State of the University 2013


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Presentation accompanying President Vailas' State of the University Address.

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  • (ACO) has released a unique new list of 60 low-cost colleges with graduates who earn high starting salariesACO reviewed four-year, fully-accredited public institutions with in-state tuition of less than $5,000 per year (not including fees), and with average starting salaries for graduates of more than $40,000 per year
  • The assurance of quality for university and college classes offered by concurrent enrollment partnerships is a key concern of NACEP leaders and members. To this end, the first set of standards adopted in 2002 provided measurable criteria of CEP elements in five categories that are markers of excellent programs: curriculum, faculty, students, assessment, and program evaluation.NACEP Accreditation application completed, under review—the national gold standard for dual enrollment programsMore part-time students this year than last year, increaseint
  • ISU’s TRiO Pre-College ProgramsUpward Bound (UB)Upward Bound Math and Science (UBMS)Educational Talent Search (ETS) Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math and Science programs hold a yearly 6-week residential academic program on ISu’s campus. The residential summer program this year runs June 16-July 26. The program consists of 120 students 9-11 grade students. Students are taking courses in:PhysicsChemistryForensic ScienceAnatomy and PhysiolgyZoologyAlgebra IAlgebra IIGeometryPre-CalculusEnglish 9-11Research WritingGerman 1101Comm 1101 TRiO also has 20 students participating in internships throughout the campus community. These high school students work 20 hours a week and are placed in math and science departments across campus. In addition, these students spend the rest of their day working on dual credit courses through a partnership TRiO has with ISU’s Early College Programs. Educational Talent Search program holds a yearly 3 day 9th and 10thgrade residential college experience where students come to ISU and participate in college preparation workshops  on financial literacy, college planning, career planning, taking college preparation courses in high school. Also went through Yellowstone National Park on an educational tour, a place many students had never been despite living so close. This event took place June 25-27 and welcomed 90 students to campus. In addition, the ISU experience these students received they also received an educational tour of Yellowstone National Park, a place many students had never been before despite the proximity of the park to Eastern Idaho. Also, staff for all three pre-college programs put together 4th annual STEM DAY, this year partnering with the Idaho Science and Engineering Festival and CommUniveristy. This event brought 130 high school students to campus all day to partcipate in activities including:Lunch with a ScientistHands-on workshops on Electircal Engineering, Geology, Physics, Forensic Science, Mecahnical Engineering, and many more.This came together with the collaborative efforts of TRiO, Chemistry Department, Physics Department, ISU Credit Union, and planning committee for CommUniveristy.   UB currently serves 80 students at 8 different high schools.Aberdeen High SchoolAmerican Falls High SchoolBlackfoot High SchoolCentury High SchoolHighland High SchoolPocatello High SchoolSho Ban High SchoolSnake River High School UBMS currently serves 60 students at 4 different high schools.  Bonneville High SchoolFirth High SchoolIdaho Falls High School  Shelley High School ETS currently serves 1050 students at 12 different high school.Aberdeen High SchoolAmerican Falls High SchoolBlackfoot High SchoolBonneville High SchoolBurley High SchoolCentury High SchoolHighland High SchoolIdaho Falls High SchoolJerome High School   Minico High SchoolPocatello High SchoolSho Ban High SchoolSnake River High SchoolTwin Falls High School The TRiO Student Support Services program that works with college students has been helping implement the second summer of the Bengal Bridge program. This summer Bengal Bridge welcomes 31 students.The Bengal Bridge program went residential this year, to increase the chance of student success. All Bengal Bridge students are incoming freshman accepted for fall semester at ISU but place into remedial math or English courses. The summer program was set up to increase retention and college completion for these students that may have a high risk of academic failure. All students in the program are low-income college students that qualify for pell grants. They are taking 9 credits with a reduced tuition, housing, and meals the full pell eligible students have this first semester paid for with federal financial aid. This opportunity for students to get a head start is a great opportunity and so far shows very fruitful rewards, with required tutoring and supplemental instruction to increase their chances of academic success. Students also enhance their experience with a strong living learning community in the residence halls, an experience many low-income students never get to experience due to financial restraints. The Bengal Bridge program is unique to Idaho State University showing the commitment to Eastern Idaho’s low-income students.
  • As of July 29, 2013 the number of degrees awarded in FY 2013 is 2,341, an increase of 62 degrees or 3% from FY 2012.• 32 % in the health professions • 19 % in STEM disciplines
  • Developing a systematic methodology for the design of multi-fingered robotic hands and grasping devices for a desired mechanical motion.
  • Vision: Build a premier national model for public and private partnerships that exponentially impact economic development in Idaho.
  • ESTEC delivers Nuclear Safety Systems Motor Operated Valve Design Basis Training for the nuclear industry and nuclear power plants around the world
  • We are
  • CW Hog was formed in 1981 to provide a social network and outdoor opportunities, and to bridge communication and friendship between people with and without disabilities. The program includes many trips throughout the year, and a camp in the summer for kids of all abiliities
  • State of the University 2013

    1. 1. Strengthening Idaho’s Economy
    2. 2. Leading in Access and Opportunity • Idaho State University ranks as the 15th lowest-cost public university with high starting salaries, according to a national survey of 4,000 colleges and universities
    3. 3. Leading in Access and Opportunity Early College Program • Offers college courses in high schools throughout Idaho • FY13 enrollment up 15% • 9 associate degrees awarded to Renaissance High School students May 2013
    4. 4. Leading in Access and Opportunity Reaching Diverse Populations • Bengal Warrior Boot Camp Summer enrichment program for the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes • Upward Bound, Upward Bound Math and Science and Educational Talent Search serve more than 1,100 students in more than 15 Idaho high schools
    5. 5. Leading in Access and Opportunity Degrees Awarded 2,350 2,300 2,250 2,200 2,150 2,100 2,050 2,000 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
    6. 6. Leading in Access and Opportunity Career Path Internships • Participation up 12% — 652 students are in the program • Average GPA for participants is 3.3 for undergraduates; 3.4 for professional students and 3.6 for graduate students • 90% of students say program enhances chances of finding employment after graduation
    7. 7. Leading in Access and Opportunity Investing in Idahoans • According to a 2012 ISU Career Center survey, 82% of recent graduates were employed • 86% said their major helped them in their current employment
    8. 8. Leading in Research and Innovation Sponsored Programs FY 2011 • Grant proposals submitted: $108.3 million FY 2012 • Grant proposals submitted: $164.3 million FY 2013 (thus far) • Grant proposals submitted: $76.4 million
    9. 9. Leading in Research and Innovation Industry Partnerships and Technology Transfer Idaho Accelerator Center has a distribution partnership with And consumer interest from:
    10. 10. Leading in Research and Innovation Multi-University Collaboration • ISU Researcher Alba Perez Gracia granted $446,000 from NSF to design robotic hands • Joined by UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton • Developing a systematic methodology for the design of multi-fingered robotic hands and grasping devices for a desired mechanical motion
    11. 11. Leading in Research and Innovation Office of Research Reorganization • Division for Research Innovation – Private/Public Collaborations • Division for Research Development – Enhance and streamline grants and contracts processes • Division for Research Integrity – Safety, Compliance and Ethical issues
    12. 12. Energy
    13. 13. From Lab to Workforce: ESTEC • Awarded the Energy Education Advocate Award • Named a Northwest Center of Excellence for Nuclear Education • Received top designation by the Nuclear Energy Institute for nuclear training in a multi-state area
    14. 14. Nanofabrication • DualBeam Nanomachining Center – high resolution imaging and nano-machining capabilities in one tool – this brings to Idaho cutting edge technology that will serve industry partners. Nanofabrication is expected to grow into a $50 billion industry in the next decade. • Provides infrastructure for cutting-edge technology businesses in Southeast Idaho
    15. 15. Research Highlights: Future of Nuclear Fuel • Successfully manufactured cerium oxide crystals as a nonradioactive surrogate for uranium or plutonium at ISU's Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) facility
    16. 16. Health Care
    17. 17. Leading in Health Care Opportunities From Certificates to Ph.D. • More than 60 programs, including doctoral, master’s, bachelors, associate and certificate
    18. 18. Leading in Health Care Opportunities Training Health Professionals • Roughly half of practicing pharmacists in Idaho were trained by the ISU COP program • 71% of ISU nurse practitioner graduates hold current Idaho licenses
    19. 19. ISU Clinic Visits • • • • • • • • • • • • Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Hearing Psychology Counseling Dental Hygiene Wellness Center Family Medicine Dental Speech Audiology Balance Clinic Patient Visits 54,234 51,817 41,486 33,765 35,597 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 20
    20. 20. Leading in Health Care Opportunities Anatomy and Physiology Cadaver Laboratory Prepares students for the workforce in: – pharmacy – physician assistant studies – dentistry – speech-language pathology – paramedic science – advanced nursing – – – – dental hygiene occupational therapy physical therapy continuing education
    21. 21. Environment
    22. 22. Leading in Environmental Research Wildfire Management • $180K from NASA has furthered ISU’s national leadership in remote sensing • ISU expertise provides ecosystem services for a broad array of land and water use management issues
    23. 23. Leading in Research and Innovation: Partnering with Idaho Universities • NSF grants $20 million to study interaction of landscapes and cities – Funds dozens of student research projects and internships – Emphasis on recruiting students from groups underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics – Brings together college faculty, undergraduate students, journalists, highschool teachers and students
    24. 24. Culture
    25. 25. Leading in Community Opportunities Stephens Performing Arts Center • World-class acoustics and performance space • Home to the Season of Note Performance Series • Provides first-class opportunities for students and community members
    26. 26. Leading in Community Opportunities CW Hog • Formed in 1981 • Provides outdoor opportunities for people of all abilities • Rafting, climbing, horseback riding, skiing and more • Summer kids camp for all abilities
    27. 27. Leading in Community Opportunities New Knowledge Adventures • 467 active participants ages 50 and older • 114 classes, from one-day to 6 weeks long • Courses in crafts, technology, fitness, wellness, hist ory, music, travel and more
    28. 28. Leading in Community Opportunities Idaho Museum of Natural History • Mentored 30 interns and 22 volunteers • Taught natural history to more than 10,000 K-8 students
    29. 29. Leading in Community Opportunities CommUniversity • Draws more than 3,000 students, faculty, staff and community members • Events held in spring and fall
    30. 30. Leading in Community Opportunities Athletics • New practice field south of Holt Arena for all sports • ISU Soccer and Softball – Big Sky Conference Championship titles • Big Sky Conference Academic All-Conference title winner — 183 student-athletes achieved Academic All-Conference status — Recognized as one of the top 11 Athletic Departments academically in the nation
    31. 31. Leading with Community Support