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Dec10 tuesday conversation_idelarcor



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  • 1. Tuesday Conversation•! People Led Innovation [PLI]•! Social Spaces for Research andInnovation [ESdI] December 7, 2010 DG INFSO Brussels Ignacio del Arco Herrera idelarco@i2bc.es
  • 2. !!!"#$%&()*+,-%"+./0
  • 3. !!!"#$%&()*+,-%"+./0 Human beings have widely demonstrated along our ill-fatedexistance that, in spite of some sparks of genious, we lack of the creative strengh to shift the course of self-destruction. The end is inminent, and to some extent, neccesary.
  • 4. !!!"#$%&()*+,-%"+./0“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and Im not sure about the former” Albert Einstein“If insects were to vanish, the environmentwould collapse into chaos. If human were to vanish, life would flourish our planet” Jonas Salk
  • 5. Thomas Kyle was honoured by his discovery of most damaging element to!!!"#$%&()*+,-%"+./0 creativity: the ADMINISTRATUM, a particle with the same properties of bureaucracy and that contains neutrons, subneutrons, delegated electrons, subdelegates and many others striving to become an obstacle to what $%*+1,%,,.- )(.$)2"3$)2#) /"4)-0 it is in human nature: imagination
  • 6. Imagination iscreativity applied to desire Of course is possible toreinvent ourselves. We have been doing it continuously throughout the History
  • 7. The law offracture
  • 8. !"#$%"&()"*+,-( ."/"$0#()"*+,-( E.)#$.0;.,0 8++)7%9)+0 E;80F08GHI0 H*21+.220E.(2#.497.0B/.4A+)$J14%$0.K.4971+.220%+,02*2/%1+%31$1/&D0 C-%+41#%9)+0 BC-#)!.(-.+/D0 ;.%,052.(0 E()2*-.(20 I19L.+08++)7%9)+0B<)41%$0CK.4971+.22D0 <)41%$08++)7%9)+0 52.(0 :*/4)-.0 :#.+0 6(17.+0 6(17.+0 8++)7%9)+0 ;171+0;%3208++)7%9)+0 8++)7%9)+0 <)41%$0=./!)(>20 <)41%$0<#%4.20 ?)(0@.2.%(4A0 %+,0 8++)7%9)+0 BC<,8D0
  • 9. People Led InnovationCIPRES CIPRES triad allows to organize RDI projects and partnerships beyond the technologicalperspective, including human and social elements from the beginning , assuring the incorporation of the person as the central point of the initiative
  • 10. People Led InnovationAn open model
  • 11. People Led InnovationAn open model .123(456(718!9:2( Emotional Ergonomics Citizen Sustainability Security Focus Innovation Management I)+197.0 C()+)-1420 N.,1%9)+0)?0@.%$0 C4)+)-140 C-)9)+%$06.21+0 E.(2)+%$0<.4*(1/&0 C+71()+-.+/00 <*2/%1+%31$1/&0 :(%+1L%9)+%$0 C()+)-1420 N.%2*(1+0O))$20 C+71()+-.+/%$0 C+71()+-.+/%$0 %+,0.?.497.0 <*2/%1+%31$1/&0 <.4*(1/&0 M*+49)+%$0 %+%$&2120 C()+)-1420 N*$9,1241#$1+%(&0 8+?)(-%9)+0 5+17.(2%$06.21+0 P+%$&2120 <.4*(1/&0 M%-1$1%(1/&0 :373:3;83( Mediation in Real Neuro-Usability Environments Ethical Evaluation C7%$*%9)+0)?0/A.0@.%$0 C/A14%$0P2#.4/20)?0/A.0 E.(4.#9)+200 <)$*9)+0 89)453)3;!1:<(456(718!9:2(
  • 12. People Led Innovation Creating Value86!6M3;2( >-AC0A"-( E+-+?E=D+E-( C+=D","F>-C-( 8"L#?>+-( 86!6M3;2( 2"=>?,(6"@?A"(B?,0+(( 6"@?A"(?-( %>E+=C( 4?EA=>#?A"( .""-AF(CD+( 6=,0->"(CD+(*E>@>F(G"E=+( ?##,>=?A"(C"( )"*+,-( #E"*0=A@+( "G(CD+( J+,,$K+>F( -I-C+L( H"&,+*F+( 2"=>+CI((
  • 13. People Led InnovationReference of Certification Prepared following UNE EN 45011: General Requirements for Entities performing Product Certifications
  • 14. People Led InnovationWellbeing Model Previous Models Objective Component Hypothesis Perceived Component
  • 15. People Led InnovationWellbeing Model
  • 16. 6*+?( !+=D","FI( 6@+A"(H"&,+*F+((((N(6C0>A"( B?,0+( O)?EP+CN(2"=>?,Q( ;++*N(4E"K,+L(
  • 17. 8E+?A@+(2#?EP( %+-=E>#A"(( 3R?L#,+-("G(D>-C"EI( OA%/0)+.0-*2/0%$(.%,&0A%7.01+0 -1+,0 )""*(#E+-+=+( :+.0!%1/20?)(0/A.0*+.Q#.4/.,0 %+,0,).20+)/0#(.R*,.0/A.0 .Q%-#$.20)?0#)2213$.0*9/$1/&0 2#?EP( <.$.4/20%+,04)-31+.20/A.0 %,.S*%/.0.Q%-#$.20 :+-",0A"( :+.0>..#20?)(!%(,01+02#1/.0)?0 )32/%4$.20%+,0*+4.(/%1+9.20“Strategic Intuition puts the active use ofthe mind againg in the center of human achievements” William Duggan
  • 18. Social Spaces for Research and InnovationESdI Organizedecosystems in which innovation andresearch is driven byneeds, problems and restrictions ofcommunities that will benefit from the results
  • 19. Strategy: effectiveness and performance•! Constitution of the ESdI community•! Self-sustainable model•! Innovation strategy•! Access to infrastructures (ICT)•! Mechanisms for evaluation and Learning
  • 20. Operations: management•! Active role of communities•! Adaptation to the changing needs•! Coordination among the ESdI members•! Techniques for ICT solutions developmentand validation•! Impact assessment
  • 21. Social Spaces for Research and InnovationAndalusia Ecosystem of Living Labs and SSRI www.medlivinglab.eu(
  • 22. Social Spaces for Research and InnovationAndalusia Ecosystem of Living Labs and SSRI 3R>-AF(5>@>F(5?K-(?*(2"=>?,( 2#?=+-(G"E(:+-+?E=D(?*( 6"@?A"( 6S.8(( B%+,0)/A.(0(.1)+%$01+29/*9)+20/A%/0 B2)41%$01++)7%9)+00 2*##)(/0/A.0-),.$D00 T00 (.1)+%$01++)7%9)+0#)$141.2D0 @%#1,0()!/A01+0/A.0%##$14%9)+0 :+F>"?,(>*0-CEI(O2)3-Q( )?0;$%30%+,0<<@80 O.4A+)$)14%$0%+,0 <41.+4.0E%(>20 B;+&(5,?K-(?*(22:6-D0
  • 23. Social Spaces for Research and InnovationAndalusia Ecosystem of Living Labs and SSRI June, 2010(
  • 24. Social Spaces for Research and InnovationA short but promising history I International Conference U Rome III Conference 20110 Madrid II Conference 20100 Málaga I Andalusian EXPO 20090 Meeting of LL ZARAGOZA and SSRI 20080 Málaga 20100 Local Action Groups Living Labs Municipalities0
  • 25. “All the forces inthe world are not sopowerful as an idea whose time has come”. Victor Hugo