Javier Celaya and Luca De Biase - How to collaborate with startups

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Javier Celaya and Luca De Biase explain how publishers should collaborate with startups.

Javier Celaya and Luca De Biase explain how publishers should collaborate with startups.

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  • 1. To prepare this survey, Dosdoce.comconducted an international surveyUSA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy,Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Sweden andFrance, among other countries
  • 2. Asked key questions to publishers andstartups about their relationship  Perceptions about each other  Expectations from each other  Potencial working areas  Issues / obstacles
  • 3. Let´s start 
  • 4. Very few meetings a year…
  • 5. And when they meet…,each one has different expectations…
  • 6. Most publishers just meet to talk
  • 7. While startups meet to close a deal…
  • 8. The failure to agree on objectives during initialmeetings is clearly reflected in the results Less than 35% of publishers conduct a follow-up meeting, arrange a demo, etc.
  • 9. But actually, both parties wish to have a closerand more active relationship
  • 10. Startups are “desperate” for feedback80% declared technology / business model feedback as main priority This feedback can transform ideas into new products and services
  • 11. 70% of startups would like an inside mentor
  • 12. I strongly recomend that you also create theStartups Relations department / mentor figure
  • 13. This person will lead the startup action plan
  • 14. Identify and select startups (here and abroad)
  • 15. Meet regularly with startups
  • 16. Commit to a follow-up plan
  • 17. Working together: areas of engagement  Content distribution  Opening new channels  Testing technology  Developing special features  Exchange of customer insights  Sharing knowledge about product and customer behaviour  Investment opportunities
  • 18. The financial community says that we have asector perception problem that we should fix
  • 19. Does the sector truly believe in their digital future?
  • 20. Even publishing professionals acknowledgedthe lack of innovation perception issue
  • 21. Startups would like a more active role(investments) from publishers
  • 22. But few publishers actually invest in startups
  • 23. 83% said they are willing to invest, but 1/3claim that there are no interesting projects… Is this true?
  • 24. VC don’t invest MORE in publishing relatedstartups because the sector doesn´t invest in them
  • 25. But mainly because there is a lack of servicesoriented business models in the publishing sector
  • 26. Sector needs to embrace their “technology” VC’s ask themselves why publishing companies do not invest more in their startups
  • 27. Other sectors invest a lot in their startups…  TELCO companies invest in Telco related startups  FINANCIAL companies invest in financial related startups  HEALTHCARE companies invest in healthcare startups
  • 28. To joinly transform ideas into new productsand services
  • 29. and avoid “blindness” in the digital age
  • 30. Grazie mille / Thank youJavier Celaya jcelaya@dosdoce.com Tel: +34.606.367.708 Web: www.dosdoce.com Twitter: @javiercelaya LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/javiercelaya