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Qikiqtaaluk compassionate society
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Qikiqtaaluk compassionate society


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Distribution list amounts x 3 examples. Mission Statement Bringing Healing Vision Community structures and Preamble supports History and Growth of the QCS Summary Communities in our Now its up to you “catchment” Why the QCS Sales figures for Iqaluit Where the money goes Economic breakdown (with communities) for various
  • 2. The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, The Honourable Keith Peterson P.C., M.P. MLA for Cambridge Bay Health Canada P.O. Box 2450, Brooke Claxton Building, Tunney's Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0 Pasture Postal Locator: 0906C The Honourable Hunter Tootoo Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9 MLA for Iqaluit Centre P.O. Box 2440, The Honourable Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0 Ann Meekitjuk Hanson Commissioner of Nunavut The Honourable Peter Taptuna Office of the Commissioner MLA for Kugluktuk Box 2379 C/O Betty Ann Kadlu Iqaluit, Nunavut X0A 0H0 P.O. Box 39, Kugluktuk, NU X0B 0E0 The Honourable Eva Aariak The Honourable Tagak Curley MLA for Iqaluit East MLA for Rankin Inlet North P.O. Box 1150 P.O. Box 874, Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0 Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0 The Honourable Louis Tapardjuk The Honourable Lorne Kusugak MLA for Amittuq MLA for Rankin Inlet South – Whale Igloolik, NU X0A 0L0 Cove The Honourable Daniel Shewchuk Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0 MLA for Arviat The Honourable James Arreak Arviat, NU X0C 0E0 MLA for Uqqummiut General Delivery, Clyde River, NU X0A 0E0
  • 3. John Ningark Enuk Pauloosie MLA for Akulliq MLA for Nattilik General Delivery, P.O. Box 8, Kugaaruk, NU X0B 1K0 Gjoa Haven, NU X0B 1J0 Moses Aupaluktuq Adamee Komoartok MLA for Baker Lake MLA for Pangnirtung Baker Lake, NU X0C 0A0 P.O. Box 36, Pangnirtung, NU X0A 0R0 Allan Rumbolt MLA for Hudson Bay Ron Elliott P.O. Box 228, MLA for Quttiktuq Sanikiluaq, NU X0A 0W0 P.O. Box 24, Arctic Bay, NU X0A 0A0 Paul Okalik MLA for Iqaluit West Fred Schell P.O. Box 2529, MLA for South Baffin Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0 P.O. Box 156, Cape Dorset, NU X0A 0C0 Johnny Ningeongan MLA for Nanulik James Arvaluk General Delivery, MLA for Tununiq Coral Harbour, NU X0C 0C0 P.O. Box 30 Pond Inlet, NU X0A 0S0
  • 4. Baffin Region Abraham Kublu Kivalliq Region Mayor of Pond Inlet Niore Iqalukjuak Bob Leonard Mayor of Arctic Bay Hanna Audlakiak Mayor of Arviat Mayor of Qikiqtarjuaq Cary Merritt David Aksawnee Mayor of Cape Dorset Ludy Pudluk Mayor of Baker Lake Mayor of Resolute Bay Apiusie Apak Harry Tootoo Mayor of Clyde River Joe Aragutina Mayor of Chesterfield Inlet Mayor of Sanikiluaq Meeka Kigutak Dorothy Ningeocheak Mayor of Grise Fiord Kitikmeot Region Mayor of Coral Harbour Ammie Kipsigak Syd Glawson John Hickes Mayor of Hall Beach Mayor of Cambridge Bay Mayor of Rankin Inlet Lucassie Ivalu Joanni Sallerina Donat Milortok Mayor of Igloolik Mayor of Gjoa Haven Mayor of Repulse Bay Elisapee Shiutiapik Makabe Nartok Percy Kabloona Mayor of Iqaluit Mayor of Kugaaruk Mayor of Whale Cove Jamesie Kootoo Ernie Bernhardt Mayor of Kimmirut Mayor of Kugluktuk Sakiasie Sowdlooapik Charlie Lyall Mayor of Pangnirtung Mayor of Taloyoak
  • 5. Our mission is to provide high quality Medicinal cannabis and cannabis extract products to the residents of Nunavut for medical and scientific purposes at an affordable cost.
  • 6. To create an acceptance, within Nunavut, of cannabis and cannabis extracts as a legitimate alternative option for treating illness and dis-ease of all kinds and for all people. To develop a domestic source of supply and full service facility within Nunavut to meet our need and to accumulate data collection for medical and scientific reasons and purposes. To contribute economically to the Nunavut Territory and the communities within its borders through our services and compassionate outreach program.
  • 7. The following text and charts are meant to inform , educate and stimulate action on behalf of the people of Nunavut . The topic is controversial at best and yet one of relevant importance here in the North . We , the authors , believe that the following program can be adopted as a “Harm Reduction Strategy ” made in and for the people of Nunavut. The statistics of abuse are staggering in the North and we need to have the courage necessary to create solutions that address present and future needs and the desire of the People based on the Realities of the North!
  • 8. We have an opportunity to create a sustainable health , economic and social education/development program that would be unique to the world and a means of achieving a level of self- sustainability for our communities and for the Territory as a whole. We believe in the need to find creative new ways to combat the severe issues of abuse in the North . We believe a problem cannot be solved with the same mind that created it ! Different methods are needed to achieve the desired result of healthy people and communities. We believe that can begin with a level of empowerment that envelopes the person , the community and the Territory . Everyone wins.
  • 9. The reality is that a significant number of adults in the Territory , both Inuit and non Beneficiary use regularly or have used Marijuana recreationally or as a form of self medication for any variety of disease and disorders in great quantity for many years Many Inuit Elders using this herb to ease aches and pains have already identified themselves to the Society . Including some from other more Northern communities who have already sought out and used this service while in Iqaluit or through family liaison support. Most have been using it for many year’s. All have blessed this new ideal of providing this herb as Medicine at a reduced cost and where appropriate , for free. (palliative care)
  • 10. Another reality is the high cost and uncertain origin of this herb have added significantly to higher stress levels , increased crime against Elders , property thefts and other forms of increased substance abuse . All negatively affecting our communities social and economic health and well being! Most of the enormous profits have left the communities and the Territory while the problems have stayed here Finally -The reality that we –the people – can turn this around!! We can start here and now by opening our minds to allow for change. The benefits are obvious and many ! They cannot be ignored !
  • 11. We can REDUCE HARM SIGNIFICANTLY at a health , economic and social level . By recognizing the unique distinction we have as Northerners and acting bravely , with the needs , desires and REALITYIES of the People of Nunavut in mind. We can significantly increase health care quality and services with direct application of an access program for cannabis as well as financial partnership for chronic and palliative supports. ie; air travel & ground support , accommodation , in – home devices etc. We cannot wait for Ottawa to act in our best interest! We need to act together now as People of this Land and adopt our own methods to combat the abuses we are so plagued by.
  • 12. April 2009 – opened CIBC account for COU Best Plant Believers Mission.(est. 2006) May 2009 – applied for Iqaluit city business license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary . Application denied.(federal jurisdiction) Opened Medical Marijuana dispensary as Church of the Universe ,Best Plant Believers Mission of Nunavut on June 1st 2009 with 1 employee and 0 members . Began documenting and registering medically qualified applicants.(proof of diagnosis required) Issued first “member “cards” for obtaining marijuana as medicine. Developed first “control” mechanisms to stem program abuse and be accountable.
  • 13. First raid by RCMP Aug.14th 2009.Dispensary closed! 78 registered/validated members and up to 150 more interested affected at time of raid! Re-opened at new location 3rd week of Sept 2009.began re- registration of old and registration of new members. Placed add in paper with information for community contact. Developed / Created new administrative and educational tools Set up a closed network for information gathering/storage. Formed the QCC (ad-hoc )and began forming a democratic society early Oct. . All Nunavut Legal Registry guidelines adopted . Minutes kept including all motions. Started a Sunday morning men's group for anger management! Up to 8 in regular attendance!!
  • 14. Began conducting regular executive meetings and membership meetings. Gathered approx.600 names on a petition intended for support of this program by the people. Registered with Nunavut Legal Registries December 14, 2009 with over 500 registered members . Began re-registering members with photo ID for accountability and security. Maintained regular auditing of membership issues including suspensions/revocations for those found re-selling. Scheduled and conducted regular member meetings. Upgraded internal systems of control and accounting.
  • 15. Second raid by RCMP on Jan 29th with two executive members arrested and charged with criminal offenses. Re-opened Feb.8th 2010 assisting members in filling out MMAR requests and setting Dr. appointments. Limited access to medicine resumed.100 plus appointments booked – flooding the system . Feb.18th 2010 all “general” membership services halted due to RCMP perceived threat and intimidation around QCS headquarters/offices . Executive members and dedicated volunteers are at present continuing to operate a modified program of access for palliative care , serious illness and Elders. Member co-ordinators assigned to document reactions to closing by Elders and general members.
  • 16. Cape Pangnniqt Arctic Bay Clyde River Igloolik Pond Inlet Qikiqtaqju Resolute Dorset Grise Fiord Hall Beach Kimmirut uuq Sanikiluaq Total Total Total Total aq Bay Total Total Total Total Total Total Population Population Population Population Total Total Population Population Population Population Population Population 690 820 1,540 1,315 Population Population 1,235 145 665 415 1,325 745 470 230 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 15-19 100 80 170 160 15-19 15-19 150 15 70 45 140 75 20-64 20-64 20-64 20-64 50 25 20-64 20-64 20-64 20-64 20-64 20-65 345 410 705 655 20-64 20-65 635 85 310 215 665 355 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 250 120 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 65-85+ 15 25 35 25 65-85+ 65-85+ 30 0 20 15 45 20 25 0
  • 17. Actual figures represented – Weekly average net returns Monthly net returns current sales (low average) Iqaluit $30,000.00 $120,000.00 Based on the current trends and knowledge of demand in Yearly net return!! Iqaluit Iqaluit $1,440,000.00
  • 18. Wages (up to 15 employee’s) Medicine @ $20-$25hr for 44hrs. Emergency Off site accounting service accommodations Volunteers honorarium Airfares for funerals and family Purchases support Local Utilities Resources centre Municipal Services Development & Research Advertising Member services Donations Police seizures!!!!!! Palliative Supports Social and Family support
  • 19. Community Weekly Monthly Iqaluit (current low actual) $30,000.00 $120,000.00 12 Baffin Communities (estimated consumption) $108,000.00 $432,000.00 Based on actual knowledge of demand! Per one Year Iqaluit $1,440,000.00 Communities $5,184,000.00 Combined $6,624,000.00 net return to Nunavut
  • 20. Community Week Month Iqaluit $45,000.00 $180,000.00 12 Baffin Communities $180,000.00 $720,000.00 Per one Year Iqaluit $2,161,000.00 Communities $8,660,000.00 Combined $10,800,000.00
  • 21. Community Week Month Iqaluit $60,000.00 $240,000.00 12 Baffin Communities $252,000.00 $1,008,000.00 Figures based on knowledge of trade Per year with expected program and actual sales. popularity and acceptance. Iqaluit $2,880,000.00 Communities $12,096,000.00 Combined net projected totals that are based on “the reality” $14,976,000.00
  • 22. Over 6 million dollars put back into the local economy in Iqaluit alone the first year! Dollars that will be spent on local products , services , community development and families in Nunavut . Employment and volunteer opportunities for Inuit. Educational and Vocational opportunities for Inuit. Financial partnerships to improve health care services for Inuit , Elders and families! Harm Reduction from alcohol abuse , spousal abuse , Elder abuse resulting in lowered suicide rates and violence. Less economic stress for lower income groups! (Elders)
  • 23. Youth Land Program Neighbourhood Sponsorship – food watch equipment , clothing Elder/Youth Healing On-Site counselling Circles. and referral Men’s Anger service/assistance. Management Group. Food bank & soup Women’s Groups kitchen AA
  • 24. With the combined common knowledge and statistics of abuse of every kind in Nunavut how can any one of us NOT WANT to do SOMTHING Better for our children and grandchildren? Marijuana has been used to abuse us socially and economically for years by greedy people without our best interest in mind . I t has now become a self abuse as we continue to be partner in the ways that created the problems associated with the abuse. High cost , limited/questionable quality ,contamination limited availability and inappropriate drug policies dictated by Ottawa.
  • 25. Now is the time to change that because we can! The only resource lacking is a willingness to change ! The only barrier an unjust law that infringes on our human rights! We can challenge the currently prohibitive laws in order to create a positive new way of doing things here in and on Our Land ! By accepting Marijuana as a medicine and tool for social reform of abuse through Harm Reduction we can take the first real steps to empowering the people and beginning the healing process.
  • 26. We believe a made in Nunavut Harm Reduction – Medical access program would result in lowered crime rates , less domestic abuse , less theft and property crime , less Elder abuse , less substance abuse and LESS SUICIDES!! We also believe adopting this program would result in increased health , better family economics , opportunities for education and employment , resulting in healing in our communities and at home in Iqaluit. As a source for food , fuel , fibre or as Medicine , the hemp family of plants Has NO equal and we could use existing knowledge in developing alternative fuel and food supplies in our uncertain future.
  • 27. Our figures as well as statements we have made are merely a basic summary of what we already know to be true . They represent only Iqaluit(actual) and 12 of the Hamlets (estimated). Each community in Nunavut has approx. the same per capita average of people who use this herb currently . Most of the money from sales currently is directed back down south and into the hands of a few mostly criminally associated individuals and groups . The profits have been staggering and our best efforts to stem this abuse have failed and are failing . Prohibition does not work!
  • 28. The current ,made in Ottawa ,Policies have the affect of driving the prices higher and increasing all the negative aspects of abuse in our communities. Only a dramatic effort can turn this around and it is up to you and I to act now and with courage to bring about the change we need to begin a new way of addressing the realities of life here in Nunavut We need to adopt a “made in Nunavut Harm Reduction Policy” and create our own methods for easier , affordable access to this herb as medicine and as a way to social well being. WE can make this happen only through consensus and we believe that consensus would fall on the side of change like the one being proposed here! Political history and the local reception by Iqaluit residents clearly indicate that to be the true.
  • 29. Follow the peoples lead and act with courage! Our charts and analysis are a barometer to that lead. Contact the Society and begin talks of how we can make this happen in partnership for healing Our Land . Allow us to partner in drafting and implementing a unique , made in Nunavut Harm Reduction Program. Work together to create a program in harmony with the direction of the people we are working for in service . Adopt new laws for Nunavut! Open new channels for opportunities and creative thinking.
  • 30. The QCS is a made in Nunavut Compassionate Society , duly registered with the Nunavut legal registries on Dec.14th 2009. The current founding executive committee is greater than 50% Inuit and the current membership of over 500 is approximately 75% Inuit. ( actual stats. available) The QCS has worked diligently to create a model and example of how an illicit market for illegal drugs can be re-created as a benefit in our community meeting the needs of the peoples and reducing harm
  • 31. QCS has kept meticulous records of members and sales for the past 7 months and developed safeguards and protocols to reduce abuse of the; re-selling for profit on the street QCS has developed screening tools and other objects of administration to accommodate legitimacy , transparency and accountability QCS has developed a good working relationship and contract with a Health Canada approved supplier of guaranteed medicinal grade marijuana insuring the highest degree of quality ,strain selection and support.
  • 32. QCS can supply educational support about cannabis as medicine ie; strain selection ,ingestion methods , active elements and effects and current research information. QCS can supply greater strain selection and better quality marijuana than is currently available from Health Canada and Prairie Plant Systems Inc.(2 strains mixed Indica / Sativa). QCS and its members have the knowledge about this medicine that can best benefit the people . Knowledge gained in the school of life. QCS and its members are dedicated to change and dedicated to that change for the sake of Our Land and its People ! We Care!
  • 33. QCS has the ability and resources to set-up and supply each community as independent dispensers . This keeps the money at home! The cash stays in the community!!! QCS can train , help hire and screen staff and give information seminars to community groups . QCS will work to develop a domestic source to increase profitability and create new jobs and resources for Nunavut and its communities. QCS will act as liaison to Health Canada on behalf of individuals applying for Section 56 exemptions thereby relieving the administrative demand on conventional health care services.