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idealabs: contributing to the Belgian entrepreneurial community
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idealabs: contributing to the Belgian entrepreneurial community


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What we've been up to since our launch, and what we are planning on doing.

What we've been up to since our launch, and what we are planning on doing.

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  • 1. Shape, build, and launch tomarket in three months#stoptalkingstartbuilding
  • 2. idealabs has theambition to helpbuild a strong andsustainableentrepreneurialcommunity inAntwerp
  • 3. WhyAntwerp?
  • 4. Participants of aEntrepreneurialecosystemEntrepreneursGovernmentUniversitiesInvestorsMentorsService providersLarge companies
  • 5. SuccessfulEntrepreneurialecosystemsBoulderChileSan Fransisco vsNew YorkDublinAmsterdamBerlinHelsinkiEindhovenMoscowParisStockholm
  • 6. Principles of aEntrepreneurialecosystem1. Entrepreneurs must lead the startup community2. The leaders must have a long-term commitment3. The start up community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it4. The startup community must have continual activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack
  • 7. How we aresetting thoseprinciples intowork.
  • 8. Phase 1:Building anentrepreneurial hub
  • 9. Stripped building 3 month set up!Private fund validation of need!Core team validation of interest!Strong Backers validation of ideas?FIRST STEP:MVP accelerator
  • 10. shape build launchMONTH 1 MONTH 2 MONTH 3
  • 11. philosophy whatwe believe in Be more innovative. Stop wasting peoples time. Be more successful. eric ries the lean startup movement
  • 12. philosophy MVP Minimum set of features Learn from early adopters Avoid building a product nobody wants Learn from testing eric ries the lean startup movement
  • 13. philosophy whatwe believe in
  • 14. From 70 applications we chose 3 startups for our accelerator
  • 15. First cycle:Theyworked very hard!
  • 16. Second step: Turnthat stripped buildingin to a entrepreneurialHUB
  • 18. A space where people, technology,materials, philosophies and ideas mix,collide and collaborate to produceground breaking innovations
  • 19. Center of Antwerp / 2000 sqm /Workshops/ Speaker Series / NetworkingEvents / Building prototypes / Breakoutoffice / Private meetings
  • 20. Phase 2: Identify vibrantentrepreneurial communitythrough meaningful events
  • 21. Meaningful events that shouldinspire educate engageStartup Stories Startup Start Up Essentials: WeekendFounder stories -Business Model Canvas HackathonCorporate -Online marketinginnovation Ideathon -Lean StartupIntrapreneurs -Startup Tools Corporate innovation Lab -PR for startups2013 2013 2013Big Conference Startup Event space Academy
  • 23. Third Step: expandingcommunity- BlendingCompanies and Startups atidealabs
  • 24. Stodgy. Slow. Bureaucratic.Big companies get a bad rapwhen it comes to innovation.
  • 25. Big companies are applying startupstrategies and tools to jump-startinnovation. It’s not about pontificatingon the innovation process. It’s aboutbeing lean, focused, and maniacally
  • 26. FIRST STEPSIntuit organizes multi-day“lean start-ins” that gather“intrapreneurs” togetherfrom across the companyto teach them how to applyrapid experimentation tocreate new products,services, and businessmodels.Kimberly-Clark promotes one-day “expert accelerationsessions” that bring hand-picked outside “thoughtleaders” face to face withbusiness teams to bust mentalmodels and create game-changing strategies.Whirlpool uses a network of innovationmentors (also called i-mentors), who areloaded with innovation tools andguidance to help business teamsfocused on challenging market“orthodoxies.”
  • 27. BIG STEPSBBC Worldwide officially launched Volkswagen Group of AmericaBBC Worldwide Labs. The initiative is Electronics Research Laboratoryaimed at supporting the creative and (ERL) has teamed up withPlugdigital industries in the UK by and Play to accelerate andoffering them insight and expertise collaborate with startups tointo the industry.  transfer technology from many industries into the automotive domain.Pepsi Co wants to get in on theground level with companies thatcould become the next Twitter via itsDigital Labs program.
  • 28. Big companies that behave like small startupsfocus on two things:First, they Second, they giveaccelerate the internal businessesspeed of and teams aninnovation, outside-injust like a perspective, similarSilicon Valley to the type ofincubator. reality-checking that comes from advisory boards or venture capitalists.
  • 29. LBi improves collaborationwith clients after HyperIsland experience
  • 30. General Assembly partnerswith General Electric
  • 31. We are blendingcompanies andstartups at idealabs1. Business model 3. ‘Lean Startup’innovation classes: methodology applied tochallenge the status-quo corportations. Shape,and identify the business build, launch approachand revenue models of workshop:the future •Incubation of2. Classes for intrapreneurs/intrapreneurs: rapid corporate venturingexperimentationtechniques to create new •Corporate innovationproducts, services and labsbusiness models.
  • 32. Last Step: Experimentingourselves, and opening a miniProduct Lab
  • 33. Product Lab: offer people theopportunity to do some rapidprototyping right behind thecoffeebar
  • 34. Thanks for listening!Got any questions?