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This is a opening words which were presented by by Gad Lidror, Ignite COO and Haim Deutsch (CSC, CST) as part of AgileTour 2010, an international conference that was organized by Ignite and held in the Computer Science Faculty of the Technion, Israeli leading academic institute for technological studies

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Welcome Session, AgileTour

  1. 1. Haim Deutsch – CST, CSC Gad Lidror – Event Organiser and Ignite COO Computer Science Faculty Technion, Haifa
  2. 2. Acknowledgments www.agiletour.com11/11/2010 • Prof. Eli Biham, Dean of the Computer Science Faculty and Prof Shmuel Katz from the CS Faculty • Steering Committee – Mary Poppendieck, Haim Deutsch and Gad Lidror • Nokia Siemens Networks, Comverse and other industry leaders for sharing their experience • Our sponsors: HP, IBM, GigaSpaces, Ignite and TheMarker • The Agile Community professionals (You…)
  3. 3. Welcome www.agiletour.com11/11/2010 Agile is about: o A new way of thinking about software programming o A new logic for project management o People o Working Deliveries o Alignment to business o Having fun at work Agile is the most popular way organizations do software development today.
  4. 4. www.agiletour.com11/11/2010 AgileTour 2010 • AgileTour is a non profit organization, aiming at Massively communicate Agile Methodologies. • in 2009, AgileTour became the biggest conference on the Agile topic in the world • 2010 – AgileTour in 46 cities and 15 countries WW, covering Agile, Scrum, Lean, Software Engineering, Psychology aspects, etc.
  5. 5. AgileTour Israel – Building Agile Community • The first free Global Agile Event in Israel • Our objectives: o Building the Israel Agile Community o Sharing knowledge o Connecting betweenAgile professionals o Giving away real-life experience tips • This yearly event is the base for a continuous community effort all around the year www.agiletour.com05/05/09
  6. 6. Managing Empirical processes • Software development and Agile implementation are empirical processes • To manage them we need o Goals o Transparence o Inspection o Adaptation www.agiletour.com05/05/09
  7. 7. Israeli Agile Community – OurVision • In our vision, the Israeli Agile Community is here to help you succeed with your Agile development while: o Defining common Goals o Improving transparence in the community o Inspecting ourself o Adapting the Israeli Agile Community to our ever changing world o On going connection with international Agile Communities www.agiletour.com05/05/09
  8. 8. Admin • Parking • Tags • OpenSpace • Coffee, refreshments, Lunch www.agiletour.com11/11/2010
  9. 9. Agenda www.agiletour.com11/11/2010 09:00 Opening Words - Haim Deutsch and Gad Lidror 09:10 Greetings - Prof. Eli Biham, Dean of the Computer Science Faculty, Technion 09:20 Case Study: NSN – Implementing Agile in a large organization - Orit Karlin R&D manager at NSN and Aviram Eisenberg CEO at Ignite 10:00 Values, Principles and Practices: Moving Beyond “Names” and getting to What Works – Hillel Glazer, CEO at Entinex 10:40 Open Space presenters – “Going wild” in inviting you to their lectures 10:50 Coffee Break 11:10 Open Space 12:30 Case Study: Comverse - Agile Enablement in Localization Projects -Galit Altinyuva, Localization Unit Manager at Comverse 13:10 Lunch 14:00 It’s not about Working Software after all - Mary Poppendieck , Lean and Agile expert 14:45 Fear and Courage – The Agile Coaching Conflict - Haim Deutsch CSC and CST 15:30 Closing words - Gad Lidror, event Organizer and COO at Ignite
  10. 10. www.agiletour.com11/11/2010 Open Space Celebration Presenting… Station Feature teams and component teams - Haim Deutsch, Agile Strategor 1 Agile tools and practices - Oren Mishali ,Technion 2 Agile and organizational changes it brings - Aviram Eisenberg, Ignite 3 Agile in the world of medical device regulations - Mike Zeevi , Soft Quest 4 Agile Transition in a big and global company- Orit Karlin, NSN 5 Agile and ALM tools, automation, metrics and much more - Inbar West – Super Derivatives 6 The role of the PMO in an Agile organization - Rachel BenHanoch ,Telmap 7 Distributed Agile in global companies - Rachel Falk, Ignite 8 The benefits of agile in a competitive market, where cutting edge technology is a must - Guy Korland, GigaSpaces 9 XP Programming in Israel, what works and what does not - Gilad Manor, ValueShine 10