Intro to Scrum
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Intro to Scrum



Some notes to be used as an introduction to scrum and the 4 meetings, 3 roles, 2backlogs and 1 increment.

Some notes to be used as an introduction to scrum and the 4 meetings, 3 roles, 2backlogs and 1 increment.



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    Intro to Scrum Intro to Scrum Presentation Transcript

    • Intro to Scrum by Ignasi Marimon-Clos licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
    • Scrum LingoUser story retrospective kanban board ... pocoyo US points Product backlog ... iteration owner Scrum master ... ... ... ... ...
    • Agile Manifesto
    • Agile ManifestoAgile as an escape route from waterfallCustomer is an actorProject as white boxDesign when neededRelease early, release often....
    • Cycle
    • Agile SceneLEANScrumKanbaneXtreme Programming Pair programming Collective ownership Team empowerment Code Reviews TDD, 80%+ test coverage, YAGNI Continous Integration
    • SCRUM
    • SCRUM is aframework.
    • 4. 3. 2. 1. Ignition4 meetings3 roles2 backlogs1 increment(Not necessarily in that order)
    • 3. Roles 43.5 32.5 21.5 10.5 0 product owner scrum master team Suit + Tie
    • 2. Define / PlanUser Stories “As xxxx I want yyyy so that zzzz” xxxx is a type of user yyyy is a goal zzzz is the reason Customer value Conditions of satisfactionUS points Fibonacci (zero to EPIC, with coffee) Poker
    • 2. BacklogSet of User Stories to be complete in a timeProduct Backlog vs Sprint Backlog Sprint backlog is frozenKanban board todo ongoing ready completed
    • 2. US post-itEstimated effort Customer value WHAT (US #id)
    • ?. Burndown chart
    • ?. Spreadsheet
    • 1. Sprint (value increment)“A Sprint increments the value in a time(box)”.Not all sprints may be (public) releases Customer is NOT public (public = end user)4 Meetings (I already said that) Planning (team, master, owner) Standup meeting (team, master) Sprint review (team, master, owner, customer) Retrospective (team, master, owner)
    • 4. Sprint planning (conditions)Pre: backlog ready (with rough estimates), resources available, team knows bizz and tools to estimateInput: product backlog If PO forgot FOOBAR the meeting and the sprint are ajourned. No planning no sprintOutput: leit motiv/target, sprint backlog, sprint length, sprint members, schedule for standups
    • 4. Sprint planning (phase 1/2)EstimatePrioritize USUnderstand US and its scope (defined by PO)Commitment to an increment of valuePO decides whats in the sprint
    • 4. Sprint planning (phase 2/2)(PO may leave but is available)High level designSplit Sprint Backlog User Stories in tasks Sprint backlog wont change, task list may changeTeam presents additioal questions
    • 4. Daily standup1 min/person (15min tops at early morning)Update kanban board in realtime What I did yesterday What I plan to do today What is stopping me from achivieng it (road bumps) Guess (future) Actual problem (already happened)Everyone has tasks?PO may attend but MUST be quiet unless asked
    • 4. Sprint ReviewCustomer attendsObjective: obtain feedback regarding progressInput: increment of value achieved =SUM(value of completed US) List of itemsOutput: feedback from customer, event invitation to next sprint review
    • 4. Sprint Review4 hour meetingIs the last thing of a sprintIncludes (if applicable) the demo The demo is not made three days later!!Q&A turn (team to customer to SM to PO)
    • 4. RetrospectiveReview what went wrong and what went right Hell Stairs HeavenContinous Improvement
    • Know
    • Q/A
    • Thank you!