How to write a book even if you have a “real life”


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An Ignite talk by Mur Lafferty, @mightmur, at Ignite Durham during Global Ignite Week 2011 on Wednesday Feb 9th Carolina Theatre.

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How to write a book even if you have a “real life”

  1. 1. How to Write a Book When You Have a “Real Life” by Mur Lafferty (some writer chick)
  2. 2. The Ultimate Dream: I wanna be a writer when I grow up!
  3. 3. They're singing about me!
  4. 4. The Ultimate Reality: Oh crap. I grew up…
  5. 5. Why you aren’t writing… Reason One I don't have enough time.
  6. 6. 95% of my listeners say they do not have time to write . I wonder if they have time for: Television The Internet Computer Games Television Hanging with Friends Television Reading Television Television Hobbies Television
  7. 7. WHERE TIME GOES TO DIE... The average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). * Number of hours per day that TV is on in an average U.S. home: 6 hours, 47 minutes Number of hours of TV watched annually by Americans: 250 billion Value of that time assuming an average wage of $5/hour: $1.25 trillion   * According to the A.C. Nielsen Co.
  8. 8. Math is not so hard... Percentage of Americans who want to write a book: 81 * * The NY Times Percentage of Americans who say they  watch too much TV: 49 ** ** The A.C. Nielsen Co.
  9. 9. Ergo... Nearly 40% of Americans can easily find time to write just by cutting TV!
  10. 10. This guy's pits would totally help me wake up 45 minutes earlier to write. (if only to run away…) <ul><li>  </li></ul>
  11. 11. Why you aren’t writing… Reason Two I am no good.
  12. 13. I think I'll be a runner...                             Lazy geek to marathoner…         Easy transition, right?
  13. 14. My #1 Mantra You must allow yourself  to suck at writing.
  14. 15. Why you aren’t writing… Reason Three My idea is JUST TOO PERFECT.
  15. 17. So what happens if you do write your precious?         Our book in our minds...                       What we fear the  result will be...
  16. 18. How I picture my idea machine...
  17. 19. So many invented problems  hold us back...
  18. 20. You should be writing.   Priorities!   1) Family 2) Job 3) Health Television Video Games Television Television 4) Writing   Photo Credits