How to Recruit on Facebook 2/21/12
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  • Thanks for joining. We’ll get started in just a few minutes as we wait for a couple more people to join.Reminder to record!!!!Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today for another installment of our social recruiting webinars. Today we’ll be covering to how to recruit on Facebook. All other webinars in this series are recorded and posted on our website at
  • I’m Jennifer Picard, the Product Marketing Director here at Identified, and I’m joined by Erik Kostelnik, our VP of Sales. Identified Employer Solutions are Facebook Recruiting Solutions for the social employer. We help companies successfully recruit from Facebook’s 845 million users through our Facebook sourcing tool, job posting app, and advertising solution. To learn more about the benefits of working with Identified, please type us a quick message in the chat box, and we’ll follow up with you after the webinar.Today’s webinar should last approximately 30 minutes, with 15 minutes at the end for a Q&A session. Please feel free to ask questions throughout the webinar by typing them into the Q&A box to your right.Today, we’re going to talk about How to Recruit on Facebook.
  • During this call, we’re going to talk about why Facebook is being used for recruitment, how Facebook’s privacy settings make it easier to use Facebook for recruitment, and then we’ll get into the tools available to help you find, connect with and hire top talent.Let’s get started by taking a look at which social networks your potential job candidates are using.
  • With over 845 million users worldwide, Facebook, and networking tools that are connected to Facebook, are becoming the recruiting tools of choice. The numbers and dataare just too big to ignore. To provide a comparison, Careerbuilder has upwards of 30 million static resumes at any given time, which has been built over 10 years. Since 2004, Facebook has amassed over 845 million users, with 140m of those in the US, and 50% coming back daily. While LinkedIn has been the social recruitment network of choice thus far, the Forrester study results shown here makes it clear that it’s not an adequate social recruitment strategy on it’s own – only 28% of US adults that use a social networking site are on LinkedIn. In contrast, 96% of U.S. adults who use social networking sitesare on Facebook. So, if you’re going to reach someone via social media, chances are you can find them within Facebook’s 845 million members. Another great reason to recruit on Facebook is the simplicity of using your personal connections for professional networking.
  • That’s because each person on Facebook has an average of 130 connections. Let’s do some quick math here to see what that can mean for recruiters – if you have 130 friends and family members on Facebook, and each of them has 130 connections, your second degree network is about 17,000 people. So, if you’re looking for a sales person, you can see if any of your personal connections know someone that could be a good fit, and then ask them for a referral.The Facebook platform doesn’t have a good way to find these people, but Identified has created a Facebook search tool to help you find candidates from within your first and second degree connections.
  • With an Identified ProSearch subscription, you can filter by keyword, location, graduation year, and other important factors to source candidates from the Facebook network. Then you can download resumes, message candidates, and see how candidates are connected to your company. You do not need a Facebook profile to use ProSearch. However, this webinar is mostly geared toward those that have a Facebook presence, or plan to begin recruiting on Facebook in 2012, so let’s get into some more of the tools available, and best practices to use them. The first thing you’ll want to do, if you haven’t already, is set up a Facebook profile and edit your privacy settings so that you can separate out your personal and professional connections.
  • Generally speaking, Facebook is not the network of choice when people talk about social recruiting. While Facebook is everyone’s personal network, many are hesitant to use it for professional networking as well. However, Facebook has recently ramped up it’s efforts to make it a place for both personal and professional networking. Facebook privacy settings help you separate friends, family, coworkers and job candidates from one another with lists. Facebook has created “smart lists” of your work connections, family connections, and school connections, as well as a list of everyone that lives within 50 miles of you. You can also create your own lists, such as one for job candidates. With these lists, you can send targeted status updates to each, such as job postings to your candidates, and personal updates to your friends and family. You can also use lists to choose who sees which parts of your profile. You may want to block job candidates from accessing your pictures, personal email address, and/or your wall. To see what your profile looks like to certain people, you can use the “View As” button on your profile to see it as one of your friends does. Let me switch over to screenshare, and I’ll show you exactly how you can do all this.
  • Now that my lists and personal profile are set up, I can begin posting jobs. Let’s go to my profile and write a post about an upcoming job opprtunity. Then, let’s choose who receives that post. Public means that the post will go to everyone, whether they are your friend or not.Facebook also allows you to post your message only to certain groups. If you wanted to ask your personal network for a referral, post your message to “friends”.You can also create a free job board out of your profile, by posting jobs to your candidate list.The tool will remember the settings you used last time. If you mess up, you can change the audience afterward.Once your personal profile is set up, you should set up your business page.
  • Identified has created Facebook recruiting solutions for the social employer to compliment your existing recruiting strategies. Our solutions include a job posting app for your Facebook Company or Career page, a sourcing tool that helps you professionalize personal Facebook connections and search through existing networks, and Facebook advertising to drive targeted talent to your job postings and build your talent community. Let’s take a look.
  • Talent Link is a Facebook app that allows you to post jobs on your Facebook page.It will integrate with your ATS, or you can manage your jobs and candidates straight from the app. All jobs posted are pulled by Indeed, JuJu,Simply Hired and Joobleto increase views and drive candidates to your Facebook page. We do offer a 7 day trial of TalentLink, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to get started with Facebook recruiting. If you’re interested in this offer, please just type a message in the chat box or email and we’ll get you up and running within the week.
  • ProSearch is our Facebook sourcing tool which allows you to search Facebook profiles with filtering, ranking and relevance.If you’re tired of scrolling though hundreds of job applications for each job posting, try sourcing candidates with ProSearch. Identified has indexed over 202 million Facebook profiles, made them professionally relevant, and given them a score so you can see who the top candidates are. ProSearch allows you to search by location, graduation year, company, industry, and much more.You can also download resumes, message candidates, and see how you are connected to the candidates through your company’s employees. If you’d be interested in a demo, please let us know. You can also start with a free user profile at
  • JobReach helps you build your talent community and drive applicants to your job postings with targeted advertising. You can promote a specific job, career event, Facebook page, or your own website with a custom message and call-to-action. Relevant actions from the viewer's friends will automatically be shown to build word-of-mouth awareness.
  • Thanks for joining us today, our next webinar will be Facebook vs LinkedIn: A Social Recruitment Showdown, in two weeks, on March 6. We’ll run through the similarities and differences between the two platforms, and what makes each a great tool for recruiting.If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate some of the tools discussed today into your recruitment strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a complementary Facebook recruiting consultation. Just type us a message in the chat box and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.If you have any questions, please type them into the Q&A box to your right, and I’ll try to get to all of them.


  • 1. How to Recruit on Facebook Know the Tools
  • 2. Presenters Today:
  • 3. Takeaways• Why Facebook?• Facebook Privacy Settings• Facebook Recruiting Tools – Personal profile – Business page – Apps – Advertising – Identified ProSearch
  • 4. Why Facebook?
  • 5. Exponential Network 130 friends 16,900 second degree connections
  • 6. Your Personal Identified Account
  • 7. Privacy Settings1. Lists2. Targeted status updates3. Greater profile viewing control4. View Profile As
  • 8. Your Personal Facebook Account
  • 9. Post Jobs to Profile
  • 10. Business Page
  • 11. Advertisements
  • 12. Post Jobs on your Facebook page Candidates apply directly on Facebook or through your ATS.Jobs reposted through partners:
  • 13. Draw an audience to your jobs through targeted Facebook advertising Engage your audience withFacebook Sponsored Stories Build your Talent Community with a Facebook Cost/Like campaign
  • 14. Thank You!• Questions?• Connect with us on Social Media to learn more about social recruitment!/IDforEmployers s