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Mobile is taking the lead for ticketing and access control at stadiums and arenas. Steve Traiman listens to the experts from leading global vendors. Mobile apps enable everything from single and season ticket purchases, exchanges and resales, to orders for food and beverages, merchandise and tickets...

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Identive Group | Article | Mobile Ticketing Here and Now

  1. 1. PANSTADIA & ARENA MANAGEMENT SUMMER 201344Mobile ticketinghere and nowMobile is taking the lead for ticketing and accesscontrol at stadiums and arenas. Steve Traimanlistens to the experts from leading global vendors.Ticketing and access controlat sports and entertainmentvenues has come a long way ina short time, as spotlightsessions at this year’s INTIXdemonstrated. Teams, stadiumand arena owners, and theirfans are benefiting from mobileapps on their smartphones,tablets and computers thatenable everything from singleand season ticket purchases,exchanges and resales, toorders for food and beverages,merchandise and tickets forother events.Sharing their respective firm’snewest ticketing and access controlsolutions are representatives ofUS-based Ticketmaster, a LiveNation Entertainment, Inc., company,the largest live entertainmentcompany in the world, operating inapproximately19 global markets;VisionOne Worldwide Group,including Switzerland-basedticketportal AG with subsidiaries inSwitzerland, Austria, Mexico, Brazil,Chile and Argentina, and the US(ShoWare by VisionOne); Toronto-based AudienceView, workingwith more than 170 organisationsrepresenting more than 550 venuesacross six continents; UK-basedIRIS Ticketing whose TALENT Sportsystem was responsible for sellingover 10 million tickets in 2012;Salzburg-based SKIDATA, withmore than 7,500 access controlmanagement systems installedby subsidiaries and partners in 64countries; and Hamburg-basedpayment solution AG, which becamepart of the Identive Group in 2012.Ticketmaster app eTicket forThe Who concert branded forHollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.ACCOUNT1234567890SEC107 HH 21-25ROW SEATTicketmaster smartcard for NBAAtlanta Hawks at Philips Arena.Ticketmaster’s New Thrustticket holder smartcard includes accessto Georgia’s Own Credit Union Club andJim Ellis Audi Lounge at Philips Arena.It’s super convenient for fans who stickthe card in their wallet and don’t have toworry where the tickets are. It’s a win-winfor the fan and team as the ticket is in adigital state on the card, so if the holderwants to transfer the ticket digitally toanyone, the team gains insight to who isgetting that ticket.“These two milestones led us to the nextbig step – mobile ticket management.This is customers doing everything withthe mobile device - buying, transferringand of course rendering the ticket ontheir smartphone for access to anyTicketmaster venue, where we have ourown proprietary access managementsystem. This shift to mobile isdramatic. In 2012, 30% of our traffic inmobile apps ... enable everything from singleand season ticket purchases, exchanges andresales, to orders for food and beverages,merchandise and tickets...“We’ve seen a migration of our industrydriven by data, as much as accesscontrol and access management, drivingwhat we’re doing in the digital ticketingand mobile space,” explains ColeGahagan, Ticketmaster Executive VicePresident North America Client Revenue.“We’ve had digital ticketing for aboutfive years and our first paperless ticketsin 2008-9 got more momentum in 2010with our Miley Cyrus and AC/DC tours.“This opened the door to what becamethe next step as teams-issued seasonticket smartcards. The NBA OrlandoMagic at Amway Center, NBA AtlantaHawks at Philips Arena, NHL PhoenixCoyotes at Arena andNFL Kansas City Chiefs at ArrowheadStadium have done away with seasontickets altogether for venue access. Asan example, the Atlanta Hawks seasonImages credit: Ticketmaster.
  2. 2. global markets camefrom mobile devices including tablets,including 14% of our US sales. Throughthe first two months of 2013, overallyear versus year ticket sales are up129% on mobile devices – fans are tellingus where there are going and it’s mobile.“Mobile for us is not just about makingticketing better for the fan, as we’rebuilding our back-end technology forour clients with a mobile mindset – howthese tools and technology will be usedby teams, venues and promoters goingforward. As we continue to developnew products and tools, we’re lettingour clients use these on their tablets.Getting this input on their smartphonesand tablets gives them a ‘live’ view ofwho is coming into a game or concert. Inthe here and now, we’re enabling clientsto get input on their mobile devices tobetter manage their inventory on seats.“Starting late this year, our clientsand teams will be able to take aniPad into the concourse to meetseason ticket holders or premiumholders to renew their accounts, sellplayoff tickets, or upgrade seats. Ifa group sales rep wants to go outto meet a group sales or corporateprospect, they can make the deal onthe spot. We’re making some of thefirst strides in the US and then willexpand to other markets as well.“The neatest thing about Ticketmasterright now is that it has the resourcesof a well-established maturecompany, but is operating with astart-up mindset in developing somuch so quickly in new products.This is a fun and exciting time for usand our clients.”Ticketportal Fully Integratedwhich can be saved in the Passbook(iPhone) or the PassWallet (Android)format. A constant reminder shows thetickets on the blocked screen when thegame takes place. Additionally, via GPRSthe ticket pops up when fans approachthe Rapperswil-Jona Diners Club Arena.The promoter itself just needs thenewest generation of barcode readersthat are able to read in 2D-mode. Thisnew solution will now be extended to allticketportal customers.Froehlich continues: “Not onlydid ticketportal grow last yearin Switzerland, but also with itsnew partnership with DeutscheEintrittskarten TKS GmbH in Germany.This partner, a subsidiary of the MehrEntertainment!-group, installed ourticketing solutions in all their locations.Included are Admiralspalast Berlin,Starlight Express-Theater Bochum,Musical Theater Bremen, CapitolTheater Düsseldorf, Mehr! TheaterHamburg, Musical Dome Köln, CATSTheaterzelt and the permanent ‘TopSecret’ Exhibition in Oberhausen. Aswell, the new partner distributes theticketportal solutions with a well-staffed team in the German market,with more than 700 pre-sales locationscurrently installed.“All other VisionOne Worldwidesubsidiaries achieved a successful 2012,with a continued strong outlook for2013. Fastest growth was accomplishedin the US. This resulted, among otherfactors, due to the announcement lastyear of a partnership with Redbox.Tickets out of ShoWare by Vision OneUS are now available at more than 1,300kiosks operated by Redbox.”AFG Arena in St. Gallen, Switzerland, offersa traditional ticketportal Arena Card.Image credit: ticketportal AG.Co-chairman of the Board DieterFroehlich notes: “VisionOne is aworldwide operating ticketing serviceand development company withsubsidiaries in Switzerland, Austria, theUS, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.Last year, more than 39 million ticketswere sold via solutions of our VisionOneWorldwide (VOW) group.“This group is a specialist in fullyintegrated ticketing solutions aroundthe globe. In Switzerland, 90% of allnew stadiums count on the servicesof ticketportal AG, a VOW subsidiary.Our Swiss company is the leaderin connecting ticketing with accesscontrol, cashless payment systemsand allocation of work stations. TheSwissporarena in Lucerne is thesecond soccer stadium to implement acashless payment system that allowsthe sponsor, retailer Migros, to offer anintegrated process that allows a re-useof their gift cards. Alternatively, the AFGArena in St. Gallen has a ‘traditional’version of Payment Solutions installed,with its own AFG Arena Card.“Besides cashless payment systems,with or without RFID-cards, the Swisscompany focuses on the future ofmobile ticketing, as ticketportalunderstands all aspects of themobile ticket medium, including theprime option to buy tickets from asmartphone and/or tablet.”As an example, the Swiss ice hockeyclub Rapperswil-Jona Lakers was thefirst to install the newest ticketportalsolution. From this January, Lakers’supporters can book tickets from theirsmartphone/tablet, and get their tickets,...overall year versus year ticket salesare up 129% on mobile devices...
  3. 3. PANSTADIA ARENA MANAGEMENT SUMMER 2013E-commerce for AudienceView“AudienceView is a powerful e-commerce solutionfor the entertainment industry,” notes Jeff Koets,Vice President, Sales and Marketing.“It has content management at the core, whichensures tight integration between ticketingand e-commerce, marketing, fundraising, andmore. We are proud to be working with morethan 170 organisations representing morethan 550 venues across six continents – fromprofessional sports teams, arenas and collegeathletics departments to race tracks, regionalticketing agencies and commercial and not-for-profit arts organisations.”As a recent example, he cited the firm’s partnershipwith the UK’s National Ice Centre (NIC) in Nottingham.Together, AudienceView and NIC transformed playoffticket sales for the Elite Ice Hockey League, thehighest level of hockey competition in the UK with10 teams. For the first time ever, playoff tickets forthe 6-7 April weekend at the 7,000-capacity NICwere available online, replacing the manual processof years past when each hockey club would receivea block of tickets in the mail to sell to their fans. Alengthy, staff-intensive manual settlement processhas also been eliminated by using AudienceView’sintegrated online platform.“In the past, each hockey club was sent an allocationof tickets to sell on their own,” explains MartinIngham, NIC Deputy Chief Executive. “It was anonerous manual process involving multiple ticketingsystems, hard copy ticket sales and cash collectedthen remitted back to us by various clubs. WithAudienceView, we have automated and streamlinedthe entire process, including settlement. This hassignificantly reduced our overhead, shows us howsales are progressing for each game and ensureswe are providing a truly exceptional customerexperience to all fans of the Elite League.”Pre-playoff results were exceptional. First daysales on 14 January - before playoff teams had beendetermined - generated £116,000 in revenue withinthe first hour with 3,700 tickets sold. About 35%were from outside Nottingham, representing fanswho would have previously purchased hard copytickets from their home team. One month prior tothe finals weekend, 73% of the sellable capacityhad been sold, representing almost £300,000in revenue. A weekend pack was purchased by97% of fans versus single tickets, and fans fromclubs outside Nottingham represented 50% oftickets sold.“The NIC is fully committed to improving thecustomer experience and we are proud to be theirpartner,” adds Koets. “Selling playoff tickets onlinefor the first time is making a real difference forElite League fans, allowing them to complete theirpurchase on the device of their choice, wheneverand wherever they are. Our industry-leading solutionis ideal for bringing efficiencies and integration tothe entire e-commerce process, including traditional,social and mobile ticketing, merchandise sales,marketing, fundraising and more.”UK’s National Ice Centre and the other nineElite League teams adopted AudienceViewticketing solution for recent playoff sales.Image credit: NIC.46
  4. 4. VENUEOPERATIONTICKETINGIRIS Ticketing’s TALENT Sport“With more than half our team basedon product development, TALENTSport is expanding further to allow forthe easiest, fastest and most flexibleexperience with smartcard technology.Increasingly sophisticated smartphonetechnology and the opportunitiesfrom near field communications (NFC)are changing consumer behaviour.Ticketless and cashless events willbecome the norm, offering stadium andarena access, and the ability to pre-load‘tickets’ with cash to purchase food,beverage and other merchandise“With smartphones driving the way,mobile optimised ticketing capability hasbeen introduced to the TALENT Sportsystem, with superb adoption. Clubsusing TALENT Sport have seen incrediblevalue since becoming fully mobileresponsive. In the UK, Leeds United FC atElland Road Stadium and Everton FC atGoodison Park Stadium in Liverpool haveseen revenues increase by over 200%via mobile devices, and this trend shouldcontinue. One fifth of all English footballclubs are TALENT customers, and othermajor clients include Liverpool FC,Bradford City FC, Harlequins Rugby Cluband Leicester Tigers Rugby Club.“International business currentlyaccounts for 10% of overallrevenues. Short-to-mediumopportunities lie in Southern Europeand the African continent, wherewe have exclusive local partnerssuch as BeyazBorsa in Turkeyand Computicket in South Africa.These market demographics areinfluencing our product strategy andpromoting a ‘mobile first’ approachto our thinking. We expect continuedhigh growth and are forecasting25% of new sport business to comefrom outside the UK.”“Istanbul’s Galatasaray FC is leading theway with ticketing smartcard technologysince using our TALENT Sport ticketingsystem,” observes Mark Dewell,Managing Director of IRIS Ticketing.“The 52,000-capacity Türk TelekomArena has been Galatasaray’s new homeground since January 2012. The state-owned stadium is the newest and mosttechnologically advanced in Turkey andthe club has tied up with sponsors GarantiBank and DenizBank to create a dedicatedcredit card for Galatasaray fans.“Our TALENT Sport system has beendeveloped as an integrated ticketingsolution so that any supporterwith a GS Bonus Card gets prioritytickets for games and can enter thestadium by scanning their card asa smartcard ticket. Stadium accessis controlled by TALENT Sport’sintegration with Fortress GB, ourpartner at Galatasaray FC.Ticketless and cashless events will become the norm,offering stadium and arena access, and the ability topre-load ‘tickets’ with Ticketing’s TALENT Sport smartcard technology isused by Galatasaray SK at Istanbul’s Türk Telekom Arena.Image credit: IRIS Ticketing.
  5. 5. PANSTADIA ARENA MANAGEMENT SUMMER 201348SKIDATA Access ControlBrodbeck continues: “Our most recentexciting announcement is that SKIDATAwill provide our latest Vario.Gateaccess technology and correspondingHandshake Logic software to Rio deJaneiro’s 103,000-capacity MaracanaStadium which is currently being rebuiltand modernised for the upcomingFootball World Cup 2014 and forSummer Olympics and Paralympics2016 (see PanStadia ArenaManagement Spring 2013).“Among other notable installs are thenew 33,600-capacity Pepsi Arena(Nowy Arena), home of Legia WarsawFC, completed in May 2011, withentrance gates equipped with SKIDATAVario.Gate readers. At Langtree Park,new home of St Helens Rugby LeagueFC in Merseyside, UK, SKIDATA suppliedand installed 18 Vario.Gates, 18 LEDconcourse lights, the latest version ofits Handshake software (v.5) and 12handheld Motorola MC55 devices tocontrol access at each of the stadium’s30 entrances.“Last December, Westpac Stadium inWellington, NZ, introduced a SKIDATAaccess control management systemincluding Vario.Gate turnstiles and itsHandshake software (v.5.1) to replaceits 12-year old system.”RFID System ofpayment solutionsFrederik Herr, Head of Marketingat payment solution AG, whichbecame part of the Identive Groupin 2012, notes: “We have providedcomplete, integrated paymentsolutions for stadiums, arenas, themeparks and other venues for leisureand entertainment. Using multi-functional customer cards based onRFID contact-less chip technologyand comprehensive managementsoftware, the system ensures theseamless interaction of all relevantcomponents such as ticketing, access,POS and parking. Major clients includethe Nurburgring Sports Complex,English Football League Coventry CityFC and the Donbass Arena in Donetsk,Ukraine, among many others.“We also take advantage oftechnology for innovations in thefield of sports in combination withNFC-enabled phones. Multiplewallet solutions as softwarewithin mobile NFC devices willallow stadium visitors to handletheir common payment methods“SKIDATA’s access control managementsystem including Vario.Gate turnstilesand our Handshake software hasmade the company an internationalleader in the field of access solutionsand their management,” observesUS-based Brian Brodbeck, Director,SKIDATA People Access, Inc. “Morethan 7,500 installations worldwidein sports stadiums and arenas, skiresorts, shopping centres, majorairports, municipalities, trade shows,and amusement parks provide secureand reliable access and entry control forpeople and vehicles.”When the firm’s new Vario.Gate turnstilesystem was introduced a few yearsago, properties included a new modulardesign that enables replacing individualcomponents quickly and easily; ease ofuse, as all tickets are read at the samepoint; reads different types of ticketsand data carriers for flexible use; cancontinue to be used on existing SKIDATAturnstiles and supports control of non-SKIDATA turnstiles; is prepared for theimplementation of chip technologiessuch as Calypso, FeliCa or NFC (usingmobile phones as data carriers); hasoffline-capability guarantees; andis fully integrated into our SKIDATAHandshake.Logic.SKIDATA’s Brian Brodbeck,left, shows newest Vario.Gate smart turnstyleto PanStadia ArenaManagement PublisherAlan Levett at INTIX.Image credit: Steve Traiman.
  6. 6. only one device. As the numberof NFC-enabled phones increases,the common cashless payment cardwill move more into NFC devices andbecome part of the software.“Our focus also is on loyalty systemsbased on contactless NFC systemsthat are in use for stadium andarena entrance and payments.The high emotional relationshipbetween football clubs and theirsupporters makes it much easierfor clubs than for retailers to maketheir customers use the club’spayment card for collecting loyaltypoints or to get direct cashback onpurchases. As club owners alsowant to know much more abouttheir customers, we provide aloyalty solution in combinationwith our payment system.“Beside football and sports ingeneral, RFID payment is nowmore in the focus of temporaryfestival organisers.After the first successful trial of about10,000 using our RFID solution forePayment and access at the famousSt. Gallen (Switzerland) Open Air musicfestival in 2012, our equipment andservices will be used for all attendeesat this year’s late June event. Anexpected 120,000 visitors will receiveour proprietary wristband with an RFIDtag that has already been prepaid onthe internet, or they can load moneyon-site with one of 30 mobile staffat charging stations or at 35 to 40stationary cashpoints. In addition toallowing access, the wristbands can beused at all concession stands, with theSamsung NFC smartphone accesses paymentsolution POS NFC-Terminal at many sports venues.Image credit: payment solution.aim of shortening transaction times,thus speeding concession lines. This willimprove the experience for visitors andalso reduce costs for merchants.“Looking ahead, we are now partof Identive Group, Inc., which waspreviously our supplier of cashlesspayment readers and contactlesscards. Our Group is focused on buildingthe world’s signature company inSecure ID, and we look forwardto taking advantage of Identive’sworldwide network that provides usthe opportunity to further expandour offerings beyond our current coremarket in Europe.” nThe high emotional relationship between football clubs and theirsupporters makes it much easier for clubs than for retailers tomake their customers use the club’s payment card for collectingloyalty points or to get direct cashback on purchases.49