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Jim Tobin and Jay Baer discuss the future of social media marketing to mark the official launch of Jim's new book "Earn It. Don't Buy It. The CMO's Guide to Social Media Marketing in a Post Facebook World."

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  • Jay in Youtility you advocate that marketing is about help not hype - do you think that's how we can "unbreak" marketing
  • Earn It. Don't Buy It. Webcast

    1. 1. Earn It. Don’t Buy It. The Webcast. November 8, 2013
    2. 2. Today’s Presenters Jim Tobin | @jtobin Author of Earn It. Don’t Buy It. President of Ignite Social Media Jay Baer | @jaybaer Author of Youtility President of Convince and Convert #Earnit
    3. 3. Webcast Details • • • • Jim and Jay will lead Q&A at the end of the call. Tag your tweets with #Earnit. We’re recording the show. We’ll send an email follow up to everyone. @ignitesma #Earnit
    4. 4. Earn It. Don’t Buy It. The CMO’s Guide to Social Media Marketing in a Post Facebook World Earn It. Don’t Buy It. provides insight into the changing social media marketing landscape and offers actionable strategies that will help modern CMOs and brand managers design social media marketing programs that earn engagement and drive business results. @ignitesma #Earnit
    5. 5. Youtility Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype. The difference between helping and selling is just two letters. But those two letters are critically important to the success of business today. Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it. It's a new marketing model for the age of information overload. @ignitesma #Earnit
    6. 6. Agenda • • • • Social Media Marketing is Broken A Post-Facebook World The Role of Social Advertising Fixing It @ignitesma #Earnit
    7. 7. IS SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING BROKEN? @ignitesma #Earnit
    8. 8. Buying Fans Destroys Pages Month Organic Reach Percent Organic Interaction Rate (likes + comments + shares / fans with no ad support) Month 1 11.84% 0.21% 12.52% 0.24% Month 3 8.26% 0.18% Month 4 13.41% 0.41% Month 2 AVERAGE PRIOR: 11.51% AVERAGE PRIOR: 0.26% PAID FAN ACQUISITION BUY Month 5 5.97% 0.17% 3.61% 0.08% 4.84% 0.08% Month 8 3.83% 0.05% Month 9 4.37% 0.08% Month 10 5.59% 0.10% Month 6 Month 7 @ignitesma AVERAGE AFTER: 4.7% AVERAGE AFTER: 0.09% #Earnit
    9. 9. Organic Drives Better Business Results @ignitesma #Earnit
    10. 10. Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype @ignitesma #Earnit
    11. 11. Don’t Confuse Tactics and Platforms with Strategy Social Media Marketing Strategy @ignitesma #Earnit
    12. 12. IS FACEBOOK ON ITS WAY OUT? @ignitesma #Earnit
    13. 13. The Beginning of the End? "We did see a decrease in [teenage] daily users [during the quarter], especially younger teens," Facebook chief financial officer David Ebersman said during the company's thirdquarter earnings conference call [Oct. 30, 2013] with analysts. @ignitesma #Earnit
    14. 14. Where’s Everyone Going? @ignitesma #Earnit
    15. 15. But, Facebook Is Still Popular and Profitable @ignitesma Source: Facebook #Earnit
    16. 16. Twitter Goes Public @ignitesma #Earnit
    17. 17. IS SOCIAL ADVERTISING INHERENTLY EVIL? @ignitesma #Earnit
    18. 18. When Social Ads Go Wrong @ignitesma #Earnit
    19. 19. There is a Place for Social Advertising Paid Traffic Drivers Organic Traffic Drivers Promotion Paid and Owned Participation Markers Activate Current Customers Strong Content Promotion and Syndication @ignitesma #Earnit
    20. 20. HOW DO WE FIX IT? @ignitesma #Earnit
    21. 21. One Transaction or One Customer? @ignitesma #Earnit
    22. 22. A Balancing Act THIS not THAT Paid Owned Paid Owned Earned Earned @ignitesma #Earnit
    23. 23. Questions? #Earnit
    24. 24. Thank you.