Benefits of erp system


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  • blade server is a stripped-down server computer with a modular design optimized to minimize the use of physical space and energy. Blade servers function well for specific purposes such as web hosting, virtualization, and cluster computing. Individual blades are typically hot-swappable. As users deal with larger and more diverse workloads, they add more processing power, memory and I/O bandwidth to blade servers.
  • Benefits of erp system

    1. 1. Water is LifeThe Benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning compared to traditional functional system
    2. 2. Why ERP?A packaged business software systems that allows acompany toAutomate and integrate its business processesShare common data and practices across entireenterpriseProduce and access information in a real timeenvironment.
    3. 3. Simplifies operational and communication efficiencyIncreases interaction across enterpriseQuicker response time for informationImproved customer interactionAutomated reporting system in real timeWater meter readings can be transmittedremotely to the billing system (internet)
    4. 4. Integration of dissimilar processes Aids employee productivity ( ex invoices from manual and to automatic) Aids decision making Improves real time visibility and synchronization Significant IT time and cost savings Centralized database reduces the storage cost Displays all relevant customers information on all screens (ex. call centre agents)
    5. 5. Cost ReductionElimination of duplicate customers callsReduced complaintsAppointments on timeProviding accurate necessary details to engineers is based onreal time informationPrioritising engineers assignment to the sitesReduction of operational and administration cost ( paperless,less mistakes, reduction of staff)Accurate, invoices and billing reporting systemsaving money on delivery petrol consumption and paper usageIT operational cost reduction
    6. 6. Carbon Emission ReductionMoving from paper based system into electronic basedformatPresentation of customers bills electronically by emailAccessing customers accounts onlinePositive impact on global environmentMakes faster delivery of bills and information savingprecious time to the company and customers
    7. 7. Electronic-based communications Reduces the cost of billing Reduces the number of days outstanding in collection period The number of bad debts The amount of carbon emission More options to pay bills by direct debit, instalments, online etc Customers satisfaction Customer survey to improve customer services
    8. 8. Company’s growth and reputationERP thinks globally (a billing address can be indifferent country while the customer resides in theUK)Customer service or billing department can beprocured to a different countryAids in reaching OFWAT’s targets in reducingcarbon emission, less wasted water
    9. 9. ConclusionBy deploying sophisticated ERP system thecompany will not only standardize the system,reduce the cost, provide an excellent customersatisfaction and have a competitive advantagebut will successfully tackle and overcome alldifficulties that prevents them from takingtheir business to the more profitable,customer orientated and higher regulatedbusiness level.