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Cinema Therapy - Charlene Kingston



Video: http://ignitephoenix.blip.tv/file/1494823/...

Video: http://ignitephoenix.blip.tv/file/1494823/

Event: Mini-Ignite @ PodcampAZ
Date: November 1st, 2008

You may think of movies as a source of entertainment. But did you know that in the right hands, a movie takes on therapeutic properties? Movies address the issues of our times, and within the cinematic library, you can find the cure for whatever ails you. Learn how both allopathic (Western) medicine and homeopathic medicine work together to find the perfect movie prescription for your career challenge, your romantic obstacles, your confusion over life’s curve balls, and whatever else stands between you and the life you dream.



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  • Human beings are self-medicating animals. We feel some pain in our lives, and we find something to distract us or cover up the pain. Some of the things we choose are not so healthy, so we have interventions  and create 12-step programs to bring us back into a place where we can feel the pain again. What I’m proposing today is a way (not to self-medicate through movies) but to actually heal our pain through movies.  They are cheap, easily available, and apart from the cancer concerns over breathing in the fake butter flavoring on the popcorn, perfectly safe.

Cinema Therapy - Charlene Kingston Cinema Therapy - Charlene Kingston Presentation Transcript

  • Self-Medication vs. Healing
  • Self-Medication vs. Healing
  • Don’t Smell The Popcorn!
  • Depth Psychology & Jung
  • Relationship Challenge
  • Find A Movie Antidote
  • The Thin Man
  • The Thin Man
  • Adam’s Rib
  • Adam’s Rib
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  • Medicine Traditions
    • Allopathic (Western) medicine
      • Antidote the life challenge
    • Homeopathic medicine
      • “ Drain the puss” approach
    • Goal: antidote
      • Start when you are, end with the antidote
  • Drain The Puss, Move On
  • It’s Your Choice
  • Feel The Posse Love
  • Be Who You Want To Be
  • Get The Job Done
  • Get The Girl
  • Take The High Road
  • It’s A Wrap!