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IEC Group of Institutions


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North India Leading Education Group with Hi-Tech Modern Facilities... …

North India Leading Education Group with Hi-Tech Modern Facilities...
Admission Open (, MBA,B-pharma,M-pharma, MCA, BHMCT )
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Published in: Education

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  • 1. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Greater Prospectus 2012
  • 2. |01| xceptional Education + xceptional Mentors = xceptional ReturnsExceptional EducationWe believe in giving you education that ignites minds and hones your imaginative skills. Have you ever wondered how infinite wordsoriginated from the limited stock of 26 letters giving birth to so many languages and how just seven musical notes are enough forcomposing countless melodies.. This is the power of imagination and of course the base is knowledge. We strive to inculcate this veryquality in our students. We constantly expose them to the vast knowledge bank, experts in academia, global experts, industry people andloads of hands on practice. Such a wider interaction rich in both experience and knowledge give them multiple perspectives on the subjectand kindle their imagination.Innovative teaching practices aided by multimedia complement the learning process at IEC. Our Industry based curriculum makes themjob ready. By making them work in Industry related/ supported/ sponsored Projects where they work and are made responsible for theentire set of activities resulting in the acceptable solution/ model/ process under the guidance from teachers, we give them a feel of actualindustry working.We believe in empowering our students with the right mix of knowledge and skills.Exceptional MentorsNo matter how advance we get in terms of technology, we cannot replace teachers. The role of technogical facilities in aidingunderstanding of the subject can not be undermined but Teacher is an integral part of the education system. He or She knows what todeliver and how to do it best. Believing strongly how important is the role of a teacher in shaping up the child’s sensibilities; IEC does notcompromise on the quality of faculty it takes under its ambit. IEC has well- qualified and experienced faculty members who havesubstantial industry and academic experience. Their ability to keep learning and updating their knowledge on the latest trends in theirrespective fields is what makes IEC retain its character to impart education par excellence.Guest Lectures from eminent industry and academic experts, international guest faculty, seminars, debates and industry interfacethrough both national and foreign industrial visits enrich the IEC experience.Exceptional ReturnsIEC students have high career placement, whether you want to be an engineer or a manager, our placement team helps you to polish yourresume, get lucrative internships, and connect you with employers. Acting as an interface between the industry and the students, ourplacement team plays an important role in honing students’ over all personality by arranging seminars, mock GDs and interviews,workshops, industrial trainings and industrial visits. The goal is to increase students’ employability. All our alumni are well placed andyou can find IECians in almost every known company.With its Exceptional Education & Exceptional Mentors, IEC has been preparing technocrats for tomorrow.
  • 3. Welcome to IEC and to our Information Brochure. This isnt justabout giving you information. Its about finding out what you think.The whole idea is to use this information brochure interactivelyso as to help you as much as possible for the registration process.Contact us at:Corporate Office5, Sant Nagar, (Ground Floor) East of Kailash, New Delhi -110 065Phone No.: 26231339, 26231340, 26291141, 26210804Mobile No.: 9810199247, 9350855877, 9311588003, 9311588002, 9810798580Toll Free No: 1800-11-8787,Help Line No : 011 - 26444838SMS 575758Website:, admissions2012@ieccollege.comFor Direct AdmissionB.Tech : 9711822777, 8860406258, MBA : 7838825827, 8130688592,MCA : 7838825831, 9810798531, BHMCT : 7838825836,B.Pharm, M.Pharm : 7838825886, 9810792548M-92, Connaught Place, New Delhi 110001, INDIAPhone No: +91-11-23415938, 23415667. Fax No: +91-11-23415913Greater Noida CampusPlot No. 4, Institutional Area, Surajpur Kasna RoadKnowledge Park 1, Greater Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P), INDIAPhone No: +91-120-2326665, 2326537, 2321943Fax: +91-120-2326529Plot No. 11, Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P), INDIAPlot No 8, Sector - Pie - 1 & 2, Greater Noida (U.P.), INDIABaddi CampusPlot No:7&10, Atal Shiksha Nagar, Baddi, Dist. Solan, HPPh:+91-94-598-98200/201/202/203Toll Free No. 1800-11-8787Help Line No: 011 - 26444838SMS 575758WLL No: +91-179-2201311Website: www.iecuniversity.comHaimrpur CampusIEC Institute of Health Sciences & Research, Haimrpur, Himachal PradeshAlwar CampusPlot No. - J-1, Ambedkar Nagar, Alwar, Rajasthan & Block D, Surya Nagar, Alwar, RajasthanNanowal CampusTanda Road, Nanowal Vaid, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab Other Websites: Share, Watch, Follow & Join IEC atScan to discover more...
  • 4. IECs Growth Story This beautifully designed Digital library has more than 100000 books visit this blog every month. IEC extensively uses Video organized 55 events on different occasions. Some of the on varied subjects and over 10,000 titles. The library has an active Conferencing to bring a wealth of lectures from the best famous fests are CONFLUENCE, VARCHASVA, subscription to 250 national and 200 international Journals / academicians from all over the world to IEC students. ELECTRA, and RAZMATAZZ. Magazines. The digital library has subscription to national & international e-journals like IEEE/IEE, Springer, ACM, ASCE, Emrald Faculty Publications In a long journey spanning over almost 14 years, IEC Management Xtra through membership of INDEST Consortia of IIT, IEC enjoys expertise of 350 faculty members besides the At IEC, the motto is not just academic College of Engineering & Technology has come a Delhi. It is an active member of Developing Library Network administrative staff of 250, without whose commendable excellence but the holistic long way and has achieved several milestones and (DELNET) for resource sharing. IEC is equipped with modern computing efforts and contribution, IEC wouldn’t have been able to development of the students. We each milestone has been an inspiration to achieve facilities to complement classroom teaching.The Computer Labs are carve its success story. Each one is well qualified and brings encourage our students to think and the next. What started 14 years back as a small outfitted with the latest technologies and have more than 2500 systems with him wealth of research, teaching, and professional come up with write ups on diverse project backed by a big idea and with an intake of installed in them. Every classroom and conference room is fitted with experience. The distinctive research of our faculty members subjects and share them in our 240 students every year, has now materialized LCD projection facilities and LAN. Lectures are typically augmented by ensures that our programmes offer content that is publication, “Current”. The aim is to into a centre of educational excellence imparting multimedia. contemporary and global in its perspective. As prize-winning make them think and write about competencies to more than 5000 national and academicians and authors, they actively contribute to whatever interests them. All we want 500 international students coming from 32 The Campus has a Cafeteria which is spread over a huge carpet area of educational excellence through their publications and is to tickle their creative buds and countries in diverse subjects. Today, IEC welcomes research papers. They actively participate in encourage the writer inside them to 8000 sq. ft. Always buzzing with students’ chuckles and laughter, it is national/International seminars, workshops and broaden more than 2200 students every year. It is now a an ideal place for socializing and having a great time sipping coffee and bloom. their horizons and give back this wealth to the students. group of Institutions and offers NBA accredited feasting on the great and hygienic food it offers. Collectively, our faculty has published more than 100 Current is a bimonthly magazine programs in Engineering, Management, Hotel The IEC Campus boasts of an Open Air Theatre where you can enjoy books, 75 publications, presented research papers and that features everything that goes Management, Pharmacy & Computer Sciences attended more than 228 workshops. around in IEC. It showcases the achievements, the in Greater Noida. IEC’s Vision 2020 aims to cultural events. It can accommodate 2000 people at a time. A state-of- achieve a target of over 20,000 students in all its the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 brims with current events, activities, write ups from faculty members Faculty Development Programs and students on varied subjects, motivational articles, quotes programs. The Group has recently set up a activities throughout the year. Serving as a common platform for the Faculty Development is an integral part of Academic students, faculty and eminent guests to interact, it has been regularly and a whole set of Information. In fact everything that is University in Baddi, H.P. and has its proposed processes at IEC. IEC supports anything and everything that hosting myriad of intellectual activities. current in IEC finds voice here. campuses at Alwar, Hamirpur, Hoshiarpur and is aimed at knowledge addition and updation. Till now IEC Solan. has organized more than 100 Faculty Development Technology used by IEC Programmes. Infrastructure Recruitment IEC provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for Institutions’ The IEC Group of Institutions has its presence on When it comes to recruitment, IEC Students are quite lucky. subscribed users to connect and login to the campus network from off Events/Workshops/Extra-curricular Activities All the students who have graduated and post graduated over 70 acres of land with 10 lakh sq. ft. of campus locations. The service provides a more secure encrypted The IEC Campus pulsates with vibrant activities all round the from the College are well placed. 300 good companies constructed area. The Group plans to add connection between your computer and the College network so that we year. The IEC team works hard to give its students a right can make certain resources available for off campus access. have till now visited IEC campus as a part of their Campus another 10 lakh sq. ft. to the existing built up mix of education and recreation. Emphasis is on over all Recruitment Drive. Our 7000 alumni are well placed. area in near future. The entire campus is wi fi personality development of the students. Debates, Sports enabled and all hostel rooms, classrooms and To remain competitive and to leverage the benefits of e-learning, IEC activities, Seminars, Workshops, Personality Scholarships offices are equipped with 24*7 Internet Group of Institutions has an e-learning portal in place. We are using Development Programs, Inter college Competitions, IEC acknowledges appreciates and rewards meritorious connectivity with a 30 Mbps leased line. A Moodle E-learning platform and for content we are streaming videos Industry Institute Interactions and Events are an students. Till now the College has spent over 30 lakh beautiful circular shaped digital library spread directly from you tube. The Group has its own face book page to remain integral part of IEC life. Till now IEC has organized 35 rupees on Scholarships. over 10,000 sq. ft. at IEC-CET campus is a gem in connected to current students, alumni, and faculty and to keep them updated of the latest news and events of IEC. The IEC chairman has Debates on Technical & Cultural Issues, 84 Industry the crown. Rich in both design and the learning Institute Interactions & over 100 Guest Lectures. Blood International Partnerships material, it can accommodate more than 5500 his own blog and there is a separate blogging platform for students and faculty. It is quite popular among students and more than 2000 visitors Donation Camps are organized twice a year in IEC. IEC Tie-ups with more than 40 well known foreign universities / students. fulfills its students’ recreational needs by organizing parties, institutions. Tech fests and other events. Till now the College has IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS04 05
  • 6. Foreword Foreword by the by the President CEOIn this global knowledge economy, competitiveness is derived from knowledge, skills and In the world of cut throat competition, IEC Group of Institutions has achieved aninnovations of the work force. Learning, training and the education system play a crucial incredible mark in technical education arena ever since its inception. It brings us greatrole in a nations ability to prosper. Knowledge is decisive factor in sustaining pleasure to share with you the journey of the success of the IEC Group over the lastcompetitive advantage at both the organizational and the national levels. In the most eleven years. The promoters of IEC Group of Institutions & professional IEC softwareseconomies, knowledge work has been recognized as a key factor. Understanding the background visualized this a decade ago and to address the need, Institution wasneed of the hour, from more than a decade, IEC Group of Institutions develop future established in 1999, with the prime objective of providing world-class technical and MESSAGE MESSAGEengineers, technocrats, managers and who understand the fast changing corporate management education in tune with contemporary requirements. IEC may be perceivedenvironment and are able to optimize opportunities. as follows:Over a span of ten years, IEC Group of Institutions has emerged as one of the leading I : INNOVATION in Learning & Teaching Practices;and fast-growing institutions in Northern India. It delivers high quality professional E : EXCELLENCE through industry based curriculum & research driven environment;education comparable with the best in the world. IECs meteoric rise, in such a short C : COMMITMENT to propel your growth by giving global edgespan of time, is exemplified in the birth and evolution of five institutions, viz., IECCollege of Engineering & Technology, IEC College of MCA, IEC College of Pharmacy, IEC The IEC Group has been working relentlessly towards providing the highest quality ofInstitute of Hotel Management and IEC Business School. IEC draws its students from all professional education to students with the objective of equipping them for a globalparts of the Country. Thus IEC students are exposed to varied cultures of different career. To make a great career a reality for every student, each and every aspect ofstates. We have been fortunate and blessed by our association with more than 500 student life has been evolved and developed. We have been successful in our relentlessstudents from over 32 countries. pursuit of excellence which is evident in our remarkable growth from a single institution to a group of five, giving us a large family of students, faculty members,We, at IEC, have been blessed to evidence the success of our philosophy of equipping support staff and industry heavyweights, all of whom we are honoured to be associatedyoung minds with creative leadership and competitive intelligence. IECs strong linkages with.with the best in the corporate are reflected in its blend of core and visiting facultyenabling a two way flow of knowledge, talent and resources. IEC enables excellence for In the present competitive global scenario, we provide you a platform to fulfill youreach and every student in each and every aspect of their personal and professional most-cherished dreams and hopes. Our efforts at excelling in all our courses have notgrowth because inter-personal interaction skills are as significant as technical knowledge gone to the winds. Our focus on continuous development, emphasizing quality teachingand skills. Over a span of twelve years, we have evolved a focused student-centric and sense of belongingness of the qualified and experience faculty has brought laurels toapproach to ensure the employment-readiness of every student. IECs efforts to groom our credit. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency are the Hall Marks of our education system.its students as true technocrats / business leaders have been well-acknowledged by the To carve a nitch in your ambitious plans is our commitment.corporate world. I am sure, the candidate aspiring to seek admission in our prestigious Institutions areWe welcome you to join us, and experience the preparation for an enriching and bound to meet success.successful future with us! I wish you all bright and prosperous future.R. L. Gupta Dr. Navin Gupta IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS08 09
  • 7. Foreword Foreword by the by the Advisor CFOIn a long journey spanning over almost 14 years, IEC College of Engineering and “The important thing is not where you were or where you are but where you want toTechnology has come a long way and has achieved several milestones. The College was get”.started with the sole aim of churning out professionals in the field of technology andtoday it is a Group of institutions offering multi disciplinary education to both national It is a matter of great pleasure and pride that the college is providing an excellentand International students. Right from its inception, the three words-- Innovation, quality of education and mentoring for the students, aspiring to be competentExcellence and Commitment—have been an integral part of IEC’s culture and even today professionals in technology and management. The ultimate aim of the students is to get MESSAGE MESSAGEthey remain deeply entrenched in everything that IEC offers. higher percentage and to be placed in the multinational companies. This is not only the aim of students but also the aim of parents, teachers and our management. As all ourWe believe in giving the best education to our students through our Innovative objectives are focused towards this single point, no doubt this aim will be fulfilled.pedagogy, excellent facilities-both infrastructural and learning and Industry basedcurriculum. We have forged partnerships with the world’s leading Universities and Keeping in mind the wordings of Rabindranath Tagore that teaching must be based uponColleges so that our students get the best education. We also have academic tie- ups students needs, nature and environment, our management and the staff members strivewith SAP, ORACLE, CISCO and IBM to impart them certain set of skills. The idea is to hard to make learners build in them a repertoire of experiences and make them fit toimprove their career prospects and increase employability. Our 7000 well-placed alumni keep pace dexterously with the changing nature of the society to which they belong.are testimony to the fact that our education is result oriented. There is a devoted and dedicated team of faculty with distinguished academic record and long teaching experience in all branches to provide quality education and training inIn short, IEC imparts high quality professional education which is geared towards engineering and technology. They work with enthusiasm, brimming with new andmaking students successful in every aspect of their life. creative ideas. In addition to expert coaching by faculty members, students also haveSo, come and be part of a journey that will broaden your horizons. advantage of learning from eminent professors, scientists and experts from the other reputed institutions and industries who are invited to give guest lectures.R.K. Srivastava Dheeraj Mangal IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS10 11
  • 8. Foreword Foreword by the by the Head International Vice-PresidentIEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS AND IEC UNIVERSITY, INDIA would be delighted to The Economic success of 21st Century will depend on evaluation and thewelcome you as a student to its’ vibrant, friendly and supportive community. The biggest implementation of knowledge based industries. Economic prosperity and quality of lifeinvestment we make is in our students, and we are here to help you achieve your goals. will depend on education particularly professional education, leadership and suitableIEC is a thoroughly modern entity, one which is always open to fresh ideas and thinking. work environment. I, thus, consider it a privilege to share with you what IEC Group ofWe have outstanding National and International partnerships with other Universities and Institutions can offer you as a student and as a prospective Professional Engineer,Industry and we are confident that our high-quality courses will help to prepare you for Technocrat, Manager, Pharmacist and Hospitality Professional. MESSAGE MESSAGEthe chosen career when you graduate. Our courses are focused on enabling you tosucceed in your career and giving you a rich and fulfilling experience that will be of IEC believes in an uncompromising commitment to quality education to groom upvalue in Industry and whatever you choose to do in life. professionals and has evolved a comprehensive student-centric learning approach withWith International students from over 32 countries worldwide we really value our class-rooms lectures, courseware for self-study, case analysis and discussions, soft skillmulticultural diversity, and all our students know they will receive hospitality to help development, seminars, quizzes, group discussions, training, projects etc. The coursethem quickly settle in to life at IEC. structure incorporates all elements that enable the graduates to become well-suited for the job market with equal emphasis on practical and innovative need -based researchYou have all the reasons to choose IEC as the destination for your studies due to the aspect. Every care is taken to give emphasis on practice component keeping in view thefollowing:Quality and Employability: Our courses are of the highest quality and designed to dynamic aspects of industries and corporates all over the world.develop employability skills through our strong links with the Industry and Commercialworld. The state of art laboratories, automated and digital library, conference and seminar halls, modern teaching facilities, education friendly architecture and atmosphere are not onlyInternational Recognition: Qualifications gained at IEC are held in high regard and are well suited for the growth of creative, young budding professionals but ensures thatrecognized internationally due to our partnerships with highly esteemed Foreign every student gets the best education.Universities.One of the BEST: IEC has been judged as one of the best Institutions by the ALL INDIA The IEC Group of Institutions is not only known for providing the best professionalSurvey conducted by CSR. courses but also considered as an ideal place for student friendly intellectualLocation in the heart of INDIA: IEC Group of Institutions is located near NCR and in the environment where freedom of thought, inquiry, creativity and scholarly pursuit flower.most beautiful green belt of Greater Noida. Similarly IEC University is located at thefoothills of Shimla, which is a hill-station blessed with blessed with Nature’s Bounty. Besides equipping students in professional skills and competence, the Institution gives paramount importance to holistic development of students through outbound trainingA place to call home: We have a diverse International student community feel at IEC; we programs, sporting activities, management events, cultural and other social activities.are sure you will feel at home and will make lots of new friends…. Emphasis is also given on communication and presentation skills, inter-personal skills,TRUST & Personalized Attention: We have the most trusted and safe campuses with organizational ability, team-building, managerial and business acumen.student counselors from the International Department to guide you at every step. Alsoyour Professors will know you by name; you will never feel lost in the crowd at IEC We, at IEC believe in equipping young minds with creative leadership and competitivePlease take a look at our website, for the real feel of life at IEC intelligence to make them capable of taking on the challenges of the present world intoand remember that we are all there to help you fulfill your potential and to succeed. We opportunities with vigour and competence.hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you all we have to offer by choosingIEC Welcome to IEC Group of Institutions!Dr. Kulneet Suri Prof. B.N. ROY IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS12 13
  • 9. Foreword Foreword by the by the Director Dean, AcademicsIn today’s world Technical Education is the most important and powerful tool for those At the very onset, I on behalf of IEC Group of Institutions welcome all the students whowho want to have successful and prosperous future. Good education provides the have sought the admission here and have set trends and milestones.necessary knowledge, skills and values that allow a person to become a high-incomeearner as well as human being with ethical values. In this age of Globalization and liberalization, we need a strong base of well qualified MESSAGE MESSAGE and employable candidates to pace up with the competitive scenario. To make each and“Today’s Accomplishment is Tomorrow’s Asset” with this idea and attitude “Vocational every student of our institution compatible with the modern trends, we provide themEducation Foundation” had established IEC Group of Institutions in 1999 at Greater with skilled and talented faculty along with latest sophisticated educational facilities. AtNoida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, with mission and philosophy to impart innovative industry IEC, thrust is given on activities like personality development, industry exposure andoriented pragmatic education for excellence in the field of Technical and Management enhancement of communication skills for the overall development of the students.Education. It has become a globally recognized centre of excellence where we nurtureyoung talents in the Technical and Management Education. The three success mantras Our campus provides students with the opportunities to gain and use knowledge to buildthat represent the “IEC” model of leadership are Inspiration, Empowerment and successful lives and careers, and become an integral part of the community. With theCommitment (IEC). Inspiration is the root of all success, empowerment through positive sincere efforts of our dynamic management, our Institute is now positioned to betterattitude and approach represents creativity and finally Commitment with consistency in serve and connect with local, national and international communities.performances provides the driving force. The students of IEC imbibe these fundamentalvalues and this has led to their success in various walks of life at the national and global We continue to strive to meet our mission to mould youth into world-class technocrats oflevel. tomorrow who would endeavour to increase the quality of life for human kind.In the present fused and confused atmosphere to seek the direction for bright future, I am confident that our students would be an asset not only to the organization but toIEC Group of Institutions is undoubtedly a Pole-star for the young Technical talent. Your the nation as a whole through their technical and managerial capabilities.Trust and Thirst is our First Concern. Our student-centered approach is evident ineverything we do. In the service of our nation, we are also encouraging our students to I take this opportunity to extend my heartiest wishes to all students to achieve successtake up entrepreneurship and thus become job creator instead of being job takers. in campus and future career initiatives.I hope you will certainly find IEC offers the breadth, depth and vision in its Graduate /Post-Graduate programs that you see and that you will consider becoming part of the Prof. (Dr.) H.K. Sahjwanidynamic academic community. At IEC, your future success is only a step away.I look forward to welcoming you at this important juncture of your career.Prof. (Dr.) Bhanu P. S. Sagar IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS14 15
  • 10. Foreword Foreword by the by the Dean, Planning & Development Dean IEC-IHMWelcome to the IEC Group of institutions, Greater Noida, where faculty and staff are Dear Aspirantdedicated to the development of professional educators and human service providersand committed to identifying and promoting evidence-based, cutting-edge practices in “It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true andcounseling, dispute resolution, education, and wellness. The Institute is engaged in larger sense of the word, than to rule a state”. MESSAGE MESSAGEproviding meaningful education in engineering and science while conducting originalresearch of the high standard. Faculty members of the Institute are dedicated to sharingtheir knowledge with the next generation of learners. Our students are among the best Here at IEC-IHM, we provide you with world-class education & training system throughand brightest in the country, and it is our responsibility to provide them with a industry relevant curriculum, hotel-interactive programs & global career opportunities.supportive environment where they can flourish as scholars and be competitive in the The modules are carefully developed to deliver exciting & rewarding prospects whichmarketplace. awaits potential students like you. We also profess an impressive team of highly qualified & efficient Faculties. Our infrastructure is modern with well-equipped labs which areJust as important as the academic curriculum is, a personal relationship between maintained meticulously. The mentoring of students is also done on a regular basis.students and faculty is also equally important. Mentoring and modeling are crucial waysthrough which faculty members enhance students’ understanding of the various The Institute has a prevailing association with the industry & significant corporate tie-educational professions represented in the College. And it’s not just faculty members ups which is beneficial for the training & placement of our students. Come & discover awho are here to help students. The goal of every staff member is to provide excellent superior springboard for your career. Let your ambitions fly by creating your own trailservice to our students. which is as distinct as your own personality.It is my pleasure to serve as Dean of the institute. I look forward to meeting many newfaces in the coming months as we begin to craft a plan for our future achievements. Mousumi Das GuptaProf. (Dr.) S.S. Chauhan IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS16 17
  • 11. Foreword Foreword by the by the HOD, MCA HOD, MBAWith the emergence of digital era, the world has literally changed the way it functions It is my pleasure to welcome all the aspirant students to the IEC family. Managementand computer has played the main role in the transformation. Not only, it has made our education is a continuous process of knowing the unknown. We at IEC strive to providelife easier but also became a central source of rewarding career for a number of endowed quality education and develop students personality in a way that enables them to facepeople. If this all attract you and you really want to explore the frontiers of Computer boldly the onslaught of keen competition in employment market and other sphere of MESSAGE MESSAGEApplications, the Department of Master of Computer Application at IEC College of human activity. In IEC we train young people who can lead and foster creativity,Engineering & Technology, Greater Noida is the right place for you. Our students innovation in technology and technologically driven dynamic environment.develop the skills necessary to present their opinion on all aspects of ComputerApplications in a valuable, ethical and beneficial way. The aim of our Department is to The institute foster and nurture leaders capable of making differences in management offacilitate students to acquire specialized scientific knowledge to solve real-world corporate and non-corporate sectors, it includes human values and professional ethics inproblems and implement them accordingly thus magnifying their potential for lifelong the students which help them make decisions and create path that are good not only forsatisfying careers. them but also good for the Society, for the Nation and for the World as whole. To fulfill its mission in a new and powerful ways each members of IEC management communityProfessional excellence need not be necessarily inborn, but can be developed through a strive to achieve excellence in every endeavor in education, research or training bywell conceived and nurturing environment and therefore, one can add value to any making continuous improvements in curricula and pedagogical tools.organization. Learning is finding out what we already know. Doing is demonstrating thatyou know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. We are all Our experienced and competent management faculty complemented by visiting facultylearners, doers, and teachers. strives to impart quality education and to guide students in their academic and other problems. Dear aspirants, I welcome you to IEC family at this important juncture of your careerNavel Kishore Sharma and wish you to become a part of an institution(IEC) which will make you more agile, strong in academics, technically sound, pragmatic in your approach and above all, sincere and hard working. My best wishes to all the young, dynamic and energetic future managers. Dr. S. N. Singh IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS18 19
  • 12. Vision To be a seat of world class education Mission from where Technocrats and Managers would emerge empowered to face the challenges of ever changing society with courage, conviction and compassion. To create an ambience for Quality education, Training and research in the fields of Science, Technology and Management, thus contributing towards building of knowledge, industrial development and economic growth of Quality Policy the nation. Uncompromising Commitment to impart quality technical education by providing an environment of high academic ambience to mould young minds of future engineers, technocrats and managers to meet the challenges of future with vision, competence and excellence. Perspectives • Quality embedded higher education • Innovative and modern infrastructure • Multi-cultural ambience • Exposure to new and emerging technologies • Wide range of recreational activities • Access to advanced work cultures IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS20 21
  • 13. Academic Advisory Academic Advisory Body - Engineering Body - ManagementProf. Ashok K. Saxena Prof. M.N Doja Prof. Kamla Krithivasan Prof. Goutam Banerjee Dr. D. S. Bhardwaj Prof. Narendra K Sharma Dr. S. S. Vernekar Prof. A. K. SarkarProfessor Professor & Head Professor Professor Professor Professor, Marketing Area, Director, Bharati Vidyapetths ProfessorElectronic & Computer Engg, Computer Science & Engg. Computer Science & Engg. Civil Engineering Deptt. of Tourism & Hotel Dept. of Indl. & Mgmt. Engg. Institute of Mgmt. & Research, Deptt. of BusinessIIT Roorkee Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi IIT Madras BHU, Varanasi Mgmt. IIT Kanpur New Delhi Administration Kurukshetra University, BareillyProf. A.G. Keskar Dr. Lalit Kumar Awasthi Prof. Yogesh Singh Prof. C.V.R. Murthy Kurukshetra Prof. V. K. Gupta Dr. B. B. GoelProfessor & Head Professor & Head Dean Professor Chairman - Finance & Professor of Public Admn. Dr. P. Sudarshanan PillaiElectronic & Computer Engg Computer Science & Engg. Information Technology Civil Engineering Prof. (Dr.) R. Chakrabarty Accounting Punjab University, Chandigarh Professor & DeanVisvesvaraya NIT, Nagpur NIT, Haminpur GGSIP University, New Delhi IIT Kanpur Dean-Commerce, Social Welfare IIM Indore School of Management Studies & Business Mgmt. Prof. Suresh Kumar Cochin University ofProf. Santanu Kumar Prof. P.N Srivastava Dr. K. Udaya Kumar Dr. G.Venkatappa Rao University of Kolkata, Kolkata Dr. P. T. Srinivasan Professor, IMS Science & Tech., KochiProfessor Professor Professor & Head Honorary Professor Professor, Deptt. of Mgmt. H.P. University, ShimlaComputer Science & Engg. Mathematical Sci. & Comp. Computer Science & Engg Civil Engineering Prof. S.S. Khanka Studies Prof. C. LalNIT, Rourkela App. Dr. Ambedkar Instt. of Tech., Osmania University, Hyderabad Professor (HRM) University of Madras, Chennai Prof. U. R. Dhar Professor of Management Bundelkhand University, Jhansi Bangalore Prof. S.N. Sinha NIFM, Faridabad Professor, Dept. of Business Ex-Head & DeanProf. S. Selvakumar Professor Prof. A. S. Chawala Admn. Faculty of Management StudiesProfessor Prof. Anand Mohan Dr. B.Yegnanarayana Civil Engineering Dr. Kampan Mukherjee School of Mgmt Studies Guwahati University, Guwahati BHU, VaranasiComputer Science & Engg. Professor Professor IIT Delhi Professor, Management Studies Punjabi University, PatialaNIT Electronics Engg. Computer Science & Engg Indian School of Mines, Prof. J. N. Mishra Prof. L.S. Ganesh BHU, Varanasi IIT Madras Dr. G. Ramasamy Dhanbad Prof. M. S. Turan Professor Professor & HeadProf. Maitry Professor Professor, Dept. of Business Deptt. of Commerce & Deptt. of Management StudiesProfessor Prof. Utpal Das Prof. Arvind Kumar Civil Engineering Dr. S Srinivasan Mgmt. Business Admin. IIT MadrasSchool of Planning & Professor Professor & HOD IIT Roorkee Professor (Finance), Indl. Engg. G. J. University of Science & University of AllahabadArchitecture Electronic Engg. Civil Engineering & School of Mgmt. Technology, Hisar, Haryana Prof. R.K. MittalNew Delhi IIT Kanpur IIT Roorkee Dr. S.K. Chakrabarti IIT Kharagpur Dr. K. C. Mittal Professor & Chairman Professor Rtn. Dr. N. Panchanatham Director Deptt. of Commerce UrbanProf. R.K. Srivastava (Retd.) Prof. S.K. Srivastav Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Civil Engineering Prof. A. R. Mattoo Professor, Deptt. of Business Punjab School of Mgmt. Studies State KurukshetraDirector, DRDO Emeritus Professor Professor IIT Kanpur Head, Deptt. of Mgmt. of Admn. Punjabi University, Patiala Electronics Engg Civil Engineering Studies Annamalai University Prof. (Dr.) N. R. MurthyDr. S.N Sivanandam BHU, Varanasi IIT Kanpur Dr. S.K. Subba Rao The University of Kashmir, Prof. Ramendu Roy ProfessorProfessor & Head Emeritus Professor Srinagar Prof. S. K. Gupta Professor Jagruti Kiran Foundation,Computer Science & Engg. Prof. S.K. Kaul Prof. U.K. Choudhary Civil Engineering Professor, Deptt. of Commerce Deptt. of Commerce & Bus. NagpurPSG College of Tech., Professor Professor IISc Bangalore Prof. B. K. Mohanty H. P. University, Shimla Admin.Coimbatore Electronics Civil Engineering ICICI Chair Professor & Head University of Allahabad, Prof. H. P. Pandey IIT Delhi BHU, Varanasi Prof. Prem Krishna Deptt. Mgmt. Studies Prof. H. L. Verma Allahabad Head & Dean,Prof. L.M. Patnaik Professor IIM Lucknow Professor, Deptt. of Business Deptt. of Business Mgmt.Professor Prof. Ravi Kant Gupta Prof. Ramesh P. Singh Civil Engineering Mgmt. Dr. V. K. Rastogi Avadh University, FaizabadComputer Science & Engg. Deputy D.G. Professor IIT Roorkee Dr. A. H. Sequeira University of Science & Tech., ProfessorIISc Bangalore Information Technology Civil Engineering Head & Asst. Professor, Hisar, Haryana Deptt. of Human Resource, New Prof. S. K. Singh New Delhi IIT Kanpur Prof. Mukesh Sharma Humanities, Social & Mgmt. Delhi ProfessorDr. K.Chandra Sekaran Professor NITK, Surathkel Dr. Gurdeep Singh Batra Faculty of Management StudiesProfessor & Head Prof. Kumkum Garg Prof. Veerendra Kumar Civil Engineering Professor, School of Mgmt. Prof. V. Shekhar BHU, VaranasiComputer Science & Engg. Professor Professor IIT Kanpur Sh. Munindra Kakati Studies Head, Deptt. of Business Mgmt.NIKT, Srinivasnagar, Mangalore IIT Roorkee Civil Engineering Professor & Head Punjabi University, Patiala Osmania University, Hyderabad Shri T. R. Piplani BHU, Varanasi Dr. K.G. Sharma Business Administration Secretary General Professor & Head Guwahati University, Guwahati Prof. Mangesh G Korgaonker Prof. A K Vashisht Phoebus Foundation, New Delhi Civil Engineering ICICI chair professor & Head Professor IIT Delhi Dr. S. Jayachandran Shailesh J Mehta School of Punjab University, Chandigarh Professor, Management Studies Mgmt. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Chennai I.I.T., Mumbai IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS22 23
  • 14. Academic Advisory Academic Advisory Body - International Body - Pharmacy Dr. Lee Pooi See Prof. (Dr.) C. N. A. Molenaar Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Paul Lacourbe Dr. Guru Prasad Mohanta Dr. K.G. Ravikumar Nanyang Technological University, Rotterdam School of Management, Central European University, Professor Professor Singapore Erasmus University Hungary Department of Pharmacy, Government College of Annamalai University Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof. Gary Lucas Prof. Jingshan Huang Mr. Paolo Carloni Calcutta University of Huddersfield, University of South Alabama Institute of Advanced Study, Prof. S .S. Agarwal UK Italy Director Prof. Roop. K. Khar Prof. Marco Mazzarino Dr. Mushtak Al-Atabi Venice International University Ms. Angela Dean DIPSAR, Professor Faculty of Pharmacy, Taylor’s University College, University of Derby New Delhi Jamia Hamdard, Malaysia Prof. Tim Wilmshurst New Delhi University of Derby Dr. Ference Orban Dr. N. Udupa Dr. George Ndi Janus Pannonious University, Principal Prof. B. P. Srinivasan University of Huddersfield, Asso. Prof. Liu Yong Hungary Manipal College of Professor & Director UK Nanyang Technological University, Pharmaceutical Sciences, DIPSAR, Singapore Dr. Chai Gin Boay Manipal New Delhi Prof. Lena Nordholm Nanyang Technological University University of Boras, Mr. Jimmy Yeo Singapore Temasek Polytechnic Dr. Rasheeduz Zafar Sweden Dean Faculty of Pharmacy, Ms. Usha Devi Dr. Meijun Qian Prof. Daniele Passarella Taylor’s University College Jamia Hamdard, National University of Singapore, University of Milano New Delhi Singapore Mr. Walter Mswaka Prof. Rita Martenson University of Huddersfield, Prof. S. G. Murali University of Gothenberg Queensgate, Huddersfield Taylors’ University College Prof. Amoakoh Gyasi-Agyei Prof. Bill Weston Prof. Ng Teng Yong Pentecost University College University of Huddersfield Nanyang Technological University, Ghana Singapore Jen-Yuan (James) Chang Asso. Prof. Kim Pickering SEAT, Massey University, Dr. Barry G Blundell University of Waikato New Zealand Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand New Zealand Prof. Christopher Gan Dr. Sadhana R Talele Lincoln University Dr. Slava Kitaev University of Waikato, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand Dr. Anthony Brien New Zealand Lincoln University Dr. Philip Kostov Prof. Krishnamachar Prasad University of Central Lancashire Dr. Gilbert V. Nartea Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University Dr. Mahmood Shah New Zealand University of Central Lancashire Prof. Ahmed Al-Jumaily Dr. Liyanage De Silva Auckland University of Technology, University of Brunei Darussalam New Zealand Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Jean-Michel Viola Central European University Hungary IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS24 25
  • 15. Sh. R. L. Gupta Regional Officer Chairman Nominee of AICTE (Ex-officio) Dr. Navin Gupta Prof. Devender Pathak Member nominated by the Member (University Nominee) Board of Registered Society (VEF) Prof. A. K. Sachan Prof. A. K. Khare Member (University Nominee) Member nominated by the Registered Society (VEF) Prof. Raghuraj Singh Member (University Nominee) Governors Prof. S. K. Wasan Member nominated by the Director, Technical Education Registered Society (VEF) Member (Nominee of the Uttar Pradesh State Government) Sh. Dheeraj Mangal Member nominated by the Prof. (Dr.) Roop. K. Khar Registered Society (VEF) Member (Academician / Educationist) Prof. Bhanu P. S. Sagar Prof. Asok De Member Member (Academician / Educationist) Additional Director Prof. H. K. Sahjwani Prof. Mousumi Das Gupta Member (Teacher representative) Member (Dean of Faculty of Hotel Management) Mrs. Sonia Bhagat Member (Teacher representative) Prof. Navel K. Sharma Member Mr. Arun Aggarwal (Dean of Faculty of MCA) Member (Parent representative) Brig. S. V. S. Choudhary Member (An eminent Technologist) IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS26 27
  • 16. Genesis IEC Group IEC Group From its humble beginnings as a small Computer training institute at Connaught Place in Delhi, IEC has evolved into an international success story in the filed of education-operating in several countries with a market capitalization of 250 crores- thanks to its innovative learning programs and unwavering determination to impart excellence in education. IEC Group’s tryst with education dates back to 1981 when Mr. R.L Gupta laid the foundation of his dream project India Education Center. IEC was corporatized on August 23rd 1994. Four years later its name was changed to IEC Software Ltd. & today its called IEC Education Ltd. It plunged into the formal education sector much later in 1999 by setting up IEC College of Engineering & Technology at Gr. Noida through its non profit society, Vocational Educational Foundation. The aim was to churn out experts in the field of IT and since then it has never looked back and has been an epitome of excellence in imparting Technical and other education. IEC has now become a group of institutions and offers a wide array of courses in a number of disciplines. A lot has changed in IEC ever since it embarked on this journey nearly 3 decades ago except the Groups unflinching commitment to provide quality education to its students. IEC is committed to providing high quality undergraduate and postgraduate training and education which is based on excellence in academic and applied research. The mission is to advance knowledge and train students in the field of science, technology and other areas. IEC Group is the fastest growing educational organization which is currently on an expansion spree. It is in the process of setting up IEC University at an industrial town of Himachal Pradesh, Baddi. IEC has also made its mark globally with its branches in countries like Nepal, Maldives, Singapore and Oman. IEC has also been awarded various core ICT projects by Government of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi Government. In Rajasthan alone, 56 Colleges of Rajasthan University and 844 schools are getting Computer education and training under this programme. IEC is an ISO certified organization and is listed on Bombay, Delhi and Jaipur stock Exchanges. Today IEC is an established brand name in Computer Education, Science, Technology and Management, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Vocational education, and an organization of national repute. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS28 29
  • 17. VEF IEC the parent body Education Ltd. (Earlier Known as IEC Softwares Ltd.) Vocational Education Foundation is a non profit society founded in Since IEC’s incorporation in 1994, IEC has an enviable record of successfully 1989 to provide relevant and reliable education across India. It building IT solutions for massive and complex infrastructure and projects. began its work with an illiteracy elimination campaign in the districts of Ghaziabad, Mathura, Hisar and Sonepat, conducting For Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for their offices all over India. ? For postal and Telegraph Department. ? around 120 vocational programs and benefiting 5000 villagers. A For students of Schools and colleges under Govt. of Madhya Pradesh for ? decade later, in 1999, VEF stepped into the formal sector of providing IT skills to around 500,000 candidates. education and set up IEC College of Engineering & Technology, For students of Schools under Govt. of Chatisgarh ? Greater Noida. Since then it has set many other Colleges in For students of Schools under Govt. of NCT – Delhi. (CEP Project) NCT of Delhi ? different disciplines which later on were amalgamated and today For National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language NCPUL Project- Govt. of ? it is a Group of Institutions recognized by both AICTE and PCI. India. IEC Group of Institutions includes the following: ? Kalyan Kendra – a Govt. of India Project, providing training. For Grih For undergraduate students of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. ? • IEC College of Engineering and Technology For undergraduate students of Kumaon University, Nainital. ? • IEC-College of Pharmacy For GKK, Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances & Pension, Govt. of India for ? • IEC Institute of Hotel Management Central Govt.employees • IEC College of Planning and Architecture For Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence for DGR training. ? For undergraduate students of 56 colleges under Rajasthan Govt. ? • IEC-CET MCA Programme For students of 189 Govt. Colleges and 2000 Govt. Schools of Madhya Pradesh. ? • IEC School of Management Chandigarh Administration, India. Provided IT training to around 70,000 ? students to Govt. ? and Undergraduate candidates in different Colleges of Chandigarh. Schools Department of Education New Delhi, India-provided IT awareness training to ? 11, 500 students per year of different Govt. schools of Delhi. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS30 31
  • 18. Expansion Activities IEC Group IEC Polytechnic, Nanowal (Punjab) IEC University, Baddi The group has major expansion plans in the coming years. IEC is planning to invest more than 1000 million rupees in the areas of Education & Social Infrastructure. The Group is planning to construct over One Million Square feet area in the coming years in different parts of the country. • Engineering/Management Colleges in Alwar (Rajasthan), & Nanowal (Punjab) • Engineering/Management Colleges in India in collaboration with leading Foreign Universities • IEC Group of Institutions. Sonipat, Harayana IEC Group of Institutions, Alwar (Rajasthan) • IEC College of Fine Arts • IEC Institute of Health Sciences, Hamipur (H.P.) • IEC College of Dental Sciences, Hamirpur (H.P.) • IEC College of Medical Sciences, Hamirpur (H.P.) • IEC College of Vocational & Industrial Training, Nanowal (Punjab) • Schools in Solan, Alwar, Moradabad • IT Park in Noida • Group Housing Project IEC White House Apartments in National Capital Region IEC White House Apartment, Greater Noida IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS32 33
  • 19. Hon ble Governor of Himachal Pradesh Smt. Urmil Singh & Sh Navin Gupta with IEC Management Team IEC University Strategically Located IEC University is located on 14.5 acres of land at Himuda Education Hub in Barotiwala, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The campus is 32 kms from Chandigarh and approx. 8 kms from Kalka Railway Station. Vision To impart knowledge through innovative research-driven academic programs, and building leaders in technology, medicine, management, science and other areas of Hon ble Chief Minister Himachal Pradesh scholarship who will best serve the nation and the world Shri. Prem Kumar Dhumal with IEC Management Team in the evolution of a civil society based on human values. Mission Objectives of IEC University • To deliver education consistent with the needs of The objectives of the University include: business and society a. To provide instructions, teaching and training in higher • To continuously innovate education processes education comparable with the best in the class. b. To establish facilities for education and training • To design curricula to ensure that the creativity and c. To carry out teaching and research innovative capacity of students are continuously d. To create centres of excellence for research and enhanced. development • To attract, develop and retain highly competent e. To establish campus in the State faculty members f. To establish examination centres • To create and promote a congenial ambience g. To institute degrees, diplomas, certificates and other conducive to learning academic distinctions • continuously monitor the quality of output through Shri R K Srivastava, Advisor, IEC Group of Institutions h. To set up off campus centres, subject to applicable rules structured feedback presenting a memento to or regulations • To integrate spiritual and moral values with Honble Shri I.D. Dhiman, Education Minister, H P Govt. i. To develop and maintain twinning arrangement with education centers of excellence • To trim the young generation with global approach j. To provide for dual degrees, diplomas or certificates vis- and ignite the latent potentialities à-vis other Universities IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS34 35
  • 20. Quality University for to the programme assigned to the students. • Curricular aspects For Post Graduate studies, a Committee consisting of the • Teaching-learning and evaluation Head of the Schools & experts is constituted by the Academic • Research, Consultancy and Extension Council selects the individual student on the basis of written • Infrastructure and Learning Resources Assurance test and interview. Student-Teacher ratio is maintained at 10:1. • • • Student Support and Progression Governance and Leadership Overall personality development For admission to Ph.D. programme, a written test is • Innovative Practices conducted and the selected candidate is required to undergo • General ambience conducive to learning one year academic programme at the University campus. Selected candidates based upon the field of interest consult IEC University has adopted these standards and has evolved appropriate guide (faculty of university) and submits the a mechanism for self regulation and sustenance of the quality synopsis to the university under the supervision of the guide. assurance procedures. For this, an Internal Quality Assurance Research Degree Committee (RDC) constituted under Cell (IQAC) has been created which comprises of Chief The quality assurance necessitates regular monitoring of all with the schools since they are best placed to provide Statutes scrutinizes the synopsis and conducts rigorous Executive, Senior Academicians and Officers of the the academic processes. The detailed procedure is available detailed academic scrutiny needed for the quality assurance interview of candidate. Based upon the performance, RDC Institution working as a steering group. in the form of a handbook. However, the steps taken for system. The syllabi are sent by various schools to the Boards approves / rejects / asks for revision of synopsis. Selected The cell has two quality groups : quality assurance are described below in brief. of Studies which comprise of the nationally and candidate is allowed to opt for a co-guide also from university • Academic Excellence Group internationally renowned experts of related subjects and are or outside. Guide/ Co-guide must be Ph.D. from the • Administrative Efficiency Group In today’s global knowledge economy a university is no more sent to the Academic Council after making the necessary recognized university and a person from the same field. limited to creating, integrating, repositing, disseminating and modifications, if any. As per the requirement of the modern Every school has Students’ Progress Committee and sub- These groups design strategies for quality enhancement for applying knowledge and learning. Moreover, a university has age, multi-disciplinary curriculum has been designed with a committees to monitor the academic and development consideration and implementation. Institutional mechanism a larger role and must respond to a changing society and view to cater to the needs and fulfillment of the expectation aspects of the students. These Committees consider the cases on the pattern of the above accreditation bodies have been adapt to the realities of today’s world by transforming its of all stake holders : members, teachers, parents employers of the students who fail to satisfy the progress requirement set up for the quality of education. Periodic assessment knowledge into potential benefits - economic and and society in general. Decentralization in the formulation of for a particular degree as per the prescribed regulation of the exercises are undertaken by IQAC as part of the continuing employment growth. Well functioning universities cannot be the course within the broad framework of the University University. Individual Academic Counselor is assigned to efforts for the quality control. It has been contemplated to imported. They can only come from an organic, evolutionary regulations is encouraged. each student to advise on his academic issues. conduct these exercises in collaboration with the NAAC, process internal to a society. IEC University is being which at present is assessing and accrediting Universities envisioned as a world class institution of higher learning with Different Committees on teaching and learning undertake the Keeping in view the large number of Universities in India & and colleges providing Higher education in India . this philosophy. Quality is a process and not a destination. detailed consideration and development of teaching and to meet the diverse educational requirements, every Imparting quality education and regularly monitoring learning policy and make appropriate recommendation to University has its own curriculum and regulations. IEC Some of the other provisions for quality of higher education through structured feedback for continuously raising the Academic Council. The quality of teaching and learning is University encourages student-centric approach through the at IEC University, which are directly or indirectly related to benchmark is the main focus in IEC University. assured through the professional standards of the teaching learners’ participation in the generation of knowledge which excellence in teaching and learning include: and support staff. Stringent measures are taken for the is the focus of delivery of curriculum. The problem solving • Well planned structured interactions between centers of Globally there is an increased focus on innovation through appointment of the competent & committed faculty and abilities are developed through experimentation like academic excellence and other universities/ institutions. R&D for advancement in a knowledge-based economy. The support staff. These Committees on teaching and learning situations and case studies. Augmentation of cognitive capital • While restructuring the syllabi and courses efforts are key drivers for research are quality and excellence. are accountable to the Academic Council for the assurance of through the designed curriculum is the indicator of our made to develop an optimal combination of acquisition quality of the educational processes of the University which quality education. of theoretical and practical skills. The courses are so IEC University will be a “research-intensive” institution by particularly consist of design, implementation, evaluation and designed that critical reading and interpretation of actively encouraging, supporting and integrating research review of the mechanism for quality assurance and The indigenous knowledge system has been kept in mind classics, practical field work and applications of the into education. It will provide wider access, reward and identification of need, quality control for the enhancement of while adopting scientific and technological developments as reading and other skills are given due importance. promote interdisciplinary research, and establish research teaching-learning and for safeguarding the academic core component of the University curriculum. The global • Extensive and optimal use of audio-visual technologies, partnerships, with the goal of research outputs of high standards. The Committees in fact, are the primary forum for developments have been visualized with holistic perspective IPads and internet are used for class-room teaching. quality and impact. discussion and formulation of the standards and recommends so as to transact in an authentic and real environment. The courses are designed to make good use of the policy to the Academic Council, by way of organizing debates Curriculum delivery involves social negotiation and modern technology. The e-learning is an integral This is accomplished at different stages through various and informing the Heads of the Schools one month before mediation and encourages group activities to make optimum component at IEC. bodies including : each meeting. use of peer as resource of higher learning. The learner’s • In some subjects, teachers are given flexibility within • Governing Body involvement is encouraged to link previous experience with the broad frame-work perspective of the University, in • Borad of management University also has Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) present learning. The principles of self-regulations, self- restructuring the syllabus and also going beyond the • Academic Council comprising of senior academic staff and officers from within mediation and self-awareness are reflected in curriculum syllabus on certain important topics. • Board of Faculty and outside the University, which continuously validate and delivery. • Since faculty is the back-bone of education, steps are • Board of Studies re-validate the courses and program proposals as per the taken by introducing merit promotions of the faculty, • Academic Advisory Committee (AAC) needs of the prevailing scenario. The Academic Advisory Teachers act as mentors of the students guiding them to research publication/ supervision for quality of the • Research Degree Committee (RDC) Committee carries out the academic audit for various learn instead of directing them and instructing them all the higher education. • Admission Committee programmes. time. The learners are assessed on continuous basis by a set • Provision is made by reorganization and integration of • Examination Committee of class tests, quizzes, oral tests, case studies, seminars, various faculties around inter-disciplinary and multi- The Academic Advisory Committee considers the proposal for projects and assignments. disciplinary courses which help in quality improvement The Academic Council regulates the contents, assessment new undergraduate programmes in consultation with the in teaching- learning, research and consultancy. and delivery of teaching & learning process in all the school and makes the provision of appropriate mechanism for Examination committee controls all the quality measures • Collaborations/ cooperations with research and funding disciplines of the University with an aim to promote research. student guidance for the proposed new programmes. related to continuous evaluation practice being adopted bodies are planned to encourage disciplinary/ multi- It is reporting to the Borad of management for the necessary These Committees ensure that the University’s Quality uniformly to ensure maintenance of the quality parameters disciplinary seminars / symposia / conferences / policies and procedures and for safeguarding the academic Control procedures are implemented effectively and by the students. workshops / research projects. standards. It is also responsible for the various steps required uniformly by all Schools of University. The members of these • Basic parameters of academic merits have been to enhance the quality of educational processes, faculty Committees also serve various other University Committees The IEC University believes that the quality up gradation is developed for bringing transparency and credibility in motivation & development, and monitoring of the quality responsible for the quality assurance. not a one- time phenomenon and quests for the excellence is the process of granting promotions under the career policies. a continuous and perennial pursuit. advancement schemes. Efforts have been made that Academic Council finally gives the approval on all academic there are no disparity between Professors, Associate There is a separate Board of Studies for every programme. matters based on the recommendations of the Board of The University Grants Commission, the parent body to Professors and Assistant Professors appointed through These Boards hold regular meetings, at least twice in a year, Studies. The Academic Advisory Committee (AAC), which is sanction and monitor the various activities of the University, open selections and those promoted on the basis of and decide about the curricula, course content & materials which is a statutory body, supervises all the activities on the National Assessment & Accreditation Council (NAAC) career advancement scheme. Of course at every stage, relevant to the ever changing modern techniques and behalf of Academic Council. and the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) have a set of academic audit is done and evaluations are made to technologies. Members from industries and corporate sector regulations to ensure quality education in India, which are assess the quality of faculty. are essential components of Board of studies, to incorporate Admission Committee is constituted for the Graduate level adopted in letter and spirit. They assess the different • A critical review of the activities of higher education as their requirements while finalizing the course contents. which considers the applications sent by the students online Universities on parameters as given below to ensure the well as budget is conducted to phase out obsolete and offline after satisfying themselves about the fulfillment quality of education in Indian Universities. In view of the diverse range of the programmes for the of the eligibility requirement of the opted programme. This • Quality of faculty & staff various schools, the ownership of the syllabi is firmly held Committee makes the offer of admission on behalf of the IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS36 37
  • 21. V V UNI ERSIT UNI ERSIT C IEC School of Engineering E C 010101010101010101010101010 Y I E 010101010101010101010101010 Y I 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 • Undergraduate 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 010101010101010101010101010 B. Tech. Computer Science BCA, MCA B.Tech., M.Tech. B. Tech. Electronics Communication B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering B. Tech. Civil Engineering IEC School of Computer Sciences B. Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering B. Sc. (CS) • Integrated BIS B. Tech. (CS) + MBA BCA B. Tech. (EC) + MBA Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in 10+2 in B. Tech. (ME) + MBA the following subjects Compulsory Subjects-Physics & B. Tech. (CE) + MBA Anyone of the following-Chemistry, Computer Science. B. Tech. (CS) + M. Tech B. Tech. (CE) + M. Tech BCA + MCA B. Tech. (ME) + M. Tech Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in 10+ 2 in B. Tech. (EC) + M. Tech the following subjects Compulsory Subjects-Physics & Courses @ Eligibility: Rank holders in All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE-2012) Or Aggregate Minimum Mathematics, Anyone of the following-Chemistry, Computer Science. 55% or equivalent in 10+ 2 in the following subjects MCA IEC University Compulsory Subjects-Physics & Mathematics, Anyone of the following-Chemistry, Computer Science. Eligibility: M. Sc. CS 50% in Graduation BCA / B.Sc. or equivalent. V UNI ERSIT C E Y I • Post-Graduate M. Tech. VLSI Design Eligibility: B.Tech. /B.E./B.Sc. (Engg.) or equivalent in Electronics & Communication Engineering/ B.Sc., M.Sc. IT/ME/CS/EEE/EI IEC School of Applied Sciences M. Tech. Computer Science Eligibility: B.Tech. /B.E./B.Sc. (Engg.) or equivalent in B. Sc. Chemistry Computer Science & Engineering/ Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in IT/ME/ECE/EEE/EI 10+ 2 in the following subjects Compulsory Subjects-Physics & Compulsory Subjects- M. Tech. CAD/CAM Physics & Compulsory Subjects-Physics & Eligibility: B.Tech. /B.E./B.Sc. (Engg.) or equivalent in Mathematics, Anyone of the following- Mechanical Engineering / IT/CS/ECE/EEE/EI Chemistry, Computer Science. M. Sc. Chemistry • Dual Degree Eligibility: 50% in Graduation B.Sc. or equivalent B.Tech. (ME + CS) B.Tech. (EC + CS) M. Sc. Physics* B.Tech. (ME + EC) M. Sc. Math* Eligibility: Rank holders in All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE-2012) Or Aggregate Minimum 55% or equivalent in 10+ 2 in the following subjects Compulsory Subjects-Physics & Mathematics, Anyone of the following- Chemistry, Computer Science. *Proposed Courses. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS38 39
  • 22. E C V UNI ERSIT IEC School of Business Management Y I BBA BBA + MBA BBA, MBA Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in 10+ 2 with Science / Commerce / Arts or equivalent. C V UNI ERSIT E Y I MBA Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in Graduation. B.A. Lib MBA Executive (Part-time) IEC School of Library Sciences Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in Graduation along with three years of Work Experience B. Lib or Professional qualification like CA/ICWA/CS/Doctor Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in 10+ 2 etc. with Science / Commerce / Arts or equivalent. V UNI ERSIT C E Y I IEC School of Commerce and Finance IEC School of Foreign Languages V UNI ERSIT C E Courses @ Y I B. Com (Hons) • Diploma B.Com, M.Com. Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in 10+ 2 German with Commerce or equivalent. Spanish GERMAN, SPANISH, FRENCH IEC University French M. Com Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 60% or equivalent in Eligibility: B.Com Graduation. V UNI ERSIT C E Y I V UNI ERSIT C E Y I BA, MA B.Pharma, M.Pharm IEC School of Humanities IEC School of Pharmacy B. Pharm. BA (English Hons.) Eligibility: Aggregate Minimum 55% or equivalent in 10+ BA English Literature & Comm. Skills (ELCS) 2 in the following subjects Compulsory Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in Subjects-Physics & Chemistry with of the 10+ 2 with Arts or equivalent. following-Mathematics, Biology MA (English, Philosophy*, Sociology*) Eligibility: Minimum aggregate of 50% or equivalent in M. Pharm. Graduation with Arts or equivalent. • M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics) • M. Pharm. (Pharmacology) E C V UNI ERSIT Y I • M. Pharm. (Pharmacognosy) Eligibility: Aggregate Minimum 60% or equivalent in B.Pharm. BFA, B.Des (Fashion) B. Pharm. + MBA B. Pharm. + M. Pharm. IEC School of Art & Fashion Eligibility: Aggregate Minimum 55% or equivalent in 10+ 2 in the following subjects Compulsory BFA Subjects-Physics & Chemistry with of the B.Des. (Fashion Designing) following-Mathematics, Eligibility: 10 + 2 in any stream *Proposed Courses. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS40 41
  • 24. Courses Eligibility Offered Criteria Programmes Preference-1 Preference-2 M.Tech Mechanical B.Tech (Mechanical or B.Tech (Mechanical or Engineering production Engg.) with 60% production Engg.) with 60% marks with I division + GATE marks with I division score Seats Seats M.Tech Electronics & B.Tech (ECE OR EI OR MSc in Existing Courses Shift Shift Communication B.Tech (ECE or EI or MSc in Electronics) with 60% marks Sanctioned Sanctioned Engineering Electronics) with 60% marks in in I division I division + GATE score B. Tech (CSE) 180 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift NOTE: The candidates with valid GATE score would be given preference for all above B. Tech (ME) 180 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift mentioned programmes. B. Tech (EE) 180 1st Shift - 2nd Shift Programme Schedule • The classes will be held during the evening hrs five days a week. B. Tech (EC) 180 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift • The candidates sponsored from Industry Corporate-Sectors Institutions satisfying the eligibility criteria may also seek the admission B. Tech (IT) 120 1st Shift - 2nd Shift • Delivery of programmes would be through Innovative and effective teaching pedagogy. B. Tech (Civil) 120 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift B. Tech (EI) 60 1st Shift - 2nd Shift B. Tech (Automobile) 60 1st Shift - 2nd Shift B. Pharma 120 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift Eligibility Criteria for M Pharm Program BHMCT 60 1st Shift - 2nd Shift The applicant for M. Pharm. program must fulfill the following criteria: B. Arch 60 1st Shift - 2nd Shift i. For General / OBC candidates 60 % marks in B. Pharm ii. For SC/ST candidates 60 % marks in Graduation in B. Pharm M.Tech (CS) 36 1st Shift - 2nd Shift Selection Procedure M.Tech (EE) 36 1st Shift - 2nd Shift • Candidates with qualifications stated above and with Valid GPAT/GATE score will be given first preference in direct admission at Institutional Level against management M.Tech (EC) - 1st Shift 18 2nd Shift seats. M.Tech (ME) 36 1st Shift 18 2nd Shift • The candidate has to fill an application form on-line with all relevant details and send print copy of the same along with requisite fee & certified copy of documents related M.Pharma (Pharmacology) 18 1st Shift 18 2nd Shift to qualifications on or before last date prescribed by the university. The on-line application is available on website M.Pharma (Pharmaceutics) 18 1st Shift 18 2nd Shift M.Pharma (Pharmacognosy) 18 1st Shift - 2nd Shift PGDM 60 1st Shift - 2nd Shift MBA 180 1st Shift 60 2nd Shift Eligibility Criteria for B.Tech./ BHMCT / MBA / MCA MCA 180 1st Shift - 2nd Shift Please refer to Mahamaya Technical University / Gautam Budh Technical University websites and state government orders. Websites: • • IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS44 45
  • 25. LIFE @ Greater Noida Greater Noida City • One of the largest industrial townships in Asia • Asias biggest 18 hole, 458 acres PGA standard Jaypee Greens Golf Course. • Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial sectors have been demarcated. • Educational hub with several Universities, Colleges and schools. • Also known as knowledge park. • Greater Noida to emerge as an IT-ITES hub. • Formula One racing Track. The IEC is located in one of the most well-planned and green townships in India, i.e., Greater Noida. Greater Noida is a great township! It has got everything - a plethora of opportunities like any prosperous city. Greater Noida is also one of the most student-friendly cities in the Delhi-NCR region. With various engineering, management and several educational colleges, students make up a large part of Greater Noidas population. In addition, Greater Noida has industry presence through Automobile likes Honda & Yamaha Motors, Electronics like Samsung & LG Electronics and Wipro. More FMCG & and Media Industries will be setup soon. Greater Noida has truly become a much sought after address for the elite seeking international standard infrastructure ensuring quality of life both for stay and work. Its the only city in North India with privatized power distribution and uninterrupted power supply. • Strategic location within NCR, well linked to domestic and international markets via Delhi Greater Noida has Shopping Centers, Food Court and Multi Cuisine • ISBT 30 min., Railway station 45 min Restaurants, Commercial Complex- which has Many Banks with 24*7 • International Air Port 1 Hour ATM services likes SBI, AXIS, HDFC, ICICI and many more. There are • Well connected to Delhi, Noida by 8 lane many Fast Food Centers such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. expressway Greater Noida is a prestigious address for anyone today. The • Wide roads & open spaces. Commonwealth Games 2010 held in Delhi-NCR, had further • Proposed international airport & Metro enhanced the pace of development in the region in the form of • 24X7 drinking water supply additional world class infrastructure to support the cause. • Minimum pollution - Best urban environment in North India • Home to numerous well known Indian & Multinational companies IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS46 47
  • 26. Support @ IEC For us our students are valuable and we strive to make their stay here in our college memorable in every respect. Be it academic support or career guidance, our Department of Student support and Guidance works hard to give them assistance and guidance that they need to manage their life effectively. Academic Support We have got range of services to support your studies. Our academic advisors are always there to help you succeed academically. Be it brushing your communication skills or helping you with the subjects you find tough to understand, the staff works closely with all the departments and conducts tutorials, remedial classes, extra classes, disperse handouts simplifying the topics you find complicated and a lot more. The faculty members act as mentors and provide students with every possible academic assistance and guidance. The motto is to improve students academic performance. Counseling Services We offer support for your emotional, educational and career concerns through our counseling service. There are professionally trained and experienced counselors who are always there to address your emotional, personal and career related problems and help you make positive changes in your lives. Career Guidance Our career guidance team makes sure that when you graduate from our college, you are well-equipped with all the knowledge and skills needed to have a successful career. For this, the team works hard and organizes seminars, PD classes, guest lectures and a lot of activities that are aimed at honing student’s personality. The goal is to increase students’ employability and improve their career prospects. English Language Support Center The primary aim of this service is to assist students with the English language and improve their communication skills. To achieve this goal, the center runs a range of remedial classes and courses for students weak in the subject. Health Care Service Besides providing you personal, emotional and academic support, we also make sure that you spend a healthy time here. For this, we have on-campus Health care center with 4 registered medical Practioners. The center is well equipped with first aid material. We also have a tie- up with Kailash Hospital for medical assistance . IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS48 49
  • 27. Infrastructure The IEC campus is spread over 17 acres. There are separate blocks for B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA and PGDM programs. Two separate buildings are also there for B.Pharm, M.Pharm & BHMCT programs. The colleges and their academic facilities are organized over 10.5 acres, and the remaining 6.5 acres have been kept for residential facilities, a shopping arcade and other commercial ventures that benefit students and staff residing on IEC campus. The facilities have been distributed over well-planned and well-constructed blocks. They are spacious, allowing students as well as administrative staff and faculty members adequate personal space. IEC has a total built-up area of more than 6 lacs sq. ft. comprising 9 Academic Blocks, Administrative Block, Registration Office Wing, hostel for 300 girls (In-Campus) and for 350 boys (in-Campus) and other amenities. The 10th & 11th block measuring 1Lac sqft. are under construction. Learning Resources @ IECWith state-of- the-art learning facilities coupled with an extremely talented and friendly staff, learning Digital Library • Huge knowledge bank for students and Staff A beautiful circular shaped digital library spread over pursuing higher IEC is quite an experience. Be it technology, infrastructure, learning resources, extracurricular 10,000 sq. ft. at IEC-CET campus is a gem in the • Helping Desk to answer all your queriesactivities or expert guidance from our reputed faculty, we strive to offer you the best of all. crown. Rich in both design and the learning material it • Subscription to national & international e-journals offers, it can accommodate more than 500 students. through membership of INDEST Consortia ofComputing Facilities Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi• Wi-fi enabled campus Realizing that Library forms an integral part of • Active member of Developing Library Network• Air-conditioned Computer Center spread over a carpet area of 15000 students’ life at school, College & University, IEC has (DELNET) for resource sharing. sq. ft. left no stone unturned in making its library the most • Book Bank-A special Feature-Every student is• Computer center equipped with all important operating systems like advanced one. The library at IEC offers: eligible to get maximum of 8 books in each Windows NT, Linux, and Unix etc. • Wide Collection of more than 100000 volumes of semester.• It has 1000 machines constituting the core computing facilities for text and reference books. • Online Information Resources various departments. • An active subscription to 250 national and 200 • Separate section for New Arrivals.• 24 x 7 high-speed internet connectivity international Journals / Magazines.Internet Access • Library has an optic fiber backbone, making itIEC-CET has access to the internet through a microwave / fibre link with even more modern and user friendlya speed of 16 Mbps. Additionally, this high-speed internet connectivity is • The Library is digitalized & supported by the Totalavailable for 365 days a year to all students. Library Software System (TLSS) IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS50 51
  • 28. Campus SportsFacilities Activities Leaving home and heading to a new place to spend important years of your life is not an easy task. You constantly yearn for the love and support you got at home and if you are not comfortable in College, your studies suffer. Keeping this in mind, IEC strives to make the transition from home to hostel a smooth one. IEC has extremely supportive teaching and Hostel staff who are always there to help you. Whether it is a simple query or a grave problem, you can always bank on them for support, guidance and love. IEC believes in creating a home away from home for its students. Campus Facilities • Separate Hostels for Boys (Plot No.11, KP-III) and Girls • Spacious and hygienic rooms • Supportive Hostel Staff • Recreational Center • 100% Power Backup facility • 24x7 High speed Internet connectivity • Access to Library and Computer Centre till late evening • Health Club • First Aid Service on campus. Sports teach us several skills which the bookish knowledge fails to. • Tie ups with hospitals in Noida & Greater Noida Apart from keeping us fit, it instills in us the qualities like • Sports Activity Center perseverance, competitive spirit, cooperation, team building, and respect for others. Sports and Games form an integral part of our Cafeteria campus life. IEC boasts of a state-of-the-art sports equipment room Spread over a huge carpet area of 8000 sq. ft, the Cafeteria at IEC is always buzzing with that remains open even during weekends. The Sports Council at IEC students’ chuckles and laughter. It is an ideal place for socializing and having a great time takes care of sporting events which are organized round the year. It sipping coffee and feasting on the great food it offers. makes sure that more and more students take part in games and benefit from them. Open Air Theatre Enjoy the cultural activities at IEC’s Open Air Theater, which is made to accommodate 2000 The College provides both indoor and outdoor sports facilities to people at a time. students. For those interested in outdoor activities, we have a cricket pitch, a badminton court, a volleyball court, a football ground and a PCO Facility field for athletics. Those who prefer to stay indoors can play chess, In case you have network problem or your mobile is out of balance, you can always bank upon the TT, Snooker and carom. PCO service on our campus to connect to your loved ones. We believe in providing our students with the opportunity to Auditorium compete in a healthy environment and display their sporting A state-of-the-art auditorium with a seating capacity of 1000 brims with activities throughout abilities. Inter-department cricket matches, Inter branch Soccer the year. Serving as a common platform for the students, faculty and eminent guests to interact, Tournaments are organized from time to time in the college ground. it has been regularly hosting myriad of intellectual activities. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS 53
  • 29. International Scholarships Students @ IEC "Discover Your Intellectual Edge" Student Merit Scholarship Motivation in any form is instrumental in bringing you on the path of success. It propels you to work hard and achieve your goal. We support and promote talent and to do so we have certain scholarship schemes and prizes in place for those who excel in their fields. Keeping them motivated and inspired is what we believe makes the difference. a) Merit Award of `5,000/- and `3,000/- would be given to 1st and 2nd rankers respectively every year to B.Pharm, BHMCT, MCA, MBA and each discipline of B.Tech courses, provided they secure 75% and above marks and pass in first attempt. b) This scholarship will be available each year to 2nd year students of MBA, 2nd and 3rd year students of MCA and also to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of each discipline of B.Tech, B.Pharma and BHMCT based on their previous year’s results. c) This Merit Award will be given to Rank holders based on their previous year’s results. d) An additional award of `10,000/- and `8,000/- would be given to 1st and 2nd rankers at the University level respectively to eligible students provided they secure 75 % and above marks and pass in only one attempt.IEC strongly believes in the ideology of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbukam” Visa Regulationsand therefore has students from all over the world making IEC Foreign National Students who wish to seek admission in IEC onexperience a rich and diverse one. IEC has been hosting self financing or under scholar scheme are required to get studentsinternational students since its inception and has been constantly Visa from Indian Mission abroad. To apply for Visa, students shouldstriving to ensure that their experience in our country is both first seek a letter of confirmation from IEC for the issuance of theiracademically and culturally enriching. Our history of welcoming Visa and provisional Admission letter. The admission will,international students means that we understand the kind of however, be confirmed by U.P. Technical University aftersupport you need to settle in a new life in a country which is far verification of all documents and payment of College andaway from home.. From our Foreign Students Welfare Association University fee. The necessary documents which FNS should bringto our International support services to overseas students’, you along are : (a) Valid Passport (b) Confirmed letter of acceptance orcan be assured of a great experience while you study. Provisional letter from IEC (c) Availability of sufficient funds forForeign Students Welfare Association the duration of the study in India (d) Student Visa indicatingForeign Students Welfare Association was constituted with the duration of course and name of the college.main objective to acquaint all the foreign students with the For more information, foreign students are advised to contact orordinances of the UPTU and also to remove their communication refer to International Student Counseling Guide of IEC. Nodifficulties. The association works closely with all the departments financial assistance is available to students from the College. Theyto provide academic, personal and career assistance to foreign are also advised to confirm their availability of Hostel facilities instudents. the campus and ensure that they have sent all relevant information regarding their pickup from Airport to Campus. Students should not count on the possibility of getting job and earning money during there stay in India. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS54
  • 30. Why IEC ?IEC’s excellent innovative teaching practices coupled with a whichever activity interests them and discover their hidden • Out-of-the-box learningstrong emphasis on personality development are what give its talent. We don’t follow the rigid system of learning where learningstudents a competitive edge over others. is confined to only studying the books of your course. Today’s Advance Learning Tools employers look for active and dynamic people. Therefore, weExcellent Infrastructure and Facilities We pride ourselves on providing student-centric state-of-the-art encourage our students to apply theoretical learning to real-• Wi-fi enabled Campus learning resources to the students. With latest technology and life scenarios in the form of case studies, research, events,• Acoustically Designed Auditorium learning tools at their disposal, the students are given an live projects etc.• Air-conditioned Digital Library opportunity to acquire a generic set of skills which will prove• Departmental Libraries beneficial in furthering their career goals. Innovative teaching practices and Industry based curricula• Amphitheatre style classrooms Innovative teaching practices aided by multimedia complement• Tutorial Rooms the learning process at IEC. Our Industry based curriculum Proactive Placement Cell• Conference Rooms & Seminar Halls makes our students job ready. By making them work in Industry IEC students have high career placement, whether you want to• State of the art Engineering Labs and Workshops related/ supported/ sponsored Projects where they work and are be an engineer or a manager, our placement team helps you to• IHM and Pharmacy Labs made responsible for the entire set of activities resulting in the polish your resume, get lucrative internships, and connect you• High tech Computer Labs acceptable solution/ model/ process under the guidance from with employers.• Sports Activity Center teachers, we give them a feel of actual industry working.• Graphic Hall Acting as an interface between the industry and the students, our• Reprographics Room We believe in empowering our students with the right mix of placement team plays an important role in honing students’ over• On campus Hostel for both boys and girls knowledge and skills. all personality by arranging seminars, mock GDs and interviews,• Cafeteria workshops, industrial trainings and industrial visits. The goal is• Open Air Theatre to increase students’ employability. Result oriented Education• PCO Facility We are constantly evolving our pedagogy and curricula to meet• Health care Center the needs of the industry. Our 7000 well- placed alumni are Best Faculty to create Best minds testimony to the fact that our education is result oriented. The Believing strongly how important is the role of a teacher inCosmopolitan Culture various programs are designed specifically to increase student’s shaping up the child’s sensibilities; IEC does not compromise onIEC University believes in the ideology of “Vasudhaiv employability and improve career prospects. the quality of faculty it takes under its ambit. IEC has well-kutumbakam” which means that the whole world is one single qualified and experienced faculty members who have substantialfamily. Therefore with students from over 32 countries studying industry and academic experience. Their ability to keep learninghere, IEC truly promotes a cosmopolitan culture free of all kind of and updating their knowledge on the latest trends in theirprejudices and biases. respective fields is what makes IEC retain its character to impart education par excellence.Emphasis on honing student’s personalityLife at IEC is not just about education, it goes much more beyond • Curriculum-A choice to choose from a wide range ofacademics as it strongly believes in overall personality programmesdevelopment of IECians. It acknowledges that every child is IEC offers a wide array of programmes and gives you aunique and has some sort of potential in him. Some are good in chance to choose and pick a programme of your choice. Oursports, some in writing and so on. We, at IEC help them unleash curriculum is designed to address the needs of the industrytheir creativity & potential through organizing myriad of and impart contemporary knowledge to the students.extracurricular activities giving them an opportunity to choose IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS56
  • 31. Vibrant Social Life @ IEC IEC pulsates with a vibrant social life all through the year. There is never a single dry and dull moment at IEC campus. Thanks to the IEC team who keep on working hard to organize these fun-filled events round the year. Some of the most popular ones include: • RAZMATAZZ • KONKURRENZ • Confluence • Sports Meet • Fresher’s Party • Farewell Party IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS58 59
  • 32. More Activities @ IEC Book Fairs, Blood Donation camps, Plantation Drives, Health awareness programmes are some other activities that keep IECians busy throughout the year. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS60 61
  • 33. Industrial Visits We constantly expose them to the vast knowledge bank, experts in academia, global experts, industry people and loads of hands on practice. Such a wider interaction rich in both experience and knowledge give them multiple perspectives on the subject and kindle their imagination. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS62 63
  • 34. National & International Ranking and Recognition Awards We are regularly featured Business Sphere has Ranked IEC Group of high up in the league Institution as tables of universities that newspapers draw up A in ++ Engineering Education Competition Success Review and GHRDC has Ranked IEC Group of Institutions on All India bases as “BUSINESS SPHERE AWARD”to Sh. R. L. Gupta by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India "LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" to Sh. R. L. Gupta by Institute of Economic Studies (IES), Delhi, India "DOCTORATE DEGREE AWARD" to Sh. Navin Gupta by CHANCELLOR of LTSNU, Dr. Prof. Serhiy Savchenko, UKRAINE 1 Ranked No. amongst Top Emerging 2 Ranked No. Ranked State Wise amongst Top 3 Ranked No. Ranked amongst Top 10 Engineering Colleges IEC Group of Institutions have been conferred the most prestigious “BHARTIYA SHIROMANI PURASKAR” for Excellence in Productivity, Quality, Innovation and Management in the field of Education by Engineering Engineering Region Wise H.E. Mr. Korn Dabarrabsi (Hon’ble Former Deputy Colleges of Colleges in the (North Region) Prime Minister of Excellence State of UP Thailand). “BHARATIYA SHIROMANI PURASKAR” to Sh. R. L. Gupta by Deputy Prime Minister, Thailand “BHARAT JYOTI AWARD” & “INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR AWARD” to Dr. Bhanu P. S. Sagar by India International “BUSINESS SPHERE AWARD” to Dr. Bhanu P. S. Sagar by Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Minister of New 2 Ranked No. by EFY for partnership with 1 Ranked No. Amongst Top Emerging Colleges (Received by Shri Navin Gupta) Friendship Society, New Delhi and Renewable Energy, Government of India Foreign of Universities State Wise IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS64 65
  • 35. Placements @ IEC IEC students have high career placement, whether you want to be Industry Interaction an engineer or a manager, our placement team helps you to polish Every student undergoes Industrial training for duration of 8 your resume, get lucrative internships, and connect you with weeks. This helps in giving them real industry exposure. Industry employers. interaction is done through guest lectures and Industrial visits for bridging the gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of Acting as an interface between the industry and the students, our the curriculum. placement team plays an important role in honing students’ over all personality by arranging seminars, mock GDs and interviews, Pre-placement Data Bank workshops, industrial trainings and industrial visits. The goal is to The placement Cell prepares the final year students’ data bank and increase students’ employability. conducts seminars, workshops and other development programs to hone students’ skills to increase their job prospects. It also To make sure that students’ hard work get rewarded, IEC has a organizes mock interviews and GDs to train students for the real full-fledged effective and pro active placement cell. It is fully placement process. It assists in arranging pre-placement talks, committed to provide all the possible assistance in getting the written tests, group discussions, personal interviews, etc. The Recruiters students well placed. Acting as an interface between the industry training and placement cell also invites industry professionals to and the students, The placement cell is headed by a Training & interact with students in order to identify the emerging Placement officer (TPO). The team liaisons with a wide array of opportunities in the corporate world. companies and organizations and provides suitable job openings to the students graduating from the College. Live Projects Students are made to work in Industry related/ supported/ sponsored Projects. This is the time when they apply their Our theoretical knowledge to real life scenarios. This exercise gives Dr. Reddys them an opportunity to test their own learning and makes them industry ready. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS66 67
  • 36. Technologies used @ IECTechnology has long been the forte of IEC. Over the years it has Video Conferencingconstantly evolved its curricula keeping up with the changing Video conferencing works on broadband, mobile wireless datatrends in technology. cards enabling you to reach even the most rural and remote parts of India, where setting up infrastructure and MPLS networks canThe New media has changed the dynamics of learning. With the be an issue. Video conference offers solutions to educationavalanche of social networking sites & blogging and digital media practitioners, students, researchers and administrators. Bybecoming substantial tools of communication, learning and sharing providing high quality, true-to-life communications, videohas become much easier. IEC has been in sync with these latest conferencing helps educators extend access to learning, subjectweb based technologies and has incorporated them in its matter experts and improved project collaboration.educational system as well.• IEC has its own Facebook page to reach out to the students Training & Development• E-portal called e-Paathshaala Video conferencing enables remote locations to participate and• IEC blog for students and faculty members have instant access to the very best content. Video conferencing• Chairman’s blog solutions enable multiple locations to connect together to create• Technology based multimedia content solution an optimal collaborative learning environment.Virtual Private Network (VPN) It is dedicated to delivering solutions that improve access toIEC provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service for people and resources on-demand and to ensuring that users canInstitutions’ subscribed users to connect and login to the campus from off campus locations. The service provides a moresecure encrypted connection between your computer and the E-Paathshala @ IECCollege network so that we can make certain resources available To remain competitive and leveraging the benefits of e-learning,for off campus access. IEC Group of Institutions has taken its first step and has introduced a new e-learning portal as an affordable solution thatQR Codes will let higher education institutions compete in a continuallyIn an effort to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies, changing environment. "IEC Group of Institutions is in the processwe have recently started using QR codes. We have placed them of introducing innovative learning opportunities and redefining theeverywhere right from our prospectus to posters. very role of the higher education institute” says Dr. Naveen Gupta, CEO of IEC Group of Institutions. It is a free service and studentsWhat is a QR code? are advised to take full advantage of it.QR code is a type of bar code and QR stands for Quick ResponseCodes. This type of bar code can store Web addresses (URLs). Theycan be quickly read by a cell phone particularly smart phone. If youhave a QR code reader application installed on your mobile phoneyou can take a picture of the code and it will automatically linkyour phone to the web page. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS68 69
  • 37. Academic Foreign Tie-ups Collaborations Realizing that international exposure is a key to unlock success in today’s economy, IEC has forged strong partnerships with some of the leading academic giants across the globe. IEC’s collaborations with the finest names in academia and the world class technology used on the campus are what keep its students abreast of the latest global trends in their respective fields and transform them into a force ready to take on any challenge in the industry whether local or global. International exposure is built into the College system through joint engineering programs, student and faculty exchange, Joint research and consultation. IEC Group has academic tie-ups with ELCINA,CISCO, ORACLE, SAP, IBM and EMC2 to provide students with certificate courses which will equip them with certain set of skills and will improve their career prospects. • Certification by CISCO System INC: CICSO System INC is providing a training program for CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) Course curriculum is being introduced for the students to upgrade students career opportunities in Networking and internet field. This training provides knowledge and skills to select, connect, configure and troubleshoot the various networking devices. • Certification by Electronic Industries Association of India (ELCINA): The ELCINA provides Training on Self Empowerment Program on SIX SIGMA. • EMC2: EMC2 has signed an academic alliance with IEC Group of Institutions for stand-out in Information Storage and Management Studies. • IBM Center of Excellence: IBM Center of Excellence has signed an agreement with IEC Group of Institutions to conduct software courses at IEC group of Institutions, Greater Noida and it is declared as a IBM Center of Excellence. • Certification by SAP Academy: It helps the students in increasing their career potential and growth opportunities by offering globally recognized SAP certifications. It introduces students to various ERP Solutions, Applications, Components, Terminology, Uses Simulation, Case studies, Business Situations. • Certification by Oracle: It helps students in increasing their career potential and growth opportunities by offering globally recognized Oracle certifications. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS70 71
  • 38. Courses @ IEC Committed to providing high quality education through its well-structured courses and distinctive teaching & learning practices, IEC offers a wide array of UG &PG Teaching programs designed specifically to increase Pedagogy student’s employability and improve career prospects.The Quintessence of Pedagogy at IEC to acquire wisdom. Numerous cases have been developed and alsoIEC has adopted an exhaustive and intensive educational audit collected for exposing students to acquire analytical skill, problemsystem which ensures sequentially progressive assessment solving and decision-making capabilities and also to respond toresulting in an enviable standard of readiness and alertness among ever changing global competitive environment.the faculty & students. They are evaluated on a weekly basis fortheir performance. A monthly performance report is complied,thus reinforcing the corrective and preventive mechanism. Paper Presentation In order to keep abreast of the latest development in respectiveOur Faculty Members fields and to do in depth analysis of theories and principles,Faculty recruitment is done with utmost care to ensure that quality students are guided properly to do research, frame open and closeeducation is imparted to our students. Selection Committees are ended questionnaires, collect primary and secondary informationheld 3 to 4 times every year advertising in leading newspaper all and data and analyise the issues involved before makingover India. The committee consists of members as per the norms presentation of the paper.set by UPTU with experts from reputed institutions and R&Dorganizations, nominee of UPTU and member nominated by Career OrientationAICTE. The appointments are done according to AICTE Apart from academic pursuit of students, special care is beingregulations. Experienced and well qualified faculty members are taken for personality development and character building, throughgiven attractive salary and positions. In fact, more than 50% of our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities such as Debates,faculty members are Ph.Ds and M.Techs. Our faculty to student Seminars, Workshops, Group Discussions, Indoor and Outdoorratio at 1:15 ensures genuine personal attention. Games, Cultural Functions, Site Seeing, Factory Visits, etc. The teaching methodology adopted at the institutions are designed toGroup Participation develop the students skills in communication, time management,Group culture forms the basis of nurturing prospective decision making, ability to work in a team and many other areas.professionals. It makes them to be more productive and adept in Institutes strive to develop the overall personality of its studentsacquiring the real life techniques of achieving results through by encouraging them to participate in various building along with the knowledge gained from classroom.Group interacts and plays games with other group and also shares Talent Searchexperiences in order to provide more effective learning. The The prime objective is to identify and to explore students abilitiesprocess helps to postulate new ideas and develop skills. to the fullest. With this objective in mind, events like Quizzes, Debates, and Group Discussions are organized to search the latentCase Studies talent of the students and subsequently shape and mould them asThe curricula are designed with the objective to impart knowledge per competitive market laying greater emphasis on case studies and practical training IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS72 73
  • 39. B.Tech. Computer Duration - 4 years Science & Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of Course Job OpportunitiesThis four year program lays emphasis on software & hardware engineering, • Computer Security Analystsdata and information systems engineering, as well as on networking • Computer Engineertechnologies, wired, optical fiber, and wireless. The Department provides • Consulting Engineerexposure to emerging technologies as well as futuristic technologies like • Research, Development and Design ofnano-technology, and quantum computing. Computer & Software • Computer Operations ManagerLabs • Customer Engineer• CNS / CN Lab • DAA / OS Lab • Computer Network Manager• Data Structure Lab • DBMS Lab • Specialist Computer Consultant• Distributed System Lab • E-Communication / SPM Lab • System Analyst• ITIM Lab • Logic Design Lab• OOOP / WT Lab • Server Room Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS74 75
  • 40. B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Information Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. TechnologyObjective of CourseThis program covers the management of computer based information systems inan organizational context. It has a specific focus on organizational and social Job Opportunitiesaspects of computing. The main aim is to provide you with the knowledge and • Computer Design & Manufactureskills required to develop and manage business information systems. More • Systems Development and Programmingspecifically , the program will provide you with the ability to specify, implement, • Computer Operations etcmanage and evaluate information systems which are technically, commercially • Computer Security Analystsand socially feasible and help you develop critical, analytical and problem solvingskills with respect to information systems and their management. The dept of IT • Computer Engineeroffers extensive exposure to latest technologies including E commerce, • Consulting Engineermultimedia etc. • Research, Development and Design of Computer & SoftwareLabs • Computer Operations Manager• CNS / CN Lab • DAA / OS Lab • Customer Engineer• Data Structure Lab • DBMS Lab • Computer Network Manager• Distributed System Lab • SPM Lab • Specialist Computer Consultant• ITIM Lab • Logic Design Lab• OOPS / WT Lab • Project Lab • System Analyst IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS76 77
  • 41. Electronics & B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & Communication affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of Course Job OpportunitiesThe undergraduate programme aims at providing a balanced exposure to both • Telecom SectorElectronics and Communication. The special feature of Electronics teaching is the • Broadcastingemphasis on VLSI design and the use of CAD tools in its development. On the • AutomationCommunication side, the Department highlights modern technologies like optical • Consumer Electronicsfiber, wireless and mobile communication. Students of the Department are given • Chip Designinghigh exposure to computer technology as well. • Micro Controller Designing • Mobile CommunicationLabs • Networking & IT Sector• Electronic Lab • Analog Circuit Lab• Digital Circuit Lab • Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab• Communication Lab • Analog Communication Lab• Digital Communication Lab • Microprocessor Lab• Microwave Engineering. & • CAD of Electronics Circuit Lab Optical Communication Lab • Project Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS78 79
  • 42. B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Electrical Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of Course Job OpportunitiesThe electrical engineering department produces graduates who are able to • Power Equipment Manufacturingpractice electrical engineering to serve state and regional industries, government • Power Automationagencies, or national and international industries. Department prepare graduates • Power Distributionfor personal and professional success with awareness of and commitment to theirethical and social responsibilities, both as individuals and in team environments. • Power GenerationThe curriculum closely links technical fundamentals with team project building, • Power Transmissionprofessional principles and societal issues. The program fosters a willingness tolearn concepts and ideas from diverse disciplines both within and outside ofelectrical engineering, as well as communications and leadership skills.Labs• Electrical engineering Lab • Network Systems Lab• CAD Lab • Project Lab• Measurement Lab • Control System Lab• Instrumentation Lab • Power Electronics Lab• Electric Drive IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS80 81
  • 43. Electronics & B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Instrumentation Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of Course Job OpportunitiesThe Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) offers four • Process Industriesyears graduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Technology • Automation(Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering). The program aims to prepare • Manufacturing Sectorstudents to either pursue a professional career immediately after graduation or to • PSUs & Govt. Sectorcontinue with postgraduate studies either in India or abroad. The course provides • Power Plantsstudents with sound theoretical and practical training in the operation and design • Core Electronics Companiesof electronic instruments, digital logic systems, and computer based measuring, • Research & Developmentmonitoring, recording and controlling of physical phenomena and process • Consultancy firmsparameters. For hands on experience and proper understanding of theoreticalaspects of the course, students are required to perform experiments in the • Space research Organizationsfollowing labs • Transportation Sector • Defence• Electrical engineering Lab • Network Systems Lab • Medical electronics & Instrumentation Sector• Project Lab • Measurement Lab • IT Companies• Control System Lab • Instrumentation Lab• Telemetry Lab • Electronic Lab• Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab • Microprocessor Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS82 83
  • 44. B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Mechanical Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of Course Job OpportunitiesThe objective of an Under graduate course in Mechanical engineering is to • Automobile Industryimpart skills and expertise in the areas of design, manufacturing, mechanics and • Space Researchthermal sciences that are essential to most sectors of industry. • AeronauticalThe course familiarizes students to the field of mechanical engineering throughan exposition of its disciplines, including structural analysis, mechanism design, • Energy & Utilitiesfluid flows, and thermal systems. The course also makes them familiar with the • Bio-mechanical Industryoperation and safety of machine tools. Topics like thermodynamics, heat transfer, • Manufacturing Plantsfluid mechanics, systems dynamics, design, manufacturing etc. are an integralpart of the curriculum. The course structure puts lot of stress on lab work and • Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Industrydesign projects. • Turbine Manufacturing Plants • Refining Industries (Agricultural sector)Labs• Engg. & Mechanics Lab • CAD/ CAM Lab• Fluid Mechanics Lab • Fluid Machinery Lab• Material Science & Testing Lab • Theory of Machine Lab• Heat and Mass Transfer Lab • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab• Manufacturing Science I and II Lab• Measurement and Metrology Lab• Applied Thermodynamics & Automobile Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS84 85
  • 45. B.Tech. Duration - 4 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & Civil affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. EngineeringObjective of CourseThe four-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Technology inCivil Engineering enables the graduate to enter professional practiceas an engineer or to continue his or her studies in programs leading toadvanced degrees in the following broad fields of specialization:construction engineering and management, environmentalengineering, geotechnical engineering, hydrology, materials,structural engineering and mechanics, transportation, and waterresources planning and management.The B.Tech degree program is designed to offer depth in coursematerial considered essential for all civil engineers. Graduates will beable to use modern engineering techniques, skills, and tools toidentify, formulate, and solve civil engineering problems. They will be Job Opportunitiesprepared for professional practice in civil engineering and will be able • Water Supply, Sewerage & Irrigation function and communicate effectively individually and within • Highwaysmultidisciplinary teams. • Infrastructure Sector • Ready Mix Concrete PlantsLabs • Quantity Survey Engineers• Surveying Lab • Power, Oil & Gas Sector• Fluid Mechanics Lab • Steel Sector• Material Testing Lab • Coal Mines• Geotechnical Lab • Railways• Transportation Lab • Defence• Environmental Engineering Lab• Concrete Lab• Geo-Informatics Lab• Building Planning & Drawing Lab• Structure Analysis Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS86 87
  • 46. B.Tech. Automobile Engineering Duration - 4 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech.Objective of Course LabsThe objective of this undergraduate program is to prepare technically competent world class Automobile engineers for • Engineering Mechanics Labthe industry and academia. Some of the important subjects taught during the course are Auto chassis, Automobile • Material Science & Testing LabTransmission, Auto Electrical & Electronics, Vehicle Dynamics, Fuels & Combustion, Vehicle Transport Management, • Measurement and Metrology Laband Automobile Engineering Drawing in addition to Mechanical Engineering subjects like Fluid Mechanics & • Automobile Engineering LabHydraulics Machinery, Metallurgy & Material Science, Thermodynamics, and Manufacturing Process etc. Apart from • Applied Thermodynamics Labcore subjects, elective subjects such as Hybrid Vehicles, FEM, Nano-Technology, and Experimental Stress Analysis are • Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery Labalso offered. • Heat and Mass Transfer Lab • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab • Manufacturing Science I and II LabCareer Scope •. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing LabThe job of an automotive engineer involves developing components and systems that provide maximum customervalue at minimum cost, thereby promoting the enterprises profitability. Some automotive engineers focus on one areaof their specialty while others have the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the product development process, Job Opportunitiesplaying a more general role. Sometimes, the engineer will go as far as working directly with customers, learning from • Automobile Industryfocus groups and marketing specialists to develop a concept or find out what people want in an automobile. The • Govt. Sector - Transportation Departmentautomotive engineer will also work with suppliers, manufacturing and assembly specialists while designing the • Private Transport Companiescomponents or systems. • Production Plants • Service Stations • R&D • Manufacturing Industries IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS88 89
  • 47. Duration - 5 years Bachelor of Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Arch. Architecture (B.Arch) Objectives of the Course: 1. To impart quality education to students for excellence in architectural design, seeing it as a core of the programme with supportive inputs of the courses in the stream. The their productive career in Architecture through formal classroom teaching and emphasis is on development of decision Architecture today is recognized as an intellectual practical field exposure. making of students with the aid of both discipline and a profession. Architects have to 2. To reinforce intellectual capabilities, simulate objective information through IT and give their vital contribution in the shaping of sensitivity, unveil creative talents and develop subjective attitudes through experiences of environment and society, in the design and proficiency in professional skills to enable practicing architects and faculty. technology for a diverse range of situations both graduates to competently pursue various 4. In nutshell, the objective of this course is to in the urban and rural contexts. specializations within the broad spectrum of give in depth exposure to students in all architecture. development sectors like - Architectural Given the complexities of present day design 3. To provide opportunities to students to try out Graphics, Architectural Design infrastructure, projects, the architect’s role is that of a team the role they will eventually play as Structure Analysis and Building Planning & leader and coordinator of the input of specialists responsible members of society and profession Drawing etc. in various specific disciplines. An Architect needs In this context the architect are required to be to possess a sound knowledge of all aspects of equipped with appropriate skills, modern building technology, project management understanding & knowledge and also deep and execution to be able to draw up an integrated commitment to professed ideals. Further the framework. programme aims at attaining a high level of Labs Job Opportunities • Architectural Graphics - I • Real Estate • Architectural Design Studio - I • PSUs • Building Material Testing Lab • Govt. & Private Sector • Surveying Lab • Town Planning • Environmental Engineering Lab • Quality Control • Structure Analysis Lab • Research & Supervision • Geotechnical Lab • Safety Management • Concrete Lab • Estimation & Costing • Building Planning & Drawing Lab • Interior Designing • Basic Design & Visual Arts Lab IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS90 91
  • 48. Duration - 2 years Master of Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Tech., M.Tech. Technology (M.Tech) With rapid advances in technology, no area of knowledge has been left untouched. Technology Research is a core activity at IEC since its inception. IEC is engaged in research in has transformed the very ways of viewing a collaboration with number of R&D Institutions / knowledge domain, giving rise to newer and more Labs. in NCR which are engaged in active research challenging but exciting areas. The world over, work. The key philosophy of IEC’s M.Tech. post graduate studies are a normal part of basic Program is to enable students to acquire the engineering education. The time has come when necessary mental agility, skills and attitude so that post graduation has become a mandatory they come out as professionals who create requirement for various positions in Industry, R&D meaningful products and solutions that enrich organizations and Govt. sectors. their domain areas. The M.Tech. program lays great emphasis on research based work and Engineering education is one sector where AICTE effectively bridges the chasm that currently exists has already prescribed M.Tech. as the minimum between research and practice by introducing a qualification for a Lecturer. However, existing R&D project and several courses to inculcate a teachers with B.Tech qualification are allowed a research bent of mind. stipulated time to complete their PG qualification. M.Tech Electrical (Power Systems) The department has advance computer lab with M.Tech Program is aimed at providing high quality 20 dual core state of the art machine with UNIX innovators and engineers with an understanding and Windows servers. Licenced software for of electrical power system engineering. different operating systems, computer languages and databases, along with a network simulator is The course includes advanced topics like FACTS, also being provided. Power Quality, Distribution Systems and Energy System Management along with conventional Objectives ones. Emphasis is on both theoretical development • To offer post graduate and research program and application of advanced methods to real leading to M.Tech systems and their problems. The employment and • To promote field-oriented research activities career prospect for the power system engineering in collaboration with industry. post graduates are excellent as they are in high • To establish academic links with institutes of demand in all major industries. They will have higher learning in India and abroad. opening as Energy Manager in industries like paper cement, steel, sugar and textile. They can M.Tech (Mechanical Engg) also start their own energy consultancy firm M.Tech course provides opportunities to learn dealing with energy management studies, analysis M.Tech. application and control in different energy activity additional / specialized aspects in mechanical • Electrical Engineering (Power Systems) design by studying additional core subjects such sectors. as failure analysis and finite element analysis and • Computer Science a basket of electives such as design synthesis, • Mechanical Engg. M.Tech (Computer Science) design of transmission elements, gear design, (CAD/CAM, Machine Design) The subject taught in the first year are Foundation CAD/CAM for product design, mechatronics, • Electronics & Communications of Computer Science, Computer Organization and product reliability, transmission mechanisms and Architecture, Operating System and Database manipulators, optimization methods, rotor Management System, Data Networks, Distributed dynamics, random vibration, modal analysis of Computing, Object Oriented Systems, Parallel mechanical systems. Algorithm and Cryptography. A number of electives are also offered. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS92 93
  • 49. Duration - 4 years Approved by PCI & AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India and Bachelor of affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Pharma, M.Pharm Pharmacy Labs • Machine Lab. • Pharmaceutics Lab. - I • Pharmaceutics Lab. - II • Pharmaceutics Lab. - III • Pharmaceutics Lab. - IV • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. - I • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. - II • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. - III • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab. - IV (Central Instrumentation Facility) • Anatomy & Physiology Lab. • Pharmacognosy Lab. • Pharmacology Lab. - IObjectives of Course • Pharmacognosy Lab. with Aseptic RoomThe Objectives of Pharmaceutical Science (B.Pharm. & M.Pharm.) programs areto provide scientific / technological education & training in all aspects relating to Job Opportunitiesidentification, standardization, formulation, preparation, distribution, quality • Pharmaceutical Sectorassurance and use of drug and medicines, dissemination of drug information and • R&Dmanagement of diseases, misuse of drugs and implementation of laws governing • Biotech Industriesdrug misuse etc. • Health Industry • Drug Production & Manufacturing • Drug Safety • Analysis & Testing • Pharma Sales & Marketing IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS94 95
  • 50. Master of Duration - 2 years Pharmacy Approved by PCI & AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India and affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida B.Pharma, M.Pharm (M.Pharm)Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) M.Pharm. (Pharmacognosy) M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) M.Pharm (Pharmacology)M.Pharm in the Department of Pharmacy has been At the beginning of the 21st century, teaching of Pharmacognosy in Pharmaceutics is one of the disciplines in the pharmacy, It is a well-equipped department with adequateestablished in the year 2010 in the field of academic institutions gained new relevance, as a result of the which deals with formulation of a pure drug substance into infrastructure for undergraduate and post-graduate. ThePharmacognosy with strong focus on research. explosive growth in the use of herbal remedies in modern pharmacy dosage forms. The subject areas of Pharmaceutics include post-graduates leaving the college after completing their practices. Pharmacognosy research areas are continually expanding. Pharmaceutical Technology, Physical Pharmaceutics, program find immediate placement in industry or academics,M. Pharm. Courses Today it includes aspects of cell and molecular biology in relation to Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy some even securing admission for advanced studies in US• M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutics) natural products, ethnobotany and phytotherapy, in addition to the and Drug Delivery Systems for professional graduate and and other advanced countries. The thrust research areas of• M.Pharm. (Pharmacology) more traditional analytical method development and phytochemistry. undergraduate students. The variety of disciplines in the the department are: cancer, metabolic disorders, Young pharmacy graduates who are interested in entering a research health science on the campus stimulates scientific pharmacology of tissue repair and inflammation and• M.Pharm. (Pharmacognosy) career in pharmacognosy or natural product work should aim to have a environment. Currently, our thrust area of research is radioprotection. broad background and should gain an understanding of new nanosciences.Recognitions / Approvals developments that come to the fore, such as combinatorial Course Content• All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) biosynthesis, genomics and proteomics. Good research flexibility, with Course Content I. Semester• Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) the new tools available will pay rich rewards and contribution to I Semester • Modern Analytical Techniques society will be greater than even before. Let me wish all aspirants of • Modern Analytical Techniques • Pharmaceutical Biostatistics & Computer Application the subject pharmacognosy a great and fruitful career ahead as there is • Pharmaceutical Biostatistics & Computer Application • Drug Regulatory Affairs & Intellectual Property Rights little question that pharmacognosy as a specialization will have a role • Drug Regulatory Affairs and& Intellectual Property • Clinical Pharmacokinetics & Biopharmaceutics to play for many more years and pharmacognosists can look to the Rights • Pharmacology & Toxicology future with a great deal of anticipation. • Product Development Ongoing Research • Pharm Biotechnology II Semester • Development of transdermal and topical herbal drug delivery • Screening Methods & Bioassays system for some indigenous folk medicine. II Semester • Advanced Pharmacology • Standardization of new Anticancer drugs of plant origin • Pharmaceutical Production Management • Clinical Pharmacology • Recent Advances in Drug Delivery System Course Content • Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics III Semester & IV Semester I Semester • Dissertation Work • Modern Analytical Techniques III Semester & IV Semester • Pharmaceutical Biostatistics & Computer Application • Dissertation Work Research Excellence • Drug Regulatory Affairs and& Intellectual Property Rights Department of Pharmacy, IEC Group of Institutions, provides • Evaluation of drugs versatile opportunity for the students to expand their • Advances in Pharmacognosy learning through the research with help of learned faculty II Semester members and enormous research facilities. • Recent Development in Pharmacognosy • Industrial Pharmacognosy • Phytopharmaceuticals III Semester & IV Semester • Dissertation Work IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS96 97
  • 51. Duration - 2 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & Master of affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida MBA, PGDM Business Administration (MBA) The course aims to equip students with the competencies and skills required to become efficient and effective managers. This will be done by providing the students latest and relevant knowledge of management theory and practice. The program is designed to prepare the fleet of students equipped with latest tools and techniques of management so that they can face the challenges arising out of present scenario of competitiveness due to globalization of economy. Guest Lectures To supplement the class room teaching, guest lectures are organized mostly from industry. The department has organized expert lectures in the recent past on variety of subjects. The lectures delivered in the department include the lectures by Mr. Donald Asher, HR consultant (USA), Mr. Parthasarthy (NTPC), Mr. Neeraj Kumar (IIFT), Mr. Sheshir Jain (CSC), Mr. Deepak Rana (IBM), Mr. Bhopendra Kaushal (Moser Baer) and Mr. V.K. Rastogi (DU) and Mr. M. Rizvi (NDTV) Personality Development This is one of the important objectives of MBA program. The department makes sincere efforts to further improve overall personality of the students through, • Quizzes • Mock interviews Job Opportunities • Debates • Accounting • Essay writing competition • Consulting • Spoken and written English • Commercial Banking • Management Games • Investment Banking • Organization of sports • Case Studies • Financial Planning • Insurance Seminar/Conferences • Real Estate The Department of Management Studies organizes seminars/conferences for the benefit of academicians, professionals and its own faculty and students. It has organized several seminars and conferences in the past. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS98 99
  • 52. Duration - 3 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida MCA Master of Computer Application (MCA) Keeping in mind that India is the top and most Job Opportunities preferred IT outsourcing destination for the • Software development & programming West, the course has been structured to produce • Hardware and networking efficient and effective software professionals. • Research and development The 3 year program prepares students to take up • Services and Application support positions such as system analysts, systems • Programmers System Analysts designers, Programmers and managers in any • Software Engineers field related to IT. It aims at imparting • Electronics data processing (EDP) Managers comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis • Database Administration Specialists on theory and practice. Industrial trainings are • Project Managers an essential part of the program giving students • Technical Consultants and Technical Support an idea of the actual working of the IT industry. specialists IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS100 101
  • 53. BHMCT Bachelor of Duration - 4 years Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India & affiliated to Maha Maya Technical University, Noida Hotel Management BHMCT & Catering Technology Job Opportunities • Hotels • Hospitals • Airlines • Cruise Liners Objective of Course • Catering • Banqueting Our aim in the program is to impart technological • Retail • BPOs education of Hotel Management & catering Technology. • MNCs This division will offer exposure to the front end technologies in the field of Hotel Management through an elaborate setup of laboratories consisting of the Future Plans following:- Customized short courses for professionals/ Composite vocational • Front Office lab. programmes: • House Keeping Lab. • Food Production- short exciting menus of popular cuisines • Kitchen - I • Food and beverage Service- Table laying and preparation of • Kitchen - II mocktails. • Bakery • Front Office- PDP (soft skills, body language, etc) • Restaurant • Housekeeping- Flower arrangement and stain removal. At IEC-IHM students are actively involved in the banqueting functions involving dignitaries from (Jordan, Libya, Israel, Iraq, Mongolia) and ITC-WELCOMGROUP Hotels, palaces and resorts other important personalities like Corporate Chefs, General Managers of various 5 star hotels of Delhi, NCR. We also involve students in theme lunches and ambience dinners, Chef Competitions around the Country. The Grand Imprial The Finest Heritage Hotels in India IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS102 103
  • 54. Post Graduate Diploma Duration - 2 years in Management Approved by AICTE, Min. of HRD, Govt. of India MBA, PGDM (PGDM) IEC BUS INESS S CHOOL Singapore Management Singapore Management NEWater Plant, Singapore NEWater Plant, Singapore University Campus University Campus Visit toto Infosys Visit InfosysThe IEC Business School (Under IEC Group of Institutions) started Job Opportunities Self Studyfunctioning under the aegis of the Vocational Educational Foundation (VEF) To keep in constant touch with the changing business environment, the future • Finance Managementin the year 2007. It offers a two year Full Time PGDM Program. managers are required to gather information from newspapers, magazines, journals, • Corporate Strategy Planning reference books and internet. This is a part of the rigorous curriculum. • Sales & MarketingThe program is designed to equip students with the current and emerging Case Study Methodtheories and practices of management. The program is approved by AICTE • Business Analysis The case study method serves a dual purpose of understanding a real life situationand Min. of HRD, Govt. of India. The program is meant to offer quality • Product Management and developing analytical education to all aspiring managers and the course aims at • Project Management • Market Analysis Project Reportspreparing students to deal with rapidly changing business context. As an integral part of the curriculum, students are required to work on a research • Financial Analysis project on a topic of their interest or specialization. This is an excellent opportunityThe course aims to provide world class education in the field of management • Operations Management for students to have close interaction with the industry-experts who often give themto the aspiring students who wish to develop skills of effective leadership • Public Relations live projects to work on. On completion of their projects, the students are requiredand managerial capabilities to meet the challenges in the corporate world. to make presentation of their reports before the industry representatives, faculty members and students. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS104 105
  • 55. B.Tech., M.Tech. Applied Sciences & Humanities Physics and Chemistry Laboratories The Department of Applied Science has well equipped laboratories in Physics and Chemistry. Every year it introduces new experiments to make students understand what they study in theory. Department is of the strong view that theory and experiments complement each other and in order to be a good engineer, students must develop the habit of experimenting. Department of Applied Sciences is one of the indispensable departments of the Institute. It imparts Communication Skills Laboratory excellent quality education in the area of Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) and The urge to succeed, to progress and to be recognized as a developed nation puts us on the road of technological Communication skills for the future technocrats of all streams (CS, EC, Civil Engineering, IT, EE and ME). advancement. In the age of Information Technology, language forms the basic aspects in science, technology and The department of Applied Science aims to provide a strong foundation in the fundamental sciences. management studies. Even brilliant students miss some of the best chances due to lack of good communication Students of engineering are provided with the basic tools of analysis as well as the knowledge of the skills in English. Knowledge and communication form the two sides of career, development and ones FORTUNE at principles on which engineering is based. large. Hence, Good Communication Skills Mean Good Fortune. The department also strives to instill the scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry in students. It IEC is also in the process of offering University of Cambridge, UK, ESOL Examinations. encourages the students to understand and therefore apply the physical laws to the development of their fields of study. The Department has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS106 107
  • 56. Research Papers by Faculty Research Papers by FacultyCivil Engineering Department • “Renu Gupta, Ashwani Kumar”, “Comprehensive study of various search based automated test data generation techniques ”,• Mohd. Sadiq, Sunil, Sherin Zafar, Mohammad Asim, R. Suman, “GUI of esrcTool: A Tool to Estimate the Software Risk and Cost”, Paper Published in “National Conference on role IT and management in sustainable development to be held at IMR College The 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering (ICCAE-2010), Singapore, pp 673-677. Ghaziabad ”in 2011.• Mohd. Sadiq, Abdul Rahman, Shabbir Ahmad, Mohammad Asim, Javed Ahmad”, esrcTool: A Tool to Estimate the Software Risk • “Deena Nath Gupta , Lucknesh Kumar, Ashwani Kumar ”, “A secure way of encoding in Elliptic Curve Cryptography through PRN and Cost”, IEEE Second International Conference on Computer Research and Development, pp. 886-890, DOI and Hash function ”, Paper Published in “National conference on Emerging Trends in IT and Computing Technology (NCETICT- 10.1109/ICCRD.2010.29, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2011) IIMT , Greater Noida”.• Mohd. Sadiq, Jawed Ahmad, Mohammad Asim, Aslam Qureshi , R. Suman, “ More on Elicitation of Software requirements and • “Deena Nath Gupta , Lucknesh Kumar, Ashwani Kumar ”,“ Fast and secure transformation of message by ECC through LZW prioritization using AHP”, IEEE International Conference on Data Storage and Data Engineering (DSDE 2010), pp 232-236, compression”,Paper Published in “National Conference on role IT and management in sustainable development to be held at IMR Bangalore, India., Publisher IEEE Computer Society Washington, DC, USA ©2010 College Ghaziabad ” in 2011.• mohd. sadiq 1, mohammad asim 2 , javed ahmed1, vinish kumar3, shadab khan 3 , Paper title:Prediction of Software Project • “Anubhaw Upadhyay,Prashant Kumar, Ashwani Kumar”,” Improvement and Performance Measures /Metric Comparison of Effort Estimation: A Case Study, in International Journal of Modeling and Optimization, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 2011, pages 37-43, CFDAMA & BTDAMA ”, Paper Published in “5th CSI National Conference & 1st CSI International Conference On Education and Singapore Research, to be held at Lingayas University,Faridabad, Haryana ” in 2011.• Shaista Parveen, Saoud Sarwar, Mohammad Asim, Paper title: Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in Software Engineering • “Prashant Kumar,Anubhaw Upadhyay, Ashwani Kumar”, “Improvement In Advanced Video Surveillance”, Paper Published in and Education in 4th National Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Information Technology (ETCSIT “5th CSI National Conference & 1st CSI International Conference On Education and Research, to be held at Lingayas 2011) AFSET, Dhauj, Faridabad, Haryana, India on 21st April 2011 University,Faridabad, Haryana” in 2011.• Mohammad Asim , Kamal Kulshrestha, Shadma Parveen, Paper title: Climate Warming due to increased Concentrations of • Deena Nath Gupta , Lucknesh Kumar, Ashwani Kumar ”,“ Transformation of message in an easy and secured way using Elliptic Greenhouse Gases, in National Conference on Climate Change and Environment, AFSET, Dhauj, Faridabad, Haryana, India on Curve Cryptography”, Paper Published in “5th CSI National Conference & 1st CSI International Conference On Education and 22nd April 2011 Research, to be held at Lingayas University,Faridabad, Haryana”in 2011. • “Renu Gupta, Ashwani Kumar”, “Comprehensive study of various test data generation techniques in software engineering”,Electronics and Communication Department Paper Published in “5th CSI National Conference & 1st CSI International Conference On Education and Research, to be held at• Ankur Saxena “Design Of Two Digit BCD Adder using Reversible Gates” International Conference at Gautam Buddha Lingayas University,Faridabad, Haryana” in 2011. University, G.Noida, 2012. • Sharbani Bhattacharya published and presented paper in University School of Management Studies ,Guru Govind Singh• Madhu Thakur “Design of Braun Multiplier using Kogge Stone Adder” International Conference at Gautam Buddha University, Indraprastha University in National Conference on Information Management on “Data Security: An issue in cloud computing for G.Noida, 2012. e-Learning”.• Alok Goswami “Single Electron Tunneling Device” International Conference 2011 RKGIT,2011. • Sharbani Bhattacharya Presented a paper in Bharti Vidyapeeth,Paschim Vihar,New Delhi 4th National Conference on• Alok Goswami “Microstrip Patch Antenna” International Conference 2011 RKGIT, 2011. Computing For Nation Development “Network in cloud for e-learning”. • Sharbani Bhattacharya on 13-14 December 2010,Reviewed papers ,in advisory committee and attended at JNU InternationalElectrical Engineering Department Conference on “Methods and Models in Computer Science” ICM2CS2010. • Amit Kumar published a paper titled “Performance of Genetic Algorithms for solving Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem”• Sunil kumar “ slow wave structure for space helix t w t for ku band in a symposium cum exposition on vacuum electron devices has been published in the International Journal of Information Technology & Knowledge Management Vol-IV, Issue-I of & application - 2011, organized by aece of ece department, rkgit, ghaziabad, in collaboration with veda society & iceit & drdo & December 2010. csir. • Amit Kumar published a paper titled “Enhancement of Wired Equivalent privacy” has been published in the International• Shivendra kaura “ analysis of Magnetron Gun at low heater power for high quality beam” Symposium cum Exposition on Journal of Information Technology & Knowledge Management Vol-IV, Issue-I of December 2010. Vacuum Electron Devices & Application - 2011, Organized by AECE of ECE department,RKGIT, Ghaziabad, in collaboration with VEDA Society & ICEIT & DRDO & CSIR. • Amit Kumar published a paper titled “Job-Shop Scheduling Problem using Genetic Algorithm with two objectives” has been published in 2nd International Conference on “Innovative Practices in Management & Information Technology for Excellence” at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management & Technology, Jagadhri on 8th May, 2010.Information Technology • Amit Kumar published a paper titled “Improving TCP Performance Over Mobile Ad-hoc wireless Network” has been published• Sharbani Bhattacharya published a paper in IEEE BEACON,IEEE (Delhi Section) publication in Jan 2011 on “Steganalysis- in 2nd International Conference on “Innovative Practices in Management & Information Technology for Excellence” at Maharaja Detection of Information Using Colormap”. Agrasen Institute of Management & Technology, Jagadhri on 8th May, 2010.• ”Anubhaw Upadhyay,Prashant Kumar, Ashwani Kumar”, “Performance Measure & Metrics Comparison of DAMA MAC Schemes • Amit Kumar published a paper titled “Job-Shop Scheduling Problem using OMC Oriented Genetic Algorithm” has been published for Satellite Networks ”, Paper Published in “DIT Journal” in 2011. in National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computational Sciences and Engineering (ETCOSE-2010)” at Krishna• “Prashant Kumar,Anubhaw Upadhyay, Ashwani Kumar”, “Abnormal Event Detection in Video”, Paper Published in “DIT Journal” Engineering College, Ghaziabad on 27th & 28th March, 2010 page no. 128 to 135 . in 2011.• Deena Nath Gupta , Lucknesh Kumar, Ashwani Kumar,” Decreasing the message size by applying compression in Elliptic Curve Mechanical Engineering Department Cryptography ”, Paper Published in “DIT Journal” in 2011. • S S Chauhan, S C Bhaduri, “Evaluation of the polycentric above knee prosthesis” Conf. NaCoMM 2011, IIT Madras.• “Anubhaw Upadhyay,Prashant Kumar, Ashwani Kumar”,”BTDAMA-UP MAC Schemes for Satellite Networks ”, Paper Published in • SS Chauhan, “Examination of the root causes of gearbox failure” Manfex2011, National Conf., AMITY University. “National conference on Emerging Trends in IT and Computing Technology (NCETICT-2011) IIMT, Greater Noida”. • S S Chauhan, “Root cause failure analysis of gears, EVME2011, National Conference”• “Anubhaw Upadhyay,Arpit jain, Ashwani Kumar”,” Performance Measure & Metrics Comparison of CFDAMA and BTDAMA MAC • SS Chauhan, S C Bhaduri, “Knee forces consideration during squatting for prosthetic design”, I. journal of Mechanical Schemes for Satellite Networks ”, Paper Published in “National Conference on role IT and management in sustainable Engineering, January-June 2011, Vol 4 ,Issue 1, PP development to be held at IMR College Ghaziabad” in 2011. • “Mild steel corrosion by packaging woods by vapours” emitted in International Conference held in Amity University, Noida by• “Prashant Kumar,Anubhaw Upadhyay, Ashwani Kumar”, “Smart Video Surveillance”, Paper Published in “National conference on Anuj Kumar Gupta in March, 2012 Emerging Trends in IT and Computing Technology (NCETICT-2011) IIMT, Greater Noida”. • “Experimental investigation of mixing of one phase and two phase flow at branch angle” in National Conference held in Kamla• “Prashant Kumar,Achintya Pandey, Ashwani Kumar”, “Automatically Detecting Suspicious Activity in CCTV Surveillance.”, Paper Nehru Institute of Technology , Sultanpur (U.P) by Yogendra Kumar on 7th April, 2012 Published in “National Conference on role IT and management in sustainable development to be held at IMR College • “Symbolic Computation and Simulation of a Spatial Pendulum” Vinay Gupta and Subir K. Saha, NaCoMM 2011, IIT Madras, Nov Ghaziabad”in 2011. 30-Dec 02, 2011. 21-25. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS108 109
  • 57. Research Papers by Faculty How to Submit an Application Admissions thru Entrance Exam Direct Admissions NRI/PIO AdmissionsDepartment of Pharmacy (UPSEE’12)• Enhancement of Transdermal Permeation of Indinavir Sulfate via Ethosome Vesicles. Sheo Datta Maurya*, Ram Chand Dhakar, Shweta Aggarwal, Vijay Kumar Tilak, Krishna Kumar Verma, Sunil Kumar Prajapati. In International Journal of AJPSP 2:1, 33- • Rank wise counseling at MTU. • Candidate can download an enquiry • Request for admission to a specific 47, APRIL 30, 2011. Candidates who has been allotted IEC form from Website or course• Non-invasive Systemic Drug Delivery via Nasal Route: A Review. Ram Chand Dhakar Published in AJPSP 2:1, 114-144, APRIL College can get admission form from can get the same from campus or 30, 2011 Campus of IEC College Corporate office or you can send an • Send transcripts/certificates for• Anti-Microbial Activity of Clerodendrum inerme. Leaves Extracts. Garima, Tanu, Gupta AK, Aggarwal S, Kiroriwal S, Dhakar RC. enquiry by SMS or thru e-mail. validation/evaluation purpose Published in IJCRR, Pg 31-35, 2011. • Application form will be submitted with all relevant documents original • Enquiry form should be filled in all • If Found Eligible Obtain Provisional• Preparation and Evaluation of Floating Tablet of Famotidine Through Solid Dispersion. Maurya SD*,Tilak VK, Dhakar RC,Verma and photocopies with Annual Fees respects along with all relevant admission letter from College KK, Soni U, Gupta AK, Sanwarmal. Published in IJCRR, Pg 21-30, January 2011. documents• Derivative and UV Spectrophotometric Methods For Estimation Of Rosiglitazone Maleate In Bulk And Pharmaceutical • Commencement of Classes • Obtain student visa from Indian High Formulation. Vimal K Goyal, Pandurang N Dhabale, Anita S Kulkarni, Sanwarmal, Ram Chand Dhakar, Sheo Datta Maurya. • Enquiry form will be scrutinized by Commission and appear before the Published in International Journal of Contemporary Research and review (IJCRR), Volu. 2, Issue 1, pg. 17-20, 2011. the admission committee constituted admission committee constituted by• Anti-microbial activity of Nerium oleander Linn stem extracts. Tanu, Garima, AK Gupta, S Kiroriwal, RC Dhakar. Published in by IEC with nominees of University the IEC under supervision of MTU Inter J Curr Trends Sci Tech, 2(4): 235–239 (2011). representatives• A review on factors affecting the design of nasal drug delivery system. Ram Chand Dhakar, Sheo Datta Maurya, Vijay K Tilak, IEC Issues:- Anish K Gupta. International Journal of Drug Delivery 3 (2011) 194-208. • Eligibility Criteria • Send information about arrival• Acute toxicity and diuretic studies of leaves of Clerodendrum inerme. Garima Upmanyu,Tanu M,,Manisha Gupta,,Gupta A K,Aggarwal Sushma, and Ram Chand Dhakar. Journal of Pharmacy Research 2011, 4(5),1431-1432. • Entrance Exam • Reception at Airport• Development and evaluation of mucoadhesive microspheres of pioglitazone maleate. *Ram Chand Dhakar,Sheo Datta Maurya ,Bhanu P S Sagar, Anish K Gupta , Ghanshyam Maurya. Journal of Pharmacy Research 2011,4(2), • % age • Report to International Students• Variables Influencing the Drug Entrapment Efficiency of Microspheres: A Pharmaceutical Review. Ram Chand Dhakar, Sheo Office for Registration to the course Datta Maurya, Bhanu PS Sagar, Sonia Bhagat, Sunil Kumar Prajapati, Chand Prakash Jain. Der Pharmacia Lettre, 2010, 2(5): • Short-listed candidates will be called 102-116. (http://scholarsresearchlibrary. com/archive.html) for interview /counseling. • Caretaker escort to Hostel and International Student Office for FRROMaster of Business Administration • Selected Candidates in each branch/ Registration• S. N. Singh presented research paper on “Women entrepreneurship: the need of time” in Lingya’s University in March, 2012 course will be issued application form• S. N. Singh presented a research paper on “Impact of Global Competitiveness in India” in National Seminar at Lingya,s @ cost of Rs. 1500/- • Application form will be submitted University with all relevant documents original • Application form will be submitted and photocopies with Annual Fees• International research paper on Workforce Diversity published in VSRD Journal by Ms. Rashi Rathore with all relevant documents original• National research paper on Employee Change and Employee diversity published in ORDA of IEC college and GNIT journal by Ms. and photocopies with Annual Fees Rashi Rathore • Commencement of ClassesMaster of Computer Application• Badal Bhushan : Presented a paper in National Seminar on “Protein Structure Prediction using Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine” on June-2011• Barjinder Kaur : A paper published on Research journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences an International journal on September-2011 by Ms. Barjinder Kaur (Department of MCA)• Gunjan Nehru :• Published paper in IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 1, No 2, January 2012 ISSN (Online): 1694-0814 405 Copyright (c) 2012 International Journal of Computer Science Issues. Also attended national and international conferences .• Presented a paper in National Seminar on”Role of ICT in Knowledge Society”4. Anju Mishra : Presented a paper in National Seminar on “Role of ICT in Knowledge Society”IHM1. Mr.Deepak Chhikara presented a paper in MDU Rohtak on ‘Emerging trends in Hospitality & Tourism Industry’.2. Mr.Tom Thomas presented paper in National Seminar at Sundardeep College of Hotel Management on “TRUTH IN MENUS/ PRINCIPAL VS PRACTICES”.3. Dr. Akriti Singh presented research paper on study of technological & quality parameters of Guava products to endorse cottage industries at RBS College Bichpuri Agra.4. Mr.Indranil Chowdhury & Mr.Himanshu Sharma presented a paper in a national seminar held at H R Group of Institution on “Emerging Challenges in Growth of Tourism & Hospitality Industry Via Skilled Manpower”. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS110 111
  • 58. Admission Procedure Extracts of Rules & RegulationsThe detailed admission procedure is given in Application Form for different quotas. Please refer to application form and apply 1. (i) The payment of the fees at the time subject to approval of the Director of the student will be expelled from thefor registration accordingly. Admissions are made strictly in accordance with the merit list of UPSEE or AIEEE. of registration does not in any way College in writing, failing to pay even College without any notice. No fee will confirm the registration. after the extension a fine of 50/- per day be refunded in such cases. (ii) The amount of fees received along will be imposed, till actual date of 17. All disputes will be subject toEligibility with the application form is not payment. jurisdiction of Delhi Courts only.For Eligibility please refer to Application form under different quotas. refundable except mentioned. 7. The student must affix passport size 18. Use of possession of alcohol, or drugs, (iii) The entire amount towards the fees photographs to the Admission Form. by any student of the institute is strictly must be paid before the The College shall be entitled to use such prohibited. Any student; violating thisAdmission through state up state entrance examination (UPSEE) commencement of the academic photographs for publication in any rule, is liable to be summarily expelledUttar Pradesh has conducted State Entrance Examination (UPSEE) for admission to the college through Mahamaya Technical session. journal, book, brochure, newspaper & from the institute as well as hostel andUniversity, Noida. This test shall however, to be restricted to fill up seats for the students of the Uttar Pradesh only. (iv) In case the full fees is not paid by other media. be subjected for action as per law the due date, the amount paid 8. The Director shall have the right to applicable. towards the provisional admission review & revise Rules and Regulations 19. Attendance of the student in all theManagement Quota shall stand forfeited and College of the College from time to time as he classes during the first week of the startAll admissions in different approved quotas shall be made strictly on the basis of merit and satisfying the eligibility criteria at shall not be held responsible. thinks fit. The decision of the Director in of the semester or on reopening afterDelhi office by the Admission Committee. (v) Fees is payable in advance for all all matters shall be final. holidays is compulsory. Any student, not courses. Any amount paid is not 9. Regular and punctual attendance is observing this rule is liable to lose refundable for any reason insisted upon being important factor his/he admission in the institute.Direct Admission (Admission in Second Year) whatsoever. towards sessional assessment. No leave 20. All students must observe discipline inCandidate can take direct admission to 2nd year in B.Tech and B.Pharm provided he/she with domicile of U.P. and have (vi) Fee shall be payable for such or absence is given without application the College and hostels and maintainpassed 3 year Diploma in Engg. except Agriculture Engineering (For B.Tech) and 2 year Diploma in Pharmacy (For B.Pharm) period, for which the student is in writing from the guardian. Students punctuality and regularity in the classes.(with a minimum of 60% marks) recognized by the U.P. Board of Technical Education or equivalent. absent/on leave from the institute. who have been absent from class must 21. College reserves the right to detain (vii) The name of the student shall be have die reason for their absence briefly student from Exams or take any other liable to be struck off the rolls due noted in regularity record. Reasons of a action as considered necessary, for nonFee Structure to non-payment of fee on the due private nature if any is to be intimated payment of fee dues or StudentsAs per the decision taken by the State Government and Mahamaya Technical University, Lucknow. date. He/She shall have to pay fresh by a letter. Birthdays, excursions, urgent attendance are short to the requirement admission fee for seeking business are not sufficient reasons. of the university. readmission. 10. Students remaining continuously absent 22. The parents/guardians of all theFee Waiver (viii) Fee shall be payable for the full for more than a month without students are advised to visit theirFee Wavier of Tuition fee for women, economically backward and physically handicapped meritorious students also offered by session, even if the student leaves permission is liable to be excluded from sons/daughters/wards as well as theirIEC Group of in undergraduate courses only. This fee waiver however subject to the approval of the approving authorizing the institute prior to the expiry of the rolls and re-admission may be local guardians to obtain first hand the Session. refused. knowledge about their progress,like AICTE, MTU, Noida, State Govt. (ix) The Fee for tuition and hostel is 11. Those who have been absent must show activities, attendance and company and paid for full academic year ending the Lecturers their regularity record to ensure that their sons/daughter/wardsNote: 30th June, every year. duly countersigned by the Director are utilizing their time and money• All the fee once deposited will not be refundable under any circumstances. The security money will be refunded only (x) Application fee is non adjustable before entering the classroom. properly and non refundable. 12. No student is allowed to leave the 23. Students are advised to keep the after completion of the course. 2. Student is not allowed to change the College premises except on the strength original receipt of fee deposited for final• College do not accept any donation or capitalization fee. Beware of touts & agents. course. of a letter of request from his/her clearance at the end of the course. 3. Student will observe strict discipline and guardian and sanctioned by the Director. 24. All courses are conducted in accordanceDocument Required for Admission decorum at the institute and in case of 13. Any damage to College property should to Rules and Regulations, Syllabus, any indiscipline or misconduct, student be made good by the students Curriculum of the University from time• Application Form will be liable to be expelled from the concerned. to time.• Migration Certificate institute without any notice. No fees will 14. Students are responsible and 25. Adjustment of Fees on any ground• Character Certificate be refundable in such case. At the answerable to the College authorities for whatsoever is not allowed.• *3 Xerox Copies of Passport discretion of the Director such case may their conduct in and out of the College. 26. Caution Deposit of any nature will be be penalized by appropriate fine. Students are to address the Lectures refunded. Student on completion of the• *3 Xerox Copies of Visa 4. The College shall have right to change and all members of the staff with due course should get clearance of all dues• Date of Birth Certificate the time schedule of the course at any respect and politeness. On their way to from the administration. Caution• 12th Class Marksheet time. and from the College, they are expected Deposit wilt be refunded against the• Marksheet of Qualifying Examination 5. The College will provide job assistance to behave in a courteous manner. production of original receipt only. to the students on successful completion 15. Students must return after the holidays Students must ensure that all cards• School Leaving Certificate of the course but does not stand on the opening day and be present on (identity Card, Hostel Card, Bus Card• *Letter from the Embassy of High Commissioner / First Secretary issuing certificate for good moral character guarantee for job. the closing day of each term. In case of etc.) are deposited with the College at• *Equivalency certificate from Association of Indian University sickness the College authorities must be the time of getting the final clearance• English Language Proficiency Certificate 6. Normally no extension in terms of fees notified. from the College. would be allowed within the prescribed 16. The student will observe strict discipline 27. All Fees should be deposited by separate• 10 Passport size photographs time limit; in special circumstances the and decorum in the College and in case Demand Drafts for Tuition Fee, Hostel extension to deposit the fees is allowed of any indiscipline- or misconduct, the Fees, Examination Fee. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS112 113
  • 59. Students Code of ConductDisciplineDiscipline is a habit at IECNo one in the Institute is above discipline, be it the student orthe staff. Within the campus and outside, students are required tomaintain the strict code of conduct. Any type of indiscipline ormisconduct may result in expulsion of a student.Ragging is Strictly Prohibited"If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority,the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if hisexplanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expelhim from the institution."Ragging is totally prohibited either physically or mentally in IEC.So-called introduction by individual and by group is banned. Onlyin presence of faculty or in Fresher Party simple introduction isallowed. The defaulter will be suspended with pending enquiryand will be expelled from the Institute. FIR will be lodged with Lets make a Ragging Free India! Frequently AskedPolice. Imprisonment up to two years with or without fine may beawarded by the court as per the U.P. State Govt. Bill.The Institute has appointed Anti Ragging Squad consisting ofsenior professors and faculty on duty during day and night to Towards a Solution to Ragging A three-forked approach • Acceptance of ragging as a social evil by the masses. (Through awareness) Questions (FAQs)ensure that no ragging incident happens in the college premises • Deployment of alternate means of interaction betweenas well as in the hostel. freshers and seniors at colleges. • Strict measures by colleges including surprise checks andAttendance severe punishment to culprits.It is desirable that students attend all the classes to excel inacademics. However, as per MTU ordinance 75% of attendance in Punishment for Raggingall subjects is the minimum requirement to appear in the end • A student found guilty of ragging under the provision ofsemester examination, failing which the student shall have to Regulations on Maintenance of Students’ Discipline of IEC isrepeat the semester. punishable by suspension/rustication from College.Note: • Under the provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition ofPlease collect Student Handbook regarding detailed rules & Ragging Act, 1997 ragging is a criminal offence andregulations from the registrars office. Please go through the punishable by a fine of Rs. 10000/-and imprisonment upto 2handbook in detail as the information there is extremely months.important for you. • Students found to be indulging in ragging will be expelled from the College for a period not less than one academic session; moreover, the college authority will put out advertisements in local newspapers making the announcement public. The advertisement shall also carry name of the father as well as the permanent address of the student expelled and punished for indulging in ragging. • Epilogue: The aim of this document is to disseminate the idea of prevention of ragging through educational campaign. We sincerely hope that the provisions highlighted here will restrain any misadventure from any part of the senior students. Pledge of Students • All students of College of Science & Engineering are to sign an undertaking stating that they will fight for a Ragging-free IEC. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS114 115
  • 60. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Q.1 Who are the promoters behind IEC Group of Institutions? 16 M Pharma PG-(Pharmacognosy) 18 1. Computer Science Q.16 What is the placement of students? Vocational Education Foundation, which established the 2. Electrical Engineering 17 M Pharma PG-(Pharmacology) 18 The Global Placement Cell of IEC operates relentlessly for IEC college of Engineering & Technology, was founded in 3. Mechanical Engineering 1989 and has come a long way striving hard to establish a 18 M Pharma PG-(Pharmaceutics) 18 the Placement of students in Transactional Companies. 4. Electronics and communication programme way of life that contributes to the development of the 19 M Pharma PG-(Pharmaceutics) 2nd Shift 18 We are providing assistance for placement through Nation and its people through quality education. 20 M Pharma PG-(Pharmacology) 2nd Shift 18 Q.11 What is the admission procedure? Internet. IEC Students have made a mark in various Vocational Education Foundation was promoted by IEC prestigious organizations like: Siemens Ltd., HCL Infosys, Post Graduate Programmes 95% of the seats are filled up through State Entrance Softwares Ltd., an ISO-9001 company, which takes a place Phillips India Ltd., Bharti Telecom, Motorola, Ranbaxy 21 MCA 180 Examination UPSEE 2012 and remaining 5% seats are of pride amongst the top corporates in the country. The Laboratories Ltd. reserved for NRI. promoters included Mr. R. L. Gupta, President and Mr. 22 MBA 120 Q.17 Whether College offers any scholarships? Naveen Gupta, Secretary. 23 MBA 2nd Shift 60 Q.12 What is the minimum age, qualification and eligibility for Yes, College offers special scholarship schemes forQ.2 In which year the College was established? 24 PGDM 60 admission through UPSEE counseling? meritorious students. The college management award The College was established in the year 1999 and upholds 25 M Tech (PG-ME) 36 State Government conducts entrance examination-UPSEE scholarships to students ranging from Rs.3,000 to one of the finest examples of creative excellence in the 26 M Tech (PG-CS) 36 2012, the details regarding eligibility, Examination and Rs.10,000. For details refer to brochures and website. field of higher education. As a part of its major thrust the counseling schedule can be downloaded from U.P. 27 M Tech (PG-EPS) 36 Q.18 What are the College timings? institute places paramount importance on Quality based Technical University. 28 M Tech (PG-ME) 2nd Shift 18 First Shift : 9:30am to 4:30pm education. Q.13 Where is the College situated? 29 M Tech (PG-EC) 2nd Shift 18 Second Shift : 11:30am to 7:30pmQ.3 What are the courses offered by IEC Group of The Campus is situated in the attractive environs of Total No of Seats 2214 Q.19 From where can I get rules and regulations & ordinances Institutions? Greater Noida adjacent to the Capital of India, which is or UPTU? The College is approved by AICTE and affiliated to Maha approx. 35 km from Delhi. With attractive (a golf course Q.4 What are the minimum qualifying percentage required One can visit U.P. Technical University website: Maya Technical University Noida, offers the following has already become the talk of the town), planned for admission? courses. development (fiber optic phone lines and privatization of Minimum qualifying percentage required for the courses power distribution on the cards), wide roads, abundant Q.20 When I am supposed to report at College for my classes are as follows:- civic amenities and green parks, the city beckons India’s and whom should I contact? IEC Group of Institutions, Student Intake S. No. Name of the Course Percentage required future. The 6-lane Express Highway is already operational Every student who has taken admission in IEC-GI whether Under-graduate Courses and the city is only 35 km. drive from Delhi just 10 km Programmes Intake 1 B. Tech. 60%(PCM/PBM/P Com.Sc.) Rank through UPSEE or through management quota are advised S. No. (UPSEE/AIEEE) from Noida, 25km. from Ghaziabad and 35 km from 2 B. Pharma 60%(PCB) to collect and refer to the academic calendar of the Under Graduate B. Tech. - 3 Hotel Management 50% Faridabad, the College lies in the institutional area. institute and report to registrar office for further details. Post-graduate Courses 1 B Tech (CS) 180 1 MBA 60% Aggregate Q.14 What is the mode of transport for the students of the In case of any clarification information please call at 2 MCA 60% Aggregate Rank (UPSEE/CAT College? 95120-2326537/95120-2326665 or can e-mail at 2 B Tech (EC) 180 3 PGDM 60% Aggregate /MAT/JAT/etc.) 4 M.Pharma 60% Aggregate 3 B Tech (EE) 180 Greater Noida is well connected through road network and 5 M.Tech. 60% Aggregate also railway. The nearest railway station to IEC-CET is Q.21 How long is the Academic Year? 4 B Tech (ME) 180 Dadri, Ghaziabad and New Delhi. The college provides B.Tech : 4 years 5 B Tech (IT) 120 Q.5 What is the cost of the Prospectus with Application Form? transport facility to students against cost. It is also seen in MCA : 3 years 6 B Tech (Civil) 120 Rs. 1500/- past that students pool in for transport sharing in private MBA : 2 years 7 B Tech (EI) 60 Q.6 Name of the Director? car or taxies for commuting to campus. Chartered buses M.Tech. : 2 years are plying from in and around the Campus. PGDM : 2 years 8 B Tech (Automobile) 60 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Sagar Q.15 What are the facilities available in the College? B.Pharma : 4 years 9 B Tech (CS) 2nd Shift 60 BHMCT : 4 years Q.8 Faculties in your college are M. Tech / Ph.D. Holder? 10 B Tech (EC) 2nd Shift 60 The college houses one of the finest and most B.Arch : 5 years Yes sophisticated infrastructures in the segment of 11 B Tech (ME) 2nd Shift 60 Q.22 What kind of Hostel Accommodation College provides? Q.10 Whether the college is accredited by any body in India or Engineering Institutions to be ever established in the 12 B Tech (Civil) 2nd Shift 60 country. It includes lecture rooms, tutorial rooms, amphi- abroad? The Institute is having in campus hostel for 300 girls Under Graduate Hotel Management - theatre well equipped laboratories, workshop, open air students and Campus hostel facility for 350 boys students. Yes, out of the above mentioned courses four programmes 13 BHMCT 60 theatre, cafeteria, hostel & mess facility and Hostel for international students are separate from Indian are accredited by National Board of Accreditation under transportation system. The institute has recently students details of hostels can be taken from the registrar Under Graduate - Pharmacy the Ministry of HRD Government of India. The college has introduced a Book Bank Scheme for the convenience of the office. Hostel charges are up to 30th June every year. Any 14 B Pharma 120 applied for accreditation of few more programmes this students. Under this scheme the students would be breakage or damage done in the hostel premises is year at under graduate level and also at post graduate 15 B Pharma 2nd Shift 60 required to deposit a nominal amount with the College recoverable / deductible from the hostel security. Air level. Four programmes which are accredited are as and they would be able to get books on each subject in conditioners, ironing water consume laundry are follows:- every semester. For more details pleaser refer to our chargeable on extra basis. website: IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS116 117
  • 61. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Any consumption of alcohol drugs are prohibited in Q.28 What is the punishment for ragging? iii)Mechanical Engineering: The course is designed for Pharmacy deals with manufacturing of drugs, the laws campus. Any student found in such activities will be dealt those who have a tremendous interest in machines and involved in it, its effects, side effects. Any student who has been ragged or if you see anybody and punished. Any ragging is not allowed in the campus manufacturing. The sheer range of mechanical products ragging any student should report to Director of the According to government statistics, the pharmacy industry and also in the hostel premises. from toys to automobiles available today is incredibly vast. college who on complaint takes punitive actions and if today consists of Rs. 25,000/- manufacturing units, one- Hostel addresses are:- Consequently, the demand for Mechanical Engineers has needed students involved in ragging may be rusticated in fifth of which are involved in making drugs. Pharmacy can S. No. Address experienced a corresponding growth. addition to filing an FIR. be branched into various categories like pharma 1 IEC Girls’ Hostel Campus iv) Information Technology: The course is designed for chemistry, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, and pharma Q.29 What steps you take to stop ragging in your College and Plot No.-4 Institutional area, those who have a passion for information Technology and marketing, quality assurance etc. Hostel? Surajpur Kasna Road, believe in its immense potential. It is especially for those Knowledge Park, x) Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering i) Students fill Undertaking / Affidavit regarding not who believe that technology is the key to a better future Greater Noida Technology: Students usually look at a course in Hotel involved in Ragging for mankind. The course covers new and emerging 2 IEC boys’ hostel Management as a means of entry to the five star work ii) Students found guilty are fined Rs. 25,000. technologies as the course curriculum is continuously Plot No. 11, environments only. There are alternative options they K.P. -3, Greater Noida(U.P.) iii)A team of faculties are deputed to stop ragging during upgraded. have after training. day/night inside the college premises /hostel. v) Electrical Engineering: This course is designed for those • Restaurant Management Hostel charges include boarding and lodging. who are fascinated by large scale and small scale electrical • Cruise ship Hotel Management Q.30 Whether I can change my branch from one subject toQ.23 Whether Hostel Accommodation is compulsory or circuits. Whether it is a comprehensive understanding of • Institutional and Industrial Management another? guaranteed? a large scale power project or the small scale electrical • Club Management The curriculum is open to branch change option after First circuit of the tiniest appliance, this course covers it all. In • Airline catering and Cabin services No, Hostel Accommodation is not compulsory. Hostel Year( Sem. 1+Sem. 2) Examination performance a world where new electrical appliances are entering • Catering departments in Banks and Insurance houses accommodation is available for both boys and girls on availability of seats in the branch in question and in markets frequently, the graduates of this course have first come first serve basis. The students are required to Handsome salary is paid in the industry and senior conformity with the U.P. Govt. order. several opening to choose from. deposit the hostel fee for the full academic year ending on management in private hotel chains may be paid like other 30th June (decided by the administration from time to Q.31 Whether fees is refundable or adjustable? vi)Automobile Engineering: This course is designed for corporate management. time) at the time of admission. All students are advised to those who are fascinated in Automobile sector. This The candidates can apply for refund and cancellation of xi) Masters of Computer Application: This course is apply early to avoid disappointment. For more details division will offer exposure to the front end technologies their application with in 10 days of application made to designed for those who believe that computers are the key please refer to Information Brochure. in the field of Automobile Engineering. institute. Applications for cancellation received by hand to improve products and services in all industries and with in prescribed time period will only be entertained vii)Electronics & Instrumentation: This program combinesQ.24 What are the charges for Single/Double/Triple seater fields. It is also for those who want to pursue excellent and no application received by way of Mail/ Courier/ academic skills necessary to carve out a path in the field Hostel? professional opportunities in advanced nations across the Registered Post/ Speed Post will be accepted. Candidates of measurement, electronics and understanding of globe. With the regular emergence of new technologies, a) Single Seater : Rs. 80,000+5,000 complex processes. The highlight of this program is the seeking cancellation will be return their original the fields ensures a promising & exciting growth for the b) Single Seater AC : Rs. 90,000+5,000 dual-purpose approach of learning key concepts and documents along with Demand draft. students. c) Double Seater : Rs. 77,000+5,000 engaging in practical experience. The students are trained d) Triple Seater : Rs. 71,000+5,000 Q.32 What are my job prospects after doing courses from IEC to plan, design, install, operate, service and maintain xii) Masters of Business Administration: Most degrees are Group of Institutions? complex instruments and at the same time making sure obtained with the purpose of advancing your careerQ.25 What is the past results of College? i) Electronics & Communication Engineering: The course high quality are maintained. prospects and job opportunities. The same is the case Master of Computer Application (3 years) : 100% with an MBA degree; the only difference being that an is specially designed for those who follow trends in the viii)Civil Engineering: This course is especially designed B.Tech- Engineering Course (4 years) : 89% MBA degree is considered as the most valuable post fields of Electronics and Communication with great for those who have a tremendous interest in planning, M. Tech : 90% graduate degree in the world and has exciting career interest. The transmission and management of data is no development. design. construction and maintenance of all MBA : 100% opportunities. People take the MBA program in order to longer a tough task it used to be a few year ago. In terms the physical infrastructure required for sustainability ofQ.26 What are the telephone numbers of the University and of an in-depth knowledge of Electronics & Communication further their careers in their current jobs or to get a better the society. The programme is focused on three main more details about MTU? earlier the world only had a fraction of knowledge that it job on the basis of their MBA degree. themes: building, water and transport i.e the main has today. Therefore, the rate of growth and the degree of components of the infrastructure. The Civil Engineering An MBA degree opens following career opportunities Mahamaya Technical University, C-22, Sector 62, Noida- use it has today, underlined its need for thousands of programme aims to train and educate engineers who are 201301. Marketing: People who are in charge of marketing the professionals. able to solve complex problems in a creative way working Tel: 91-0120-2400416 goods or services of any organization need to be able to ii) Computer Science Engineering: The course is designed with hand in hand with clients, architects. Govt. officials,Q.27 Whether ragging is frequent? create effective marketing strategies and convey their for the students whose interests lie in exploring and contractors etc. message to people efficiently. An MBA program equips its No, the College administration is very strict with regard to enhancing the application of Computer Science in the ix)Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma): If there is one students with theoretical knowledge as well as practical ragging and culprits will be punished if found guilty. world of Engineering.It is comprehensive in its coverage, profession, one career that has virtually nothing to do with marketing skills, which can help in getting jobs in the Ragging is legally banned as per the order of the Hon’ble ensuring that students are prepared exceedingly well to the trapeze artistry of the software industry, it’s marketing field. With the MBA degree , you can look to Supreme Court. It is an unsocial and inhuman act. adapt and to apply their knowledge in, a modern day pharmacy. There’s this really ludicrous belief that those become no less than a product manager responsible for professional environment which is demanding, There is an anti ragging committee following are the people who fail to make it as doctors get into pharmacy. A marketing. challenging and global in character. members of the anti ragging committee. field of opportunity, challenge and immense potential. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS Pharmacy is a 100 year old industry. IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS118 119
  • 62. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Finance: Those in the field of finance need to be quick engineering that basically deals with the application of xviii)M.Pharma-Pharmacology: The department has • Motorola, thinkers, have high energy levels to stay abreast of the electronics in the field of communication. It focuses on started M.Pharm (Pharmacology) from 2011.It is a well- • ST Microelectronics, financial markets, and most importantly, need to have transmission of information across various types of equipped department, with adequate infrastructure for • Schenck Avery etc. patience to deal with clients and explain things to them. channels. This field of engineering emerged as a bi- undergraduate and post-graduate. The post-graduates Q.35 Is there book bank facility? The financial courses in an MBA program are a great way product of electrical engineering and was identified as an leaving the college after completing their program find to determine if you have what it takes to be a success in occupation. It is also one of the most sought after courses immediate placement in industry or academics, some even Yes, college has Book Bank facility on request. finance. If so, then there are a host of top jobs that you in today’s engineering scenario. The job opportunities securing admission for advanced studies in US and other Q.36 Is there Digital Library Facility? can get in this field. which emerge for students who earn this degree are advanced countries. The thrust research areasof the literally immense and huge. department are: cancer, metabolic disorders, Yes, the College has Digital Library facility and has Government Jobs: People often live with the subscribed various E-journals like DNET pharmacology oftissue repair and inflammation and misconception that an MBA degree is only good for Job Opportunities radioprotection. Q.37 Is there any advanced project lab? business because of its very name. But it can be very • R&D useful for a career in a government agency. Such jobs • Academia Q.33 What is Accreditation? Yes, the Institute has advanced Project Lab. usually require you to be a big thinker and to be a team • Industry Q.38 Does the Institute provides assistance for industrial National Board of Accreditation (NBA) was constituted by player. All this and more is learned in an MBA program. Training? xv) M.Tech: Mechanical Engineering: M.Tech course the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), as Government agencies have since long had a reputation of provides opportunities to learn additional/ specialized an Autonomous Body, under Section 10(u) of the AICTE Yes, the Institute has full fledged Placement cell which giving reactive responses that do not much translate into aspects in mechanical design by studying additional core Act, 1987:- takes care of students training and placement. action. To change this image, government agencies are subjects such as failure analysis and finite element increasingly on the lookout for the people who are doers “To periodically conduct evaluation of technical Q.39 Is there an Alumni Association? analysis and a basket of electives such as design synthesis, and not merely talkers. Thus, someone with an MBA institutions or programmes on the basis of guidelines, design of transmission elements, gear design, CAD/CAM Yes, Institute has an active Alumni Association. The degree could have many career prospects in a government norms and standards specified by it and to make for product design, mechatronics, product reliability, Alumni are in constant touch with the placement cell job. recommendations to it, AICTE or to the Council, or to the transmission mechanisms and manipulators, optimization keeping informed about the recruitment status of the Commission or to the other bodies, regarding recognition PGDM: This course aims at instilling in young managers methods, rotor dynamics, random vibration, modal company, which they are working for. Support is always or de-recognition of the institution or programme. The skills and capabilities indispensable in today’s changing analysis of mechanical systems. received in terms of donation of books and helping the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) aims to bring global environment by nurturing in students: junior students in getting their internship and project. Job Opportunities standards of some of the programmes offered in technical • Interpersonal and communication competencies • Electrical Engineers institute on par with programmes offered in institutions Objectives • Commitment to ethical and legal business practices. • Defence Sector offered across USA and Europe, by introducing a quality • Leadership and team building practices. The objectives of the Association are: • Heavy Electricals auditing system and establishing data measuring the • Capabilities to anticipate and manage change through 1. To provide a forum for the Alumni of the institute. • Automobile Industry quality and excellence in engineering education. The NBA practical business exposure. 2. To enable the institute alumni to keep in touch with the • Medical Sector will periodically conduct evaluation of technical • Ability to take decisions under dynamic and uncertain institute and with each other. • Consumer Electronics institutions and programs on the basis of guidelines, situations. 3. To promote and foster espirit-de-corps amongst the past and • Space Technology norms and standards. The accreditation exercise is present students and the teachers of the institute. xiii)M.Tech-Electrical Power Systems: The employment designed to be rigorous with several inputs such as quality xvi) M.Pharma-Pharmaceutics: Pharmaceutics is one of 4. To contribute towards furtherance of Engineering and and career prospect for the power system engineering post of teaching, level of research, faculty expertise, evaluation the disciplines in the pharmacy, which deals with Technology, Management, Pharmacy relating to the graduates are excellent as they are in high demand in all of teachers ,standard of infrastructure available in the formulation of a pure drug substance into dosage forms academic activities at the college. major industries. They will have opening as Energy campus, such as hostel facility, library, medical facility etc. Manager in industries like paper cement, steel, sugar and xvii)M.Pharma-Pharmacognosy: At the beginning of the These are taken into consideration in order to help the Benefits for Alumni textile. They can also start their own energy consultancy 21st century, teaching of Pharmacognosy in academic visiting accreditation team of experts to have holistic 1. To return to their alma mater and enjoy reunion with old firm dealing with energy management studies, analysis institutions gained new relevance, as a result of the approach and arrive at a rational evaluation. friends and also indulge in fun and frolic. application and control in different energy activity sectors. explosive growth in the use of herbal remedies in modern 2. Members can also attend college functions and events, and Q.34 Is there any separate Training and Placement Cell? pharmacy practices. Pharmacognosy research areas are participate in special events.Job Opportunities: continually expanding. Today it includes aspects of cell Yes, there is a separate training and placement cell. Widening of the horizon (Professional, Social and Cultural). • Electrical Engineers and molecular biology in relation to natural products, Training and placement cell is committed to the overall Q.40 What is the fee structure of the college? • Defence Sector ethnobotany and phytotherapy, in addition to the more development of the students’ personality through Group • Heavy Electricals traditional analytical method development and discussion. Mock interviews, Quizzes, Paper presentation. Name of the Course Tuition Fees p.a. • Automobile Industry phytochemistry. Young pharmacy graduates who are The institute is associated with many prestigious B.Tech 117300 • Medical Sector interested in entering a research career in pharmacognosy industries some of them are:- MBA 94950 or natural product work should aim to have a broad • LG Electronics, MCA 90050 • Consumer Electronics B.Pharma 85000 • Space Technology background and should gain an understanding of new • Moserbaer, M. Pharma 120000 • Power Sector developments that come to the fore, such as combinatorial • IIHT Ltd., BHMCT 90650 biosynthesis, genomics and proteomics. • UTL Technologies, M.Tech 85350 xiv)M.Tech- Electronics & Communications: Electronics PGDM 135000 and Communications Engineering is a branch of IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS120 121
  • 63. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) NOTES For different programmes pay order to be prepared in different names as per following information B. Tech., M. Tech. MCA, MBA B. Pharma –in favor of IEC College of Engineering and Technology Payable at New Delhi, (Hostel fee and examination fee is included). PGDBM: in favor of IEC Business School BHMCT: in favor of IEC Institute of Hotel Management Students are advised to go through the information brochure carefully and also the website "" for further queriesQ.41 Do you provide mediclaim facility for the students? Every student is supposed to get insurance done. However, college will get our students covered under medical claim up to Rs. 50,000.There is no charges for the same by the student.Q.42 Does the College provide uniforms to the students? The College provides uniform to our students.Q.43 Do you provide for education loans? Students seeking education loans may collect the certificate of bonafide from the registrar office against a formal letter of request in writing.Q.44 What is the provision for scholarship? Reserved category students seeking scholarship from the Government for their studies should comply with all formalities of Samaj Kalyan Vibagh along with all the papers to registrar office. Students not complying with this are required to deposit the college fee in lump sumQ.45 What about fee concession? Students can avail fee concession after writing a formal request letter to the College and can take it from the registrar office.Q.46 Does the college provide for internet facility? Campus internet facility - College is varying campus having a back bone of fiber Ethernet and recently college has upgraded the internet facility to 8 mbps for faster connectivity.Note: • Telephone- no telephone is allowed inside the campus • No smoking and alcohol is allowed inside the campus IEC GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS122
  • 64. NOTES