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In February 2013, CEO of IdeaScale, Rob Hoehn presented at Crowdopolis on the subject of crowdsourcing and five best practices related to creating a successful and engaged innovation community that generates great ideas and suggestions for the enterprise.

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Presentation: Crowdopolis

  1. 1. Enter your presentation title here Rob Hoehn CEO and Founder IdeaScale @ideascale
  2. 2. There Is No ROI on Understanding Alone Enter your presentation title here Takeaways !  ROI requires action on the part of the implementer. !  There are five metrics for success that you should consider for your crowdsourcing community: !  Impact !  Reach !  Engagement !  Satisfaction !  Costs of Implementation
  3. 3. Enter your presentation title here
  4. 4. Enter your presentation title here Impact Impact: How much does an idea/ suggestion/feedback help you meet your goal? • Makes assessment easier • More likely to add benefits to business/end user. How To: define community goals early, assess feedback based on those goals. Ex: Kane Is Able trucking The Striker
  5. 5. Enter your presentation title here Reach Reach: How many people are actually involved in your community? • Helps you manage messaging • Helps you get beyond your regular network How To: calculate the number of members, but also their networks Fact: For every fan on Facebook, there are 34 friends that also see activity. The Host
  6. 6. Enter your presentation title here Engagement Engagement: The number of people that not only contribute, but help build community • Improves participation in a community • Improves the quality of content How To: reward members not for participation, contributions, but for generating interaction Fact: Rewarding interaction impact improves idea quality by 40%. The Engager
  7. 7. Enter Satisfactionyour presentation title here Satisfaction: The level of satisfaction that community feels because they feel heard. • Impacts employee satisfaction/ productivity • Impacts brand sentiment/revenue How To: Moderate and communicate well. Fact: Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. Engaged employees are 78% more likely to recommend a product. The Cat Herder
  8. 8. CostsEnter your presentation title here of Implementation Implementation: The cost of making a great idea into a reality. • Helps company maintain budgetary bottom line • Helps assess ideas based on feasibility How To: Get senior-level buy-in, understand bottom lines early on. Fact: The Netflix Prize The Tesla
  9. 9. Enter your presentation title here If you go beyond understanding and take action throughout the crowdsourcing process, you stand to improve: • Participation Levels • Community Sentiment • Business Bottom Lines For more information and a white paper on the subject, visit