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IdeaValley PageSense Advertising for Digital NewsPaper - Flip 3D New Trends
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IdeaValley PageSense Advertising for Digital NewsPaper - Flip 3D New Trends


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This is a draft presentation by Sergio Cabral about new business models for Advertising Digital NewsPapers using PageSense Technology.

This is a draft presentation by Sergio Cabral about new business models for Advertising Digital NewsPapers using PageSense Technology.

Published in: News & Politics, Business

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  • 2. IdeaValley Sergio Cabral Cavalcanti IdeaValley- Brasil PageSense © New Opportunities in Digital Advertising for Digital News Paper Age © 2009 –
  • 3. Agenda - About us Introduction - About Market Changes -The Self-Service Age Self-Service with - What to Sell , What to Delivery PageSense - PageSense and Fly by Page Example - Brief Demo
  • 4. 50 Internet IdeaValley was Newspapers in Founded in 2000 FLIP 3D Format 120 Internet Top Premiun Domains for Magazines Special Projects: – – – – – – , , and many others … Content Branding and New Midia in FLIP and Target Advertising for MOBILE format Digital NewsPaper and Social Midia
  • 5. Mar ket- Changes …1984 1985 2005 Today Physical Internet Broadband The New Wave Midia Age Begins Today Begins Brand , tradition Technical Possibilities / Project few points and Human Only Rules High Resolution with DialUp Unlimited Content Independent of Origin ( users can real participate and interact ) Resources are the No Design Design main suport for this Content Independent of Destination ( users can interact from any place ) Age. No Resolution New Interfaces Content independent of the Device ( users can interact at any momment ) easy to use Physycal Based High Process are Opportunities forspecialization Business the Digital Advertising Bi-Directional Success Key 1 Convergence Content-Advertising Interaction Enjoy the Practially Physical Unidirectinal Participate on the Self Service Scenario Equipament and No End-User Supriment Interaction Managment are the Success key 2
  • 6. The Real Market Change The Market will not more be a Client ! The Market will stay Client !
  • 7. What to Offer , What to sell , What to delivery ? The Answer: Self Service !
  • 8. Some self-service possibilities related with Newspaper Industry Value Chain SelfService What I wanna from …
  • 9. The Self-Service for Digital Newspaper
  • 10. Concept of Eletronic Magazine •Eletronic Magazine are not only a transcription of the Press Midia Content to a Eletronic Midia. •Eletronic Magazines are a Form Factor Metaphora capable to act as a plataform for a new series of business , technical and personal models of usage of the Internet.
  • 11. FirstStep Preparing for the Future Create the FLIP Metafora from the Real World for Digital NewsPaper Advantages: Atractive User Experience Non Linear Navigation like website High User Atention Not Rocket Science Near Zero Maintanence Self-Service Models Real World Metafora MEANS: Comercial People can sell FLIP Ads like Real World , so Zero Impact for who is selling End-User has Zero Impact Adoption and have a compreensive way to interact
  • 12. SecondStep Preparing for the Future Allow Users Select what they Wanna for Content Allow Users Select what they Wanna for Ads Allow users define who they are ( some ones are many ones ) Allow users define who he is Allow uses define their Preferences PROS Fantastic Fidelization Fantastic ROI High Comptetitive Aproach Suport for Hiperlocal-One2One Suport for One2SocialGroup CONS Users may dont know what they wanna
  • 13. THE GOOD NEWS The FLIP Metafora for Digital NewsPapers creates a giant number of new inventory spaces very easy to measure and sell
  • 14. NewInventory Preparing for the future Each Click on a Content brings Contextual Ad related with the Content , and also sponsors. Theretheir Adsmuch search answerinside the newspaper that Advertisiser is buy specific more X-Centers wich will bring can togheter with the words you can monetize with Clicks and Events on Zoom Tooll will bring aa Relevance Ad related Each Click inside High FLIP Digital NewsPaper Zoom andusing with the focus of the the Context. PageSense Technology! FLIP one page an Ad will appear related with Each time that the user Average Context of the Page and User Definitions Each time the user ask for printing a page , an Ad will appear related with The print operation and Context of the Page
  • 15. Diários Associados Brief Example Preparing for the Future Using PageSense in Estado de Minas Newspaper
  • 16. Example1: Content-Center and Tools Advertising Click CLICK Context Brand Advertsing Brand Social Midia
  • 17. Example2: Page-Center Click to Page Turn Advertising Appears for each Page-Turn Context Related
  • 18. Example3: Search-Center Page Turn Page-Center will Bring an Ad Make an Search Found Print Result Search-Center will Bring an Ad The Busines Model Here Is to Sell Words in the Data Base Search Engine And Associate Results with Brand and Ads
  • 19. The new Inventory for Digital NewsPaper in FLIP Format Content-Center Page-Center Print-Center Zoom-Center Tools-Center Search-Center
  • 20. The Self-Service Possibilitie Integrating Digital News Paper with Vertical Portals
  • 21. Self-Service Scenario 1: user define Preferences for Reading Scenario 2: user define Preferences for Ads Scenario 3: 1 + 2 Example Content, News, Jobs, Cars , Real State , Consummer , etc ... Vertical Portal Social Midia Cars , Real State , Jobs
  • 22. Road Map
  • 23. Organization Strategy RoadMap 2007-8 The Big Challenge will be here. Maybe there is no more diference between content and advertising. All Multi-Format Users can Full will be information !!! FLIP , interact in the Mobile , Social chain value in Site , Advertising Vertical Portals as all veicules an Ad Server for Jobs , Real State , Cars Web 3.0 Social Midia Full WEB 2.0 Vertical Portal Integration Digital News Paper
  • 24. Sergio Cabral IdeaValley – Founder  Obrigado