Cloud Technology to Facilitate Growth


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How cloud technology can help facilitate growth, offering flexibility, move from CapEx to Op Ex, mobility, security.

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Cloud Technology to Facilitate Growth

  1. 1. Technology to Facilitate Growth Tim Walker – Managing © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Agenda • Trends towards Cloud – Technology in recruitment – New approaches to accessing information – How safe is your data? • Where do you start? – The rent or buy conundrum – Choosing the right cloud provider • Q& © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Cloud ConfusionWhat is Cloud Computing?Virtualisation Software Architecture providing Scalability, FlexibilityUse-on-Demand Business Model, providing Reduced Costs of IT Ownership Almost half (48 per cent) of all organisations in the UK are already using some form of cloud service, with larger companies more likely to use them, according to the findings of the most comprehensive survey undertaken into Cloud trends – Cloud Industry © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Business & IT are attracted to Cloud for different © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Read all about it! • “Cloud computing heralds an evolution of business that is no less influential than e-business” - Gartner • $70 Billion – Cloud Marketplace 2010 - 16% growth from 2009 • 50% of the ICT market with be SaaS/Cloud by 2020 - Ovum • 40% of small companies will be partially or fully using cloud based systems by © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Cloud © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Why Cloud? © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Why Clouds Work Sharing & Size – Amortisation Over Many Users – Illusion of Infinite Capacity – Reduce IT capital expenditure • “CapEx  OpEx” • Sustainability – Economies of © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Good Workload Patterns for Clouds Compute Compute Time Time• Fast Growth • Bursting• application/data with growing • Research popularity – new data to be processed – new algorithm to run • Teaching – term-based usage © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Business Drivers • Minimal capital expenditure spend • Inclusive services • Service levels • Scalability & Flexibility (both users and technology) • Very accessible and responsive • Inclusive DR, business continuity and © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Business Volatility Business owners faced with constant ebb and flow of staff levels 3 years is a long time in recruitment industry!! Constantly left with spare IT © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Company Size or should that be........... company size Lots of small players in the UK marketplace 6,000 UK recruitment companies Average size of 4 users Limited IT spend can lead to poor investment and standard of IT © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Staff Mobility Top people prefer to be out of the office Business owners need to have finger on pulse of activity e.g. CRM updates. Trend towards the „officeless‟ © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. The Future of CRM • Future of CRM is full desktop versions stored in the cloud and delivered through application streaming • Browser based „Lite‟ versions of the desktop versions – Simplicity – Reliability • Underpinned by good quality, reliable internet access • Build and access your contact lists from anywhere • Tablet/phone apps developing © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. New Technologies • Significant increase in tablet use in the work place • 51% of employers value new staff who are able to adopt mobile technology quickly and to work effectively from remote locations (T-Mobile) • Hosted desktops can be used on tablets/phones through apps • Potentialpark survey of 150 employers, 75% of respondents stated they were planning to have either a job app or mobile career website by September 2012. • According to a recent Iconnyx survey: 63% of recruitment consultants believe there will be more candidates looking for employment in 2012 than 2011 • 2011 was a year of social media 2012 will be the year of the mobile platform (according to Dr. John Sullivan, © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. The Paradox of Clouds Scalability, Flexibility Operating Economies of Scale SIZE Security, © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. How safe is your data? • When disaster strikes, over 40% of businesses fail when they do not retrieve their data within 24 hours • With cloud based approaches this is difficult since by its nature it‟s accessible from anywhere • Things to look for: – Disable USB drives – Web Content filtering – stop file- sharing sites, web based email – Encryption – Access to data – Understand the back-ups – Know where your data © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Cloud for your © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. The rent or buy conundrum• Similar model in IT to renting office space• Similar conundrum in consumer space – do you buy music (iTunes/physical CDs) or do you rent it (Spotify)• Move of IT spend from CapEx to OpEx• Renting benefits: – Minimal up front cost, great for cash flow in austere times – Great for start-ups and established companies with old equipment – Scalable – businesses can grow and shrink using rented equipment with minimal cap ex – Always have the latest © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. Choosing the right cloud provider• Are they EEA based (if data protection is key)?• How long have they been going?• Do they provide 24/7 support?• Are their helpdesk staff permanent or outsourced?• Are their data centres ISO27001 certified?• Can they provide client references / client visits?• How easy is it to get your data back in the case you decide to part ways• Do they have an SLA?• Is their infrastructure adequately resilient?• Do they have experience providing services to your industry?• Who „owns‟ the data? © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  21. 21. VITAL Managed IT • VITAL Managed IT Services • Managed LAN • Virtual Desktop • Hosted © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  22. 22. Hosting & Connectivity • Internet & MPLS Connectivity – DSL, Leased Line, Ethernet services nationwide • Hosted Telephony – Cloud-based IP telephony • Managed Hosting - Dedicated Servers - 100% Uptime SAN Hosting - Virtual Cloud hosting – Online data © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  23. 23. Ease of © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Background – International Executive Search est. 1999 – Highly mobile – Looking eastward: Geneva, Singapore & Hong Kong – Company-wide CRM system Requirements – Standardised IT across all the offices including access to CRM – DR/Business continuity assured Solution – Combination of Managed LAN & Virtual Desktop „Cloud‟ services – Upgrade to latest MS software, e-mail & 24/7 user support Benefits – Low setup and running costs of IT in new offices – Standardisation of IT business systems across organisation – Flexibility to work from any © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. Summary • Cloud... – Is causing a lot of confusion – Is generally right for businesses, but it needs some thought to implement it correctly for your business – Has many variations that can continually adapt • Talking to an open, flexible Cloud provider is key that you can build a relationship with over a period of © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
  26. 26. Q&A Questions? Tim Walker Managing Director, Iconnyx Email. Mob. 07776 © Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.
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