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Javier Celaya - Publishing is Technology
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Javier Celaya - Publishing is Technology


Published on

Javier Celaya gives an overview and introduces the panel Publishing is Technology.

Javier Celaya gives an overview and introduces the panel Publishing is Technology.

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  • 1. Publishing is technology
  • 2. Technology has changed the way we discoverinformation, culture and entertaiment
  • 3. Technology has changed the way we consumeinformation, culture and entertaiment
  • 4. Technology has changed the way we shareinformation, culture and entertaiment Ownership vs sharing economy
  • 5. Technology has changed the way we read,from eyes attention to finger centric
  • 6. Keep the fingers happy 
  • 7. Technology is even changing the way we think 
  • 8. In sum, more changes in 100 years than inone million years
  • 9. Technology has become our second skin
  • 10. Do you truly believe that the publishing sector isinmune to this social transformation?
  • 11. First transformation has been content driven
  • 12. Second transformation will be lead by technology
  • 13. From a content contained business
  • 14. To a service driven industryNot just content, publishers must add value-added services to their business model
  • 15. What do I mean by services?  Author services (real time sales, information about the behaviour of their content, white label webs for authors, etc.)  Creation of readers communities  Self-publishing services  Recommendations systems based on real affinities rather than purchase  Transferability of reader’s comments and aggregated notes  Track record of purchase history  Reading behaviour feedback  Assessment and evaluation tools
  • 16. Startups can help you identify these services More and more readers using products and services that didn´t exist 5 years ago
  • 17. Publishers should embrace technology
  • 18. Not just as mere “users” of technology
  • 19. But should invest and create technology
  • 20. To avoid “blindness” in the digital age
  • 21. Data is the new oil of the XXI century
  • 22. Big players do not share data (nothing)
  • 23. You should reach strategic alliances withstartups to exploit digital opportunities
  • 24. NYT invites media startups to work from its HQ
  • 25. Testing / innovation should be part of your DNA Trial / error = progress
  • 26. Startups are digital innovators by natureStartups create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertanity
  • 27. Destined to work together to transform ideasinto new products and services
  • 28. Atavist – Create, produce and publish
  • 29. Sourcefabric – open content management platform
  • 30. Mobnotate: Books that sell other books
  • 31. Valobox - Pay as you go
  • 32. Skoobe- an ebook lending service
  • 33. Grazie mille / Thank youJavier Celaya Tel: +34.606.367.708 Web: Twitter: @javiercelaya LinkedIn: