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Internet Marketing Review

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Review Issue #1 Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing Review
  2. 2. http://www.reviewofthis.comContentsBeing Successful At Affiliate Marketing .................................................................................................. 2An Overview of Article Marketing........................................................................................................... 3Clearing Up the Confusion about Copywriting ....................................................................................... 4How to Do Email Marketing Properly ..................................................................................................... 5Some Things You Should Know About Internet Marketing .................................................................... 6An Overview of a Landing Page .............................................................................................................. 7Some Points to Consider About SEO Services......................................................................................... 8A Look at Using the Squeeze Page .......................................................................................................... 9
  3. 3. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewBeing Successful At Affiliate MarketingWhen one thinks of affiliate marketing, he or she probably wonders what is needed in order tosucceed at this and make a living at it. Because there is a lot of competition in this field, one musthave some important qualities in order to succeed and achieve what his or her goals are. There arefive specific qualities one must possess to be successful in marketing.If one wishes to try this as a career, he or she must be willing to learn and be trained. Success doesnot happen overnight. It is easy to get lost if one does not have directions. Learning the tricks and awillingness to listen will get one going in the right direction.One must be willing to invest his or her time and efforts, even when it seems like nothing ishappening. Many months may pass with nothing happening, but it is then when he or she must holdon and wait for the big payoff. If one gives up at this point, he or she will have wasted a lot ofvaluable time and energy.When it seems like he or she can go on no further, he or she must push ever on. One must have self-determination. Never giving up is a quality enveloped inside each and every marketer. It may seemdaunting, but one must not give up. Success will occur when the time is right.Because there is a lot of waiting in this career field, the quality of discipline is much admired. If oneworks hard every day to the best of his or her ability, it will pay off in the long run. Good things cometo those who wait.Again, because there is a lot of waiting involved, one must possess the quality of optimism. Thosewho have a negative viewpoint against affiliate marketing, naysayers should not be able to sway amarketer from his or her path. One should not let him- or herself be influenced by people who donthave anything good to say.When one thinks of affiliate marketing, he or she probably wonders what is needed in order tosucceed and make a living at it. Because there is a lot of competition in this field, one must havesome important qualities in order to succeed and achieve what his or her goals are. These fivespecific qualities just mentioned are what one must possess in order to be successful in this careerchoice.
  4. 4. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewAn Overview of Article MarketingFresh content is what the search engines require of articles that are used in promoting products andservices. Once written, you need a means of getting people to read them and follow the link at thebottom, in hopes that they will make a purchase. Where you use those articles to market yourbusiness will be the secret to your success. Lets take a look at some of the details of articlemarketing.This type of marketing is actually two fold, in that the articles are used to promote your business,while also being able to earn money through revenue sharing. Whether you are a writer who ispromoting your skills and talents to create content for others, or you are an entrepreneur whoneeds articles to promote your products, its the articles that get marketed first.The success of any product depends on where it is marketed, and the needs or desires of theaudience being targeted. There would be insufficient reasons to promote face creams to no otheraudience but automobile mechanics memberships, when only 1% of their members might actuallyuse the product.Content directories offer a service of publishing your articles where people in your niche market canread about what you have to offer. Part of the publishing deal can pay you for your content throughsharing the revenue from advertising when your readers click on an ad that is displayed with yourarticle.Some directories are set up to effectively sell your articles to other business owners, and you get apercentage of the sale, which is similar to getting a royalty from selling a book. Once the article issold, it belongs to the person who bought it, and they have the say so over how it gets used in onlinepromotions.Search engines insist on unique content, which means your articles will be ignored by the SEs if thespiders find duplicate copies of them at numerous places on the Internet. You want to use contentdirectories that remove your articles from their database during the payment process of selling yourcontent.Knowing how and where to find the best market for any product or service is probably the mostdifficult part of any business. There is no profit in spinning your wheels with an audience that has noreason to buy what you are selling. The title of your articles can make or break the success of yourefforts, and you may be better off using a service which specializes in article marketing.
  5. 5. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewClearing Up the Confusion about CopywritingCopywriting should not be confused with the process of getting a Copyright. A Copyright is arecorded submission of something that has already been written, and needs the protection offeredby this process to prevent unauthorized use or sale of duplicates of your work. Lets take a look atwhat is involved in writing copy that is either for sale, or to be used in some printed form.In the cyber world of the Internet, entrepreneurs are busily writing content to describe theirproducts and services, and these documents are then accessible to the world. It usually doesnt takelong to realize how time consuming it is to write fresh and original content, and they hire someoneto do for them. Providing this type of copy is known as copywriting.When the search engines started requiring original content, providing this type of service requireswriting without duplicating the content on some other website. If there is duplication, the SE spiderswill detect it and either ignore your web site, or completely block it out of their search engine resultspages.It may seem like it would be easy to sit down and simply start writing, but when it comes to writingfor the Internet, there is a lot more involved in it than writing a book. Online businesses are trying torank as high in the SERPs as possible by using specific words which the SEs use as keywords toproduce their results.In most cases, these keywords need to appear in specific locations of a document in order to helprank the page higher in the SE results. The effort gets more exciting when the SEs decide to changetheir algorithms for this location. Attempting to stay informed of such changes can be a dauntingtask.The writing style that is used can also be an issue in where a web site ranks in the search engines.There are certain types of punctuation which are either penalized, or totally ignored, when thedocument is indexed. Using numbered lists, and special characters can results in your page not evenappearing in the search engines.Article directories also have requirements on what type of content they will allow you to submit totheir services, and can be even more reason to need the services of someone who is in the knowabout SE requirements. When attempting to promote your web site, you may want to considerhaving a company do your copywriting for you.
  6. 6. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewHow to Do Email Marketing ProperlyThese days email marketing has a bad name. People hear the words and automatically think of inboxes filled with unsolicited junk mail for "Russian mail order brides" and plead from false Africanprinces for money without ever thinking about the good, honest uses for the media. Here are a fewtips to prevent your company from being lumped in with the spammers.The first trick is to make sure that people will only be on the mailing list if they want to be. Thismeans that the opt-in form should be very clear and easy to understand. If check boxes are used tolet someone be added to the list, have the check box be large and easy to read. It should also clearlystate that checking the box adds them to the list.Never use opt-out forms for adding people to a mailing list. People are used to seeing check boxes asa way to be added to a list, not as a way to NOT be added to a list. There is a high probability thatthey will not notice that it is an opt-out check box, will not realize they signed up to the list, and willconsider any mail sent by your company as spam.Spammers do not generally use professional looking mails. Something so small as using basic HTMLto add in nice colors and eye catching graphics can help show users that your company istrustworthy. A trustworthy company also has the titles of the letter directly relate to what the letteris about. For example, "Save big at our winter clearance!" will look better to a reader than "click hereto save".Another thing that helps build customer trust is having it very easy to leave the mailing list. At thebottom of each letter should be a message that assures the customer that they can leave the mailinglist whenever they wish along with a clearly defined link to an unsubscribe page. The unsubscribelink in the mail and unsubscribe page must work as well, or else it was all for nothing.There are many companies and individuals sending mails these days. By choosing wisely how yourmessages are sent you can avoid having your email marketing be confused with spam while buildingthe customers trust in your company. Making a good mailer can take effort, but it is worth therespect that it brings.
  7. 7. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewSome Things You Should Know About Internet MarketingThe outcome of Internet marketing is crucial to the success of your business, and requires that youremain current with the latest in search engine requirements, as well as the use of other technology.With the portability of laptop computers and mobile phones, people can surf the Internet from anylocation where they can receive a connection signal.Even though it should go without saying, it is imperative that you have a website and that it is userfriendly. If your site is well organized, anyone who visits it will have no problem in finding what theywanted. There should be a means of allowing them to get in contact with you, in case they do havemore questions.A business web site might also need to be WAP enabled, and provide access to your account on anyof the mobile services, such as links to Twitter and a possible RSS feed. There are specific details ofadvertising through these services so you can maintain contact with your marketing audience, anddetermine if this right for your type of business.Each of your product pages has words that describe your product and considered to be relatedcontent, which is what the SEs require. From this content keywords develop which are used in youradvertising campaigns. It is considered keyword spamming to over use the common words, andusing words designed to trick; people into clicking on your link is known as black marketing tactics.Pay-Per-Click (PPCs) is a form of advertising used by both the search engines and other promoters onmobile devices. Your keywords will be used in designing your ads, and you get the benefit of onlypaying for the ad after someone follows your link to the proper destination. This arrangement makesit very affordable to use, as long as you set a budget and a cut-off point of expenditures.Blogs have become a popular venue for trying to advertise a business, and can be very beneficial ifimplemented correctly. Keep in mind that for every comment you post, other people can post acomment in return. Blogging can be very time consuming if you are trying to find the appropriateblogs for your product or service.The Internet can be a great place to promote your own business and provide you with a good returnon your investment. However, it is not to be entered into without thorough preparations andknowledge of what efforts will produce the best results. You might well find out that it could be inyour best interest to hire the services of a company who keeps up with the latest in Internetmarketing requirements.
  8. 8. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewAn Overview of a Landing PageYour landing page is where you want to have the highest amount of traffic because it means you arethat close to making a sale and generating profit. All of your efforts to promote the link have beenworth it, and the moment of truth has arrived. This is the final step in selling your product or serviceso the page has to be designed to complete the sale.The landing strip for a plane is not the end of the flight. The plane still has to taxi to the terminal forthe passengers to complete their journey. The link to your product document is not a final sale,because the visitor still has to become a customer, and the wording involved in helping this tohappen is vitally important to the desired result.Maintaining the visitors attention is part of a successful web site, and now is not the time to clutterup your offer with other links. You want to eliminate all distractions so that they stay focused onmaking a purchase. This is the page that needs to answer all possible questions that a potentialcustomer might have, and provide a place where they can contact you if they come up with one thatisnt already answered.When your link was followed, the person was already interested in what is being offered, yet it isimportant to provide a brief summary or a list of benefits to help refresh their memory. This can bedone by stating each point in very few words that help cause them to finish reading and then clickthe payment button.Depending on what type of product, some entrepreneurs like having a video for people to watchwhich can show exactly how the product works. This can be a good idea for anything from DIYprojects to computer software or e-Books. Even personal services can benefit from having a videothat introduces you to the prospective customer.One of the possible draw backs to using videos for making the final sale is that computers havingtechnical problems and your visitor may not be able to watch the video. Another drawback is that itcould be too distracting and cause people to decide it isnt worth watching the rest of the shortmovie.The whole idea of this final step is to cause a visitor to quickly become a customer, and if anythingdistracts their attention it can cause you to lose the sale. A good landing page can be difficult todevelop into an award winning location, but there are services available which can take care of thisimportant matter for you.
  9. 9. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewSome Points to Consider About SEO ServicesSEO services are offered by companies who stay informed of the latest ranking requirements of theInternet search engines. SEs offer advertising which generates the revenue it takes to keep them inbusiness. They are entitled to protect their interests by implementing methods to ensure the qualityof their service in producing quality results.Using a reputable search engine optimization service will help you avoid the pitfalls and perils ofdoing things with your web site which can cause it to rank lower in the SERPs. They know the list ofpossible violations which can result in lower rankings, or possibly result in the SEs refusing to indexyour site.One of the offenses they will avoid is known as keyword spamming. This might sound simple, butwhen you are writing an article, or product description, you may not realize how many times youveused one of the words in your keyword phrase in other sentences. Each time that word is repeated,it adds up the total and could inadvertently get your site blocked from the SE spiders.Meta Tags are used by the search engines to help index your site, because they contain informationwhich is related to a search request. However, there are methods by which you can harm yourchances of success, if the words used in the tags are a part of a violation. An SEO company knowshow to avoid this situation and increase your chances of success.Backlinks are a crucial factor in helping to raise a sites SE rankings. These links must be connected tosites which are related to your area of business, and provide visitors with a congruent navigationthat remains focused on the intent of your business. Just any old links are not acceptable to the SEspiders.Your web site can actually be penalized due to its layout. The SE spiders have been educated to findwell organized information. It may seem like an easy task to create a web page and simply be donewith it. However, using categories to group related items can increase your ranking, yet the positionthose links are place on the page can appear to be confusing to the spiders.In the early days of the Internet, it was a very simple matter of starting an online business. Youregistered a domain name, built a web site and submitted your URL to the SEs. Those days are gone.Now, SEs have tightened down on all forms of site spamming. When optimizing the chances of yoursite being successful, you may want to hire the experience behind good SEO services.
  10. 10. Click Here to Visit Internet Marketing ReviewA Look at Using the Squeeze PageA squeeze page is intended to squeeze information out of the person who follows the link thatbrought them to your site. You have spent a lot of time, and perhaps a lot of money, trying topromote the product, and now you want to make the sale. This type of web document differs from alanding page in that a person has to enter their information before going to what they wanted.This type of information gathering is one of the lead generating tactics which provides you with theinformation you need to continue trying to make a sale to the person who enter their data. Unlessyou are offering something to the visitor that is absolutely necessary for them to have, this methodmay not work if there isnt something in it for them.Many entrepreneurs use this opportunity to give the visitor something for free in exchange forentering the information you requested. If it is worth it to them, they may decide to continue andsee what else you have to offer. Its up to you to decide how important it is to have theirinformation, even if they dont make a purchase.One of the best offers to use in this tactic is to ask them to join your opt-in mailing list, which ispublished on a regular basis, and will provide them with weekly or monthly information they wouldotherwise have to spend time surfing the Internet to obtain. In the process you build an audience ofpeople who have started trusting you as an authoring on the subject.The trust that you can build from this type of page is a part of branding which helps peopleremember you and tell their friends and neighbours. By providing a free newsletter you still have aplace to present your offers inside the content of the regularly sent message. A simple link at thebottom of the letter can generate more sales.A properly designed squeeze page can benefit you in getting more leads, but it takes carefulplanning and presentation to make it work as you want it to. When considering the use of thismarketing tactic, you may want to hire a company who knows how to make it work so that it will getyou the most qualified leads possible.
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