What is it Comenius


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What is it a Comenius? was a final product of a students and teachers exchange supported by the European Socrates program

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What is it Comenius

  1. 1. A Comenius project Jan Amos Comenius was a Czech matematician and professor who lived in the 1700s He was one of the first erudites who considered that boys and girls were equals in education and could study the same subjects at school This statue of Comenius is in front of his House-Museum, in Czech Republic What is it?
  2. 2. Sharing the Cultures of Europe <ul><li>The name of Comenius is used to refer an EU educational program . Its purpose is to support contact among schools from Europe </li></ul>
  3. 3. In 2005, 3 new schools from Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Spain enlarged the project Sharing the Cultures of Europe is a 3 year Comenius project It started in 2004, with 3 schools from Spain, Poland and Tukey
  4. 4. ¿What activities do we do? … to exchange them with the other schools At your own school… Prepare materials…
  5. 5. More and more materials for poster exhibitions
  6. 6. What else activities do we do? And represent your country Learning a language to communicate with foreign people who cannot speak your mother language
  7. 7. Msn contact with other students What else activities do we do? Writing letters to students from different schools
  8. 8. Learning songs from different countries ¿What else activities do we do? And sometimes, dances from different countries
  9. 9. How many foreign languages must you learn to participate in Comenius? English is enough
  10. 10. What else activities do we do? Theatre plays Dear SnowWhite, we are the XXL seven dwarfs Zzzz… Mmm, I’ve forgotten my lines Sure, LittleRed RidingHood. THIS WASN’T THE WOLF, BUT THE GRANDPA!! Psyco LittleRed RidingHood
  11. 11. What else activities do we do? Get to know other schools Gym in Secondary Education School nº 4 in Chorzow (Poland) Binding workshop in ISST COP in Zlín (Czech Republic)
  12. 12. Students tell about their home town, their schools… Teachers have to speak in English to audiences, sometimes Hello, we are Verónica and Sandra, from Getafe, Spain My home town is near Madrid. There is a cathedral, La Magdalena We bring some posters showing our country traditions And the Oscar goes to… Pardon…?
  13. 13. Places we have gone to November 2004 and 2005: Getafe (Spain) February 2005: Istambul (Turkey) May 2005: Chorzow (Poland) April 2006: Prague and Zlín (Czech Republic) October 2006: Setenil de las Bodegas (Spain) May 2007: Stara Zagora (Bulgaria)
  14. 14. Cultural activities
  15. 15. Museum Auschwitz, Poland
  16. 16. Gas chamber The nazis killed thousands of people here from 1939 to 1945
  17. 17. Crematoriums Once suffocated from the gas, the bodies were burned in the ovens
  18. 18. Istambul 2005 Take your shoes off, and cover your head as a signal of respect
  19. 19. Receptions by authorities
  20. 20. Enjoying the difference
  22. 22. Listening to the National Anthem, in Yeni Dünya Koleji of Istambul
  24. 24. JAMONES IN CÁDIZ (Spain) It is a must for gourmets: pig leg, also called jamón or “Serrano ham”. Very appreciated all over the world, its price can reach over 200 €/Kg
  26. 26. Descending into a mine in Poland
  27. 27. Prague
  28. 28. Zlata Ulica (Gold Street), in Prague Alchemists try to turn rough metals into gold. A king of the XVI century hired alchemists from Prague and built these houses in a dead end street for them to live by his castle… but with little chance to escape
  29. 29. Cracow
  30. 30. The dragon is the symbol of the city of Cracow , in Poland: a shoemaker saved the young maids from the dragon threat
  31. 31. Sanctuaries, churches and the birthplace of Karol Woityla
  32. 32. Zlín 2006
  33. 33. Getafe 2004 and 2005
  34. 34. Madrid: The Arena OLEEE!!
  35. 35. Toledo, Segovia…
  36. 37. It’s my turn!!
  37. 38. Chorzow 2005
  38. 39. Teachers on duty (incredible, but true!) Discussing on ideas for new activities
  39. 40. Comenius meeting Bla, bla, bla… Bla, bla, bla… Bla, bla, bla… In Italian too: Bla , bla, bla…
  40. 41. Team work
  41. 43. Leading guided tour Searching information Map of Toledo
  42. 44. Smile, please! Sharing the cultures in 1001 images
  43. 45. Setenil de las bodegas 2006
  44. 46. Barbecue in the forest Free time
  45. 47. We’re giving a party
  46. 48. We are still in the party ??? Were we yesterday in the party?
  47. 49. Stara Zagora 2007
  48. 50. New friends
  49. 51. Dreaming of more activities…