How to vote on american idol


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How to vote on american idol

  1. 1. How to vote on American Idol { By Uberstar The BookHow to vote on American Idol
  2. 2. How does one vote for thenext American Idol? There are few ways to vote for their favorite contestants and it all begins after the judges have helped to narrow the contestants down to the top performers. Find out which way is your favorite voting method?How to vote on American Idol
  3. 3. Vote by Phone At the end of each show viewers have the option to vote by phone. A basic phone number is given to each contestant with the last two digits unique to each performer. For example 1-866-IDOLS-01 would be the first contestant on the show that night while 1-866-IDOLS-02 would be the following performer. How to vote on American Idol
  4. 4. Vote by Phone To guarantee you vote for the contestant you like most, be sure to write down the number given after their performance. At the end of the show, a short recap of each performance is shown with the number to call to vote for that specific contestant How to vote on American Idol
  5. 5. Vote Online Viewers can cast their votes online at This voting option also allows viewers to visit the websites ‘Contestants page or watch recaps of performances from previous shows to help the viewer vote for the contestant they really want to win. How to vote on American Idol
  6. 6. Text Messaging Just as the phone numbers are given after each performance, a text number is also given for each contestant. However, viewers must be with AT&T in order to vote by text. To vote by text, type the word "vote" in the message area and send it to the four digit number given for each contestant. How to vote on American Idol
  7. 7. Remember! Unlimited Voting Viewers can vote multiple times within the voting period. As soon as the voting period ends after each show, no more votes are counted. A viewer may vote online during their time zone as votes are recorded by area code. How to vote on American Idol
  8. 8. Help Your Idol to win! Unlimited voting allows you to vote for your favorite multiple times or to vote for your top three. Viewers are also able to vote using all available methods. The best way to ensure your votes count is to watch the show, write down the numbers for the contestants you will be voting for, and be sure to vote within the voting period.. How to vote on American Idol
  9. 9. Every single vote counts!! Voting for the "idol" that you want to win the competition is essential, every single vote counts, and if you would like to participate when the voting period is occurring listen carefully what the show says when the time is right and just go and vote for your favorite idol or idols! How to vote on American Idol
  10. 10. The EndHow to vote on American Idol