Topic 1 jnr overview (south-south jnr workshop, manaus) 13 jun 13 final


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This is one of the presentations at the 1st day of "Technical Exchange on Jurisdictional REDD". See more at:

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Topic 1 jnr overview (south-south jnr workshop, manaus) 13 jun 13 final

  1. 1. Topic 1: Program Approaches to Effectively Reduce/Remove Emissions South-South Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+ (JNR) Exchange Workshop Manaus, Brazil 13 June 2013 Naomi Swickard, VCSA13 Jun 2013
  2. 2. Outline • Definition of drivers, causes, agents of deforestation/degradation • Measures/activities to reduce emissions and increase sequestration • Scope of activities (avoided deforestation, avoided degradation, enhancement of carbon stocks) • Deciding on JNR Scenario (1, 2, 3) • Integration of policy, programmatic and nested project approaches • Public consultation, safeguards and benefit sharing
  3. 3. • Jurisdictions shall identify the baseline drivers of deforestation or degradation (including their potential for leakage) • Any change in drivers of deforestation or degradation shall aid land use change analysis (eg, changes in significance of drivers, changes in location of drivers) and stratification • Data on the drivers of deforestation will be used in baseline reassessment • Non-Permanence Risk Assessment includes factors related to ensuring that measures taken to mitigate drivers, causes and agents will be effective in the long-term (ie, the risk of reversals stemming from problems with program design) Definition of drivers of deforestation/degradation
  4. 4. Eligible Activities • REDD: Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation • Avoided unplanned deforestation and degradation • Avoid planned deforestation • IFM: Improved Forest Management • Reduced impact logging • Logged to protect forest • Extended rotation age • Improved forest management • Low productive to high productive forest • ARR: Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation • Afforestation, reforestation and revegetation
  5. 5. Mitigation Activities Examples • Policy: • Improving forest law enforcement • Improving or undertaking land use planning and zoning • Low-emissions development planning • Legal requirements for private sector activities • Programs: • Ecosystem services programs • Incentives for private sector to invest in sustainable activities • Project: • REDD+ projects
  6. 6. JNR Scenarios
  7. 7. Scenario 2 Jurisdiction and Project Crediting Targeted Provincial Mitigation VCUs Issued Project Mitigation VCUs Issued Project Crediting VCS Credits 2 3 MRV Results Jurisdictional Crediting Credits 2 3 1 Example: Scenario 2
  8. 8. Grandparenting • ‘Grandparenting’: Providing time for projects and lower level jurisdictions to transition into national/sub-national programs • Where a higher level baseline is registered after the registration of a lower level project or jurisdictional baseline: • Lower level jurisdictional baseline shall be grandparented and remain valid for 18 months • Project level baseline shall be grandparented and remain valid for the number of years remaining before due to be updated • After grandparenting period, project baseline should always be updated to harmonize with the higher level, except where the higher level baseline doesn’t include the same activities, within 18 months • Where a subnational jurisdiction is registered and national government subsequently defines different boundaries for subnational jurisdictions, subnational jurisdiction is grandparented
  9. 9. Safeguards • Jurisdictional programs, baselines and crediting options shall be developed and documented in a transparent manner, and in consultation with relevant stakeholders. • Must be in accordance with safeguards in Decision 1/CP.16 of Cancun Agreements • Stakeholder consultation, dispute resolution mechanisms required • Safeguards must be monitored and reported on • Jurisdictions may use REDD+ SES to meet (and exceed) these requirements
  10. 10. Thank you…Questions? Naomi Swickard AFOLU Manager VCS Association