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  • Social media measurement has helped dozens of organizations take a Methodical Pragmatic and Common Sense approach to measuring social marketing initiatives
  • Embracing social Roberta Gogos

    1. 1. Embracing SocialRoberta Gogos @rgogoswww.gnostix.gr @gnostix
    2. 2. Welcome to the revolution!
    3. 3. Brands that shy away…
    4. 4. Change is the only constant "When people see things, they feel things. And when they feel things, they change."
    5. 5. Strategy 101: Know thyself
    6. 6. Knowledge ~ Vision ~ Insight Brand = Culture Brand = Community๏ KNOWLEDGE: Who are you? Understand your company’s DNA๏ VISION: What do you want to be?๏ INSIGHT: Who are you speaking to? What’s your audience (or market)?
    7. 7. Converse don’t broadcastIn new media people want and expectconversations – we must create them!
    8. 8. The business of business is..
    9. 9. Corporate culture shift๏ Humanize the company๏ Information sharing & engaging to create dialogue/ conversations๏ From hierarchical to horizontal relationships (social media democratizes)
    10. 10. Moving beyond fear…..towards a culture of acceptance. FACT:Most organizations still fear social media
    11. 11. Moving beyond fear…
    12. 12. Where to start?๏ Use social media to demonstrate executive support and build confidence throughout the organization.๏ Or start small with a narrow and specific purpose - consider a starter set of social media purposes that are magnetic to individuals to attract them into collaborative communities.
    13. 13. Influence on companystrategy & growth๏ Bringing together ๏ Collaborate and ideas of global share information workforce ๏ Widening of๏ Productivity personal improvement, redu networks, build cing email professional relationships, impro๏ Faster finding ve own status and people, info, expert creating ise communities
    14. 14. The big social experimentMany companies arestumbling blindly intosocial mediamarketing without ameasurementstrategy in place.
    15. 15. Listening to customers“Youve got to let theconversationshappen, even if youmight not like all ofthat conversation, itsgoing to happenaround the watercooler anyway.” Thething is to be therewhen they do happen!
    16. 16. Revisit tradition for innovationOrganizations thatdevelop social mediameasurementstrategies which alignkey success metricswith businessobjectives will evolvemore quickly. Thisrequires a pragmaticstrategy &measurement plan.
    17. 17. Social marketing analytics…is the discipline thathelps companiesmeasure, assess &explain theperformance of socialmedia initiatives in thecontext of specificbusiness objectives.
    18. 18. Social media isn’t a campaignBut the presence of a friend amongst friends
    19. 19. Successful brands....see themselves as networks which canconnect like-minded people around sharedinterests and causes
    20. 20. Thank you! Learn more: gnostix.grEmail us at info@gnostix.grFollow us @gnostix on TwitterMeet us on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/gnostixVisit our blog at gnostix.gr/blogLike us on Facebook at facebook.com/Gnostix