Tiffany Shlain on "Connected" for Ignite Bay Area


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Filmmaker Tiffany Shlain on her new film, "Connected," for Ignite Bay Area on 12.8.09.

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  • My name is Tiffany Shlain, I am founder of the Webby Awards, a filmmaker and a mother of two and I am going to tell you about my new project.
  • As politicians and media spent their time isolating hot button issues, like -The environment -The economy -Poverty -Crime -Women’s rights The greatest problems of the 21st century: Climate Change, Population, Poverty, Epidemics, all require interdependent thinking
  • We need to start connecting the dots. I think people are hungry to see the interconnections. How are things connected. What are the unintended consequences when things are connected..and have cause and effect…the ripple effect of when are things are connected The key to engagement is to visualize connectivity.
  • I have an idea of how to get everyone more engaged.. Show people in a lasting way how things are connected to engage people. . New film and internet project, Connected: A Declaration of Interdependence
  • From our first connection in the womb..then we come out in the world..the cord is cut… A lot of what technologies attempt is to reconnect us to something larger
  • Here’s an example ..the honeybees are turns out that’ srelated to the overproduction of food and over efficency. Einstein once said, if honeybees disappeared, 4 years later so would humankind. This film looks a lot at the law of unintended consequences Thought experiment…of how things are connected.
  • Bees are also related to our obsession with beauty and the comestic industry…. There are many ironies associated with this…speaking of bees, another problem , our obession with youth and beauty. From Honeybees will link to our culture’s obsession with youth and beaut and Botox. Bee stings have the same poison that botox does. Why are women doing this- putting poison in their face?
  • It will explore the connection of our obsession with youth and being stemming from our species desire to reproduce or is it our fear of mortality. Fear or death
  • Then we’ll link to different parts of the world and different ideals of beauty…even the the hip to waist which covey different ideals of beauty in other parts of the world..
  • And then in some parts of the world where beauty is concealed. And what are the difference between a culture that encourages women to cut their faces and inject poison versus covering them up.
  • Weird image match…. Bees, botox and burkhas have a link.
  • Now another example, fertility,.. Beauty, fertility and reproduction and population… And from issues around beauty, I will link to issues around fertility and population. It used to be that women had many babies..and
  • And then women demanded rights and education… which usually then reduced the number of children they had and they contribute to society in new ways and the whole society prospers. One of the Unintended sequences from women’s rights… Children that were unwanted and unloved who were most likely to be criminals weren’t born..
  • Another unintended consequence of the womens movement…has been infertility… Silent Epidemic for women of my generation.. What are the unintended consequences that my generation is having so few children.. Infertility is caused by women having careers, believing in scientific advances around reproduction and toxins in our environment. From infertility…I will link to another country’s approach to population and reproduction…
  • In the late 70’s, China instituted a one child Rule to control to population. Male babies were preferred, girl babies were either aborted or given up to adoption to western women who had careers and waited to long to have children. So the law of unintended consequences here is that the one child rule led to a huge imbalance in Chinese society of boys to girls. Now they are paying couples to have girls.
  • Even Hollywood has a link with issues around fertility. From the shortage of girls in China, I will link to hollywood where the beautiful young women and men are finding a new way to support themseles while they tried to be stars.. Largest export for fed x in LA behind the film industry is sperm and egg donors… Ramifications Sending blued eyed blond hair sperm and eggs to all over the world. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCE of advances in reproductive technology has created this unexpected economy of genetic material.
  • From issues around transportation …I will link to Mercury, the Roman God of Speed, commerce and transportation…. And look at epidemics and how they travel all over the world. We’ll explore Issues around the internet, technology, and our cutlure’s obssession with speed… Mercury is also a substance that can poison us.. Will explore mercury in fish and food and it’s effect on health and fertility…from there I will back to the larger issues of populations effects on the environment. Which brings us back to issues of reproduction and population
  • To reproduce all 6.5 billion human beings on the planet earth, the sperm needed would fit into a thimble… And the eggs needed would fit into a jar of honey…. Issues of population directly tie into the health of the environment and of planet.. It is all interdependent Which takes us back to the honeybees.
  • The past has been about declaring independence and I believe the 21st Century is about declaring Interdependence.. Engaging people to think Interdependently! “ When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir
  • You can find out more about my past work and about Connected at these websites.. Thank you.. When you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it’s connected to everything else. John Muir.
  • Tiffany Shlain on "Connected" for Ignite Bay Area

    1. 3. “ When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world.” John Muir
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