, title so you are using inner spinningattention now. It is being TOWARDS congratulations. You are making a good for words. Please note, not all ofdesired outcome, not AWAY FROM progress. We will continue in the next article distribution services or softwareundesired outcome. Let me give you article. support two level spinning. I reviewedan example. "I want to quit my day some good software and services at myjob" is positive but is is AWAY FROM website (see author resource box).kind of outcome. You want to move Using Articleaway from some undesired situation orprevent something bad thing to happen. Marketing for Next task is to spin you resource box.While it might work, and I agree that Traffic Generation What is important here is to spin yourfear is a greates motivator of all, you links and anchor text. Use at least three, Article marketing is one of themust reverse your thinking if you are perhaps more different links and spin major traffic generation strategies youto become successful and achieve you three or more anchor key phrases. I should employ to promote your onlinedesired outcome. usually use various links to my web site business. Despite the latest Google inner pages mixed with links to YouTube algorithm changes article marketingJust stop and start thinking about what videos and Web 2.0 feeder sites. This should remain your top priority. Theredo you want. What kind of outcome way, when you mass submit your article, are, however, some considerations youyou will move towards that will take you are not only linking to your web site, need to keep in mind doing articlecare of all "dont wants" that you might you are also promoting the feeder sites marketing or writing Internet marketinghave? Let us take the example of "I and help your YouTube videos to rank review in two thousand and eleven.want to quit my day job". What kind higher. In this article I will cover top threeof outcome you will move towards will points to consider. I will also cleartake care of it? I might have an idea up some misconception about properthat it can be something like "I am The last task is to spin the article article writing and submissions. Let usworking four hours per day from home body. Use the same approach as with get into it.and earn $123497 per year after tax" or it article title. Rewrite whole paragraphsmight be something like "My real estate The first point to consider is your article if you can, combine them intoinvestment portfolio brings me a passive content. To put it simple, it is imperative one spun paragraph and add innerincome of $9857 per month after tax" or for your content to be unique. spinning for words and phrases usingit might be somehting else but you get TheBestSpinner or manually. It will takethe point. In the past you might have gone a bit more time but you will get highly away using rehashed private label rights spun content which will still be of a article but these times are now gone. high quality and readable by humans.Whats wrong with away from? Well, it Overused PLR articles will be discovered Remember, you goal is to put out usefulis simple. Your mind (this grey matter by Google bot and devalued or even content, not merely generate tons ofinside your skull in between you ears) ignored all together. There no much back links.takes everything you say literally. When point in rewriting PLR articles as well,you use "I want to quit my day job" even if you do a good job at it yourself After your spun article is ready, test itas a goal guess what happens? You will or use some of the advanced automatic thoroughly and ensure the content isALWAYS be in the state of WANTING to spinners like TheBestSpinner. readable. Please, please do not put out 2
  3. 3. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThisgarbage. We all deserve the better and The second option is to get a review copy maximum effect. The structure I amcleaner Internet. from a product owner. Product owners going to describe has proven to work do rely on affiliate sales heavily and in over and over again creating trust general are willing to provide an access from your customers and visitor andHow To Write to a product or service for you to review. producing sales.Internet Marketing It is very easy for already established affiliate who have proven track of sales If you use this structure in yourReview records to get access to brand new Internet marketing review you will products to review. It might not be dramatically increase your chances ofThere are several key factors you need that easy for a newbie affiliate who is success, whether it comes to make ato consider when you write Internet just getting started online. I personally sale or create a good relationship withmarketing review that sells. In this found that some product owners are your customers and website visitors. Ifarticle I will cover several very important very nice and friendly to relatively you ignore it, you review might still becomponents of a successful Internet unknown affiliates if you approach them successful but it might not be as effectivemarketing review and how to apply properly. Write a personal email to them as it could be. You will certainly produceit to your business. Although all my or get hold on them on Skype or instant fewer sales, create less trust, and will notrecommendations are optional, when messaging. Some product owners even position yourself as an expert on youryou use them you will dramatically publish their phone numbers on their topic. So, what is the magic formula?increase a chance of getting a sale affiliate resources page. If you just call There are six questions you need tofrom your review as well as position them up and explain what you are going answer in order in you review. Here areyourself as an expert and authority thus to do, how you are going to review and these questions.building trust and respect from your promote their product, the majority ofaudience. As a result, your reader will 1. What is the problem this product product owners will give an access to thebe likely to trust you and buy other or service is solving? In this section review copy of their product. In someproducts you recommend. If you ignore of your marketing review you must cases, especially when the product isthese recommendations, you can still do describe in as much details as very expensive, you might not get accesswell, make sales and build a mailing possible, what kind of problem to the product itself but they can providelist, however without a trust from your this product or service is trying you with materials like table of contents,readers and subscribers you are unlikely to solve. It is very important to checklists, and sample training videosto build a long term relationships and emphasis all the pain point and which you can use to make you ownmake more sales on a back end. So, let engage your reader in a way they judgement about the get started. become emotionally involved and I do not recommend writing a review for start to really feel the problem forBefore you even start writing a review, it themselves. a product or service based solely on theis important to get access to the product sample reviews provided by a product 2. What is the promise? In this partyou are going to review. owner for affiliates or on the sales of your review you must describe letter unless you know and trust the what kind of solution does this product author. You will be promoting product or service promise toThe first option is to just buy it. I usually the product or service to your customers deliver. Explain how this productwrite review for the products I actually and readers and, by using off the shelf or service promises to eliminatebought and used in my business and I review or sales letter hype, you can make the pain of the problem from theam really happy with. It makes writing sales but if the product actually doesnt first part of the review. Do notan honest review so much easier. Also, live up to the customers expectation, hype up the product here. Only talkwhen I owned and used a product or it will hurt you in a long run. Your about the claim product ownersservice for some time I usually develop customers and readers are your most make about providing a solution.some kind of technique or my special precious asset and their best interestway of using it. As a result, I can put all 3. Does it deliver? In this section should be your first priority.this information in a special report and you will reveal the answer to thisoffer it as a bonus. This kind of bonus is question. You must tell your readeractually looks very valuable in the eyesof the customer because it complements Structuring Internet if this product really lives up to its claims. Doe it solve the problem ita product with a case study of a real user Marketing Review is supposed to solve? Does it dousing it to achieve a real result that thecustomer wants. So, buy a product if you for the Better Effect it in an easy and effective way? Describe the features of productcan afford it or if you are actually going In this article I am going to discuss very or service in the light of it beingto use it in your business. effective and proven way on structuring a solution to the pain from the your Internet marketing review for 3
  4. 4. March 14th, 2011 Published by: ReviewOfThis section one. Use feature lists and solution to the bigger pain your bullet points if you like. customer is experiencing that high price. You can also mention the 4. What do you think? This section fact that your bonus adds even is for your personal opinion about more value to the product and the product or service you are service. promoting. You can be as biased as you like in this section. Hopefully you have used the product or service yourself and benefited from it in some way. You can describe your personal experience and how this product or service solved a problem for you. It is also good to introduce your bonus here in the light of your personal experience. It can be a cheat sheet or report on your own special way of using this product or services. This kind of bonuses is very valuable for your customers. 5. Is there something negative? If you are honest in your review you will probably find one or two negative aspects in the product or service you are promoting. This is fine to highlight it here. It will make your review more honest and you will earn trust of your audience. It is a very good idea to re-enforce your bonus offer here as something that will help to overcome this negative aspects or help you customer to avoid some possible pitfalls. You shouldnt make notice of any major negative points. They all should be minor. If product or service you are promoting has a lot of major negative points you probably shouldnt be promoting it in a first place. 6. Is it worth the money? In a conclusion, write about your personal opinion on whether this product worth the money or not. If you review a proper product which is unreasonably priced, you can justify the high ticket price here by mentioned this product as a 4