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Ignova services vf

  1. 1. IGNOVA We help you understand and efficiently implement innovation Innovation is the capacity to quickly identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and adapt to - and even transform - market trends; it comes about through new combinations made by an entrepreneur or any organization, resulting in NEW…www.ignova-consulting.com 1
  2. 2. IGNOVA Comprehensive approach to innovation Products & Services Business Model Sales & Marketing Strategies strategies INNOVATIONwww.ignova-consulting.com 2
  3. 3. IGNOVA Our services are designed to put innovation in place Products & Services Business Model Sales & Marketing Strategies strategies Innovation culture and structure INNOVATIONwww.ignova-consulting.com 3
  4. 4. SERVICES 1. Innovation Master Plan Executives are often disappointed with the rate of Products & Services innovation coming out of their ideas. That is because Business Model Sales & Marketing they lack the vision that collecting ideas is not the first Strategies strategies Innovation step of the process. culture and structure You need, first, an innovation strategy (Master Plan) to increase the chances to develop a successful innovation INNOVATION system Why innovate? What to innovate? How to innovate? Industry Marketplace & Innovation Strategy Innovation Master Plan scenarios econ. context (strategic intent, goals) Who innovates? External - Organizational design Definition of selection - Definition of Innovation roles Competitors & Industry criteria of innovation Client Analysis Innovations opportunities Where? - Virtual organization of Identification of innovation Portfolio Business model innovation opportunities - Governance model of management innovation Corporate Finance, costs, Analysis How?Internal strategy & efficiency & (risk-reward analysis) - Resources needed positionning capabilities - Strategic Alliances Filtration & Prioritization When? of innovation Operations Supply chain - Development plan (calendar, opportunities milestones, kpi’s)www.ignova-consulting.com 4
  5. 5. SERVICES 2. Innovation culture and structure Innovation is not an alternative to operational Products & Services excellence. Instead, it is an example of operational Business Model Sales & Marketing excellence in another area of your business. Strategies strategies Innovation culture and structure A successful innovation system for a company can be implemented through five simple steps, which include: INNOVATION Innovation Innovation Innovation vision Innovation culture processes structure Vision for innovation Define a clear set of Key processes Resources to directly linked to the principles, leadership, include: implement the overall business communication and 1. Identification of innovation strategy strategy, that defines reward system business (team, information the role of innovation opportunities resources, training) 2. Managing the within the company portfolio of innovation projects 3. Designing new products / serviceswww.ignova-consulting.com 5
  6. 6. SERVICES 3. Business model strategies IGNOVA helps organizations develop new business Products & Services models, through trend studies, business model Business Model Sales & Marketing workshops, co-entrepreneurship and innovation, to Strategies strategies respond to challenging situations such as: Innovation • What is the right revenue model for my new product? culture and structure • How can I find new income streams? • How do I develop a sustainable alliance business model? INNOVATION We use methodological frameworks to help you identify the best business model applicable to your venture 1 Understand 2 Design 3 Build • Customer insights • Mobilize management team • Select optimal business • Current business • Unveil tacit assumptions model models about your industry • Build it and test it with • Market trends • Generate as many ideas as potential customers possible • Rethink it after • Decide on 3 strategic feedback directions to work on • Redesign & Execute • Design business model optionswww.ignova-consulting.com 6
  7. 7. IGNOVA’s business model innovation frameworkReason Value proposition• What is our purpose? • What problem are we solving?• Why? • What benefits for our stakeholders?Operational model• Offer• Value Chain• Capabilities• Distribution• Partnerships and other stakeholdersRevenue model & Cost Structure• How do we create money?• How can we streamline our cost structure?www.ignova-consulting.com 7
  8. 8. SERVICES 4. Products & Services The 10 rules of product innovation 1. Creativity is necessary, but never enough Products & Services 2. Innovation needs brainstorming, and brainstorming needs rules Business Model Sales & Marketing 3. Innovation needs people and different kinds of thought Strategies strategies 4. Innovation requires visual language Innovation 5. Innovation is a process with no clear path culture and structure 6. Prototype a lot 7. Failure is unavoidable: fail early 8. Money should never come first INNOVATION 9. Build relationships and synergies with others to improve the new product and avoid costs 10. The only reason of innovation is results. So, a great part of it is about selling Research and Testing and Business Design & Ideation Development industrialization Development • Brainstorming • Market Research and • Creation of the new product • Sales, marketing and • Filtration of ideas identification of real supply chain communications strategy • Selection of finalists opportunities • Product testing and actions • Documentation • Product revision after testing • Strategic Alliances • Product and service technical developmentwww.ignova-consulting.com 8
  9. 9. SERVICES 5. Sales & Marketing strategies Sales and Marketing innovation is about speeding up the Products & Services adoption of innovations, beyond the natural social speed of adoption. Focus must be put on: Business Model Sales & Marketing Strategies strategies • Customer insights: Find the laggards and obtain the anti-formula, Innovation give it to the later majority , and understand the investment you culture and structure need to make to attract early majority and early adopters • Value proposition • Brand INNOVATION • Marketing and sales infrastructure (people, tactics and processes) Strategic marketing Sales & Marketing execution Customer insights Communication management: special attention to: • Gain understanding of their needs and attitudes • Changing media landscape: from mass media to social media • Commit to ongoing conversation • New trend: human media, where the customer becomes the author (blogs, • Think of customer service personal broadcasting, tagging…) • Align customer experience with the company’s • Importance of viral marketing behavior - Presence in social networks Value proposition - Guerrilla marketing • Design and create a value proposition that ensures a - Online video non-commoditized product and a personalized Distribution and channel management: adapt customer needs and channels customer service Price Management: Understanding your pricing power (impact on perceived value, Brand strategy health of the product) is a key factor • Positioning Sales & Marketing effectiveness: • Activation • Organization • Management • Incentiveswww.ignova-consulting.com 9