How Dodge Drives Organic Social Media Marketing Success


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Even the biggest brands in the world prefer earned media success over paid marketing spend. This webcast features Mark Malmstead, Senior Manager of Media, CRM, and Social Media for Dodge, and Ignite Social Media President Jim Tobin, discussing the behind-the-scenes strategy and execution that drives organic social media marketing success for one of America’s iconic auto brands.

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  • Mark is in charge of Social, Media, and CRM for Dodge
  • Introduce Dodge’s strategy – what they are trying to do and how they are trying to do it
  • Slides 5, 6, 7: Mark talking through these
  • Slides 5, 6, 7: Mark talking through these
  • Slides 5, 6, 7: Mark talking through these
  • Jim – minimal social advertising budget – Dodge made a strategic decision not to spend a lot. Very different approach, especially given that the auto industry is traditionally very big into ad spend.
  • So let’s start with owned media assets first… Dodge has a significant following on all of it’s social channels
  • Big presence on Facebook – Approach – heavy focus on Dodge page - Dodge doesn’t have a lot of different pages and we think we’re different from other brands in that way. But there is a challenger page – engagement here is great. 
  • Our Twitter has a healthy following. Dodge uses Twitter to support its other assets
  • Good for news – flexible platform. Good for in-depth articles
  • YouTube
  • Big following on Google+, but like most brands Dodge doesn’t have a huge following here, but we feel it is important for other reasons, like Search. 
  • Our content mixes in the new face of Dodge products…
  • … But also focuses on content series like “Throwback Thursday” and “Torque Tuesday” to embrace Dodge’s heritage…
  • ..and allows for users to share their own love and vision of Dodge through UGC in series like Mod Monday.
  • We insert ourselves in trending hashtags but we always stay true to our brand. 
  • There was no audience for the Dodge Dart – the millennial audience had never heard of Dodge Dart and this program was a fantastic way to change that. 
  • We went to DeviantArt to reach x community. We went to transworld to reach y audience, etc…
  • 19,000 hours on deviantART with 4,000 pieces of artwork submitted – we don’t know the extent to which the artists shared these things. One guy spent his entire week of vacation designing a piece.
  • Transworld designers designed their own skateboardsWinning Free Clothing Shirt was given away/sold on the Vans Warped Tour
  • Over 500 ReverbNation users submitted music and users tallied 90,500 votes and 34,600 shares
  • Phase 1:•Users visited and filled out a registration form with a 1,000 character essay and corresponding photo that explained why they are the ideal Dodge brand advocate—entrants had the opportunity to opt-in to brand email correspondence. As soon as someone entered, they had a seven day voting period window for their respective entry.
  • Phase 2:•Five finalist were chosen to fly to the New York International Auto Show to be interviewed by members of the Dodge brand team and record a walk-around video for the Dodge vehicle of their choice. Phase 3:•Finalists had 3 weeks to rally their networks to vote for them to be an official Redline Dodge blogger.
  • Contest pageviews = 352% to-goalSocial shares = 278% to goal
  • Slides 34 to 38 to explain how Defiance works
  • Linger here for color commentary
  • Note: 149,000 total pageviews January 1st-May 8th1 – using open graph to generate impressions2 – 52% of people opted-in for getting email – so the people that were playing along weren’t just interested in the show, they were interested in the program. We got the right people here. 
  • Jim asks Mark to wrap up with the summary“What can brands take home from this? With so many brands buying ads and sponsored posts – what can we learn from this?” Jim has an example: Huge increase in fan base led to Interaction rate dropped by 2/3 because of a big fan buy Key to social is providing consistent, relevant content to our audience and weave in ways for the dodge online community to engage with the brand beyond Facebook and Instagram.  
  • How Dodge Drives Organic Social Media Marketing Success

    1. 1. How Dodge Drives Organic Social Media Marketing Success We’ll begin shortly…
    2. 2. Who’s presenting? Jim Tobin Mark Malmstead Founder, President Ignite Social Media @jtobin Experienced Integrated Brand Lead Dodge @MMalmstead #OrganicSocial
    3. 3. Details • • • • Jim & Mark will lead Q&A at the end of the call. Tag your tweets with #OrganicSocial. We’re recording the show. We’ll send an email follow up to everyone. #OrganicSocial
    4. 4. 2013 Strategy
    5. 5. Primary Objectives: AWARENESS 1. Achieve high brand impression rates CONSIDERATION INTENT 2. Connect with niche customer base PURCHASE SUPPORT LOYALTY 3. Activate fans to complete social actions ADVOCACY #OrganicSocial
    6. 6. Primary Objectives: AWARENESS 1. Achieve high brand impression rates CONSIDERATION INTENT 2. Connect with niche customer base PURCHASE SUPPORT LOYALTY 3. Activate fans to complete social actions ADVOCACY #OrganicSocial
    7. 7. Primary Objectives: AWARENESS 1. Achieve high brand impression rates CONSIDERATION INTENT 2. Connect with niche customer base PURCHASE SUPPORT LOYALTY 3. Activate fans as advocates ADVOCACY #OrganicSocial
    8. 8. Minimal Social Advertising Budget
    9. 9. Most brands over-allocate their social media marketing budget to social ads. Paid Owned Earned #OrganicSocial
    10. 10. Dodge operates with an at-need paid media budget, primarily focuses on earned and owned media. Owned Paid Earned #OrganicSocial
    11. 11. Dodge owns a vast social presence.
    12. 12. Facebook #OrganicSocial
    13. 13. Twitter #OrganicSocial
    14. 14. REDLINE Dodge Blog #OrganicSocial
    15. 15. YouTube #OrganicSocial
    16. 16. Google+ & Instagram #OrganicSocial
    17. 17. Dodge drives organic engagement with creative, brand lifestyle content.
    18. 18. Brand Content #OrganicSocial
    19. 19. Content Series #OrganicSocial
    20. 20. User-Generated Content #OrganicSocial
    21. 21. Trending Hashtags #OrganicSocial
    22. 22. Programs and promotions supplement day-to-day content.
    23. 23. Promotions grow and activate Fans by incentivizing interaction and sharing with a brand program.
    24. 24. Inspired By You Objective: Maintain conversation with Millennial drivers surrounding the release of the new Dodge Dart in the time between the Detroit Auto Show until the vehicles availability at dealerships. #OrganicSocial
    25. 25. Inspired By You Strategy: A multi-phase, crowdsourced promotion via sites frequented by Millenials and Creatives. #OrganicSocial
    26. 26. Inspired By You #OrganicSocial
    27. 27. Inspired By You #OrganicSocial
    28. 28. Inspired By You #OrganicSocial
    29. 29. Inspired By You Inspired By You: 66M monthly unique users 152K net new Facebook fans 1.2M total reach 12M user-generated impressions #OrganicSocial
    30. 30. Drive the REDLINE Dodge Objective: Support the Dodge brand by giving a brand advocate the chance to share their love of Dodge vehicles by becoming a voice on the REDLINE blog. #OrganicSocial
    31. 31. Drive the REDLINE Dodge Strategy: Focus on awareness and advocacy by promoting sharing by the influencer and their community, while highlighting the influencer’s affinity for Dodge and the Dodge brand. #OrganicSocial
    32. 32. Drive the REDLINE Dodge #OrganicSocial
    33. 33. Drive the REDLINE Dodge Drive the REDLINE Dodge: 720K brand impressions 54K engagements 18,350 contest pageviews 2,300 social shares #OrganicSocial
    34. 34. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes Objective: Leverage the media partnership between Dodge and the SyFy channel and Trion video game Defiance, which both used the Dodge Charger and Challenger. #OrganicSocial
    35. 35. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes Strategy: A gamification sweepstakes that followed closely the events in the SyFy show, and encouraged sharing in order to win a chance at a grand prize. #OrganicSocial
    36. 36. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes #OrganicSocial
    37. 37. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes #OrganicSocial
    38. 38. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes #OrganicSocial
    39. 39. Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes Defiance Arkfalls Sweepstakes: 270M brand impressions 231K new Facebook Fans 167K blog page views (5/9-6/25) 52% opt-in rate for Dodge comm. #OrganicSocial
    40. 40. In Summary - Forego large, unfocused paid media budgets for smaller, concentrated budgets. - Drive Fan engagement by focusing on quality content. - Supplement day-to-day content with an on-brand promotion. #OrganicSocial
    41. 41. Questions? #OrganicSocial
    42. 42. Thank you for attending.