Starting out in PR


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Starting out in PR

  1. 1. Starting out in PRSenior Vice President – FTI Consulting
  2. 2. I’m going to cover: • Top tips for breaking into PR • Social media and your job search • How to shine at interviews • Managing your career progression • State of the market for new entrants and grads
  3. 3. Top tips for breaking into PRDevelop your base knowledge through researchKnow what PR is (vs advertising, sales promotion…)Understanding the different types – consumer, corporate, financial…Know the key sources of information: CIPR, PRCA, PR Week...Get work experience if you canProvides hands on experienceGives you contactsGains you refereesEnsure your basic skills are strongInterpersonal skillsWriting skillsAbility to communicate clearly
  4. 4. Social media and your job searchSocial media understanding is a must for PR professionals, HOWEVER:Think about how public your personal life isIs your social media profile the one you’d like your future employer to see?If not, adjust your settings accordinglyDon’t think it’s too early for a professional profileConsider a LinkedIn profileMake sure it matches your CVAssume recruitment managers will look at your social media profile – I will!
  5. 5. NAMEIncrease your chances of getting an Personal details   Email Mobile  Addressinterview  Linked In/ Twitter/ Blog Summary (not essential but can be useful if you are changing career or sector) Keep this short and interesting and write in the first person. SummariseMake sure your CV sells you your experience, your skill set and what you are looking for in a new role but be careful not to use clichés e.g. ‘self motivated, capable of taking initiative’Clear and concise Work experience: Dates (e.g. May 2010-present), Company name, Job titleRelevant to the job (lots of examples) Clients include: … (obviously only include if you work in an agency) Key responsibilities: (include topics such as media relations; writing; client relationships; line management responsibilitiesInclude achievements and results etc)  Forged strong relationships with target media resulting in*Visit our blogs page for a chronological CV template  regular, high quality national and broadcast coverage Effectively managed high profile crisis situations (e.g.) securing senior comment and minimising negative publicity. Key achievements:  List a couple of achievements/highlights you are particularly proud of – this could be coverage gained, a crisis or event well managed etc but give specific examples and results. REPEAT FOR OTHER JOBS - but only include those which are directly relevant (i.e. PR experience) Education: Dates, University Degree subject, grade achieved School Dates, A Level subjects and grades (e.g. History - A) Dates, GCSE (e.g. 9A*) Training/Skills/Languages Extra-curricular activities/awards/interests  List key awards/interests e.g. Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award References available on request
  6. 6. How to shine at interview – pre-meetingResearchThe company/ agency – their clients, the campaigns they runBrainstormThink what questions you might be askedPractice your answers (including examples that support them)Think about questions of your ownPlanHow you’re going to get to the meetingWhat you’re going to wear
  7. 7. How to shine at interview – at the meetingMake the right first impressionSit up straight (even when you’re waiting in reception)Have a firm handshakeSmile!Listen to the interviewers’ questions…...And answer them (no tangents please!)Ask your questionsDon’t be shy or think they don’t want to hear themThey demonstrate that you’re thoughtful and want the job
  8. 8. Managing your career progressionSeize every chance to develop and practise your skillsWrite lotsGet to know key journalists and what they likeGet involved in brainstorms and contribute ideasUnderstand what you need to do to get promotedMake sure you have clear, achievable objectivesLet your line manager know when you’re meeting themBe willing to do the adminDo this well and account-handling work will follow
  9. 9. State of the market for new entrants and gradsDespite the recession, PR is a growing sectorE.g. 2010 – sector grew by 10-15% (while advertising shrank)It’s a competitive marketPR has always been a top career choice for graduatesPRCA industry research predicts the level of graduate recruitment willstay the same in 2012HOWEVER, agencies of all sizes are running grad schemesPersistence will pay offKnow what PR isGet yourself some relevant hands on experienceMake contacts and work them!
  10. 10. Thank youSenior Vice President – FTI Consulting Any questions? The Works Search and Selection 52 Brook Street London W1K 5DS