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  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO HBL  HBL was established in Bombay in 1941  Established operations as the commercial bank in, Pakistan in 1947  First international branch was established in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951  It was the 1st Muslim bank of the sub continent  It was nationalized in 1974  It was privatized again in 2004
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIN TO HBL (cont’d)  It is one of the largest banks of Pakistan  1466 branches inside country  112 overseas offices in 25 countries  AKFED acquired 51% of shares of HBL, against an investment of PKR 22.409 billion.  HBL awarded best bank of the year 2009
  3. 3. Abdus Salam Enabling people to advance with confidence and success To make our customers prosper, our staff excel and create value for shareholder •Excellence • Integrity • Progressiveness •Meritocracy •Customer focus
  4. 4. PRODUCTS Of HBL Different products are segmented by ages,needs,wants and customer’s satisfaction. These products are as follows: 1. DEPOSIT ACCOUNT  Current Account.  Foreign Currency Account  PLS Account  Term Deposit Account  HBL Freedom Account  HBL Business Value Account
  5. 5. PRODUCTS Of HBL (cont’d)  HBL Advantage Account  HBL Value Account  Daily Munafa Account 2.HBL ID 3.Money Club 4.Personal Loan 5.HBL Easy Loan 6.Credit Card 7.Debit Card
  6. 6. PRODUCTS Of HBL (cont’d) 8.HBL Car To Car 9.HBL Small Business Finance 10.HBL Easy Access 11.Internet Banking 12.Phone Banking 13.Mobile Banking 14.Prestige Banking
  7. 7. PRODUCTS Of HBL (cont’d) 15.Housing Finance 16.Lifestyle OTHER PRODUCTS: 17.Dollar Traveler cheque 18.Deposit Growth Certificate 19.Special Five Years Certificate 20.Haj Accidental Scheme
  8. 8. PRODUCTS Of HBL (cont’d) 21.Auto Cash Teller Cheque 22.Transport Finance Scheme 23.Haryali Farm Transport Scheme 25.Muhafiz Rupee Traveler Cheque 26.HBL I card As Your Debit Card 27.HBL Fast Transfer 28.SWIFT
  9. 9.  TERM DEPOSIT ACCOUNT Term account is for meet your daily banking needs.  Account Opening Amount: No charges  Minimum Deposit: Rs.25,000  Maturity Rate: After 3months,6months,1year  Interest Rate: 7%, 7.50%, 10.25%  Features: • Free cheque books and ATM cards. • Free Account statements
  10. 10. CURRENT ACCOUNT This type of account is made for the business current deposits to meet your daily banking needs.  Account Opening Amount: Rs.1,000  Minimum Deposit: Rs.5,000  Maturity Rate: NIL  Interest Rate: NIL  Features: • No profit and loss on this account
  11. 11. FOREIGN CURRENCY ACCOUNT Offered in multiple currencies.  Account Opening Amount:1,000$, 1,800 €  Minimum Deposit: 1,000$ OR €  Interest Rate: min 0.1 and max 0.90  Features: • Loan up to 90%
  12. 12. SAVING ACCOUNT HBL’s saving account cater to individual saving habits. After the Islamlization of banking system in the country it has given the name as PLS account.  Account Opening Amount: Rs.100  Minimum Deposit: Rs.20,000  Maturity Rate: NIL  Interest Rate: 5.06% annually
  13. 13. HBL VALUE ACCOUNT Now don’t worry about sudden finances.  Account Opening Amount: No charge  Minimum Deposit: Rs.10,000  Maturity Rate: NIL  Interest Rate: 8% annually  Features:maddddoooooo  Moooomooooo  Shakoooorrrr  Mustakeemmm  Khubsurat  Shakeeerrraaa  Benazeerrrr
  14. 14. HBL BUSINESS VALUE ACCOUNT Now for businesspersons there are different transactions account.  Account Opening Amount: NIL  Minimum Deposit: Rs.10,000  Maturity Rate: NIL  Interest Rate: NIL  Features:  Free duplicate account statements
  15. 15. 2.HBL ID HBL ID is to attract the age group of 18-24.to learn them how to manage there finances, how to spend, how to save money etc so that the finally get there desire item. FEATURES:  Open an account with any amount and enjoy the flexibility of no minimum balance .  Saving buckets for 3 or 12 months. profit rate up to 9%  Free cheque book teen age.  Mobile Top-ups facility.
  16. 16. 3.MONEY CLUB HBL offers money club younger saving account for age 6 to 7 years. FEATURES:  Open an account with any amount.  Attractive profit rate.  Free cheque book and debit card.  Welcome pack and gifts.  Savings rewards are given at monthly or annually bases.
  17. 17. 4.PERSONAL LOAN With HBL personal loan, gain the freedom to use hard cash for all your needs. FEATURES:  Loan amount from Rs.25,000 to Rs.2,000,000.  Choice of 12,24,36,48,60 months for pay back.  Lowest mark-up.  Quick processing.  Mobile Top-ups facility.
  18. 18. 5.HBL CREDIT CARD With HBL credit card, get more from life FEATURES  Online shopping facilities  Special discounts on using HBL credit card in various stores  Installment plans for generators, appliances, mobile handsets and more  Cash advances, balance transfer an
  19. 19. 6.HBL DEBIT CARD With HBL Debit Card, enjoy 24/7 access to your HBL account where ever you are FEATURES  No need to carry cash  Maximum limit of transaction from ATM Card is Rs.25,000  Access to over 30 millions outlets and 1.4 million ATMs worldwide  No liability of lost/stolen card once HBL is notified  Statement generation via HBL ATMs, internet banking and branches
  20. 20. 7.HBL CAR TO CAR With HBL car to car, upgrade your car frequently at half the monthly installment FEATURES  Installment 0% to 0% less than conventional financing  Free upgrade to a new car every 2years  Security via insurance and tracking system  Buy back guarantee
  21. 21. 8.PHONE BANKING Call 111-111-425 for:  Banker’s cheque request.  Purchase mobile prepaid vouchers.  Balance enquiry.  Account information.  HBL debit card activation & de- activation.  HBL credit card activation & de- activation.  Stop cheque payment request. Babojeeee
  22. 22. 9.MOBILE BANKING With HBL mobile banking you can access your account through your GPRS enabled mobile phone and perform important actions. FEATURES:  Utility bill payment.  Mobile postpaid bill payment and top-up facility only for Ufone and Warid customers.  Purchase mobile prepaid vouchers.  HBL credit card bill payment.  Maintain account settings.  Ufone customer’s can acess:mini statement, ufone postpaid bill payment, prepaid Uload etc
  23. 23. 10.PRESTIGE BANKING Prestige banking is for old employees and customers having account in HBL. FEATURES:  Personalized services.  Free cheque book.  Free debit card with exceed limit.  Black color cheque book and ATM card.  Facilities in airport lounge.
  24. 24. 11.HOUSING FINANCE Financing available for: • Purchase of house. • Home improvement and renovation. • Self construction. FEATURES:  Lowest mark-up, monthly installments.  5 years fixed rates.  Lowest processing charges.  Finance range is from 3-20 years.  Financing limit up-to RS.7.5million.  RS 30million for home improvement.  Quick processing.
  25. 25. PRESENTED BY 1.USMAN 2.AYESHA 3.IZZA minariAbdus Salam 27