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2008 Sloan C Are You Serious
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2008 Sloan C Are You Serious


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Overview of several projects teaching online using Second Life and the preliminary results

Overview of several projects teaching online using Second Life and the preliminary results

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Are You Serious? How Can You Use A Virtual Environment To Teach About The Legal Environment of Business? Ida M. Jones, J.D. Professor of Business Law California State University, Fresno [email_address] Ida Recreant in SL
    • 2.
      • Virtual Reality is like mainlining television.
        • William Gibson US science fiction novelist in Canada (1948 - )
        • When simulations get completely realistic,
        • we enter the realm of virtual reality.
        • Gates, The Road Ahead
    • 3. Introduction to Second Life
    • 4. 4 projects using Second Life
      • Fall 2007: Optional project for Graduate Students--legal issues for businesses in SL
      • Fall 2007--Required group project to exploring legal issues of marketing in SL
      • Spring 2008: Required project for Graduate Students--Exploring legal issues in SL
      • Spring 2008: Developing an online dispute resolution center at eFresnoState
    • 5. Fall 2007: Optional project for Graduate Students--legal issues for businesses in SL Critical Thinking and analysis
    • 6. Discussion of property law: used example of a virtual horse, American Hero, who won a race and the owners deactivated him because he was “too good” for the race. Lead to Critical thinking: examining the meaning of “property” under the law
    • 7. Student group paper: Second Life: A Look at Intellectual Property and Virtual World Environments
      • What is virtual property?
      • “ In one sense, none of the avatars or items in a virtual world truly ‘exist.’ That is, if a participant obtains a gold coin in a virtual world, there is no corporeal object to which the player now has a claim. The question then arises, if none of these objects exists, does it even make sense to talk about whether a property interest in them could exist? This question can be answered on either logical or moral grounds. Logically, the existence of property is a social construct, so if people treat things or ideas as if certain parties have power over them, then they can be considered property regardless of whether they have a corporeal existence. Morally, it follows from the Lockean conception of the ability to enjoy the fruits of one's labor that participants deserve some enforceable interest in virtual items that they have spent considerable time and effort creating or obtaining.”
      • From: Sheldon, "Claiming Ownership, but Getting Owned: Contractual Limitations on Asserting Property Interests in Virtual Goods." The Regents of the University of California 54(2007) as quoted by students in MBA215 Fall 2007
    • 8. Fall 2007--Required group project to exploring legal issues of marketing in SL Critical Thinking and analysis
    • 9. Legal Issues in Sports Marketing in a Virtual World Broadcast virtual games, create a clubhouse where fans could purchase ownership in the teams and make decisions (Group 3). Build a team house and broadcast games (Group 1) Play virtual soccer games (Group 2)
    • 10. Sample Legal Issues Determining when to hire employees and when to outsource work Determining legal rights to lease an “island” on SL Intellectual property rights: TV broadcasting Consider legal risk management strategies
    • 11. Accomplishments of this SL project
      • Case analysis
        • Key: reading court opinions where legal issues are identified
        • Legal reasoning; determining how courts apply law
      • Class project
        • Key: legal issues were not clearly identified
        • Students entered SL; read the textbook; read some instructor selected articles; noted legal issues through outlines and online discussions
    • 12. Spring 2008-- Required project for Graduate Students--Exploring legal issues in SL Critical Thinking and analysis
    • 13. Requirements 2 group meetings on SL Discuss legal issues in SL while in SL Send references Send individual IM from SL
    • 14. Requirements-Debriefing
      • Online discussion questions:
      • What are the issues raised in the [readings]?
      • Is the legal environment in virtual worlds different than the legal environment in real life? How does that have an impact on business conduct? Explain.
      • Should businesses consider virtual worlds for collaboration? Are there other issues that should be considered before moving into virtual environments? What steps and/or management strategies could businesses involved in virtual environments take to minimize their legal risks?
    • 15. Student demographics MBA215 Spring 2008
    • 16.  
    • 17.  
    • 18.  
    • 19. Learning Basic Skills in SL Question 0-1 hrs 1-3 hrs 4-5 hrs Grand Total Approximately how long did it take for you to learn basic skills (e.g. to walk, run, fly, learn to chat)? 10 11 1 22 Grand Total 10 11 1 22
    • 20. Using SL-Easier to meet? Question 6 No Yes Grand Total Was meeting with your classmates and collaborating easier on Second Life than in real life? 13 9 22 Grand Total 13 9 22
    • 21.  
    • 22. Assessment
      • In depth discussions of difference between virtual and real world
      • In depth discussion of whether there should be a legal system to deal with issues in SL/virtual worlds
        • Suggestions include a separate system; allowing individuals to choose the applicable legal system and basing it on the country of citizenship of the person on SL
      • Discussion of legal issues for businesses that meet or collaborate in SL
    • 23. eFresno State
    • 24. IS187 Student Group
      • IS students-final/capstone project
      • None had been involved in SL
      • Volunteered to form group
      • Building, webpage for online dispute resolution center
      • Tour on SL
    • 25. Dispute Resolution Center
    • 26. Learning benefits Accessibility Computer requirements Learning curve Issues using SL