SharePoint Case Study: School


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SharePoint Case Study: School

  1. 1. SharePoint Case Study: School About Ignatiuz Better benefits of the study welcomed. We at Ignatiuz not only solve the The solutions are always problem, but also overcome the solution with innovation. Ignatiuz is now an upcoming name in the field of information technology where problem solving is just like the source of new products, We take problems as a treasure. However, we also feel that almost every new product (and service) was the answer to a problem. SharePoint is our main tool We feel that problem solving is not enough. Creative problem solving is the these days, in SharePoint real treasure. We understand the problems with more deep approach. So, we mainly provide:- while offering the SharePoint Development services the company primarily focuses on improving the collaboration, rendering homogenous business  Consultation applications, affordable expansion costs and better productivity gains and  Support in SharePoint revenues. Development For us, technology is something which is highly dynamic in approach. With  Implementation of the right track over it provides something unique and highly functional in SharePoint nature. Our technology focus remains on spanning the most advanced and emerging technologies available for utilization. Our other offerings are:- We are well known as an IT solution company. Company which gives  Cloud computing solution to each and every need of the client. We are too prompt to serve to  Mobile development the clients in their requirements, however tough the requirements may be.  Enterprise oriented Our mantra is “Compelling IT Solutions”, we design, develop & deliver architecture technology solutions.  JavaScript, .NET, We also use Yammer and Silverlight as more recent design and Silverlight, development tools.  Research / Development and Testing .Ignatiuz Technologies LLC. 201 Exton Commons, Exton PA 19341.Tel: 484.876.1867 | Fax: 484.206.4141E-mail: 05 Jan 2012|
  2. 2. Potential Approach to the Problem and a Proven Solution Requirement for the We will not talk about what other Software or Website Companies do. But we Development know that much of what people do is solve problems and make decisions. This vast requirement was of Often, they are "under the gun", stressed and very short for time. a School in a need of such a Consequently, when they encounter a new problem or decision they must product which shall be able make, they react with a decision that seemed to work before. Its easy with to keep the track of each and this approach to get stuck in a circle of solving the same problem over and every activity in the school. over again. They thought broadly to bring Therefore, its often useful to get used to an organized approach to problem everyone on the same portal solving and decision making. and keep in touch with each other. We not only look into the problem, of which the solution is asked. We also look into the potential of the problem. That’s what we give to our clients, not Practical Problems faced only the solution but a long lasting solution. while Development in the SharePoint i) Foundation of Sharepoint Following are the key features of Ignatiuz for a successful portal Outbox feature was not development:- available and a Dropdown navigation  A dynamic and resourceful CMS dependent website feature was required.  Rendering custom solutions for plain job portal module with improved ii) Each Teacher was functioning approach having their own subsite  Share Point Central Admin to deliver absolute site authorization to the so the whole authority for clients their sub-sites was also to be provided to change the contents / photos etc. iii) Groupwise Calendar was also needed. Daily Event was also to be updated on the home page. iv) Changing of Banner Images.Ignatiuz Technologies LLC. 201 Exton Commons, Exton PA 19341.Tel: 484.876.1867 | Fax: 484.206.4141E-mail: 05 Jan 2012|
  3. 3. Solution Provided by Ignatiuz Brief about the Developed Site A product was developed Ignatiuz Solution Provided by to combine students, teachers and parents on the same platform in the form of website. We provided them the solution. We Solution Provided by Ignatiuz served them with our best product which was having a capability of managing a The site fosters the total very strong Content Management System known as Sharepoint2010. growth of elementary school i) JavaScript was included with the SharePoint 2010 for the Dropdown children. They feel that navigation. though the parents are primary educators of their ii) Groups were managed for the authorization given for the subsites. Each children and appreciate their teacher was treated as an administrator of their own site. They were able to continual support and change the contents / images etc., from their library. cooperation in fostering their iii) Category wise Calendars were made. Daily events were fetched from these childrens faith and insuring calendars on the Home page. their continued academic growth. iv) Banner images were maintained through the combination of JQuery and SharePoint. But also feel that students must have a very clear order Now it was only a single click away from daily homework to the annual function, of development in their mind, daily updates, meetings and contacts were always available for all those then only they will become parents who were eager to catch each and every activity of their child in the the important part of the school. society. Student’s creative learning process includes their diversified teaching styles which helped them in nurturing the uniqueness of each child.Ignatiuz Technologies LLC. 201 Exton Commons, Exton PA 19341.Tel: 484.876.1867 | Fax: 484.206.4141E-mail: 05 Jan 2012|
  4. 4. Little bit about the Technology Used Great results were noticed, students were developing a Ignatiuz always provided better solutions to the client with the features of latest sense of personal technologies. This helped the users to manage the product and its features responsibility not only more efficiently and easily. towards the school but also  Application is in SharePoint 2010 Server. to the broader community.  Javascript and JQuery were also used with the Sharepoint.  Banner Images were fetched from the library. After development of this site, more suggestions were  Application is easy to use for end user even non-technical person. given to the school and  Application is integrated with strong secure Form Based Authentication further development of using SQL 2010. curriculum for student was  Application is fully cross browser so it’s easy to access from Remote designed in such a manner location browser. to challenge their pursuit of academic excellence as well Development Tools Designing Tools as to develop a growing sense of spirituality. This vi) Microsoft SharePoint 2010 iv) SPD 2010 provided a comprehensive Standard Edition education for students to v) Photoshop CS5 and Firework CS2 vii) MS-SQL 2010 meet the challenges of vi) Expression Blend global society in a rapidly viii) Visual Studio 2010 changing world. Now the ix) Jquery + Ajax school says “Life-long learning begins in the x) Silverlight 4 earliest of years”.For more information about Ignatiuz call (484.876.1867) or visit the website at: Ignatiuz Technologies LLC. 201 Exton Commons, Exton PA 19341.Tel: 484.876.1867 | Fax: 484.206.4141E-mail: 05 Jan 2012|