Earning Social Media Marketing Success


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You can't buy your way into the online conversation anymore, not with ads - you've got to earn your way in. Social ad spend is up and engagement is down. Marketers have mistakenly equated social media advertising with social media marketing, despite research that proves earned social engagement drives far better business results than paid social exposure.

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Earning Social Media Marketing Success

  1. 1. Jim Tobin @jtobin Earn It. Don’t Buy It. The Power of Organic Social Media Marketing
  2. 2. About Ignite Social Media 16 16
  3. 3. About Ignite Social Media Planning & Strategy Community Analysis Engagement Plans Campaign Strategy Community Strategy Implementation Creative & Technical Development Content Creation Community Activations Influencer Outreach Program Management Monitoring & Analytics Social Media Monitoring Goal Setting Social Media ROI Program Analytics Community Insights
  4. 4. The Trouble with Facebook
  5. 5. Organic Views Are Harder to Come By
  6. 6. Facebook Isn’t Helping
  7. 7. Facebook Isn’t Helping
  8. 8. Marketers Are Comfortable with Ads
  9. 9. Maintain Your Balance
  10. 10. Balanced Approach Earned The social current that carries the message Ignite takes over Paid Paid A driver and amplifier of growth and reach Owned Amplified Success Both a driver and benefiter of social efforts 93:1 cost
  11. 11. Organic Exposures Are Better 76% Lift 28% Lift
  12. 12. Organic Exposures Are Better 6x More Pages 2x More Pages
  13. 13. Organic Exposures Are Better 55% Lift No Lift
  14. 14. Prove It To Yourself
  15. 15. The Amplification Model Calculates the value of the following: In a given time period, we generated: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Facebook Organic Impressions Clicks on Facebook Links Twitter Impressions Clicks on Twitter Links Organic YouTube Views Blog Page Views Online Brand Impressions 1) 75,442,874 Organic Impressions Using Data from: On a spend of: • $1,660,000 (Agency fees and all expenses) A) B) C) D) Industry data on CPM for targeted online buys ($8 CPM) Industry average for cost-per-click advertising ($0.58 per click) Average cost per view for promoted YouTube videos ($0.20 per view) Parts of “Social Equivalent Ad Value Model” created by Tourism Ireland (http://scr.bi/KjPwEd) (Facebook and Twitter only) 2) 4,849,246 Social Actions (Links clicked, brand mentions, organic YouTube views, blog page views) With a value of: • $2,021,627.27 For a Purchase Equivalency of: • $1.21 for every $1 spent
  16. 16. Quality of Social Traffic versus Display http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/social-media-stats/social-media-campaigns-vs-banner-ads/
  17. 17. Tobin’s Law The size of a brand’s network is always smaller than the size of its network’s network
  18. 18. The Social Amplification Model Your Brand
  19. 19. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig
  20. 20. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig
  21. 21. Jeep Arctic Yeti Dig 25k shares 215k entries 120k new fans
  22. 22. Take Home Messages
  23. 23. Jim Tobin jim@ignitesocialmedia.com 919.653.2582 @jtobin
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