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Surviving The Next Zombie Uprising - Tim Giron

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Video: http://ignitephoenix.blip.tv/file/1460076/...

Video: http://ignitephoenix.blip.tv/file/1460076/

Event: Ignite Phoenix 2
Event Date: October 29th, 2008

Tips, tools and tactics for surviving the next zombie uprising. When your friends and neighbors return from the dead and start to get their gnaw on, will you be prepared? Don’t become just another brain-snack statistic!

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  • 1. Zombie uprisings to date
    • Localized to small communities so far
    • Could a global pandemic occur?
  • 2. Keeping the menace at bay
    • Vigilance is key!
  • 3. Know your adversary
    • Zombies have no concept of risk
    • Mindless pursuit of prey is their only skill
  • 4. Know your adversary
    • Their limitations are your best advantage!
      • Zombies are not tool users
      • Zombies do not employ strategy
  • 5. Use it, keep it! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Human_brain.png
  • 6. A strategy for survival
    • Evade when possible
      • Any contact is risky
      • Conserve your energy and ammo
  • 7. A strategy for survival
    • Engage only when necessary
      • Avoid drawing a crowd – also applies to the living
      • Zombies cannot be intimidated
  • 8. Waiting for rescue
    • Government & law enforcement response will likely be inadequate and confused
      • Don’t be mistaken for the threat!
      • Self-reliance is your best option
  • 9. Waiting for rescue
    • Military response will likely be one of containment and eradication at all costs
      • Don’t become collateral damage!
  • 10. Places of refuge http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:BostonPoliceKiosk.jpg http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:PeaceArchHosp2.jpg
  • 11. Places of refuge
    • Avoid the following
      • Hospitals – where do you think the wave of zombies is going to originate?
      • Police stations – where do you think everyone else is going to be heading?
  • 12. Places of refuge
    • Look for a multi-story dwelling
      • Destroy the stairs (after going up!)
      • Keep a low profile
        • No lights at night
        • Keep sound to a minimum
  • 13. The numbers game
    • A group can offer benefits
      • Watch shifts
      • Child care
    • More than a dozen invites social friction
    • Raiding/scouting parties should be limited to three participants
  • 14. Transportation
    • Avoid automobiles and SUVs
      • Fuel will be in short supply
      • Traffic will be jammed up
  • 15. How zombies see a traffic jam http ://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Import_canned_foods_in_Kobe.jpg
  • 16. Transportation
    • A dirt bike offers range, fuel economy and the ability to handle varied terrain
  • 17. Transportation
    • A bicycle offers the best long-term solution
      • Easy to maintain
      • No fuel issues
      • Can be carried when necessary
  • 18. Weapons
    • Goal is to take care of business in one blow
      • Bludgeon
        • Steel crowbar (tool and weapon)
        • Sledgehammer
      • Edged weapon
        • Machete
        • Axe
        • Sword (only if you are skilled in its use)
  • 19. Weapons
    • Goal for firearms is to avoid close contact
      • Choice should be based on ready availability of ammunition
      • Skilled snipers have an advantage
  • 20. Weapons to avoid
    • Flamethrowers
      • Way too heavy
      • Way too specialized
      • Way too hard to maintain
    • Chainsaws
      • Way too noisy
      • Way too messy
      • Way too Hollywood