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MADE EASY launches Handbook Mechanical Engg. & Electrical Engg. “with all Formulae & Key Theory Concepts”
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MADE EASY launches Handbook Mechanical Engg. & Electrical Engg. “with all Formulae & Key Theory Concepts”


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Dear Friends, …

Dear Friends,
Grab your copy today!

It is a must read for revision aid before GATE, IES, PSUs and other competitive examinations. Well illustrated formulae and key theory concepts are very easy to learn and easy to remember.


Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Resurrect Your Concepts and Formulae k on Just Before Exams a nd l b oo k on icaing oo AH c al b nd r A aniing Ha ectneer El gi ech eer on Electrical Engineering AM in Handbook Engineering g A Handbook on & other competitive exams En & other competitive exams IES, other competitive exams Contains well illustrated formulae & key theory concepts A Handbook on IES, other competitive exams Electrical & pts IES, GATE, PSUs & nce GATE, PSUs IES, GATE, PSUs co About MADEyEASY GATE, PSUs ee ring the or Mechanical key and guide ambitious engineering graduates to achieve their career objectives. MADE EASY Group is one of the India’s best institution for engineers. It was established with in ee ring Engineering ngineers. It was established with e& the aim to help MADE ula Engineering Eng hieve their career objectives. l E orm including Civil Services, Engineering Services & Public Sector Units. MADE EASY team EASY has placed thousands of engineering graduates in top positions of various services l nica ef ica positions of various services t&d posts tr th stra is headed by its Director Mr. B. Singh (Ex. IES) & comprises of highly experienced &cepmost reputed tablishedctives. wi a Elec ctor Units. MADE EASY team th ts llu ech wi i SUs ed .y experienced &epts most reputed l i s h t i ve s ell on ry c s je n ex-professors from top institutions, IES qualified TOP rankers & professional experts of various e r ob ices onc sw For on M tab c s ofessional experts of various es r obje ices ry c ain heo wa ree er v o SUs ook s fields who are masters of their subjects and well known all over India fory ttheir contribution in ca ious s eam . It ,P heo wa e e e r v nt ke ers ir For y ttheir contributiont in car ious s team t Co e . I ir e& e th var SY ke gin b ndia for ATE ula s eer the var SY en ieve of EA ted d ms books and international journals. TE, P e& form or ch ons DE epu Han ula gin en ieve s of E EA uted n f to a ositi s. MA ost r ous orm for o ach ition MAD t rep s s ted tio and postal y to ex a S, G MADE EASY Education provides high quality & targeted, comprehensive classroomates top p Unit & m vari stra titu xm A Eas ve s n t o s s. os ou Contains well illustrated aformulae & key theorycompetitive examinationsradfors infollowingedperts ofution in concepts best ins g g uate Sector rienc eaasrynto r tio and postal l illu , GA titi ensive classroomates top p Unit & m f vari titu training programmes for IAS, IES, GATE, PSUs and other s wel ins du n ctor nced ee t IE in lE e pe oncep o rin u lic pe ex rib st g gra fors i following er ts tion tain ’sve examinations uate c Se erie xp bu be n itiv SY ndia inee grad Pub ly ex nal ont IES Y India’s gineeri g grad Publi hly expional e contri streams: Con EA he I eng ring s & high ssio eir c m r pe t f t us ee ice of ofe th A e o tio engin Serv es pr for DE sta l & mb Easy to r co ory c the en rin s & hig ess ei of tious ginee r vice es of prof for th l om 2. Mechanical Engineering is on Electrical mpris rs & ndia po e he he t M oup uide mnds of eering & co Engineering om and lowing rem learn & ot key t sta 1. Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering i e ris & po rc ou ke e r I A Handbook on mb of en ing S Engineering a3. Electricalomp kers r Indi a e ra n ov Mechanical Engineering and ing Ab EAS p a th s s, Engi Ex. IES) ed TOP wn all A Handbook 4. Electronics Engineering 5. Computer Science/IT Y Gr nd g ou6. Instrumentation Engg. ssro r fol oth n e& a A Handbook on al e ds eer c a n ve m l l ow ula Electrical y to san ngin ES) & OP r all o la fo A Handbook oo o e c ns & Easy to ou6. , Instrumentation Engg.lassr for f Eas & l d e DE o he place er vic ngh ualif ll kno ( i s i v at i o n rememberrm E x. I d T n Mechanic leaasry to r c ces (E fie ow MA m t as il S . Si S q we hen in r vi ingh quali ll kn ve ons n s i i n at i i Noida r. B Bhopal h Ci v IE nd pre exam eri ng d fo For rate he m MADE EASY Centres: Delhi Hyderabad e a SY g M s, a Jaipure . S I E S d we pre ng th EA din or tion cts co m v ine . r. B Bhopal Jaipure exa eri d, titi lust s, n co m i v E t u e ng gg ine . AD inclu Direc instit subj e te m p e l E n En on s a For & E mbe l il uti bjec t ed, petit g ica o IES, GATE, PSUs ng ngg M ts its ir t a r r co wel it u get lE E po s y to p t h e & e c tr tati ica on El e ir s t a r co m c tr tati e Easy to & ded b from rs of als. it y oth 3. rume n on the . rem ual and ins & ther IES, GATE, PSUs El e n a rs ste urn nta hq s learn ty 3. rume e t on a l s quali and o is h fesso ma al jo Ins r hig , PSU pu Co urn Ins t r o are ion ng 6. Jai s pr s eri MADE EASY Publications igh SU 6. pu ex- who ernat ide ATE sh ,P rin g Jai rov ES, G ine l & other competitive exams ons ide GATE ng a Engineering ee t p I v , & Easy to lds in ion S, l E e/IT op S n gin al fie and c at r I A ica Bh , IE opAS ica an ienc l E e/IT Bh remember & other competitive exams b oo ks SY Edu es fo an ienc ech r Sc id a ech r Sc da EA mm M te No Contains well illustrated formulae & key theory concepts Engineering M te i MADE EASY Publications is a unit of MADE EASY Group. raWe publish o m p u DE og 2 . books for competitive 2 . books for competitive No MA g pr ad non-technical blish o m p u C C d examinations like IAS, IES, GATE & Public Sector Examinations (technical and inin ing g 5 . rab . ba t ra : de technical and non-technical 5 ra elds) with latest updates and topicwise presentation ams i nisr highly supported by MADE EASY which e e e e r i n Hy ns ng de stre across India. Fori more details visit us at: ng ngin titi ve Hy s iohly supported by MADE EASY Team. The books are available at leading book stalls v i l E s E pe al ve tion icat Fori more details visit us at: pe al titi Ci n i c D elh com chnic lh com chnic 1 . e c t ro for te SY ca bl De El s: ks n- EA for -te ASY oo no DE t: li tre oks on E 4. en P u h b l and y MA us a Pub ISBN 978-93-81069-63-9 bo d n ADE at: s YC bli a b it EASY pu hnic rted ls vis ISBN 978-93-81069-63-9 l ish al an by M it us AS EE Y We ec ub ic d is 9 789381t069639 o ai EAS e p chn rte ils v AD p. ns ( supp e det 9 E rou atio hly or 3- 9 789381t069639 o -6 . W ( e p ta M 69 MAD 10 up ions y sup re de Y G minRs.hi200.00 -8 93 g rm 9ADE - 8- 63 97 Gro Rs. 250.00o S 9- EA xa is . Fo 06 BN at hl 1 IS 3 -8 SY in hig r m -9 DE r E hich dia 8 97 EA xam is . Fo BN MA cto w s In IS 39 96 DE tor E which India 06 of lic Se tation acros g 81 39 93 MA c 96 78 .00 nit Pub sen lls s.or 06 s 9 00 of c Se tion cros 81 78 93 .00 u a n Rs .2 nit Publi senta lls a s a & pre st tio 9 50 u a n Rs .2 s i TE e book blica Corporate O ce: 44-A/1, Kalu Sarai (Near Hauz Khas Metro Station),ANewisDelhi-110016 s a E & e pre ok st catio on ati ES, G opic ing sypu wn),ANewisDelhi-110016 T G picw g bo publ o adin easy i c Phone: 011-45124612, 26560862, 0-9958995830 | Website: bli I Pu AS, and at lea adee t d a Rs. 200/- t nd at le ade SY e I es .m EA s lik pdat ilable wwwab www le .m 6 DE on u va MA inati latest are a m h s Rs. 250/- 00 -11 rg lhi s.o 16 exa ) wit book 1 00 D e tion -11 rg s lhi s.o eld The w a Ne lic D e tion n), ub w a Ne lic m. tio syp n), ub tio syp Tea St a e e a o d St a e e a etr .ma tro .mad sM w e ha w w sM w u z K site: ha w w Ha b z K e: ar We au bsit Ne | r H We ai ( 0 a Ne | S ar 9583 ai ( 0 alu 89 S ar 583 1, K 95 alu 99 , K 9958 -A / 0 - 9 44 62, A/1 , 0- ce: 608 5 62 e O 26 08 rat 12, r po 46 Co -4512 “To give a finishing touch to your years of preparation” 11 e: 0 on Ph MADE EASY launches Handbook on Mechanical engg. & electrical engg. “with all Formulae & Key Theory Concepts” This book provides crux of subjects in a concise form to brush up formulae and theory concepts required for IES, GATE, PSUs and other competitive examinations.