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Service Design Research. UX Poland 2013
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Service Design Research. UX Poland 2013


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Service design is about designing user-friendly service. The backbone of this process is to understand the behavior of the customers, their needs and motivations. Thus, while creating customer journey …

Service design is about designing user-friendly service. The backbone of this process is to understand the behavior of the customers, their needs and motivations. Thus, while creating customer journey or experience map, designers should base on not only on their intuition but primarily on user research findings and expert analysis. The question is how to select the appropriate set of methods that allow designers to identify problems that lower customer satisfaction.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Opracowanie strategii, zdefiniowanie funkcjonalności i założeń usługiZaprojektowanie procesów interakcji klienta z usługąPoszukiwanie innowacji w usługach
  • Adaptive Path
  • Miejsca – placówka, slep, recepcja, domDokumenty – ulotki, umowy
  • Pracownicy – help desk, call center, recepcja, konsultant
  • Analiza treści internetowych
  • Analiza treści internetowych
  • Serwisy i aplikacjeDokumenty (ulotki, skrypty IVR, umowy)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Service Design ResearchUX Poland 2013
    • 2. Service DesignDesigning customer experienceat the time of service
    • 3. Touch pointsGreat experienceacross all touchpoints
    • 4. ServiceExamples
    • 5. Visiting the museum
    • 6. Concierge
    • 7. Online loan
    • 8. Service DesignLucy Kimpbell
    • 9. Service Design ProcessDiscovery Definition Design Delivery
    • 10. CustomerJourney MapHow the customer perceives andexperiences the service interfacealong the time axis
    • 11. Maps of a customer experiencefocus on how things will beexperienced, not how theyre made.
    • 12. ResearchIdentifying, discoveringand understandingthe service contextand users
    • 13. ResearchContext
    • 14. Touchpoints
    • 15. www, mobileMailingSocial media, forumAdvertisement – display, tv, radio, outdoorPlaces – store, institute, home, officeDokuments – POS, invoiceTouchpoints
    • 16. ResearchUsers
    • 17. People
    • 18. Users, customersFrontstage employeesBackstage employeesPartnersStakeholdersPeople
    • 19. ResearchMethods
    • 20. InterviewsIndividual, in-depthAt lab, home, office
    • 21. InterviewsWith customers, employees,partners, stakeholders
    • 22. Field studyObserving users in the fieldat the time of service
    • 23. Field studyWatch people visiting the institutionWatch customers shopping at the moll
    • 24. Mystery shopperResearcher in customer’s shoes
    • 25. Mystery shopperShop online and try to take the loanTalk with consultant about the service
    • 26. Diary studyUsers record their experiencesrelated to a particular subjectover a period of time
    • 27. Diary studyMoments when looking for helpExperience when visiting museums
    • 28. Usability testingObserve how customers are useinginteractive products
    • 29. Usabilitymobile appTest the website and testingConduct eyetracking of landing page
    • 30. QuestionnaireOnline or offlineFor users, employees or partners
    • 31. QuestionnaireAsk call center employees about calls
    • 32. Desk researchAnalysis of customers’ opinions
    • 33. Desk researchRead forums and Facebook fanpage
    • 34. Report analysisHelp desk, call center, FAQs
    • 35. Expert reviewExpert analysis of touch points– websites, documents, places
    • 36. live|work
    • 37. Thx!
    • 38. www.servicedesigntools.orgicons by www.picol.orgStormtroopers 365 on Flickr by StefanLego experience mapRail Europe experience mapThird example of experience map