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Jason Ashlock - The Rogue Reader
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Jason Ashlock - The Rogue Reader


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Second of the Content Business Models. …

Second of the Content Business Models.

Jason Ashlock presents The Rogue Reader. A literary agent looking at self-publishing as a opportunity.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Title Card: TRR fiction from the bleeding edge.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 2. A publishing showcase for outsider suspense fiction from the next generation of genre superstars. engrossing digital books, ! carefully edited + artfully designed, ! supported by multimedia experiences, ! for discerning readers to buy, read + ! share on any platform.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 3. Audaciously curated. ! Author first. ! Digital only. Agency managed.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 4. > agency managed.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 5. > agency managed. In an age of radical disintermediation, the agent’s response must be one of radical mediation.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 6. > agency managed. The flexibility, independence & author-first mentality of self-publishing + the brand power, tradecraft & gravitas of traditional publishing = The Rogue Model.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 7. > audaciously curated. In an age of abundance, quality curation only increases in value.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 8. > audaciously curated. In an age of abundance, quality curation only increases in value. > each month: one author of note. > each week: one piece of immersive content.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 9. lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 10. lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 11. lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 12. > author first. In an market of fragmentation, aggregation is powerlunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 13. > author first. In an market of fragmentation, aggregation is power > Brand unifies > Author collective empowers > As title-by-title marketing gets harder and hard to do, the vertical and the community emerge as more effective means of reaching readerslunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 14. > digital first. In an integrated market, dimensionality is distinctivelunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 15. > digital first. In an integrated market, dimensionality is distinctive > full text as metadata > multimedia constellations for each author > geographically-located authorslunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 16. Each of The Rogue Reader’s ebooks exist in a transmedia constellation, with the book as the lodestar. A raft of media elements-- original video, viral visuals, travel recommendations, maps, cocktail recipes, virtual and in-person events-- lend the book a greater mass, and place it in a fully-formed context. For readers who have already discovered a given book, these outer stars invite them to experience the work with greater depth, to fully immerse themselves in the world of the novel and the author. For those who have not yet found that book, these outer stars offer multiple points of entry.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 17. 17lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 18. ! > digital first. Built on Pressbooks technology, optimizing all content for search and mobile, Rogue ebooks are hand-crafted, DRM-free, distributed across all platforms and devices + move seamlessly across the Web. Aggressive sampling strategy allows readers to engage with large percentage of each ebook, placing the work itself at the center of the marketing effort. Web-books first, then ebooks.lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 19. 19lunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 20. > the money slide State of the Union: – 5 months, 5 authors. Multiple Nook Picks, Amazon bestsellers, Library Journal picks, genre magazine picks. – Already each author has netted between 5-10K from sales. Royalty rates triple those of traditional publishers; agency take double traditional deals Community Revenue: – Direct to consumer sales. First month: 5% of sales. This month, 22% of sales. No retail intermediary. – Opt-in email subscribers approaching 5000. – Subscription app launches this summer: $14.99 for app, delivers all books for the year (12 books) + The Weekly Rogue + multimedia content Rights Earnings – International rights sales in process – Audio rights sales in process – Future: print partnerlunedì 25 marzo 13
  • 21. lunedì 25 marzo 13